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Sunday, 30 November 2008

Violence against women in Lanka on the rise: Report

Violence against women in Sri Lanka involves more than 60% of the women. Besides domestic violence, it has to be noted about violence from the security forces.

United Nations provides 12 important documents for gender sensitization of security forces.
Link to the website below and download.

Complete extract from Times of India.
Link to:
30 Nov 2008, 1348 hrs IST, PTI
COLOMBO: Despite being high on education and other social indices, at least 60 per cent of all women in Sri Lanka have experienced domestic violence, an international study has said. 

Specialists believe such abuse is on the increase in a country that scores well on most social issues such as education and healthcare, according to the Gender-Based Violence Forum (GBV Forum), a cb. 

It observed that 60 per cent of Sri Lankan women have experienced domestic violence despite the nation's good record on education and healthcare. 

"The prevalence of gender-based violence is reported to be high and widespread, cutting across class, race, ethnicity and religion," the Lene K Christiansen, the country representative for the UN Population Fund (UNFPA), said. 

"While some positive measures to address gender-based violence through enactment of laws are in place, it remains hidden in the private domain, shrouded by a veil of silence and denial," she said at a function here to mark International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women late last week. 

The GBV Forum stated that the number of reported incidents had been increasing. "Whether this is due to increasing incidents of gender-based violence or due to efforts by many organisations to encourage women to speak out against this crime remains unclear," it said. 

Nonetheless, even the increasing incidence of abuse did not indicate the true dimensions of the problem, it stated.

I am also linking to useful articles for Defence personnel in India. It is provided by United Nations and is about Gender, Peace and Security Programme.

Security Sector Reform (SSR) is increasingly prioritized by governments, and on the agenda of international development, peace and security communities. SSR opens a window of possibility to transform security policies, institutions and programmes, creating opportunites to integrate gender issues. 

The integration of gender issues is being recognised as a key to operational effectiveness, local ownership and strengthening oversight. For example, increasing the recruitment of female staff, preventing human rights violations, and collaborating with women's organisations contribute to creating an an efficient accountable and participatory security sector, which responds to the specific needs of men, women, girls and boys.

Despite the recognition of the importance of integrating gender issues in SSR, there has been a lack of resources on the topic. This toolkit is an initial response to the need for information and analysis on gender and SSR, It is designed to provide policy makers and practicioners with a practical introduction to why gender issues are important in SSR and what can be done to integrate them. 

Each SSR context is unique. As such, the strategies and recommendations provided in the Toolkit may not always be directly applicable, and should always be adapted to the local context.

Link to the URL and download 12 documents which are sector special. 

Copyright Issues

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Non-profit Organizations can use these resources freely, after mentioning credits of the BLOG address (, author (Roshni Pereira) after sending the appropriate requests. If the article is referenced from key links mentioned, please mention these links.

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Elder abuse Checklist: Recognizing The Signs Of Elder Abuse

There was a lot of interest elicited on the previous article on "ELDER ABUSE".

I am posting the link for a Checklist, for monitoring of Elder abuse by family members of Elder family members.

Remember, Prevention and vigilance is the key to breaking the cycle of abuse and domestic violence.

Click on the links for downloading and saving the file.

Word file download from the URL:

and pdf file download from the URL:
Checklist: Recognizing The Signs Of Elder Abuse

Abuse of an elderly person can be physical, mental, or financial and takes a variety of forms. If you observe any blatant signs of abuse, such as name-calling, threats, intimate contact, unreasonable restraints, withholding of food or medication, etc., you should take immediate steps to stop it. Elder abuse, however, is rarely that obvious.

Many of the conditions and events listed below may be caused by occurrences unrelated to abuse, but then, maybe your relative is being abused. Use this checklist to quantify possible signs. If you notice the following occurrences or conditions, it is important to carefully monitor your relative's care or alert the authorities.

Physical or mental abuse may be causing the following conditions:

___   Recurring or unexplained injuries
___   A combination of new and old injuries
___   Injuries without underlying diseases, or incompatible with medical history, including cuts, lacerations, puncture wounds, bruises, welts, or discoloration
___   Any injury that looks like it may have been caused by cigarettes, caustics, acids, friction from ropes or chains, or contact with other objects
___   Poorly treated or untreated injuries
___   Injuries in areas usually covered by clothing
___   Poor skin condition, poor skin hygiene, or lice
___   Absence of hair and/or hemorrhaging below the scalp
___   Dehydration or malnutrition that is unrelated to illness
___   Loss of weight
___   Soiled clothing or bedding
___   An environment that is excessively dirty or smells of feces or urine
___   Inadequate clothing
___   Depression or withdrawal
___   Hesitation to talk openly
___   Fearfulness of caregivers
___   Confusing or contradictory statements by an otherwise competent senior
___   Resignation or denial
___   Implausible explanations of injuries or conditions
___   Unexplained agitation
___   Denial of an injured state

Financial abuse may be causing the following conditions:

___   A sudden lack of knowledge about financial matters
___   A sudden refusal to make financial decisions or pay bills without consulting another person
___   Unusual or inappropriate banking activity
___   Signatures on checks or other financial documents other than your relative's, particularly when your relative can no longer write
___   The creation of a power of attorney or will, when your relative is incapacitated
___   Numerous unpaid bills and overdue rent when someone is supposed to be handling your relative's finances
___   Lost valuables

Caregiver behavior that should raise suspicion of abuse includes:

___   The caregiver does not allow your relative to speak for herself.
___   The caregiver does not allow your relative to visit with others out of the caregiver's presence.
___   The caregiver expresses anger or ambivalence towards your relative.
___   The caregiver suggests that your relative's injuries or undesirable behavior is deliberate or self-inflicted.
___   The caregiver has a history of abusing others.
___   The caregiver has problems with alcohol or drugs.
___   The caregiver is inappropriately affectionate or sexual.
___   The caregiver restricts the activity of or isolates your relative.
___   The caregiver's explanation of an injury or incident conflicts with your relative's account.
___   The caregiver is unwilling or reluctant to comply with instructions from other care providers.
___   The caregiver is inappropriately defensive when asked to explain an injury or occurrence.
___   The caregiver has unjustified control of your relative's finances.
___   The caregiver refuses services that your relative needs.
___   The caregiver is unusually concerned about the amount of money being expended on your relative's care.

Adultery and law in India: biased against women?

Adultery is the voluntary sexual intercourse between a married person and another person who is not his or her spouse.

Husband may claim damages from adulterer. - Any husband may, either in a petition for dissolution of marriage or for judicial separation only, claim damages from any person on the ground of his having committed adultery with the wife of such petitioner.

Such petition shall be served on the alleged adulterer and the wife, unless the Court dispenses with such service, or directs some other service to be substituted.

The damages to be recovered on any such petition shall be ascertained by the said Court, although the respondents or either of them may not appear.

After the decision has been given, the Court may direct in what manner such damages shall be paid or applied.


However, at the moment, the reverse is not true. A married wife cannot file cruelty charges against an adulterer having an affair with the husband. The cruelty charges apply only to the husband and his family. But, claiming damages---that's for the lawyers to say. Any comments from lawyers?






Saturday, 29 November 2008

Tale of 2 cities Part-II: Child abuse and incest The Indian Connection

(Pictures. Left: British Fritzl; Right: Dr Thakur Singh, Indian doctor who missed the clues)
150 chances of early detection and prevention were missed
by family, social workers, healthcare workers to prevent a father who physically abused his two girl-children from the age of two years, which turned into sexual slavery------------and unchecked abuse for 28 years. The two girls were pregnant for 19 times by the father, who wanted to avail of the pregnancy benefits as well.
The Prime Minister of UK, Gordon Brown has told that corrective action will be taken against all those who have neglected to inform the abuse.

Bloggers, How many chances do you want to miss, and how many more do you want to be abettors/instigators of child abuse and domestic violence?

Selected extracts are given below:

The diary of despair: How raped sisters were let down 

From when they were toddlers through to adulthood, the two sisters' misery went unchecked time and again. 

Doctors, social workers, teachers and police missed at least 150 chances to halt the girls' horrific abuse. 

Bruises, a broken arm, multiple pregnancies - the warning signs were all there from the 1970s through to this year, yet the professionals who came into contact with the girls repeatedly failed to end their suffering.

The full catalogue of missed opportunities has yet to emerge, but from the scant information made public at Sheffield Crown Court it is possible to chart dozens of chances when the two sisters could have been rescued from their torment, and yet were abandoned by those who should have known better

The exact years of the pregnancies cannot be revealed under a court order to protect the children's identities. 

Suspicions that the father was being abusive lead to four years of social services contact with the family in Sheffield between 1976 and 1979. 

Before she is even six years old, the elder girl is seen by a health visitor when her father leaves her with bruises on her buttocks and arms after a beating. Her younger sister is found bruised aged two

The younger girl breaks her arm when her father throws her across the room after she rejects his sexual advances. She tells doctors it was from playing but medical records show she had bruises on her legs and an old burn mark on her arm

In 1988, suspicions are raised at school where both sisters are seen to have non-accidental injuries. They are attributed to bullying. 

The girls will have had contact with health professionals at least five times during their 19 pregnancies

For each pregnancy, they should in theory have seen a GP, had a hospital scan, a meeting with a midwife and another scan. 

There would be the birth itself and, if the child survived, at least three follow-up appointments with a midwife or health visitor  -  altogether adding up to at least 100 contacts. 

The girls have five miscarriages and five terminations between them, and doctors advise them not to have any more children by the same father. 

When carrying her first child, the younger daughter is asked by doctors if the baby is her father's, 

but she denies it is. 

Younger daughter collapses and is taken to hospital while pregnant. Shows bruises to a health visitor

The younger daughter has an abortion, and doctors warn her about the risk to her future children. Both daughters are also seen in hospital when their children develop medical conditions. The sisters receive genetic counselling at one stage.

Police investigate after the sisters' brother makes allegation of incest. No action taken.

One daughter rings ChildLine but hangs up after getting no guarantee that she can keep her children. 


Family return to Sheffield and there is liaison between social services in Lincolnshire and Sheffield. Social workers in Sheffield make numerous visits to family. 

Finally, in June, the younger daughter contacts her social worker to report the abuse.

150 missed chances to detect abuse.

Update 01 Dec 2008:
Mother to son: 'Get a sex change' to win dad's love
1 Dec 2008, 1056 hrs IST, ANI

The son of "British Josef Fritzl" was told by his mother that he can win his father's affection only if he 'gets his sex changed'. But, he did not realise at the time that the apparently less harsh treatment was because his sisters were being kept as sex slaves. 

The son, who attempted suicide at seven, even had to sleep in a cupboard in one of the houses they moved into. 
The children were so scared they never even spoke to each other about their sufferings. 

The brother finally came to know of the abuse to his sisters in the 1990s when he was 18

He has now come out in open to speak only after the father was caged at Sheffield Crown Court for raping his daughters hundreds of times over 30 years. 

Now, the son is on permanent medication to cope with mental problems caused by his hideous childhood

Read further for complete extract.

Update:01 December 2008.
Indian connection --Dr Thakur Singh under investigation. (See picture on top)

A single doctor examined the pregnant daughters of the 'British Fritzl' for two decades and never suspected anything sinister within the 'peculiar' family.

Dr Thakur Singh could not say why, incredibly, he never spotted the vile incest before him when he saw the pregnant daughters on dozens of occasions when they were being kept as sex slaves by their father. 

Battered and raped almost weekly, the girls were made pregnant 19 times during 28 years, but the family's long-serving GP said he did not realise they were being abused.

Over a 20-year period, Dr Singh tended to the girls countless times – first for childhood ailments and later for various issues and complications surrounding their pregnancies.

By remaining faithful to the same doctor, the jobless father was able to create a smokescreen that masked his deviant crimes from a series of confused social workers.

In June 2005, the General Medical Council suspended Dr Singh after complaints were made by Sheffield Primary Care Trust regarding his poor record keeping.

At a review hearing in May 2007, the disciplinary panel extended the GP's suspension, stating: 'Dr Singh will present a risk to patient safety if he is allowed to practise without restriction.'

He could now be questioned by the Serious Case Review inquiry ordered to explain how a father could rape and abuse his daughters for a quarter of a century without police, social services or the health authority noticing.

Tale of two cities:Incest & Sexual abuse- Austrian Josef Fritzl and the British gaffer

It is important to victims of CHILD ABUSE (of sexual nature, physical abuse, neglect or otherwise) to speak up, and say, " YES, I am a victim of Child abuse at the hands of my family members". Speaking up will help in the healing process and initiate healing and counseling sessions.  Child abuse & neglect continues to domestic violence into adulthood, unless checked.

Innumerable chances are squandered by family members, social workers, police and healthcare professionals in these countries. Do anybody care for abused girl-children in India?

Family members and professionals who have witnessed abuse and kept silence are punishable as abettors in foreign law.
Will this be applicable in the new domestic violence laws in India?

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to heaven, we were all going direct the other way - in short, the period was so far like the present period, that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its being received, for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only. [1]
Charles DickensA Tale of Two Cities
English novelist (1812 - 1870)
Our tale of two cities is 'Amstetten, Austria' and 'Sheffield, Britain'. It is the story of Incest, and violent sexual abuse of their daughters by fathers, and enslaving their daughters in cellars.

In Amstetten, Austria; Josef Fritzl lured his daughter into a specially built underground cellar, raped her, impregnated her several times, and enslaved her for 24 years. All this without the knowledge of other family members. He was arrested when he was 73-years old. He is charged with rape, murder, enslavement, etc.

In Sheffield, Britain (UK); an unnamed person nicknamed "gaffy" impregnated his two daughters 19 times. a stagerring 150 chances were squandered to save two sisters kept as sex slaves by their father. He made them pregnant 19 times - under the noses of social workers and other professionals who failed to halt the abuse for 28 years. The British Pakistani family doctor has already had his licence to practice revoked.

Statistics are not available of the Incest rate in India. 

Key events

The sequence of key events in this case is as follows:

DateKey event
28 August 1984Fritzl lured his 18 year old daughter, Elisabeth, into the basement and imprisoned her.
1989The first child, Kerstin, was born, who was to live in the cellar until 2008.
1990Stefan was born. He, too, was to stay in the cellar until 2008.
1992Lisa was born. In May 1993, when she was nine months old, she was discovered outside the family home in a cardboard box, allegedly left there by Elisabeth, along with a note asking for the child to be cared for.
December 1994The fourth child, ten-month-old Monika, was found in a stroller outside the entrance of the house. Shortly afterwards, a phone call was made to Rosemarie, apparently, from Elisabeth. The caller asked Rosemarie to take care of the child. However, it is assumed that Fritzl was able to use a recording of Elisabeth's voice to make the call. Rosemarie reported the incident to the police, expressing her astonishment that Elisabeth knew of their new and unlisted phone number.
May 1996Elisabeth gave birth to twins. One died after three days and Fritzl is alleged to have removed his body from the cellar and cremated it. The surviving twin, Alexander, was taken upstairs when he was 15 months old. He was "discovered" in circumstances similar to those of his two sisters.
December 2002Felix was born. According to a statement by Fritzl, he kept Felix in the cellar, together with Elisabeth and her two eldest children, because his wife was not able to look after another child.
19 April 2008Fritzl arranged for the critically ill 19 year old Kerstin to be taken to a local hospital.
26 April 2008During the evening, Fritzl released Elisabeth from the cellar along with her sons Stefan and Felix, bringing them upstairs, informing his wife that Elisabeth had decided to come home after a 24-year absence. Later that evening, after an anonymous tipoff during a visit to the hospital, Fritzl and Elisabeth were taken into police custody where she revealed her decades-long imprisonment during questioning.
13 November 2008Austrian authorities decide that Fritzl will stand trial for the murder of Michael, Alex's twin who died shortly after birth.
14 November 2008It emerged from the leaked murder investigation that Josef Fritzl fathered an eighth child with his captive daughter Elisabeth, who in November 1986 miscarried in the 10th week of pregnancy.
 Key events in the Incest Case of Josef Fritzl.

FOR MORE DETAILS, click on the links below:

1. Tale of two cities.
2. Fritzl case.
3. Josef Fritzl made daughter watch porn.
4. Josef Fritzl wanted to make dungeon a tourist attraction to raise money.
5. Fritzl.
6. Britain's Fritzl.
7. Fritzl.
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9. Josef Fritzl, Austria.
10. Josef Fritzl.
11. Britain's Fritzl.
12. British Fritzl.

Friday, 28 November 2008

Abandoned kids: Admn wakes up from slumber

There are lot of government activities on care of abandonned girl-children.

There has to be punishment of Women (and father) who abandon their babies, including Jail sentences (and making them take care of their babies under supervision of the jail authorities). Punitive action is the only solution for social justice.

We need to understand the case of a 32-year privileged British mother who was sentenced to 42 weeks in jail for 'Concealing the birth of her baby".

The complete extract of an article in Times of India.

Abandoned kids: Admn wakes up from slumber
14 Nov 2008, 0203 hrs IST, Manjari Mishra, TNN
LUCKNOW: Abandoned babies in Lucknow can rest easy in their cradle. Discovery of 16 infants including 14 girls over the past 10 months has finally stirred the sarkari conscience. The class has reacted to the issue albeit in the typical manner — with meetings, promises and assurances. 

The State Women Commission has taken the lead this time. A high-level meeting of the commission on Wednesday expressed “shock and concern at the pressing need to protect a girl child without whose survival the social fabric would be in tatters”. The malaise, participants unanimously felt,”could be effectively curbed by putting up hordings and publicity material distributed among public all thought the state.” 

A highly charged director, family planning, went a step further. He did feminist groups proud by coming down heavily on the evils of a male-dominated society . “Till the time women are not given equal power in decision making process, female infanticide would continue despite the presence of all kinds of laws,” he darkly prophesied. 

The meeting ended by suggesting “a more stringent control on the ultrasound units, their regular monitoring and also speedy action if anyone found to be defaulting”. Every one went home happy after registering their protest on paper.

Thursday, 27 November 2008

The strange troubled childhood of Eric Clapton: Life of a deceived illegitimate child - in pictures

There was a lot of interest in the Life story of Eric Clapton and the lessons in life.
I am posting an abridged version with pictures.

See pictures (Clockwise from top left: Eric's unknown Father's houseboat Jupiter IV, Eric with grandmother, Eric with real mother Patricia, Eric's real father Edward Fryer with last wife)

Deception (also called beguilement or subterfuge) is the act of convincing another to believe information that is not true, or not the whole truth as in certain types of half-truths.

The Strange Childhood of Eric Clapton
Eric Patrick Clapton was born on 30 March 1945 in his grandparents' home.

He was the illegitimate son of 16-year old Patricia Molly Clapton (b. 7 Jan 1929, d. March 1999) and an unknown married Canadian soldier stationed in England during World War II. Before Eric was born, the soldier returned to his wife in Canada.
The World War caused more damages than estimated.

Pat's parents, Rose and Jack Clapp, stepped in as surrogate parents and raised Eric as their own. Thus, he grew up believing his mother was his sister. His grandparents never legally adopted him, but remained his legal guardians until 1963.
Eric's name comes from Rose's first husband and Pat's father, Reginald Cecil Clapton. Eric's mother, Pat, eventually married and moved to Canada and Germany as her husband, Frank MacDonald, continued his military career.

But, from his earliest years in school, he realized something was not quite right when he wrote his name as "Eric Clapton" and his parents' name as "Mr and Mrs Clapp". At the age of nine, he learned the truth about his parentage when Pat returned to England with his half-brother for a visit. The singular event affected him deeply and was the defining moment in his life. He became moody and distant, and stopped applying himself at school. Emotionally scarred by this event, Eric failed the all-important 11 Plus Exams.

[Years later in the 1990's Eric Clapton came to know from a Canadian journalist Michael Woloschuk that his late father's name was Edward Walter Fryer (b 21 Mar 1920, d.1985), a serial womanizer, who had several children from at least 5 women].

By this time, he knew that his "sister" was really his mother, and he blurted out to Pat: " Can I call you Mummy now?" She seemed a little shocked and said she thought it was best that he continued to call his grandparents mum and dad. It was a moment of total abandonment for him. He says "I think it must be like being on the X factor and told you're useless, clear off. I can't wathc that programme because it brings a feeling of rejection. When I think about the book now, I think why didn't I explore that? What I didn't really explore was my fear of rejection and where that came from". Everything in his life seems to have spiralled from that feeling of rejection (including drug and alcohol rejection).

In 1998, shortly after his mother died, Clapton met Melia McEnery from Columbus, Ohio, a
woman who made him want to be a family man and settle down for the first time. He writes:

“The mold was finally broken. Maybe it broke when my mother died, I don’t know. The

important thing was, at the age of fifty four, I had probably made the first healthy choice in a

partner in my entire life.”

Lessons learnt from Eric Clapton's life--Refer autobiography

"The truth will set you free". Eric Clapton says that he started his life after his mother's death in 1998.

1. Marriage: It is important for women to know that the committment of already married men is doubtful, till all the steps in the process of divorce are complete.

2. Pregnancy: Unplanned or planned pregnancies are an outcome of relationships. The ramifications of these choices are great. Once the delivery of a child is done, it is important to establish the paternity by DNA testing or acceptance of parentage.

3. Parenting: Having a healthy relationship with one's child, and avoiding the issues of deception of parentage, rejection or abandonment is important. It is important to get professional counsellors. This should involve parental counselling, and counselling of the entire family.

3. Break the cycle and start a new life. The most important step is to break the cycle of deceit and denial, and carry on in life. Healing and counselling processes are important.

It is important for a young mother not to be misguided by parents into immorality by loose talk, and support the parent emotionally and morally.

How to break the web of deception?

Family members have to check whether parents are receiving GIFTS (engagement rings) or DOLLARS which are meant for the young woman, from men who are prospective alliances. If potential alliances are broken, it is important to return the engagement rings, gifts and DOLLARS back to the potential alliances.

If the vicious cycle is not broken, it will have profound impact on the CHILD (in this case, Eric Clapton), mother and entire family. In his case, he became a responsible adult in his 60's, only after the death of his mother.


1. Eric

2. EC

3.EC and mother's love

4. Break the cycle

5. Break the cycle --healing resources to stop abuse and domestic violence

6. Helping a family member to end abuse

7. Deception

8. Deception

Love triangle gone bad: Deceptive Mother Gives Birth in Toilet, Hides baby in Car Trunk

There was a lot of interest elicited in this story posted in an earlier blog.
I'm posting the summary of the story again in pictures.
Deception, denial, guilt and shame are issues which should be handled by professional counsellors. The psychological impact on the mother is severe.

It is important for sex education to be an important part of the curriculum of adolescent period in India as well.

A British woman was sentenced to 48 weeks in prison for concealing the birth of her mulatto newborn child (from an illicit second lover) and most likely drowning the baby in the toilet flush . She was in a regular live-in relationship with another partner for 11 years.

She and her partner were Caucasians, whereas her second secret lover was of African descent. The person who complained to the police was her secret second lover. She explained to her lovers that the increase in her size of abdomen was due to wheat allergy or a cancer.

In a continuing web of deception which became deeper and deeper, the woman ended up in jail.

Claire Jones was in a live-in relationship with her partner David Stoneman (picture on top)for 11 years.

She was a laboratory technician, and was having a secret affair with M Bezerra.

She became pregnant for the first time through Bezerra, denied the pregnancy to everyone, and told that she was putting on weigth because of wheat allergy/cancer.

She gave birth on the toilet, possibly drowned the baby, and concealed the birth of the child by hiding the dead body in trunk of her car.
She claims that she was not aware of the birth of the child, until she saw a foot of the baby in the flush.

She informed her secret lover, who alerted the police immediately.

The two-timing mother was sentenced to 48 weeks in prison for concealing the birth of a child.

Update December 01-12-2008

Thanks to 'anonymous' for providing the link. The same story happens in India on 30-11-2008.

Read full story in the Times of India link below:

18-year-old held for disposing of infant's body
30 Nov 2008, 0354 hrs IST, TNN

NAGPUR: A teenager, who concealed the birth of a child by secretly disposing of the body, was arrested on Saturday. A case was registered against the 18-year-old accused under section 318 of the Indian Penal Code.

The Koradi police, in the presence of the sub-divisional magistrate, exhumed the body of the infant after residents of the area brought it to the notice.

Unwanted pregnancy led to arrest of the teenager. She is alleged to have had an illicit relationship with her brother-in-law, who is a father of two.

The exhumed baby was that of a boy. A white chit was tied to the wrist of his right hand. The chit, which had the word ‘Lata’ inscribed in English, also had a date (November 22) and time (11.35 am) mentioned on it. The burial ground had flowers strewn on it with joysticks. The body was exhumed at 5.30 pm. This led to further speculation among the residents of the slum area.

Koradi police, which had already started questioning the residents, sent the body to the Indira Gandhi Government Medical college and hospital for post-mortem. The main suspect, who initially denied committing the crime, was also sent for medical examination.

“We are still questioning the suspect to get the facts. We are waiting for the medical and post-mortem reports to proceed further. The outcome of both the examinations will determine the further course of action,” said senior inspector Subhash Mundewarikor of Koradi police station.