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Sunday, 29 March 2009

Colombian 'Fritzl' accused of fathering ELEVEN children with his daughter during a 25-year rape ordeal

It's raining Fritzls out there!
Child abuse is more than just SEXUAL Abuse! Other types of Family/Parental abuse including physical, emotional, verbal abuse and neglect should also receive equal attention from the public and law-makers!

And, what about Fritzls putting their children on the path of immorality?

And what about evil people who disinherit their siblings and make forgeries in their parents names?

Let us break the cycle of Abuse and Violence, and speak out about these abuses, and reach out to the victims of abuse, deprivation, and violence!

Colombian 'Fritzl' accused of fathering ELEVEN children with his daughter during a 25-year rape ordeal
29th March 2009
A man dubbed Colombia's Josef Fritzl appeared in court yesterday accused of sexually abusing his daughter from the age of nine and fathering 11 children with her.

The latest international sex incest case has caused an outcry over the lack of child protection in the Andean nation.

Arcebio Alvarez, 58, needed police and army protection as he appeared at the court.

The man, who has been dubbed the 'Monster of Maraquita', told a judge he was innocent, saying his accuser was not his biological daughter.
He said the couple had agreed to have a romantic relationship because 'we really loved each other'.

'But she was not my own child,' he told the court in the central Tolima province.

He was held in custody while the children, three boys and five girls, were put under state protection. Three other children had died. He was transported to jail under military guard.

Earlier, the 35-year-old woman who claims to be his biological daughter, told police he had abused her since she was under the age of 10.

Alba Nidia, from the central Colombian town of Mariquita, said an evangelical Christian pastor had convinced her to come forward about the suspected abuse.

'I took this decision according to the will of God, thanks to a pastor who prayed for me many times,' she said in an interview with the daily newspaper El Tiempo. 'That is what gave me the strength.'

The accused told a different story when he went before a judge on Saturday afternoon in Tolima province.

'I adopted her,' he said. 'We agreed to have a romantic relationship because we really loved each other. But she was not my own child.'

Alba Nidia's mother died when she was five, leaving her under the care of Alvarez, who has been branded 'the monster of Mariquita' by the local press. The eight children are between the ages of one and 19.

Elvira Forero, head of Colombia's child welfare agency, called the case 'an intolerable crime.'

The story recalls that of Josef Fritzl, the Austrian man sentenced this month to life in a secure mental unit for confining and raping his daughter for 24 years, fathering seven children with her and causing the death of his infant son.

Child welfare advocates have called for a sentence of life in prison should Alvarez be convicted, saying were are hundreds of thousands of child sexual abuse cases in Colombia not being prosecuted.

Friday, 27 March 2009

German lawyer has served a summons on Rosemarie Fritzl, Josef's wife, and his eldest son Harald, claiming they knew of the secret dungeon

*German lawyer Klaus Ulrich Groth has served a summons on Rosemarie Fritzl, his wife, and his eldest son Harald, claiming they knew of the secret dungeon.

Groth said: 'Every housewife, charwoman or curious child would someday find a hidden entrance to a cellar sooner or later, by accident or purposeful curiosity.  

Who supplied the cellar in the weeks when Fritzl was on holiday in Thailand?'

He said the cries and whines of the captives must have been audible.

At the trial there was evidence given that the cellar was not soundproofed.

The Italian Fritzl: Father AND son arrested after daughter was 'imprisoned and used as sex slave for 25 years': Shrouded in Turin

The Italian Fritzl: Father AND son arrested after daughter was 'imprisoned and used as sex slave for 25 years'
27th March 2009

A father who allegedly kept his daughter locked up for 25 years and raped her repeatedly along with his son has been arrested by Italian police.

The case has sent shock waves across the country and has already been dubbed Italy's version of the Josef Fritzl case.

Details of the 34-year-old woman's horrific ordeal were released by police at a press conference following the arrest of the 63-year-old man and his son aged 41.

Detectives said the woman's ordeal had begun when she was just nine years old and although she managed to escape once and tell police her father managed to convince them she was 'disturbed.' 

The woman, who is from Turin, has had very little formal education and was forced to live in a darkened room with no electricity and only allowed out with her father.

Detectives said that the woman's brother had also sexually abused his own children aged six, eight and 12.  

The case was uncovered after a tip off and police planted listening devices in the family home and car and heard the horrific details being discussed.

A Turin police spokesman said: 'This is a terribly sad case. The woman had reported in 1994 that she was being raped but her claims were dismissed and it appears that this horrific sexual abuse continued for another 15 years.'

Police: Incest Dad Fritzl Suspected in 4 Unsolved Murders: Investigations re-opened

Police: Incest Dad Fritzl Suspected in 4 Unsolved Murders
Saturday, March 21, 2009

Depraved father Josef Fritzl, convicted after imprisoning his daughter Elisabeth for 24 years, is being investigated over at least four unsolved murders and disappearances.

Even as he was led away to prison, police were re-examining missing person and unsolved murder cases over the past four decades.

One is the 1986 murder of Martina Posch, 17, who was raped, strangled and dumped in a lake a short distance from where Fritzl and wife Rosemarie ran a guesthouse.

"What really stands out is that Martina looks similar to Fritzl's daughter. The likeness is incredible," police chief Alois Lissl said.

Other cases include the shotgun murder of Anna Neumayer, 17, near Fritzl's workplace in 1966 and the disappearance of Julia Kuehrer, 16, near his home in 2006.

The investigation also includes sex worker Gabriele Superkova, 20, was murdered and dumped in a lake near where Fritzl was holidaying in 2007.

One is the 1986 murder of Martina Posch, 17, who was raped, strangled and dumped in a lake a short distance from where Fritzl and wife Rosemarie ran a guesthouse.

"What really stands out is that Martina looks similar to Fritzl's daughter. The likeness is incredible," police chief Alois Lissl said.

Other cases include the shotgun murder of Anna Neumayer, 17, near Fritzl's workplace in 1966 and the disappearance of Julia Kuehrer, 16, near his home in 2006.

The investigation also includes sex worker Gabriele Superkova, 20, was murdered and dumped in a lake near where Fritzl was holidaying in 2007.

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Josef Fritzl like Father 'abused' teen daughter for four yrs in Nagpur

Hitler, Josef Fritzl, torment, incest and child abuse seems to be getting exposed in India. Victims need to speak up, and Josef Fritzls have to be tackled with a firm hand.

Josef Fritzl like Father 'abused' teen daughter for four yrs in Nagpur
27 Mar 2009
NAGPUR: Suddenly there seem to be Josef Fritzls all around. Hingna Police have nabbed a 35-year-old who can be called local version of Austrian dungeon dad. 

Culprit Radheshyam Shiv, like Fritzl and Mumbai’s Kishore Chauhan, sexually abused his eldest daughter for a prolonged period. 

Hingna police, who placed Shiv under arrest in the wee hours of Thursday, said that the 15-year-old victim had stated that she was being abused for four years. On Tuesday night, the girl was allegedly raped by his father at their Isasani village home. Shiv called his daughter to massage his legs and forced himself upon her. 

Shiv’s two other daughters and two sons were present at home but in another room. The villagers, who learnt of the girl’s abuse, convinced her to approach the police. 

The girl, eldest of the six siblings, was suffering abuse for long but had failed to muster enough courage to either protest her father’s diabolical acts or tell them to others. Shiv, said police, regularly tortured his family. His tormented wife left the village for her father’s place in Kishanpur in Madhya Pradesh. 

The children also accompanied their mother. Later, their three daughters and two sons returned but his wife remained at her father’s place with one daughter. 

The girl was taken to Indira Gandhi Government Medical College and Hospital for medical examination.

BJP leader arrested for allegedly raping daughter in Punjab

It's another story of yet another Josef Fritzl character, with a political twist. A Josef Fritzl inspired by a Hitler-like fascist leader??

BJP leader arrested for allegedly raping daughter in Punjab
26 Mar 2009
AMRISTAR: The Punjab police on Wednesday said a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader had been arrested after his 20-year-old daughter complained 

he had sexually exploited her for the last eight years. 

The BJP is a partner in Punjab's Akali Dal-led ruling alliance. 

Ashok Taneja, the general secretary of the Ajnala unit of the BJP, was arrested after his daughter, a college student, filed a complaint, said police officials in the border town, 30 km from Amritsar. 

Senior Superintendent of Police (Rural) Gurmeet Chauhan said, "We have detained Taneja and are questioning him." 

Amritsar Superintendent of Police (Rural) Satpal Joshi said a case of rape has been registered against the accused, who has been "arrested". 

An investigating officer said: "She (the daughter) mustered courage to tell her relatives about her sexual exploitation after seeing a similar case being reported from Mumbai a few days back. They helped her complain to the police." 

Taneja had threatened to kill her if she told anyone in the family or outside about his activities. 

Police officials said that they would further investigate the matter, especially whether it was in the knowledge of other family members, including the girl's mother. 

Last week, the Mumbai police arrested a 49-year-old businessman who allegedly raped his daughter for over nine years on the advice of a black magic practitioner to get "rich quickly". 

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Indian Rapist facing deportation is awarded legal aid to fight for the custody of his estranged son, 8 in UK

In a strange case, an Indian man who has not visited his son wants visitation rights to avoid deportation.
It is important to understand 'Child Custody battles' and identify other confounding factors like 'battered wife', deportation, Munchausen's syndrome by Proxy, etc.

Indian Rapist facing deportation is awarded legal aid to fight for the custody of his estranged son, 8 in UK

24th March 2009

A convicted rapist facing deportation has been granted legal aid to fight for custody of his eight-year-old son. 

Parmod Arora, 45, is seeking a shared residency order that would allow him to spend time with a son he hardly knows. 

To the fury of his former wife, he has been allowed to employ a barrister and solicitors at taxpayers' expense to fight a case he has almost no chance of winning because of the serious nature of his conviction. 

Legal aid has been granted despite the fact that the Indian national has had little or no relationship with his son since his birth and is due to be thrown out of the country. 

Last night MPs and campaigners said the case was an absurd waste of public money. 

Arora's deportation case is being considered by the European Court of Human Rights even though he has already had two appeals rejected in the British courts. 

Now, in a separate move, he has been given legal aid to launch a belated claim for joint custody of his son. 

Last night his former wife, known only as Claudia to protect her son's identity, expressed disbelief at the decision to award him state assistance. 

She believes that the custody battle is merely a ruse to allow him to delay deportation even longer. 

'I can't believe he has been given legal aid,' she said. 'My son doesn't want to live with him  -  he doesn't even have a relationship with him. It's madness. 

'He's a convicted criminal. How can he think that he has the right to have my son living with him? 

'I think the only reason he wants a residency order is because he thinks it will help him stay in this country. 

'He is a very violent man. He is emotionally and physically abusive. I don't want him to harm my son like he did me.' 

Born in Jalandhar in India, Arora entered the country illegally in 1984. He was given a 12-month suspended sentence in 1990 for slashing a bus driver's face with a knife after he spoke to his first wife. 

That marriage, which produced three children, broke down several years later amid claims that Arora beat her. 

He met his second wife, Claudia, when she got a job working at his shop at the age of 17. The couple married two years later in 1998, but Arora soon turned to violence, regularly hitting his wife. 

In August 1999 he lured a 15-year-old girl to a shop where he worked in Hounslow, West London, and raped her. 

He was arrested in January 2000. Seven months later his wife gave birth to their son whilst Arora was on bail. 

In July 2001, Arora was jailed for seven years at Isleworth Crown Court and was due to be deported in 2006 when he was released from jail. 

Initially he was held in a detention centre awaiting deportation, but he appealed against the order and the matter was referred to the European Court of Human Rights in 2006. 

Arora was released from detention in 2007 and now lives in a three-bedroom house in Hounslow, west London. 

He cannot be removed from the country while a legal appeal is outstanding, although experts say it may take a couple of years before the European court hears his case. 

In the meantime, the joint custody claim is due to be heard at Isleworth in May. 

Claudia, who is divorced from Arora, said the children from his previous marriage were in care when she met him. 

She added: 'There was a lot of domestic violence that the children had been subjected to. Even friends say now he comes across as a very nice guy, trustworthy. No one knows his background. 

'When he was arrested he claimed he was being investigated for fraud. I was horrified when I found out he had raped that girl.' 

It is unclear how much legal aid Arora is receiving. But Claudia, who has also been granted state assistance, says each court appearance in relation to the custody battle costs £4,000 in legal fees. 

Tory MP for Shipley, Philip Davies, said: 'I am sure that the hard-pressed taxpayers who contribute to this legal aid fund will be appalled that their money is being spent on this sort of thing.' 

Matthew Elliott, of the Taxpayers' Alliance, said: 'This case demonstrates the absurdity of our human rights laws, which give criminals more rights than ordinary people.' 

The Legal Services Commission, which runs the legal aid scheme, said the case met their legal merits test and both parents had passed a financial means test. 

A commission source said: 'The LSC cannot differentiate between applicants for legal aid on the grounds that a decision to grant funding may be unpopular in a particular case.'

8-yr-old girl raped, killed by ex-tutor

Children in Schools and private tutorials are at risk of molestation and Child rape from Offenders who have a recognized pattern of sexual assault.

8-yr-old girl raped, killed by ex-tutor
25 Mar 2009
NEW DELHI: An eight-year-old girl was allegedly raped and bludgeoned to death by her former tutor in west Delhi. The shocking incident took place in the Khayala region. The police have arrested the accused and registered a case of rape and murder against him. 

According to the police, the accused, Deepak alias Dipu (20), had earlier been the tutor of the deceased girl a Class III student of a government school in Khayala. 

Sources in the police said the girl was missing since 6.30pm on Monday. The cops said her mother was not at home while her father, who works at a plastic factory, was also away on shift duty at Sant Nagar. 

The girl was allegedly raped after Deepak lured her. Fearing that the girl will spill the beans, said the police, he bludgeoned her to death. The body of the girl was finally found near a bush by residents of Sant Nagar on Tuesday morning. Deepak was arrested after witnesses told the police that they had seen the girl with him on Monday evening.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

No regrets: Father, daughter incestuous lovers glad they went public

Picture: Father/grandfather John Deaves, daughter/granddaughter, and daughter Jenny Deaves
An Australian father has 'fathered/grandfathered' two children with his own daughter. The daughter used an ex-lover as a decoy to hide their relationship for a long time.

1-------No regrets: Father, daughter incestuous lovers glad they went public--- 
A South Australian father and daughter who are in a sexual relationship say they don't regret telling their story despite a violent backlash from their community.

John and Jenny Deaves were the focus of a television story last week detailing their relationship and the birth of their daughter.

The couple has had a rock thrown through their car window since the story aired.

But Jenny has told Channel Nine she doesn't regret anything she's done.

 “It’s everybody else out there in society that has the problem, we do not have the problem. 

“I’m sure once people get to know us they’ll realise that we’re not going to pass on any disease to them, we’re not going to bite their head off, and we’re not nasty terrible people.”   
2----------Incest couple 'used me as decoy': Ex-boyfriend --------------
The ex-boyfriend of Jenny Deaves says he was merely a cover for her continuing incestuous relationship with her father.

Shayne Farrell, 34, had been living with Ms Deaves and her father, John, until their relationship ended.

Ms Deaves and her father are now living alone together in their South Australian home once again.

Mr Farrell said the father and daughter were still attracted to each other and merely used him to divert unwanted attention as they continued their relationship, despite their public break-up announcement last year.

"I was being used to cover up Jenny's relationship with her dad," Mr Farrell told ninemsn.

"I brought it up with Jenny but was told I was being paranoid.

"They were too close not to be together ... I said to her, 'You were on 60 Minutes saying how much you loved each other but shortly after you broke up — how is that possible?'

"The only reason they split was because the law said they had to. You don't stop loving someone because you're told to."

Mr Farrell, a bisexual father-of-three claims he caught the couple in compromising situations on several occasions.

"There were other times when I would talk about moving away from John but whenever that was broached (Jenny) would shut down," he said.

The Deaves's sparked outrage last April when they revealed they had two children together, one who died of heart defects, on Nine's 60 Minutes.

"It's everybody else out there in society that has the problem, we don't have the problem," Ms Deaves told the current affairs program.

They were placed on three-year good behaviour bonds and order to cease their sexual relationship after pleading guilty to two counts of incest in a subsequent trial. 

Incestuous relationship between Father and daughter: Legal Implications from Josef Fritzl study

Incestuous relationship between Father and daughter: Legal Implications from Josef Fritzl study
Incestuous relationship between a Father and his Own daughter are punishable with a prolonged sentence under 'Rape' and 'Bestiality', even if it with the consent of the daughter.

If Children are born out of Incestuous relationships, then paternity of the child has to be confirmed by DNA testing. Once paternity is confirmed, the birth certificate is processed with the proper biological parents.

The country of interest (i.e. India) will have to proceed with 'correct birth certificates' with the names of the mother and the father/grandfather dual role. The citizenship papers will have to be processed.

This will ensure that the Children born out of such relationships still enjoy their legal and other rights.

Give priority to single women: NGO Women's Voice in Bangalore

Give priority to single women: NGO Women's Voice in Bangalore
24 Mar 2009

Bangalore : The government and many political parties haven't taken any initiative for development of single/deserted women and widows, according to NGO Women's Voice. 

The organization works to improve conditions of women in the unorganized sector. It's asking the government to allot free housing facilities to single women and provide them vocational skill training, social security and protection

These demands are part of the National Alliance of Women's (NAWO) manifesto, which will be released in New Delhi on Wednesday. At the release of the manifesto on Monday in Bangalore, general secretary of Women's Voice Ruth Manorama said they are against the patriarchal system that does not treat women equally. 

Rajeshwari, a women who walked out of an abusive marriage, narrated how she lost her daughter. "Working at Women's Voice helped me get my own house and more importantly, my dignity back," she said. 

The organization's demands include elimination of poverty, one-third reservation for women in Parliament, implementation of minimum and equal wages, budget allocation for gender specific needs, among others.

16-yr-old girl in illicit relationship kills dad, mom & bro for Married lover

The outcomes of illicit relationships are complicated. In a vicious plot, a 16-year old girl and her married lover killed 3 people and planned to kill many more, to elope and start a Second Life, with a second chance for themselves (not the deceased).
16-yr-old girl in illicit relationship kills dad, mom & bro for Married lover
25 Mar 2009

PORBANDER: There is a famous Gujarati saying: Dikri vhaal no dariyo (Daughters have as much love as there is water in the ocean). Mahatma Gandhi’s birthplace, however, woke up to a gruesome episode on Tuesday. 

Police on Tuesday arrested a 16-year-old girl and her beau for allegedly killing her father Karan Suva, a police constable with crime branch, along with her mother and younger brother on March 1, so that they could elope. Suva was shot with his own revolver in cold-blood, police said. 

The girl, along with her married paramour, Haja Mer, 27, strangled her mother and two brothers (one of whom survived). 

On March 1, when Suva was found dead in Gandhipark Society in Udyognagar area, police suspected he had shot himself after a tiff with his wife Simbhi. Hours later, Simbhi and her younger son Mukesh, 8, were found dead in Barkhala village, 15 km away. Rajdeep, 14, survived and reached for help. Police suspected it to be a case of mass suicide. 

“As per the girl’s confession, she and Mer, a family friend who runs school vans, entered into a relationship a year ago,” said an investigating officer. 

On February 28, both the accused took Simbhi, Mukesh and Rajdeep to a temple. “On the way, the duo strangled their victims and put poison in their mouths to make it look like a suicide,” he said. 

The girl returned home. When the father inquired about the missing family members, she told him they had left home after a squabble. Suva tried locating them but in vain. On his returned he consumed some alcohol and went to bed. 

The daughter seized this opportunity and shot him, say police officials. “She has confessed that they were planning to kill Rajdeep and Mer’s two-year-old daughter and then elope,” Dipankar Trivedi, superintendent of police, Porbander, said. 

“Her replies were inconsistent. Rajdeep also gave us a false story,” said an investigating officer. “She will be presented before the juvenile court in Junagadh on Wednesday.”

Monday, 23 March 2009

Single mothers will be forced to give the name of the child's father on birth certificates to encourage men to take responsibility for children in UK

Single mothers will be forced to give the name of the child's father on birth certificates to encourage men to take responsibility for their children, under plans to be approved by Parliament.

17 Mar 2009
The requirement for compulsory registration of both the mother and father on birth certificates forms part of the Welfare Reform Bill, which MPs vote on for the final time.

Ministers say that as well as making it easier to track down those attempting to avoid paying maintenance, the scheme also provides official recognition of the importance of fathers in children's lives.

Critics accused the Government of sending out mixed messages after separate measures contained in the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act, which come into force next month, gave women who had conceived using In vitro fertilization the right to name anyone they chose, including same-sex partners, as the second parent on birth certificates

Some charities also oppose the plans, which give men who are estranged from the mother the right to declare that they are the father of the child, saying this could put abused women at risk.

Seven per cent of babies - 45,000 a year - are registered without a father's name on their birth certificate, four out of 10 of them to teenager mothers.

When he announced the measures last year, James Purnell, the Work and Pensions Secretary, said that the Government wanted to: "support children whose parents' relationship has broken down."

He added: "We will bring forward legislation so that it becomes the default option for both parents to register the birth of their child whether they are married or not."

Under the terms of the proposed law, women would have to name the father of the child unless they could provide a valid reason for not doing so - such as being unsure of his identity.

Men who dispute paternity or refuse to acknowledge their child will be offered DNA tests.

Fathers will also be able to make a formal declaration stating that they are the parent in the event that an estranged ex-girlfriend has left them off the certificate, giving them automatic parental control unless the woman goes to court to overturn it.

Charities including the NSPCC and Gingerbread complain that this could help abusive men gain access to battered women.

Janet Allbeson, of Gingerbread said: "We are deeply concerned that the procedures for joint registration, could put women who have suffered domestic abuse, at further risk of violence or psychological abuse.

"A pregnant woman could, in theory, escape domestic violence only to find that her abuser has registered himself as the father of her child and has automatic rights to the child."

International Child abduction victim Aditya being missed by Father Dr Ravichandran: Mother allegedly has 'Munchausen syndrome by Proxy'

As counsellor for CRISP (Children's Rights Initiative for Shared Parenting) headed by Kumar Jagirdhar, I've been following up the International Child abduction case. In our meeting last week, the boy's father Ravichandran has been keeping his poise amidst the turmoil of chasing his child (and ex-wife) between USA and India.

The solution should lie in 'cutting to the chase' and helping Ravichandran getting custody to the child immediately, and also keeping in mind the continued best interests of the mother.

The mother of Aditya, Mrs Vijayshree is suffering from Munchausen's syndrome by Proxy (as per court records in USA). This condition is a newer psychiatric disorder, and is classified as the most severe form of child maltreatment/abuse.

Please see earlier blog-postings about Aditya, Munchausen's syndrome by Proxy:

Aditya, can you hear me son?

[An NRI scientist, searching for his missing son in India for the last two years, pours his heart out in a video]
March 24, 2009
The lyrics and the tune are gut-wrenching, a father’s lament for his young son who has disappeared for the last two years. Dr V Ravichandran, an NRI scientist based in the US for 30 years, has spent the last two years frantically searching for his son Aditya who he believes is in India, having been abducted by his former wife despite a court ruling entrusting the child solely to his custody.

Ravichandran had created a website ( which has all information about his son’s case. He has now added a video to the site, where Aditya is shown playing and cavorting around the house during happier times. Ravichandran also sings in the video, a soulful tribute to all the joyous moments father and son shared, and where he makes a plaintive appeal for his son to come back to him wherever he may be.


The four-minute video production is inspired by a mournful ABBA number called ‘Fernando’. “Whenever I used to hear this song, my eyes welled up and I realised that ‘Fernando’ essentially captures the plight of father and son. I then modified Fernando’s lyrics and contacted American singers, while I was in US few months back. But all of them said they can’t sing like ABBA, and that was disappointing. Then I came to India, and found a good movie director in Hyderabad. He slightly altered the lyrics to suit the musical score, and that resulted in the final version now posted on the website”, Ravichandran said. 

It took almost a month to develop the video. Initially, the video was to be produced in five languages - English, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada and Telugu. Somehow the Tamil version did not materialise. “We didn’t like the rendition of the songs by many singers in Hyderabad. 

Finally we found Deepu, now familiar to the Telugu movie audience. He sang all three versions. I think he did a great job. The lyrics of the Hindi and Telugu version are written by Veena Jain and Girish”, he added.


Ravichandran explained that he had, “Never done this before, and it was a challenge for the movie director and cameraman to adjust to an amateur. I cannot carry any tune for the life of me. I realised that since I miss my son so much it is a sad situation for me, and any song must therefore reflect this sadness. 

CRISP (Children Rights Initiative For Shared Parenting) president Kumar Jagirdar said that the song will also be shot in Kannada and CRISP will take the initiative in this. “Aditya is unable to go to school because of all this. He is suffering between these two (father and mother). As it concerns the future of the child, we are working hard to find him,” he said.

The song can be heard on or The song is available on YouTube too. You can watch the song on too. If anybody has any info about Aditya, Ravichandran can be contacted on his mobile number, 09704362000.


Vijayasree Voora, the wife of Dr Ravichandran allegedly kidnapped Aditya Chandran, a US Citizen, from New York on June 28, 2007, and brought him to India. On Sept 14, 2007, Ravichandran was given sole legal and physical custody of Aditya by a New York court. On Nov 15, 2007 the Chennai High Court dismissed Vijayasree Voora’s petition for sole legal and physical custody of Aditya. 

A US federal arrest warrant charging Vijayasree Voora with international kidnapping is pending from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). An order to Chennai police to secure Vijayasree Voora was issued by Madras High Court on Dec 20, 2007. A non-bailable criminal child abuse arrest warrant for Vijayasree was issued by the New York Supreme Court on Jan 7, 2008. The US dept of Homeland Security updated its computers on Feb 7, 2008 and ordered Vijayasree Voora’s arrest upon reentry to USA. A special order by the Supreme Court of India to Chandigarh and UP police to rescue Aditya from abuse was issued on April 28, 2008.


Vijayasree Voora was found in a lodge in Rajajinagar in Feb 17 with Aditya. Though the city cops got the news and visited the lodge, they did not take her into custody. And before Ravichandran could come down from Hyderabad, Vijayasree managed to escape.

She had told the media that Ravichandran had abused Aditya and that was why she had taken him into her custody. Ravichandran then produced medical records proving that Vijayasree is a schizophrenic.

Meanwhile, the Karnataka High Court (order dated 25/2/2009) directed R1 (DG of Police) and R2 (Commissioner of Police, Bangalore) to trace R3, Vijayasree Voora, and minor son Aditya by informing the petitioner their whereabouts and to report the same to the honourable court by issue of a writ of mandamus.


Can you hear the Dad Aditya?
I remember long ago on a beautiful bright day like this
In Bolton Landing Aditya
You were playing and laughing with all your friends
I could see your eyes sparkling
And sounds of the laughter coming from afar

You were very close to me, Aditya
Every hour, every minute seemed to last eternally
I was so afraid Aditya
You were young and full of life none of us were prepared to lose you
And I’m so ashamed to say
your thoughts and memories always make me cry

There was something in the air that day
When I last saw you, Aditya
There was so much love between you and me
For life, Aditya
Though we never thought that I could lose
There is much regret
If I had to do the same again
I wouldn’t my son, Aditya (Last two lines repeated once more)

Now I am old and grey Aditya
Since many years I haven’t seen a smile on your face,
Can you hear the dad Aditya?
Do you still recall that fateful day I last saw you?
I can see it in your eyes
How proud you were to be with your Dad Aditya.

Court backs parental right of known sperm donor in Canada

There are a lot of issues regarding biological origin, parenting, custody and visitation rights involved in rights of Donors of Sperms and Eggs.

Court backs parental right of known sperm donor in Canada
[Ruling may affect lesbian couples]
January 30, 2009
For the first time in Canada a court has ruled on the legitimacy of a donor contract in determining the competing parental rights of a lesbian couple and a gay man who was the sperm donor.

The precedent-setting court ruling that the agreement is not enforceable could open the door for a child to have three or four recognized parents in "known donor" situations.

At the same time, it may also have a chilling effect on lesbian couples seeking a specific donor and who want their child to know the identity of the father.

The legal dispute involves a lesbian couple in Toronto and a gay man who agreed to be their sperm donor and play an active role as a parent. (The parties cannot be identified because there is a ban on any information that could identify the child.)

The couple and the man signed a "donor contract" before the child was born in 2002, which set out his rights as a "co-parent" including regular access as well as full custody if both women were to die. The agreement included a promise to try for a "three-way" adoption, which would have required a court challenge under the Charter of Rights, although this was never followed through.

The two women and the man are all highly educated professionals and the couple wanted the child to know her father and intentionally sought out a gay man as the donor.

"Given their options to have children, what we were offering might be interesting to [gay men], might be attractive to them, I mean their options are in some ways much bleaker than ours," one of the women told the court.
The friendship has deteriorated and the two women have tried to reduce the father's access to the child.

Access was restored after the father went to court in 2007. The couple responded by suing the man for $250,000 and they also want him to post a $25,000 bond that would be forfeited if he seeks custody of the child.

In the latest legal action in a Torontofamily court, thecouple asked a family court judge to order the father to give his consent to have the non-birth mother named as an adoptive parent of the child. Presently, the father and the birth mother are the legal parents. If the non-birth mother was permitted to adopt, the father would lose his legal status as a parent.

The father accused the women of trying to change his status from that of a co-parent to no more than a "friendly uncle." An adoption order "discriminates against gay fathers, because it says you're a second-class parent. You are little more than a sperm donor we control," the court heard.

Justice Marion Cohen ruled in favour of the father in a decision issued this week.

The best interests of the child must always take precedence to any "domestic contract," stressed the family court judge. "Time and experience have proven that [the man] is not a mere sperm donor and [the child] is no longer a theoretical proposition, nor is her relationship with her father," Judge Cohen wrote.

"The issue for the court is not what kind of family the parents want, but what is best for the child," the judge noted.
She concluded that the donor contract, which said the non-birth mother would become an adoptive parent if they were not granted a three-way adoption, is unenforceable.

The father, who is married to his partner, has been "actively and wholeheartedly" involved as a parent with the child, Judge Cohen said.

"This case is not about protecting nuclear families to reduce their anxieties," the judge said. "In this case, I am considering the legal situation of a self-constructed, non-traditional family, the three-parent family created by these parties. For the sake of the child and in their own best interests, the parties will have to live with their choices."

The ruling could have broader public policy implications, suggested family lawyer Jeffery Wilson, who represented the lesbian couple.

"The judge appears to suggest that the argument for a nuclear family is not especially persuasive. With a known donor, children can expect families that are made up of three or four parents," Mr. Wilson said. "An anonymous donor is more likely to ensure the autonomy of a two-parent family."

The former head of the family law section of the Ontario Bar Association said yesterday the ruling is likely to have an impact on other same-sex couples seeking to have a child. "It could discourage lesbian couples from choosing a known donor in the future," said Kelly Jordan.

Paul Pellman, the lawyer who represented the father, was unavailable for comment yesterday.
In the USA, the constitutionality of a 1994 Kansas law that says a sperm donor has no parental rights unless he has a written agreement with the mother is being questioned as well.

Sperm/Egg Donor children demand to be told Donor parents' IDs in UK

Sperm/Egg Donor children demand to be told Donor parents' IDs in UK

Ministers today faced a fresh challenge over fertility reforms.

A new campaign group has accused the Government of refusing to recognise the rights of children born through sperm or egg donation.

The International Donor Offspring Alliance says children who are not told the identity of their genetic parents are at risk of trauma in later life.

It is lobbying for a new style of birth certificate that would record the names of sperm or egg donors so children can track down their parents.

Last week, Gordon Brown was forced to allow MPs a free vote on plans to allow scientists to create embryos with animal and human cells under the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill. This was in response to pressure from the Catholic church.

About 40,000 Britons have been born through donated sperm or eggs. The Government has already changed the law to allow children conceived after April 2005 to trace their genetic parents.

Peers have tabled an amendment to the Bill, which will be debated next month, that would mean birth certificates being marked with a symbol so children would know they were born through egg or sperm donation. But campaigners say this does not go far enough. Tom Ellis, 25, of the Offspring Alliance, said: "All we want is parity with the rest of society. Adopted children have this information from birth, but our birth certificates are the only ones that can contain a lie."

However, Infertility Network UK, a support group for couples who have had children by fertility treatment, said parents should be left to inform their offspring privately about their origin rather than having new-style birth certificates. Spokeswoman Susan Seenan said: "We polled our members and the response was an overwhelming 'no' because a certificate is very much a public document.

"We are in favour of children being told they are conceived through donor conception but putting it on birth certificates is not the way forward."

Eric Blyth, professor of social work at Huddersfield University, suggested a solution that took account of both sides. "All birth certificates should carry a statement that there may be other information relating to the individual whose birth is recorded," he said.

"If this statement were on all birth certificates it would not compromise the privacy of any individuals."


TOM ELLIS learned the secret about his birth when his parents split up three and a half years ago.

His mother told him the man he called "father" was in fact infertile and his genetic parent was a sperm donor.

Mr Ellis, a 25-year-old Cambridge mathematics graduate, said he was stunned by the revelation.

He said: "They [my parents] never really intended to tell me at all. It was a big shock - a really big thing to take in.

"It's very difficult - if someone lies to you then it's hard and feels like a betrayal." Mr Ellis added: "My brother was also donor-conceived but with a different father. I'd always assumed he was my full brother." The clinic where he was conceived, the Infertility Advisory Centre in London, has since closed down and former staff have refused to help him trace his father.
But he is determined to uncover the truth and has already registered with a DNA matching website to trace any other siblings his father may have helped create.

Mr Ellis said: "It's hard because there is very little information out there but we're going to keep pressing for this."

Double trouble:Spanish transexual 'man' in world first as he prepares to give birth to TWINS

Please read my earlier blog postings on Junior II (man having a baby). It was about Beattie being the first Transexual 'man' to have a baby.

Now it's time for the first transexual 'man' to have TWINS.
Read my earlier posting:

Spanish transexual 'man' in world first as he prepares to give birth to TWINS
23rd March 2009
A Spanish man is set to become the first in the world to give birth to twins.
Transexual Ruben Noe Coronado, 25, is due to become a dad at the end of September.
Ruben, born a woman called Stephanie, will bring the boys up with partner Esperanza Ruiz,
43.The pair plan to marry before they become parents.

Picture: 'Pregnant Mother' is Mr Coronado on the left, with an unshaven look!

Bearded American Thomas Beattie made headlines round the world after giving birth to daughter Susan Juliette last June.

The 35-year-old, born Tracy Lagondino, is expecting a second child with wife Nancy this summer.
Like Beattie, Ruben is officially a man but retained his female reproductive organs.
When doctors told girlfriend Esperanza, already a mother of two, that she could not have any more children, she and Ruben decided he should try to become pregnant with donor sperm after undergoing fertility treatment.
He plans to give birth at a hospital in Barcelona, where the couple recently moved from Malaga due to family problems.
Once he becomes a dad he will continue sex change surgery interrupted to enable him to fall pregnant and give birth.
He is the first Spanish transexual to do so and it is thought he will become the world's first transexual father of twins if everything goes to plan.
Ruben, an epileptic who was adopted as a child, said: 'It's like being born with three hands.
'You take advantage of them while you have them and you get rid of one of them when they get in the way.'
Sparking what promises to become a bidding war for the first pictures of his pregnancy, he added: 'To protect my children I'm not going to sell my story now or in the future.
'I've gone public with this so people start to see transexual pregnancy as normal.
'But I am thinking of selling the picture everyone's going to want of me looking pregnant.
'If I don't do it, someone else will and they'll make a fortune.'

Paedophilia and Teenage Sex: The Age of Consent in Asia

Paedophilia and Teenage Sex: The Age of Consent in Asia

The average age for sexual consent across Asia is roughly 14.5 years (actually 14.7 for heterosexual relations and between 13.8 to 14.5 for homosexual sex of both genders). In the US the average legal age for sexual consent is 16, as determined by state.

The Philippines has the lowest age of consent in Asia at just 12 years old - an age shared by Angola, Mexico and Zimbabwe.

A Japanese law allows for consent at age 12, but this only applies to metro Tokyo. Japan's federal laws put sexual consent at 13 years old, but prefecture law raises the national average much higher.

In the Philippines, the consensual age of 12 applies to males and females alike. But sex with a person under 18 is an offense if, like in Japan, the minor's consent has stemmed from prostitution or coercion.

Simply put, the Philippines and Japan fall into a 12 to 18 age bracket for sexual consent, depending on the nature of the sexual relationship.

Sex, Age & Consent [Source]
Societies all over the world struggle - both legally and morally - to define the age that young people can legally consent to sex. It is an issue complicated by religion, politics and culture.

In Asia, the laws defining ages of consent for both genders are varied and complex.

The average age for sexual consent across Asia is roughly 14.5 years (actually 14.7 for heterosexual relations and between 13.8 to 14.5 for homosexual sex of both genders).

The West isn't so far off; for example, in the US the average legal age for sexual consent is 16, as determined by state.

Three categories are usually defined when establishing the legal age of sexual consent: male and female sex, male homosexual sex and female homosexual sex.

In most Muslim countries, male homosexual relations are illegal, and in Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, the punishment can be death.

In these countries the age of consent for heterosexual sex is not defined, but the partners must be married. Sadly, media reports indicate that girls are married off as young as six years old.

The same "must be married" mandate applies in Bahrain, Lebanon, Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates, but these countries specify an age - ranging from 15 to 18 years old - for sex between married couples. These age requirements are often ignored in some of these countries, according to reports.

The Philippines has the lowest age of consent in Asia at just 12 years old - an age shared by Angola, Mexico and Zimbabwe.

A Japanese law allows for consent at age 12, but this only applies to metro Tokyo. Japan's federal laws put sexual consent at 13 years old, but prefecture law raises the national average much higher.

In the Philippines, the consensual age of 12 applies to males and females alike. But sex with a person under 18 is an offense if, like in Japan, the minor's consent has stemmed from prostitution or coercion.

Simply put, the Philippines and Japan fall into a 12 to 18 age bracket for sexual consent, depending on the nature of the sexual relationship.

In the popular sex tourism destination of Thailand, the age of sexual consent is 15, but this seems to apply only to Thais.

In the sex trade, women must be 18 or older. In South Korea, the age for sex - homosexual or not - is 13. China, Brunei, Israel, Mongolia and India legally allow consensual, heterosexual sex at 14.

Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan all have an interesting legal approach. These countries have made male homosexual sex illegal, but have defined the age of lesbian sex permissible at age 16.

Clearly, it's a complicated matter, and made more so by globalization. US federal law defines an adult as someone 18 years or older. Recent US legislation has also sought to criminalize US citizens who have sex with minors abroad.

Regardless of whether the act was legal in the host country, the US Protect Act of 2003 will prosecute Americans for having sex with women under the age of 18 while overseas.

Similar laws have been passed in Canada and Europe, most notably in Britain and Australia.

Meanwhile, in Asia countries such as South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia and others have increased their exchange of information with the West.

This is in the form of lists of known pedophiles, local arrests of Westerns having under-aged sex and increased cooperation in the arrest and extradition process.

Now, even if an offending visitor faced no charges under local laws, they may face prosecution at home.

Recently, the complexity of the age issue was underscored by an American friend of mine. After retaining the services of a prostitute in Hong Kong's red-light district of Wan Chai, he happened to catch a glance at her identification card.

He was shocked to learn that she was 17, and a few months shy of her 18th birthday.

He was aghast, and well aware of how this could be viewed in the US. Even though Hong Kong's local law makes the age of consent 16, the act of prostitution was illegal and therefore any local prosecution would then be passed to US authorities. Legal troubles aside, he would also be labelled as a pedophile.

My friend escaped unscathed. But his experience is hardly unique; young women in the sex trade rarely reveal their real age. Foreigners seeking under-aged sex is deplorable, but falling into the situation accidentally is another matter entirely and not one to be taken lightly.

Laws and legal definitions are put forth by societies to protect young people from exploitation and abuse. Yet all too often these same laws are circumvented, ignored or unenforced.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

We need special laws to deal with incest and Child abuse by Parents in India: Experts

India needs to have more stringent laws regarding Child abuse by parents, including stringent punishment for 'abuse of position of trust and power'. And silent or invisible accomplices/instigators within the family should receive an equal quantum of punishment for 'acts of commission and omission'.

Any comments, 'Major' Commissions and 'Major' Omissions, of Child abuse and Domestic Violence?

We need special laws to deal with incest and Child abuse by Parents: Experts

23 Mar 2009
MUMBAI: Shocked by the ease with which a father could continue to rape his minor daughter for nine long tears, experts are now wondering why India does not have special sets of laws in place to deal with such heinous crimes. 

"Such acts do not fit the conventional definition of a crime as the motive of the criminal is not that of a normal person facing trial,'' said IPS officer-turned-lawyer Y P Singh. "They are reflective more of psychological depravity than anything else. So while speaking of the laws to deal with such situations we should look more at the preventive aspects than only punitive,'' Singh added. 

Legal experts also worry that in case a special law is promulgated to deal with incest a common defence that an accused will take is that of mental instability. Joseph Fritzl, the man sentenced to life in jail for a similar crime in Austria, had said in court that he was mentally disturbed. 

Currently, police rely on conventional laws for sexual assault under the Indian Penal Code to deal with cases of incest. Thus the accused are charged with section 376 of the IPC for rape irrespective of whether the victim was a stranger or a family member. 

Women's rights activist and lawyer Flavia Agnes said that in 1983 amendments were made in the IPC to deal with policemen, prison and hospital staff who raped a woman in their custody. "At the time we said that fathers should be included as a category as well because the children are in his custody. But the government did not listen as it felt we were questioning the sanctity of family as an institution,'' Agnes said. She emphasised that the state and Indian society should "remove its blinkers'' on the issue and frame laws to protect children. 

A number of developed countries consider incest as a special category of crime because of the close relation between the victim and the perpetrator and the fact that the children continue to remain completely dependent on the father despite being abused.

Tantrik says he will get his son to marry younger girl: My Parent and My Pimp 4

It is a twisted  Fritzl family with a black magic twist. The tantric is trying to give the excuse of testing his libido like a famous Indian freedom fighter (??My Sexperiments with Lies and laying??).

And, after leading their daughters along the path of immorality, are they still talking about Compensation??

Tantrik says he will get his son to marry younger girl

When police ask him why not the elder girl, he says ‘she is too used’!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Interrogation of the accused in the Mira Road incest-rape case reveals an emotionally warped family caught in a strange web of sex and greed which a twisted ‘astrologer’ fed on. Not only are the accused, the parents of the two girls who were repeatedly raped, and the astrologer, unrepentant of their act but are even speaking of ‘compensating’ for their crime by getting the younger girl married to the astrologer’s son.

What’s even more sickening is the astrologer’s reason for not wanting the elder girl, raped by him and her father for nine years, as his daughter-in-law — “she is too used now”

Kishore Chauhan, 49, a small-time businessman from Mira Road raped his daughter (now 21) for nine years and then recently forced his younger daughter, 15, to go through a similar ordeal on the advice of Juhu-based astrologer Hansmukh Rathod, 55, who, too, raped both girls. Anjana, the mother of the victims, who gave tacit support to the heinous crime, herself had an affair with Rathod. All three have been arrested by the police now.

‘Compensate’ through marriage
According to Mira Road police, during interrogations the accused behaved as if they were not at all ashamed of what they had done and if at all they had committed a ‘mistake’, it could be compensated. An officer who interrogated them said, “Rathod told me that if police thought he and others had committed a mistake, he would compensate by marrying his son to the younger daughter. When I asked him why he would not marry his son to the elder daughter, he said she had been ‘used’ too much and he himself had raped her at least 50 times. Also, he said, the younger girl was petite and would suit his son.”

Prosperity theory and excuse for kinky sex
Police investigations show that Anjana had started an affair with Rathod merely two or three years after her marriage to Chauhan. Initially, Chauhan was unaware of it, but remained silent even after learning of it. When his elder daughter was one-and-half years old, he also started hobnobbing with Rathod for remedies for his failing business. Rathod advised him to have sex with his elder daughter saying it would bring prosperity, a theory the police have started disbelieving.

“It looks like an excuse. The three were together in this crime and it was not even remotely motivated by any belief that it would bring prosperity. “It was a sick desire and addiction to kinky and incestuous sex that made them commit the crime over such a long period. Rathod and Chauhan had even attempted a threesome with Anjana, which only shows how the act goes beyond the want for prosperity,” said the officer.

Mother did not object as father had not objected to her affair 
He added, “When we asked Anjana why she did not protest when Chauhan started raping her elder daughter, she said she initially felt bad, but did not protest as he too had allowed her to continue her affair. She said it was a comfortable arrangement where everyone got to enjoy their sexual perversions.”

Strange excuses
Police say the three have been giving strange excuses and expect forgiveness on flimsy grounds. An officer said, “Rathod says he is being punished even though he is a lesser criminal. He says though he tried raping the younger girl he could not complete the act as he suffered premature ejaculation. “He also says that both he and Chauhan made sure the girls did not get pregnant.”

Astrologer was ‘testing his libido’
The officer added, “Rathod even pleads innocence on grounds that he was merely trying to test his manliness after his wife had died of cancer. He says he had affairs with a few women while his wife was alive. But she came to know of it and had objected strongly. After that he stopped the affairs but after his wife died, he says, he wanted to test whether he had the same manliness of his youth.”

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Mira Road incest case: Tantrik may have abused other girls too [My Parent and My Pimp 4]

Picture: Indian 'Fritzl' incest father Kishore Chauhan 

The Mira Road incest case is the Indian masala mix of Josef Fritzl-type sexual predator father, 'tantric' sexual predator on his own run, and blind faith into astrology and black magic. It is clear that the wise man is a sexual predator, who has worn the garb of a tantric yogi.
The danger of listening to advise from 'Wise' men of vices is also highlighted in this case.

I will write in detail about Tantric Sex and legal implications of sexual activity with minors. There has been reports of  rampant sexual activity in 'cults' like Osho Ashram in Pune, and Tantric Yoga cults in Amsterdam, London, USA.

The father is the perpetrator, and the mother has been an accomplice/abettor of the crime for nine years. This is clearly not a Josef Fritzl case where the mother claims to be unaware of the sexual incest/abuse. Hence the mother should receive an equally "STIFF" punishment. She should have spoken up long back.

But, we have to also separate true practitioners of 'Tantric Yoga' from so-called tantrics who are sexual predators.

More later!
 See earlier blog postings [Parent and Pimp]

INDIA HAS VIRTUALLY NO PROTECTION FOR CHILD ABUSE/MALTREATMENT. It is important to focus on all types of Child  abuse and not specifically focus on Sexual abuse only.

Mira Road incest case: Tantrik may have abused other girls too [My Parent and My Pimp 3]
21 Mar 2009

MUMBAI: The Andheri tantrik who allegedly raped two minor sisters living in Mira Road, and who encouraged their father to rape the older girl over a period of nine years, may have sexually preyed on other women and girls as well

The older sister, who is 21 years old today, told her maternal uncle (the man who had helped the girls take the matter to the police) that the 55-year-old tantrik, Hasmukh Rathod, had sexually abused other women as well. The uncle told media, “There is another woman and her daughter from Mira Road and a girl from Santa Cruz who were also sexually abused.’’ 

The Mira Road police said that as of now they had no knowledge about whether the tantrik was involved in a wider sex racket, but they would investigate the matter. They said the girl had not mentioned other victims in her initial statement. However, when she is released from the Thane Civil Hospital today, the police said they would get a detailed statement from her and ask about other possible victims, their names, addresses and other details. 

The girls’ maternal uncle said he hoped the police would uncover the truth because he wanted the tantrik to face the strictest possible punishment and to be denied bail. The police said the younger sister, who is 17, had been raped once by the tantrik but not by her 49-year-old father. The girl told police that she was taken to the tantrik’s home in Juhu Gully by her mother. “Rathod chanted something and tied sacred threads on our wrists, before he stripped us,’’ she said. He then had sex with both women

The tantrik allegedly encouraged the father of the family to rape his elder daughter, saying that he could become prosperous by doing so. The abuse went on for nine years and the mother was aware of it. She has said she had consensual intercourse with the tantrik. The tantrik had sex with the older girl as well and allegedly made the mother stand nearby naked during the act. 

The father and the tantrik will be produced before a local court in Thane on Saturday, along with the 47-year-old mother who has been booked for abetting the rapes. 

While the two girls want their father to be punished severely, they appear to be sympathetic towards their mother. “She had no choice but to obey our father and the tantrik,’’ the older girl said. The younger sister added, “She should be allowed to go home as she has severe arthritis in her knees.’’ 

The older girl told the police that she had considered committing suicide or running away from home, but the damage it would have caused to her family’s reputation had prevented her from doing so. “There were times when I had given up on life completely,’’ she said in her statement. “When a child is in trouble, she first approaches her parents for help and protection, but who would protect me from my own father who had behaved like a beast?’’ The girl had however confided in a close friend, who had encouraged her to complain about her parents. 

Police officials said the girl was in complete control of her emotions while the FIR was being registered, but she could not bear to face her father at the police station. “She gets furious at the mere mention of him and doesn’t want to see his face again. For nine years, she was repeatedly raped by him and the tantrik. They threatened her with dire consequences and she was forced to keep mum. In November, when the tantrik raped her 15-year-old sister and also involved her mother in the act, the victim decided she had had enough. She is extremely protective about her younger sister,’’ a senior police official said. 

“Rathod had group sex with the victim’s parents on the pretext of helping them achieve ‘spiritual growth’. The victim’s mother has admitted that she had consensual intercourse with Rathod in her husband’s presence,’’ the officer said. 

The older girl also said that Rathod would give her birth-control pills and sedatives on occasion. “We have asked the Thane civil hospital to conduct medical tests and prepare a report on the number of times the victim was raped, whether she was pregnant at any time and had to undergo an abortion, whether she has any internal injuries and, most important, if she has contracted any disease,’’ said SDPO Maithili Jha. 

The uncle is now worried about the future of the two sisters. “My elder niece had started working in a family-owned shop for designed radium number plates at Santa Cruz. The family has another shop at Mira Road. But the younger girl was to appear for her Class X CBSE board exams in April. She is traumatised and I doubt whether she will be able to write her papers,’’ he said. She now plans to do the exam privately. 

The uncle added that he was planning to adopt both girls so that they would never have to return to their parents. He runs a car interiors business. 

The younger girl’s statement will be recorded in the presence of a Special Executive Magistrate. The police plan to counsel both girls once they are discharged from hospital on Saturday. 

The girls’ grandmother, who lives at Santa Cruz, is with them at the hospital. “The victim’s father used to prevent her from visiting her grandmother’s place as he was scared she would disclose the goings-on,’’ an officer said. 

Friday, 20 March 2009

Ankita faces uncertain future after murder attempt by Mother and Step-Father, after rapes, after 25 lakhs Compensation:My Parent and My Pimp Part 3

Ankita glares at an uncertain future after murder attempt by Mother and Step-Father, after rapes, after 25 lakhs Compensation grabbed by mother:My Parent and My Pimp Part 3

See earlier blogpostings My Parent and My Pimp:
20 Mar 2009

LUCKNOW: With a pale face and injury marks all over her neck, Ankita's struggled even to speak a few words about the trauma she has been through in the past two years - both at the hands of outsiders and her own family. The girl lay almost unconscious in the emergency unit of the Balrampur Hospital.

In a helpless tone, talking to the media Ankita said, "I cannot believe that my mother has done this to me." "I was told that I would be getting married in Lucknow, but see what they did to me," she said, adding that the accused also threw some acid on her neck.

"My life has been hell since July 2007 when I was raped and forcefully sent to Nari Kendra by my mother. I was ill-treated in the Nari Kendra before my mother got me out only to fulfil her other foul intentions," said Ankita. She added that Usha and Shyam Sundar had even got her sexually exploited many times.

Interestingly, Usha had selected Shyam Sundar for her elder daughter Anjali. But when she learnt of Shyam's strong political connections, she herself married him.

Ankita's tale of woes has yet not ended even though three of the four accused are behind the bars. At present, there is no one to look after her in the hospital. "My sister cannot come because she is pregnant and other relatives are not interested," she said.

Talking to media over phone from Gujarat, Ankita's brother-in-law and Anjali's husband Yogesh said, "I cannot come to Lucknow and take care of her. I spent nearly Rs two lakh to get her free from the Nari Kendra, but failed to do so because my mother-in-law has strong connections."

Yogesh added that there was threat to his life from Usha who had earlier sent some goons to teach him a lesson when he was making efforts to get Ankita free from the Nari Kendra. Yogesh, however, assured that if police could send Ankita to his place then he would take her custody.

'Urgent need for law to wipe out black magic, superstition' in India

In India, family members are using Black magic, demonology and astrology to plot evil schemes for the future. And, they neglect and abuse their own children and grand-children in their present lives.

How many Indian Josef Fritzls do we need to understand the 'blind faith' placed by individuals on tantrics, astrologers and ' DO the WRONG thing'?

'Urgent need for law to wipe out black magic, superstition' in India
20 Mar 2009
MUMBAI: The Mira road case highlights the need to eradicate superstitions, black magic and false notions, say activists who want the state to pass a long-pending bill banning such practices.

Social activists say thousands of people are led astray by "babas", "munis" and "tantriks". While astrologers aren't included in the current bill, activists say the Mira Road case will fall under the purview of the proposed legislation.

"Our education and other systems have failed to impart the knowledge that such practices are of no use,'' said

Dr Narendra Dabholkar, working president of the Maharashtra Andhashraddha Nirmoolan Samiti. "A law may not completely prevent such incidents, but it will at least help deter them.''
The issue falls under the social justice department. While the bill was approved in 2003, it could not be enacted into a law due to elections.

The bill provides stern action for those who propagate blind faith practices. In July 2003, the name of the law was changed from "eradication of superstition" to "law against black magic". But it hasn't been passed till date.

Woman gives birth in airplane toilet - then leaves the baby aboard

I've written earlier about concealment of birth in air, water and land. Abandonment of newborn babies in toilets is a crime to be spoken against strongly.

See earlier blogpostings:

Woman gives birth in airplane toilet - then leaves the baby aboard

20th March 2009

A woman has given birth to her baby in a toilet on an airplane - and then left the child behind in the rubbish bin when she disembarked.The Samoan woman gave birth in one of the plane's toilets during the Pacific Blue flight to Auckland early yesterday, New Zealand media reported. It is believed the infant was found by an airline worker in the toilet rubbish bin more than an hour after the plane landed.Authorities only discovered something was wrong after the mother approached them saying she had misplaced her passport. They noticed she was pale and blood-stained.Pacific Blue crew are mystified at how the birth took place unnoticed, the Chief Officer's Network reported.The flight is only three and a half hours long - meaning that for a passenger to go missing for a long time could reasonably be expected to be noticed.Both mother and child are now recovering in hospital in New Zealand.

It is unclear whether the woman tried to return to the plane to reclaim her baby. Police and the airline are keeping a tight lid on their investigation.But police are investigating whether the mother, who is unnamed, abandoned her newborn child - and there could be criminal charges pending.

'Police are currently investigating the mother's actions... A likelihood of this investigation is a criminal prosecution,' a statement said.Pacific Blue said the woman's visa form was being examined to see how she boarded the plane at such an advanced stage of her pregnancy.The airline states that passengers who are more than 36 weeks pregnant must have medical clearance to fly. Gates-Bowey said 'the mother and baby are both well and at (a maternity ward in) Middlemore Hospital and back together.

'The Pacific Blue airline said in a statement yesterday: 'A female guest gave birth on board our flight DJ94 from (the Samoan capital) Apia to Auckland this morning.''We are relieved to have been informed that both mother and child are reunited, are well and are now being looked after in hospital,' the statement added.News agency New Zealand Press Association quoted an unnamed Auckland Airport staffer saying it was not known if other passengers and crew on the Pacific Blue flight from Samoa noticed the woman was in labour.It quoted the airport staff member saying that 'the baby was found on the aircraft' after landing.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Girl smothered, left to die by Mother and Step-father in Lucknow after rape, compensation money benefited by mother

It is the same old story of abuse, getting benefit from rape (by getting Compensation money), deprivation and step-motherly treatment.

Girl smothered, left to die by Mother and Step-father in Lucknow after rape, compensation money benefited by mother

20 Mar 2009

LUCKNOW: Mother of a minor girl along with the girl’s step-father and a maid was arrested here on Thursday for trying to strangle the girl on March 13 last. The incident was reported from Gudamba police circle. The arrested were identified as victim’s mother Usha, her step-father Shyam Sundar, and maid Gyanu. The fourth accused in the case is absconding.

The victim Ankita (name changed) of Banaskantha district in Gujarat was brought to Lucknow by her parents on March 12 on the pretext that she would be married here. The parents along with a family friend and his maid took Ankita to the Kukrail picnic spot. They gave her some poisonous substance to drink and then tried to strangle her. Thinking that Ankita had died they left her there and sped away.

Later, the girl was found lying unconscious by a private security guard and an engineering student Akash Mishra. The duo wanted to take her to the police, but Ankita insisted on meeting her parents who were putting up at Atul hotel in Nishatganj.

Ankita was taken to the hotel, but by then her parents had fled. Later, she told her harrowing tale to the police. Ankita told police that she was raped in July 2007 by three persons whom she identified as Deepak Dan Gadvi, Mukesh Mali and Bharat Mali, all from Disa in Gujarat, who got away after committing the crime. Station Officer (SO), Gudamba, Sanjay Rai told media that Ankita’s mother, who works in Gujarat Electricity Board, took Rs 25 lakh Compensation from her daughter’s rapists to push the matter under the carpet.

After her rape, Ankita was forcibly admitted to a Nari Kendra in Gujarat by her mother Usha along with the help of a sub-inspector UR Thakur. The victim lived there for two years even as her elder sister Anjali along with her husband Yogesh made all efforts to get her free.

But before Anjali could secure Ankita’s freedom, Usha got the victim free from the Nari Kendra. Usha then along with her second husband Shyam Sundar managed to convince Ankita that her marriage had been fixed in Lucknow.

In Lucknow, the three met Ramesh Pandey, a property dealer, who lives in Aliganj. Ramesh, his maid Gyanu and Ankita’s parents then tried to kill the victim.