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Monday, 23 March 2009

International Child abduction victim Aditya being missed by Father Dr Ravichandran: Mother allegedly has 'Munchausen syndrome by Proxy'

As counsellor for CRISP (Children's Rights Initiative for Shared Parenting) headed by Kumar Jagirdhar, I've been following up the International Child abduction case. In our meeting last week, the boy's father Ravichandran has been keeping his poise amidst the turmoil of chasing his child (and ex-wife) between USA and India.

The solution should lie in 'cutting to the chase' and helping Ravichandran getting custody to the child immediately, and also keeping in mind the continued best interests of the mother.

The mother of Aditya, Mrs Vijayshree is suffering from Munchausen's syndrome by Proxy (as per court records in USA). This condition is a newer psychiatric disorder, and is classified as the most severe form of child maltreatment/abuse.

Please see earlier blog-postings about Aditya, Munchausen's syndrome by Proxy:

Aditya, can you hear me son?

[An NRI scientist, searching for his missing son in India for the last two years, pours his heart out in a video]
March 24, 2009
The lyrics and the tune are gut-wrenching, a father’s lament for his young son who has disappeared for the last two years. Dr V Ravichandran, an NRI scientist based in the US for 30 years, has spent the last two years frantically searching for his son Aditya who he believes is in India, having been abducted by his former wife despite a court ruling entrusting the child solely to his custody.

Ravichandran had created a website ( which has all information about his son’s case. He has now added a video to the site, where Aditya is shown playing and cavorting around the house during happier times. Ravichandran also sings in the video, a soulful tribute to all the joyous moments father and son shared, and where he makes a plaintive appeal for his son to come back to him wherever he may be.


The four-minute video production is inspired by a mournful ABBA number called ‘Fernando’. “Whenever I used to hear this song, my eyes welled up and I realised that ‘Fernando’ essentially captures the plight of father and son. I then modified Fernando’s lyrics and contacted American singers, while I was in US few months back. But all of them said they can’t sing like ABBA, and that was disappointing. Then I came to India, and found a good movie director in Hyderabad. He slightly altered the lyrics to suit the musical score, and that resulted in the final version now posted on the website”, Ravichandran said. 

It took almost a month to develop the video. Initially, the video was to be produced in five languages - English, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada and Telugu. Somehow the Tamil version did not materialise. “We didn’t like the rendition of the songs by many singers in Hyderabad. 

Finally we found Deepu, now familiar to the Telugu movie audience. He sang all three versions. I think he did a great job. The lyrics of the Hindi and Telugu version are written by Veena Jain and Girish”, he added.


Ravichandran explained that he had, “Never done this before, and it was a challenge for the movie director and cameraman to adjust to an amateur. I cannot carry any tune for the life of me. I realised that since I miss my son so much it is a sad situation for me, and any song must therefore reflect this sadness. 

CRISP (Children Rights Initiative For Shared Parenting) president Kumar Jagirdar said that the song will also be shot in Kannada and CRISP will take the initiative in this. “Aditya is unable to go to school because of all this. He is suffering between these two (father and mother). As it concerns the future of the child, we are working hard to find him,” he said.

The song can be heard on or The song is available on YouTube too. You can watch the song on too. If anybody has any info about Aditya, Ravichandran can be contacted on his mobile number, 09704362000.


Vijayasree Voora, the wife of Dr Ravichandran allegedly kidnapped Aditya Chandran, a US Citizen, from New York on June 28, 2007, and brought him to India. On Sept 14, 2007, Ravichandran was given sole legal and physical custody of Aditya by a New York court. On Nov 15, 2007 the Chennai High Court dismissed Vijayasree Voora’s petition for sole legal and physical custody of Aditya. 

A US federal arrest warrant charging Vijayasree Voora with international kidnapping is pending from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). An order to Chennai police to secure Vijayasree Voora was issued by Madras High Court on Dec 20, 2007. A non-bailable criminal child abuse arrest warrant for Vijayasree was issued by the New York Supreme Court on Jan 7, 2008. The US dept of Homeland Security updated its computers on Feb 7, 2008 and ordered Vijayasree Voora’s arrest upon reentry to USA. A special order by the Supreme Court of India to Chandigarh and UP police to rescue Aditya from abuse was issued on April 28, 2008.


Vijayasree Voora was found in a lodge in Rajajinagar in Feb 17 with Aditya. Though the city cops got the news and visited the lodge, they did not take her into custody. And before Ravichandran could come down from Hyderabad, Vijayasree managed to escape.

She had told the media that Ravichandran had abused Aditya and that was why she had taken him into her custody. Ravichandran then produced medical records proving that Vijayasree is a schizophrenic.

Meanwhile, the Karnataka High Court (order dated 25/2/2009) directed R1 (DG of Police) and R2 (Commissioner of Police, Bangalore) to trace R3, Vijayasree Voora, and minor son Aditya by informing the petitioner their whereabouts and to report the same to the honourable court by issue of a writ of mandamus.


Can you hear the Dad Aditya?
I remember long ago on a beautiful bright day like this
In Bolton Landing Aditya
You were playing and laughing with all your friends
I could see your eyes sparkling
And sounds of the laughter coming from afar

You were very close to me, Aditya
Every hour, every minute seemed to last eternally
I was so afraid Aditya
You were young and full of life none of us were prepared to lose you
And I’m so ashamed to say
your thoughts and memories always make me cry

There was something in the air that day
When I last saw you, Aditya
There was so much love between you and me
For life, Aditya
Though we never thought that I could lose
There is much regret
If I had to do the same again
I wouldn’t my son, Aditya (Last two lines repeated once more)

Now I am old and grey Aditya
Since many years I haven’t seen a smile on your face,
Can you hear the dad Aditya?
Do you still recall that fateful day I last saw you?
I can see it in your eyes
How proud you were to be with your Dad Aditya.


Crusader said...

Child abductors are murderers of trust, childhood and relationship and should be tried for that under Section 302 of the IPC.

Voice of Women (VOW) said...

Crusader,Thanks for the comment! There needs to be more studies, debate and legislation about CHILD MALTREATMENT/ABUSE in India. There has been an undue interest in Domestic Violence and Dowry cases, which has led to a battery of FALSE ALLEGATIONS. Children are minors, who do not have compassionate family members to intervene in many cases. India needs more legislation and implementation by Specialized Child Protection agencies.

Anonymous said...

This is not a women's rights site, this is a Father's Rights site. The site appears to be all about how children must have fathers. Also, claiming a woman has Munchausen By Proxy is a well-known scam for abusive dads to get custody. Likely you won't even post this comment.
Women all over the world know that any association with CRISP is Father's Rights, as in Father's Rights to children as property and to take away kids from their mothers. The poor child will grow up motherless. There is nothing sadder than a motherless child.

Roshni Mathan Pereira said...

There is nothing sadder than a Fatherless Child.

I know, because I'm one (since the age of 2 years)!

I miss my father everyday!

Roshni Mathan Pereira said...

Hi, Anonymous. Thanks for the comment.

CRISP is a gender-neutral organization with links to Father's Rights, and rights of Daughters and Mother-in-laws. So what?

For your information, Mrs Vijayasree Voora is under CBI custody after going against court verdicts in USA and India.

Voice of Women and Families is a gender-neutral blog (with Women specifc leads) which has also started All India Daughters Protection Forum' to focus on the Rights of Daughters in their own Natal Homes.

There is a wider spectrum of Violence against Women (which includes Daughters in their own NATAL Homes; and Mother-in-laws). And, there is the Violence of Women against Women. Which woman will you support, the righteous one or the abusive one?

We support Gender-neutral focus with links to right-thinking organizations (be they Child rights, Women's Rights or Men's Rights), in the Righteous spirit of Indignation against abuse, violence or crime.

And, not glorify crime by individuals because they belong to a particular gender.

'False allegations take away justice from a real victim!'.


Anonymous said...

The courts in the US are some of the worst in the world. They are "pay to play". They also use unethical psychological experts who use bogus theories to malign mothers. This goes on everyday.

As far as being sad because you don't have a father. You must be sad because you don't have a good father. What if your father was bad and you wanted to get away from him? Wouldn't that make a difference?

What if the child in this case loves his mom and really wants to be with her? Why are you depriving the child of being with a parent that they want to be with? To take a child away from his or her mother, when they don't want to be taken away is a crime. If the child was with a father and didn't want to be with the mother, would you all be celebrating about taking a child away from a father to give to a mother.

Children should be allowed some input into where they go and who they stay with. The fact that there is so much money in this case shows how the legal system pounds the person with less money into the ground. The victims are maligned and made to look bad. While someone with money pays experts to claim they are the victim.

What should be most important is what the child wants.

Roshni Mathan Pereira said...

My Father died in a road accident when I was 2 years old. He was a very Good Father!

Balance is important in life.

When this balance breaks down, factors like Elektra Complex and Oedipus Complex determine the relationships in Single Parent families.

Men and Women should be treated as equals (& Complementary), and not Opponents.

CRISP is for equal shared parenting. My husband, Dr Savio Pereira(Medical Counsellor for CRISP)and Kumar Jahgirdar have clearly & consistently advocated and spoken for the Equal Shared Parenting rights of Mrs Vijayasree Voora (for Equal Shared Parenting, irrespective of current event) with media and Dr Ravichandran.