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Thursday, 30 April 2009

Sex slave dungeon: As dramatic family snaps emerge, the question is asked - how could NONE of Josef Fritzl's family known his horrific secret

Sex slave dungeon: As dramatic family snaps emerge, the question is asked - how could NONE of Josef Fritzl's family known his horrific secret

A few weeks ago, Josef Fritzl treated his wife, Rosemarie, and their three 'above stairs' children to a pizza lunch at their favourite Italian restaurant - a regular Saturday ritual.

According to Wael Sahan, owner of the Casa Verona in Amstetten, they appeared to be the model, middle-class Austrian family, as always.

"They just seemed so very normal," he told me. "The two teenage girls and their younger brother were smartly dressed and really polite, unlike some kids we serve. And there was lots of laughter from their table, particularly when the father cracked a joke."

Compare this uplifting everyday scene to the grotesque indignities being suffered at that very moment, a short walk from the restaurant, by Josef Fritzl's secret 'below stairs' family.

As their three siblings enjoyed their weekend outing, Kerstin Fritzl, 19, and her brothers Stefan, 18, and Felix, five, were locked away in a dank cellar where they subsisted like Neanderthal cave-dwellers.

Condemned to a life without daylight or fresh air, they survived on meagre rations, scuttled around the low-ceilinged labyrinth on all fours, and communicated in an eerie dialect of growls and grunts.

As the world learned this week to its revulsion, Fritzl, 73, sired all six of these incestuous children (plus a seventh who died at birth and was hurled into a furnace) by his own daughter, Elisabeth, whom he kept as his sex-slave for an incredible 24 years.

The contrasting manner in which he treated his incestuous offspring - adopting and raising three with apparent normality, while damning the others to live in a subterranean nether world - is among the many conundrums of a story so nightmarish it beggars belief.

Among Amstetten's older generation, Fritzl's ability to enjoy a perfectly ordinary, and indeed successful, life while inflicting such terrible torment, evokes uncomfortable echoes of a chapter in their history they would prefer to forget.

During the War, the ruling Nazis built an extension of the notorious Mauthausen-Gusen concentration camp in this town, and its officers indulged themselves in Austrian beer and women while starving and torturing thousands of prisoners.

There is nothing new about familial child sex abuse, of course. According to Harvard Professor Judith Lewis Herman, author of an authoritative study Father-Daughter Incest, this most reviled taboo is more common than we care to imagine.

Yet, for all this, the Austrian House of Horrors saga is uniquely abhorrent. Never in modern times has there been a case quite as harrowing and repugnant as this. That much is clear from scenes inside the Mauer Clinic, near Amstetten, where Elisabeth and the children are being treated.

They are so utterly disoriented by life above ground that doctors have had a mock cellar built, complete with a 5ft 6in ceiling and impossibly narrow corridors, like the one that was for years their entire world.

And the Mail has been told how Elisabeth - whose white hair, emaciated frame and haggard features are those of an old woman, though she is only 42 - huddles forlornly inside it for hours, with the keening Felix clinging to her for comfort.

Meanwhile, last night, Kerstin - whose urgent need for hospital treatment finally persuaded Fritzl to release his captives last Saturday - clings to life by a thread.

Doctors refuse to disclose the precise nature of her illness, but she is suffering some form of auto-immune failure believed to result from her inbreeding. She has suffered multiple organ failure and is not expected to survive. If she dies, Fritzl could be charged with murder, on the grounds of negligence. He faces a similar charge over the baby whose body he incinerated.

As beleaguered Lower Austrian police chief Colonel Frank Polzer admits, the case raises 'a million and one unanswered questions'.

Faced with an international outcry, Polzer promises they will all be resolved, a task which will involve piecing together every detail of Fritzl's tortuous past, including the dreadful day in August 1984, when he drugged and handcuffed the then 18-year-old Elisabeth and bundled her into the cellar.

Yesterday, evidence was mounting that his daughter was by no means the only victim of his sick lust. A woman came forward to say she is '100 per cent sure' it was he who raped her in September 1967, when she was 20 years old; an attack she was then too humiliated to report.

Another woman is convinced Fritzl was the sex attacker whom she fought off around the same time. He was subsequently jailed for breaking into a nurse's ground-floor flat and raping her.

Meanwhile, police are reviewing 64 missing person cases. Yesterday, they ruled out fears that he may have committed the brutal murder of 17-year-old Martina Posch, who bore an 'uncanny' resemblance to Elisabeth.

Her body was found in Mondsee, a scenic lakeside resort where Fritzl then owned a holiday lodge. He claims to have an alibi for the day in November 1986 when she was killed and dumped in the lake. However, his close friend Andrea Schmitt told me her husband was staying there at the time - and she believes Fritzl was there too.

No doubt this will interest the Austrian police.

Worryingly, however, one question they have decided not to pursue is whether Rosemarie Fritzl - who bore the monster six more children during their 51-year marriage - might have known all along what was going on in the cellar.

Asked why, Polzer blithely opined that it 'defies logic' that any wife could have remained silent while her husband created another family with their own daughter.

One hopes he is proved right, and that there is nothing of her namesake, Rosemary West (who was jailed for life for joining her husband Fred in a murder spree at their Gloucester home), about 68-year-old Rosemarie.

Given that the Austrian police are facing unprecedented criticism following serious blunders in the Natascha Kampusch case, however, it was a bold and worryingly premature assertion.

Particularly if there is any truth in the sensational claim made yesterday by one of Fritzl's neighbours, Alfred Dubanovsky. He says he witnessed Rosemarie helping her husband to stash wheelbarrows laden with food inside the cellar.

Yet if Josef Fritzl really did keep the dungeon's dark secrets hidden from his wife, what possessed him to keep his daughter locked up for a quarter of a century - and how did he get away with it?

This week, talking to those who knew the many sides of this chillingly enigmatic man, the full truth began to emerge.

We may care to imagine Josef Fritzl as some freakish character of low intelligence, but despite that cruelly arched right eyebrow and menacing smirk, the reality is very different.

Born into an Austria just before the Anschluss (union) with Hitler's Germany, he was, in fact, a very bright, resourceful boy who gained high qualifications in both electrics and engineering.

By all accounts, he was also something of a moustached charmer, though hardly in the David Niven mould. He was insufferably arrogant and self-absorbed, and from his lecherous innuendoes it was clear he was unnaturally obsessed with sex.

During the late Fifties, when he was 22, he married Rosemarie, then just 17, but her family distrusted him from the outset. Their view was confirmed years later, when he was jailed for raping the nurse.

"Josef is a despot," explains her 56-year-old sister, Christina. "I was 16 when he was locked up and I found the crime simply disgusting, not least because he already had four children with my sister.

"He treated the children as if they were in the army. When he entered a room, everyone went quiet. You could sense the fear of punishment."

At the time of the nurse's rape, Fritzl was working as an electrical engineer at a steel plant in Linz. When he was imprisoned he lost his job, but such was his penchant for inventing new devices that in 1969, after his release, he was immediately re-employed.

"My father often said he was an absolute genius," says a daughter of his late boss, Karl Zehetner. "He was amazed at what he could do."

Fritzl's ingenuity would later be put to use when constructing the elaborate dungeon, with its electronically-controlled sliding steel door, and a sound-proofed cell where he could rape the hapless Elisabeth just a few feet away from their muted children.

He had five daughters by Rosemarie (plus two sons) but with her picture-book Austrian good looks - high cheekbones, wide eyes and a rosebud smile - Elisabeth was always the apple of his eye. By 1977, when she was 11, what began as over-indulgence developed into a fixation, and he began abusing her.

He also became frighteningly possessive and flew into furious rages if she attempted to dress fashionably, wore make-up, or mentioned boys.

As she grew into a teenager, Elisabeth's best friend at Amstetten High School, Christa Woldrich, saw the effect this had on her.

"Elisabeth became very sullen and withdrawn," she told me. "She wasn't allowed out in the evenings or to invite friends to the house. I think she was comfortable only at school, though she wasn't very good at anything.

"She was so pretty she could have had boyfriends, but she never did. She just sat quietly and no one noticed her. When I think about it, I wonder why the teachers never realised something was wrong." Elisabeth left school at 15 and, unsurprisingly, was put to work under her father's constant gaze.

By now, Fritzl was an entrepreneur and small-time property owner, and - while her siblings escaped by marrying - she was ordered to help him run his lakeside campsite and restaurant.

Since the delicate process of debriefing Elisabeth has yet to begin (she has thus far managed just one, two-hour interview) and Fritzl's lawyer has instructed him to add nothing to his initial confession, no one yet knows what prompted him to drug his daughter and cast her into the cellar.

But it seems clear that by her 18th birthday he had recreated her in his warped mind's-eye as his 'mistress'. His sister-in-law, Christina, says he had by then ceased to have sex with his wife, whom he constantly criticised for being overweight and considered unworthy of him.

And later, after Elisabeth was installed in her prison, he bought her skimpy outfits and lingerie which no one, bar him, would ever see her wear.

On one of his holidays in the tacky fleshpots of Thailand, Fritzl's best friend, Paul Hoerer, surprised him as he was buying a dress that was far too small for his wife. "I have to admit I've got a young bit on the side," he said sheepishly.

To impress Elisabeth, her father also dressed smartly for his nocturnal visits to the cellar, and - ludicrously - covered his bald pate with an expensive Viennese hairpiece.

We now know that after Elisabeth vanished, Fritzl invented the story that she had gone off to join a religious sect - a story that might just be plausible in the United States, but is preposterous in Austria, where there are none.

He embellished the ruse by sending himself and Rosemarie letters, purportedly written by Elisabeth.

When she bore his children - alone and unaided in the cellar - he allowed her to keep the first two, Kerstin and Stefan, and the last, Felix.

Oddly, however, he decided to care for Lisa, now 16, Monika, 15, and Alexander, 12, above stairs at number 40 Ybstrasse, a three-storey house with daunting, sheer concrete walls and small, cell-like windows.

Having staged their Moses-like appearance on his doorstep shortly after their birth, he persuaded the breathtakingly gullible local social services department to allow him to adopt them.

The ploy was made easier by the fact that his rape conviction, and another, for burning down one of his own properties in an apparent insurance scam, were, unbelievably, expunged from the records under Austrian law.

The only small mercy is that these adopted children appear remarkably well-adjusted.

According to his sister-in-law, Christine, while he was raising them, Fritzl's life followed a regular pattern. "Every day, at 9pm, he'd go down to the cellar, allegedly to draw plans of machines that he sold to companies.

"Often he would stay down there for the whole night and Rosemarie was not even allowed to bring him a cup of coffee."

Whatever did his wife think he was doing for all those hours? In 24 years did she never once hear a plaintive female cry?

If Rosemary Fritzl did know something, then a series of photographs exclusively obtained by the Mail reveal her to have been incredibly sanguine about her role as the wife of a man who was both father and grandfather to six children.

Taken on a day trip with friends in 1994, they show the frumpy frau in a crimson dress, tending to her 'vanished' daughter's third child, Lisa, then aged two.

However, by then, the Fritzls ran a restaurant and guesthouse in Aschbach, a village near Amstetten, and according to Roswita Zmug, who later took over the business from them, her happiness was illusory.

"The marriage was over," she told me. "There was a coldness between them and they didn't even talk to each other.

"Fritzl would just sit in the bar all day, ogling the women customers and grinning as if he had no care in the world, while she ran around doing all the hard work.

"Once, after a child had mysteriously appeared on their doorstep, I asked how it could possibly have happened. Rosemarie told me all about her daughter going off to join the cult.

"It seemed incredible to me, but not to her. Still, I'm convinced she didn't then know anything about her husband's life below stairs."

Perhaps not, though many Amstetten residents remain sceptical that he could have preserved the grim secret for a further 14 years.

Whatever the truth, why ever did Fritzl allow his daughter to escape last Saturday after keeping her for so long in his clutches?

If we believe his own explanation, he was suddenly stricken with compassion after Kerstin collapsed, so took her to hospital accompanied by her mother.

It now seems, however, that there is a more predictable reason. For according to the police, this abominably vain man was no longer attracted to his prematurely aged daughter, and was making plans for her dramatic 'return' from the cult which had supposedly spirited her away.

Additionally, I am told, Elisabeth had become increasingly confident as she grew older, and her septuagenarian father began to buckle under her demands for improved conditions for herself and her children.

So what does the future hold for all the players in this dark tale?

Though Josef Fritzl will make an audacious appeal for bail when he appears in court in a fortnight's time, he seems sure to see out his days in captivity, albeit considerably more spacious and comfortable than the labyrinth where he kept his twilight family.

His wife and daughter, who were emotionally reunited in the clinic this week, face many months of therapy, and it is difficult to countenance how Elisabeth, in particular, can ever live normally, much less find peace of mind.

And what of her children, who, as one psychologist put it starkly this week, were effectively 'captive-bred like laboratory animals'?

For Kerstin, racked by some untold genetically mutated ailment, death might come as a mercy. For Stefan, a young man now but barely able to speak, physically weak and cursed with a prehistoric gait, the future also appears bleak.

The real hope lies with Felix who, at five years old, might just be young enough to recover. This week, when not clinging to his mother, he has experienced the thrill of riding in a car and marvelled at his first sighting of the Moon.

'Is that God up there?' he asked his doctors poignantly. We can only pray that as this poor little boy attempts to come to terms with the horrors of his creation, the heavens will look kindly on him.

Second life, Second chance:HC bid to reunite couple estranged over second child in Kolkatta

HC bid to reunite couple estranged over second child
30 Apr 2009
KOLKATA: Ramendra Kumar Roy (51), a resident of Burdwan, wanted a second child about 14 years ago. But his wife Lalita, now 42, was against it. This resulted in a marital discord and ultimately, Lalita left her in-laws' place. 

Subsequently, a matrimonial suit was filed in Calcutta High Court. In its bid to save the marriage, the court on Wednesday directed the estranged couple to live together in Roy's house for a month and report to the court at the end of it. The matrimonial suit would again be heard if the couple failed to reconcile their differences during this time, the court ruled. 

Ramendra and Lalita got married in 1988. They have a daughter, who is a final year BA student now. In 1995, Roy expressed the desire for a second child, something Lalita opposed. The difference estranged the couple. Lalita then went to her father's place at Nityanandapur for her sister's wedding but did not return to her in-laws' house. 

After waiting for four years for his wife to return, Ramendra filed a matrimonial suit in a Burdwan court in 2000. Following its dismissal by the trial court, Ramendra filed an appeal in the division Bench of Justice Bhaskar Bhattacharya and Justice Tapan Dutt of Calcutta High Court. 

The judges asked the couple to be present in court on Wednesday. Accordingly, the couple appeared and the Bench heard them in camera. 

As the couple agreed to continue with their conjugal life, the court felt that the husband's demand for a second child was no longer relevant. The court asked the wife to cooperate with her husband in leading a happy conjugal life. 

Married woman alleges harassment by parents and other relatives after surviving Child Abuse

The web of Child abuse, torture, deception and deprivation has to be broken. Josef Fritzls, abusive parents, deceptive instigators (immoral uncles and aunts) all precipitate the web of abuse, violence and deception.

Married woman alleges harassment by parents and other relatives after surviving Child Abuse
29 Apr 2009
RAJKOT: Contrary to most complaints of torture by married women, a woman in Rajkot has moved a local court against her parents alleging torture, death threats and plans to break up her marriage. The court has ordered a judicial inquiry under Section 202 of Indian Penal Code

Kavita Bhatt, resident of Akshar park near Raiya circle, has in her complaint accused her father Kanak Purohit, mother Kala, brother Darshan, brother-in-law Hiren Bhatt and maternal uncle Davendra Ladva of torture. They also threatened to kill her and her family, said the complaint. 

According to Kavita, she was tortured and beaten since childhood over petty matters by her parents, residents of Gayatrinagar in Bhaktinagar area. Twelve years back when after she got married, she snapped all ties with them. But they kept harassing her, issuing her notices on false grounds. They have also attacked her husband Pranav in the past, the written plea to court said. 

Kavita has also accused her brother-in-law Hiren Bhatt of trying to molest her. Hiren threatened to kill her if she ever complained. 

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Typhoid Maria: How the first swine flu fatality was a Mexican census taker who went door-to-door... and may have caused a pandemic

Typhoid Maria: How the first swine flu fatality was a Mexican census taker who went door-to-door... and may have caused a pandemic

The first swine flu fatality was a Mexican census-taker who may have come into contact with at least 300 people when the virus was at its most infectious, Mexican authorities have revealed.

Maria Adela Gutierrez may be the reason the virus spread so fast - and why authorities are now preparing for the very real possibility of a global pandemic. 

She was admitted to hospital 21 days ago, on April 8, with what doctors believed was pneumonia. 

She died five days later of what doctors now know was swine flu, The Independent reported. But the virus would not be identified for another three weeks.

And authorities at Oaxaca's Hospital Civil Aurelio Valdivieso did not confirm that an infectious disease had broken out there at all until April 21 - by which point another person had already died.

It was only when 16 more people began showing signs of a respiratory illness that doctors set up a quarantine - and began investigating Maria Gutierrez.

Maria was a census-taker in the southern tourist city of Oaxaca, going from door to door.

As state health authorities began backtracking over her steps before her arrival at the hospital, they were horrified to discover she may have come in contact with at least 300 people.

Local sources told Veratect, the U.S. disease-tracking company which sounded the alarm, that between 33 and 61 of those interviewed by authorities who came into contact with Maria 'exhibited symptoms' of a flu-like illness.

Fortunately, none have died.

Oaxaca, the historica capital of the Oaxaca state, carries another significance: It borders the state of Veracruz, where the virus is believed to have first infected humans.

Veracruz is where four-year-old Edgar Hernandez, believed to be the first person identified as suffering from swine flu, is now recovering.

So is Maria Gutierrez a modern-day 'Tyhoid Mary'?

Mary Mallon was an Irish chef who was the first recorded person in the U.S. to be identified as a carrier of tyhoid fever.

She denied spreading the disease and continued working. Today authorities believe she infected 53 people, three of whom died.

Mary, who was born in 1869, died in quarantine in 1938.

'Pvt divorce' needs proof: Mumbai HC in Bigamous relationship

It is shocking that more and more communities are getting away with Bigamy in the name of custom.
Asking for legal Restoration of conjugal rights after spats in bigamous relationship is ludicrous. 

'Pvt divorce' needs proof: Mumbai HC in Bigamous relationship
29 Apr 2009
MUMBAI: Does theJain Marwari community have a custom of "private divorce''? Not persuaded by the argument put forward by a twice-married woman, 

the Bombay high court recently allowed her second husband's plea to annul their marriage as her first marriage was still subsisting. 

"Custom is a long-standing practice followed and recognised by particular community,'' said Justice P R Borkar. "In the circumstances, it will have to be stated as to which persons from the same community had obtained divorce as per the custom, what was the custom and since when such custom was being followed.'' With no such details mentioned or proved, the court refused to believe the claim of a Parbhani-based woman, Seema, that she had divorced her first husband, Vijay, according to the practice of "private divorce'' through mutual consent prevailing in her community. 

Seema told the court that she belonged to the Jain Marwari community. Explaining the custom of "private divorce'', she said in her community, relatives of both sides of an estranged couple hold a meeting, discuss and the divorce is given and accepted through mutual consent. 

The court pointed out that no divorce deed was produced to substantiate this. 

Seema has a daughter from her first marriage. She claimed she had obtained a divorce and subsequently married Nitesh in 2001. 

Nitesh, however, realised that she was still keeping in touch with her first husband and also found that the divorce was not valid. Nitesh filed an application for annulment of his marriage to Seema. While a trial court allowed the annulment, an appeal court quashed the order and restored the conjugal rights. Nitesh then moved the high court to declare that his marriage with Seema was null and void and restrain her from claiming to be his wife. 

With no proof about the supposed custom or documents to show that Seema was a divorcee at the time of her second marriage, the high court declared the marriage void. The judge also dismissed an application by Seema for restoration of conjugal rights. 

Monday, 27 April 2009

Marriage by proxy

Marriage by proxy
Marriage by proxy is one of the most confusing forms of union between a couple. In the situation where one, sometimes both, members of a couple can not attend a wedding, someone else can stand in for them. There are special rules for marriages of this nature, and they are not readily accessible or cheap to have done.

When a marriage by proxy takes place, there must be witnesses to the union, and legal confirmation that this is a desired course of action by both partners. In addition to this, there are few places that recognize marriage by proxy, and fewer places still that will perform a double proxy marriage. The availability of these styles of ceremonies are limited to location, and recognition of this form of marriage is determined by where you are currently living.

Currently, in the United States, only Montana, Texas, California and Colorado permit marriage by proxy. Iowa, on the other hand, does not recognize marriage by proxy. If you have been wed by proxy elsewhere and live in Iowa, it is considered as if you and your partner are both single. This can cause legal and financial hardships. If you have been joined by a proxy marriage, it is suggested you acquire a court marriage if you are to be residing in Iowa.

Marriage by proxy has been around for many centuries. One of the most renown marriages by proxy was performed in 1810, where Napoleon wed Archduchess Marie Louise.
The most modern usage of proxy marriage has taken place in Islamic countries, where rulings and regulations make proxy marriages more simple than traditional ceremonies.

Another example of a form of marriage by proxy occurred in early 1900, where Japanese picture bridges would come from Japan and wed Japanese or American men. The marriage would take effect immediately upon acceptance by both parties, and affirmed legally in the United States upon arrival of the bride to America.

This form of marriage is a more common occurrence in Middle Eastern and Asian cultures, although it is popular in Mexico as well.

Marriage by proxy is not a permitted form of union for immigration purposes, with only a few exceptions to this ruling. If you seek to wed someone from afar and immigrate, you will need to have a traditional ceremony to work around immigrations. This policy is virtually universal, with the exception of countries like Mexico, which have few limitations on who may live there.

Gifts, dowry and its evil manifestations

Gifts, dowry and its evil manifestations

A gift or a present is the transfer of something, without the need for compensation that is involved in trade. 

A gift is a voluntary act which does not require anything in return. Even though it involves possibly a social expectation of reciprocity, or a return in the form of prestige or power, a gift is meant to be free.

At common law, for a gift to have legal effect, it was required that there be 
(1) intent by the donor to give a gift, and 
(2) delivery to the donee of the item to be given as a gift. In some countries, certain types of gifts above a certain monetary amount are subject to taxation.

Dear Bloggers, This is just the beginning of the train of thought about Gifts, Dowry and other marriage presents.

Is it a gift when a present is given by proxy by a step-father figure in the hands of an in-law?

Is it a gift, when the intention is to fix a Dowry issue?

Is it a gift, when a girl-child is beaten black and blue; and then married off with a 'gift'?

SO, The gift is good, when the intention is good!

Any comments??

Dad held for sexual abuse of 3-yr-old girl in Old Goa, India

Josef Fritzls should be strongly punished and all those parents involved in CHILD ABUSE.

Dad held for sexual abuse of 3-yr-old girl in Old Goa, India
28 Apr 2009
PANAJI: A 26-year-old man was arrested on Monday by the Old Goa police on charges of sexually abusing his 3-year-old daughter. The police said that a complaint was lodged by the man's 23-year-old wife, who was initially reluctant to lodge a complaint against her husband.

The police said that the incident took place two months ago and that the girl's medical report came out negative.

The man will be produced before the Panaji JMFC on Tuesday, the police added. 

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Woman Molested while in coma files sexual assault case against male nurse in UK

A woman in UK was molested by a male nurse while in coma. It is important for hospitals to monitor personnel who abuse their positions of power and authority.

Woman Molested while in coma files sexual assault case against male nurse in UK

Tara Jepson is shocked to learn that a male nurse played with her breasts while she was in coma and even filmed the act on his mobile phone

April 26, 2009 
Defenceless, lying in a coma in intensive care, mother-of-four Tara Jepson was subjected to a ruthless sexual assault by the one person she should have been able to trust…the male nurse at her bedside.

Not only did Jonathan Haldane peel back her blankets and place his hands on her naked breasts as she lay unconscious, he filmed the entire sickening attack on his mobile phone. Then, he bragged at length about what he’d done to a friend, but the latter reported him to police, who eventually traced Tara, a successful sports agent and a former model, to tell her that she’d been assaulted.

Haldane, 39, was one of a team of nurses caring for Tara after she took an overdose of prescription drugs last March. The overdose was brought on by post-natal depression.

On Thursday, Haldane pleaded guilty to sexual assault and he now faces a lengthy jail term.

Fear for hospitals
Bravely waiving her anonymity, Tara said, “What he did was utterly despicable. I don’t think I will ever recover. I’m still in shock that a carer could be so callous as to do this.My body felt so violated it didn’t feel like mine any more. I even thought about getting a breast operation so that they would be new and different and not the ones he’d touched. But that would have meant going into a hospital again and that thought just terrified me.”

Desperate techie gets pink slip, deserted by wife, performs pooja with naked tantric in graveyard

It is shocking story of superstition, gullibility and tantric practices.

Desperate techie gets pink slip, deserted by wife, performs pooja with naked tantric in graveyard

First he gets a pink slip, next his wife deserts him. So, what does this techie do? Lo and behold, he is caught by the police performing puja in a grayeyard with a naked tantrik
April 27, 2009
He got the pink slip from a prestigious software company with which he was attached for years. To make matters worse, his wife left him along with their child three months ago. When he tried to make things right and approached a tantrik, he was caught by the police. 

Dhananjay (35), a techie, was a software engineer in HCL. He lost his job six months ago because of the global meltdown which hit the IT sector in particular. He along with a few friends of his were shown the door. He did try his luck in various software companies in the city but failed. On the advice of his friends, he started his own software and hardware business. Well, the business also crashed.

“He turned desperate. It led to a fight between Dhananjay and his wife Sheela who is also a techie working at HCL. Their’s was a five-year-old love marriage and they had a three-year-old son. Thanks to their financial problems, their love relationship turned sour. His wife along with their son left for her native place Shimoga leaving him alone in the city”, said the police.

Dhananjay became even more desperate after his wife left him along with the kid. He started visiting various temples and prayed for a revival of his fortunes. Meanwhile, his friend Dinesh, a resident of Reshme Goodu in Ramanagara, advised him to consult an astrologer. Convinced by his friend’s advice, he started visiting various astrologers in the city.

In the meantime. the techie met one Shivamurty (70), an astrologer from Ramanagara. The astrologer told the techie that his mother-in-law had done black magic on him which was why he was suffering. The astrologer charged Dhananjay Rs 8,000 as advance and assured him that he would perform a puja on ‘Amavasya’ night in the burial ground. He also told him that he would perform ‘Vasheekarana Puja’ in order to bring his wife back. 

The astrologer told the duo to come to Veerashaiva Burial Ground on Saturday night for the puja. The three went to the burial ground which is next to the Jade Devara Matt in Magadi town at around 7.30 pm. Dhananjay and his friend Dinesh were made to sit on the cenotaph while the astrologer sat in front of them. The astrologer who was nude then started performing the pooja by sacrificing a rooster.

When he started chanting mantras, the disciples from the nearby matt heard the noise. Assuming that some black magician was exhuming dead bodies from the graves, they informed the villagers. The villagers rushed immediately to the burial ground and caught the three and handed them over to the Magadi police who rushed to the burial ground.

After listening to the trio, the police booked them on charges of creating public nuisance. “There was no sign of an exhumed body in the burial ground. So we have charged them with creating public nuisance and have left them after making them sign a personal bond. They will be produced in the court,” said the police. 

the techie met one shivamurty (70), an astrologer from ramanagara. the astrologer told the techie that his mother-in-law had done black magic on him which was why he was suffering

Chilling footage of couple executed by Taliban in Swat valley, Pakistan for having suspected affair

Chilling footage of couple executed by Taliban in Swat valley, Pakistan for having suspected affair
26th April 2009
Horrifying footage has emerged of a couple being executed by the Taliban after conducting an alleged affair in a Pakistan village near the Afghan border.

A local journalist captured the footage on his mobile telephone, which showed a gunman shooting the couple after they attempted to escape.

The man and woman, who have not been named, were both shot in the back, and left bleeding in a field until observers noticed that they were still alive. 

The film, which aired on Pakistani channel Dawn News, shows the gunman return moments later to shoot them dead. 

The killings, which took place in Hangu District, a violent militant-controlled frontier region two hours from Peshawar, is further indication of the spread of the Taliban in Pakistan.

The horrific punishment was carried out by a local group of Pakistani Taliban militia which is currently sweeping towards the country's capital, Islamabad.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has called on the people of Pakistan to defy their government, after it signed a deal with Taliban in the neighbouring Swat Valley, shocking the West.

'They need to speak out forcefully against a policy that is ceding more and more territory to the insurgents,' she said.

Professor Pervez Hoodbhoy, of the Quaid-e-Azam University in Islamabad said: 'The Taliban are steady and confident, the government is weak and faltering.

'A Taliban victory will enslave our women, destroy Pakistan's rich historical and cultural heritage, make education and science impossible, and make the lives of its citizens impossibly difficult. Some are already contemplating exodus.'

The Swat Valley deal, which was signed earlier this month, now looks set to fall apart after reports emerged that the Taliban had assumed total control of the Bahrain region of Swat.

An army convoy driving into Swat yesterday was turned away, and a local, who declined to be named, told how check points had been set up, and that the Taliban had been kidnapping residents, including young women.

He told how local schools had been forced to stop teaching girls, 'yet the government says its writ is in Swat,' he said.

Military analyst Hasan Askari Rizvi said: 'The Taliban will not stop at Swat. They will come towards Islamabad.'

'If the army is going to take action against them, it is goimg to be a really bloody battle. And then civil government will be knocked out. 

'Extremist groups based in Islamabad will move from within, and the Taliban will build pressure from outside,' he said.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Man raped daughter to stop her from seeing neighbourhood boy in Mumbai, India

Man raped daughter to stop her from seeing neighbourhood boy in Mumbai, India

April 24, 2009 
Mumbai: The 40-year-old taxi driver, arrested for allegedly raping his teenaged daughter last week, committed the crime just to stop her from going with a boy in their neighbourhood, police said here on Friday.

Nandlal Kori, held last Saturday for allegedly raping his 16-year-old daughter on two occasions in their house in Dharavi, Central Mumbai, is in judicial custody till May 5.

"During investigation, it was revealed that he was angry with his daughter because she was seeing a neighbour. He was afraid that she would go away with him following which Kori first raped her on February last year and then April 11 this year," an investigating officer said.

According to police, on April 13, the victim went out and did not return home after which her father lodged a missing persons complaint.

"We traced the victim with injuries on her body. She told us her father had assaulted her. We admitted her to Sion Hospital where it was learnt she was also raped," the officer said.

"We initially thought some boy was involved in the crime. But she revealed that her father had raped her as he didn't want her to see the neighbourhood boy," he said.

The case comes a month after a 21-year-old woman from Mira Road alleged her father Kishore Chauhan had been raping her since nine years on a tantrik's advice.

The accused lives with his daughter and a nine- year-old son as his wife left the family six years ago after Kori had assaulted her on several occasions, police said.

"The victim's clothes have been sent to forensic laboratory. The DNA and other analysis would help us to strengthen the case," police said.

The victim, a minor, has been sent to a remand home in Dongri, they said. Further investigation is on.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

New details of Elisabeth Fritzl´s dungeon diary emerged

In a shocking story, the full extent of Elisabeth Fritzl has been chronicled on scraps of paper. 
The most shocking part is how FRITZL tries to create SIBLING RIVALRY among the upstairs children and Cellar children by his twisted prejudice. 
Rejoicing in the torment and oppression of an abused child is a serious lack of humanity by characters like Duryodhana, Shakuni mama and Gandhari.

New details of Elisabeth Fritzl´s dungeon diary emerged

Shocking revelations from Austrian incest monster Josef Fritzl's daughter's dungeon diary have emerged to tell the grim truth of her life under the House of Horror.

Elisabeth Fritzl was imprisoned for 24 years in an underground jail built by her twisted father where he kept her as his personal sex slave.

Now grim extracts from her secret journal have been published in the Austrian media where she recorded everything from the way her father starved her to how he beat the six children he fathered with her.

Using scraps of paper hidden around her prison, brave Elisabeth wrote down the date and time of every last slap, threat or beating dished out to her children by their father.

And in one moving entry she records how she cradled her dying seventh child in her arms before he turned blue and passed away with breathing complications.

"At least he's in a better world now," she wrote.

Callous Fritzl burned the infant's body in an incinerator and scattered the ashes in the garden at the family home in Amstetten, Lower Austria.

In other entries she records how she caught rats with her bare hands and how her children were fascinated by everyday objects like a mirror or a set of bathroom scales.

The youngsters - cut off from normal life - would eat something and then stand on the scales to see if their weight had altered.

But another of Elisabeth's entries dated 2 March 1991 records grimly: "Milk and other foodstuffs are almost all gone now."

Other harrowing passages are understood to detail how Fritzl repeatedly raped and threatened his terrified daughter and how she tried to fight him off.

Then - after the birth of her first child - they are said to show how she sacrificed herself to save her children Fritzl's vile perversions.

The journal of Elisabeth's 8,642 days underground explains how casually her six surviving children were split up so three would live upstairs with Fritzl and his wife while three stayed entombed with their mother.

One baby was taken upstairs only because a piece of thread was caught around his toes making him cry. The diary tells how angry Fritzl feared the baby's howls would alert neighbours and took the infant upstairs to calm it down. But by the time he had noticed the cotton thread his wife Rosemarie had arrived home and it was too late to take the baby back to the cellar.

And the diary shows how Fritzl taunted his cellar children with photographs he took of their siblings in the garden or at a swimming pool. By contrast, life underground grew almost unbearable in summer when soaring temperatures turned the warren of cells into an oven with condensation pouring down the walls.

"We are always happier when summer is over," wrote Elisabeth.

Fritzl goes on trial next Monday (16 March) facing charges of murder, rape, slavery, incest, false imprisonment and abuse.

Prosecution spokesman Gerhard Sedlacek has confirmed that Elisabeth's diaries are a vital part of the case against her father.

The diaries are understood to have allowed investigators to lock down the timing of key incidents in Elisabeth's life as her father's sex slave.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Calls to jail doctor Panayiotis Zavos who cloned dead girl Cady's blood in UK without proper regulation

The unregulated fertility industry is a threat to society, ethics and morality. Regulation of the fertility clinics in India is also important, keeping in mind surrogacy for sale and other issues. This will create a society of fatherless and motherless children.

Calls to jail doctor Panayiotis Zavos who cloned dead girl Cady's blood in UK without proper regulation

23rd April 2009

The fertility doctor who claims to have created cloned human embryos and injected them into women desperate to have children is facing a barrage of criticism. 

Panayiotis Zavos says he placed 11 embryos, made from adult skin cells, into the wombs of four patients who paid up to £50,000. 
The women  -  including one Briton  -  did not become pregnant. 

But Dr Zavos, who made similar claims five years ago, is confident that the world's first cloned baby could be born in as little as a year. 

In a TV documentary shown last night, he also told how he created clone embryos of three dead people, including a girl of ten, to help hone his technique. 

The revelations were greeted with horror and incredulity by scientists, fertility doctors and ethicists. 
Picture: Image of ? Cloned embryo 

They questioned the truth of the claims and said any child would face a host of genetic problems and an early death. One even said Dr Zavos, who carried out the work in the Middle East, should be jailed. 

Human reproductive cloning is illegal in Britain. 

Dr Zavos, who was born in Cyprus but is now a U.S. citizen, claims to have created 14 embryos from adult skin cells and placed 11 in the wombs of four women. 

The process involves removing the genetic material from a woman's egg and replacing it with a skin cell from the woman or her partner. 

A jolt from an electric current makes the egg divide and develop into an embryo. 
His patients are three couples, including one who are British, and a single woman. 
None became pregnant but Dr Zavos, who has clinics in Cyprus and Kentucky, said this was just the 'first chapter' in his attempts to produce a baby cloned from the skin cells of its 'mother' or 'father'. 

'I may not be the one that does it, but a cloned child is coming,' he told The Independent. 'There is no way it will not happen. If we can intensify our efforts we will have a cloned baby within a year or two, but I don't know whether we can intensify our efforts to that extent.' 

Dr Zavos, who says he has had inquiries from around 100 potential patients, sees the procedure as the last hope for couples who have exhausted all mainstream fertility treatments. 

In Human Cloning, a documentary on the Discovery Channel, he also tells how he created part-animal, part-human embryos by fusing cow eggs with cells from corpses.

The dead included a ten-year-old U.S. girl called Cady who was killed in a car crash. 
Her mother, who gave Dr Zavos a sample of Cady's blood, said at the time: 'What I am doing is trying to give her biological presence in this world continuation.' 
Picture: Cady

Dr Zavos said the experiments were purely for research and he had no intention of bringing the dead girl back to life as a clone. 

However, the possibility is likely to appeal to grieving parents. 

British experts said animal experiments, such as the creation of Dolly the Sheep, had shown cloning to be full of problems. 

The miscarriage rate is high, labour difficult and many young die shortly after birth. 
Those which do survive are likely to be blighted with genetic defects and face an early death. 

In Britain, researchers can create cloned human embryos for research purposes but they must be destroyed after 14 days and cannot be implanted in a woman. 

Dr Stephen Minger, who wants to make human-hybrid embryos for medical research at King's College London, said: 'The idea he is going to get a healthy baby out of this is asinine. This work should be banned and he should be imprisoned for this.' 

Dr Gillian Lockwood, head of Midlands Fertility Services, said: 'This seems to be the ultimate parental selfishness, to produce a clone of yourself. 

'Even if a healthy child was born, the psychological pressure to grow up into a "mini-me" would be completely intolerable. The dangers are overwhelming.' 

Others challenged Dr Zavos to provide proof of his claims by publishing his research in a journal open to scrutiny by the scientific and medical community. 

Alastair Kent, of the charity Genetic Interest Group, said: 'He must demonstrate openness and allow scrutiny by experts, not just by the media. 

'If he is as good as he claims then he has nothing to fear. If he is not, then vulnerable women and couples need protection.' 

Lord Winston, of Imperial College London, accused Dr Zavos of publicity seeking. 'I do not know of any credible evidence that suggests he can clone a human being,' he said. 

But Peter Williams, who made the documentary, said the work was credible and added: 'However controversial, somebody has got to make the first step if there is going to be a medical advance.'

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Bangalore-based Techie sues wife for ‘giving’ dowry (not asked)

Picture: Roshni Pereira attending Save Indian Family Foundation (SIFF) on Valentine-Day dharna (February 14, 2009) in Press Club, Bangalore. Virag Dhulia in centre.

See my previous blog-posting on Virag Dhulia and Save Indian Family Foundation:

Picture: The marriage photo of VIRAG with VIRAL

FALSE ALLEGATIONS are a shocking crime against humanity and families. A long-suffering victim of FALSE ALLEGATIONS of dowry harassment has stood up and filed a case of DOWRY GIVING against his in-laws. 

The evil plotters of the crime are punishable to up to FIVE YEARS in jail.

Congratulations to Virag and all members of Save Indian Family Foundation (SIFF) for proceeding to protect the RIGHTS of men who are being falsely accused of Dowry harassment.

He has paved the way for other men in India.

There are many evil Shakuni mamas who plot with Fritzl oppressors, to try to build false allegations of Dowry Giving (not asked for), and sell off their daughters for a pittance. Evil plotters try to hope for a JACKPOT from the prospective HUSBAND and deprive the GIRL-CHILD of their ancestral inheritance.

Bangalore-based Techie sues wife for ‘giving’ dowry (not asked)

A Bangalore-based software engineer has filed a case against his wife and in-laws for paying him dowry. His contention: Giving dowry is as much an offence as receiving it.

April 21, 2009
Demanding dowry is a crime, so is giving it. In a first of its kind in the state, a city-based software engineer jailed for taking dowry has filed a case against his wife and in-laws for ‘giving’ him dowry.

Virag Dhulia, 28, who had been imprisoned for two days, was later released on bail.

Virag has filed cases against his wife Viral Goda and his in-laws saying they had paid him dowry. Virag separated from his wife within two months of their marriage. Viral and her parents filed a complaint in the Mahadevapura police station saying they had paid Virag Rs 12 lakh as dowry.

Not to take it lying down, he too filed a complaint against them. “My wife says I have received dowry, which is illegal. But it’s equally illegal to give dowry. So I have filed a case against her,” he said.

“I have not taken any dowry, but they have filed a false case against me. I am shocked at the steps taken by my wife. I read law books and filed the case. This is my answer to my wife who has filed false cases against me,” Virag said.

As per the law, giving dowry is as much a crime as demanding it. Hence, it attracts equal punishment under Section 3 of Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961.

Police records clearly say his wife and in-laws had paid him dowry, but he had not demanded it. The case has been admitted in Tenth Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Court, Mayo Hall. In January this year, the court directed the jurisdiction police to investigate the case and file a first information report.

Virag said, “The misuse of Dowry Prohibition Act and Domestic Violence Act should be stopped or it can get many innocent people into trouble.”

“I don’t know what the police are doing. Even after the court ordered an inquiry, the police have not done anything,” he alleged.

Viral filed dowry harassment case against Virag on September 10, 2007. “I was harassed mentally and physically by my husband and his parents. They tortured me for more dowry. They demanded Rs 12 lakh more as dowry and warned that if they don’t get money, I would be sent back,” said her complaint.

Viral has alleged Virag had assaulted her for more money and she was “not allowed to eat ‘good food’ and not allowed to talk to friends”. “I was feeling insecure,” she has said. Virag, however, denied all these allegations. “I have already said all her allegations are baseless. She did all this as I didn’t come out of my family,” he said.

Virag and Viral married on February 12, 2007 in Kolkata. Virat is a software engineer working in i2 Technologies located in Marathahalli in Bangalore. She was staying with him in Bangalore, where Virag had bought her a flat. Virag’s parents too were staying with him as he was their only son.

“I bought her a flat and I loved her very much. Problems started after a month. She didn’t want to stay with my parents,” said Virag.

“She asked me to separate from my parents and started demanding more money. She went to her parents’ house, but did not come back. Virag called her several times, visited her and even wrote to her. But she didn’t return,” said Virag.

Later, she came with her parents and uncles and filed dowry harassment cases against him. “She also asked for a divorce and filed for maintenance which I am paying,” he said.

Case history
Husband’s name: Virag R Dhulia
Wife’s name: Viral V Dhulia
Police station: Mahadevapura PS
Court: X ACMM, Mayo Hall Court
Case status: FIR registered by police. No action taken
Sections filed: Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961 for ‘voluntary confessional admission’ of having given dowry, Section 120(B) IPC - criminal conspiracy, Section 34 IPC - common intention

Asthmatic girl dies, school blamed for negligence in Delhi, India

Is it important for Schools to know the health problems of students?
Is it important for schools to have a medic or persons trained in First Aid?
These questions are being raised to increase health awareness in schools.
Asthmatic girl dies, school blamed in Delhi, India
21 Apr 2009
NEW DELHI: The death of a Class XII student of Modern School, Vasant Vihar, after an asthmatic attack on Monday morning, has led to a controversy with the family and friends of the deceased alleging negligence by the school authorities. Aakriti Bhatia (17) died on her way to the hospital. The school has denied the allegation. 

Aakriti had complained of breathlessness to her teacher around 10am and after nine minutes she called to inform her mother. Later, when Aakriti's condition deteriorated, she was shifted to the sports room and was put on oxygen. However, around 10.40am, when she was taken to the Holy Angels Hospital around 2 km from the school she was declared brought dead. 

According to Dr Rajnish Bharti, CMO, Holy Angels: "By the time she was brought to us, she was dead. We will know the exact cause after the postmortem report. It could have been a cardiac arrest or a severe case of respiratory distress.'' 

However, Aakriti's family is alleging negligence on the part of the school administration. The parents have now said they would file a case against the school. 

Speaking to Times City on Tuesday, Goldy Malhotra, principal, Modern School, said the school acted according to the situation and that Aakriti's mother had called them to send her child home. "Aakriti is an old case of asthma and was finding it difficult to breathe on Monday morning. She called home in between and then met the class teacher who took her to the sports room as the clinic is on the first floor. Lilly Kutty, the nurse, administered oxygen. Aakriti then felt slightly better and spoke to her father after which she was taken to Holy Angels at 10.40am. A little bit of time was lost due to the traffic but she collapsed on the way,'' said Malhotra. 

Aakriti's parents are friends are accusing the school of a delay in taking her to the hospital. They also alleged that the school doesn't have a regular doctor and that the clinic is ill-equipped to manage crisis situations. Moreover, questions are being raised on why the school waited for the vehicle of Aakriti's father, Vipin Bhatia, to arrive and didn't call for an ambulance. Bhatia said: "While there was no doctor available in the school to attend to any emergency case, the school didn't call the ambulance. Moreover, they took my daughter to the hospital without oxygen.'' 

Aakriti's friends, meanwhile, said that when she first complained, the headmaster didn't take the matter seriously and later the nurse said she can't come down to take a look at Aakriti. "The nurse refused to come down and asked her to come up instead. Later, when her condition deteriorated, we forced her to come down. No one in the school was concerned,'' said one of Aakriti's close friends. 

Raman Verma, Aakriti's maternal uncle, alleged that the principal was putting pressure on the parents and students to prevent them from speaking to the media and police on what actually transpired during those 40 minutes that resulted in Aakriti's death. "At the hospital, the principal asked us to give in writing that we have nothing against the school,'' said Verma. 

Some students have threatened to stage a demonstration on Wednesday at 1.40pm against the school administration for its alleged negligence. The Bhatia family said it would pull out Aakriti's brother from the school. He studies in Class V. 

Falsely accused Man moves court against wife in false dowry case: Format of filing complaint against False allegations of Dowry Giving

Falsely accused Man moves court against wife in false dowry case
April 16, 2009
New Delhi: A woman and a police officer, who allegedly tried to implicate a man in a dowry case, have got trapped in their own net
A harassed Nishant Saini, 32, has filed a retaliatory complaint in court seeking the arrest of his wife, Anjali Dargan, 30, for “forcefully giving dowry which he never demanded”.

Police officer Asha Sinha, who helped Dargan, is also in trouble. Metropolitan magistrate (MM) Saurabh Pratap Singh Laler ordered deputy commissioner of police (DCP) of south Delhi to take action against the officer for failing to submit a report despite the court’s order.

Saini, an architect, married Dargan, an executive with ITC, in 2007. But their relationship soured within six months. Dargan slapped a dowry case against Saini, alleging that he had taken Rs17 lakh in dowry and forcibly kept her jewellery and stridhan (bride’s article) worth Rs20 lakh. Though Saini refuted the charges, he spent six days in Tihar jail. He also lost his job.

Later, Saini filed a counter complaint with the police, accusing his wife and in-laws of forcing him to accept the money he never demanded. When the police refused to register his complaint Saini approached the court under Section 156 (3) of the CrPc, seeking action against his wife and her parents under Section 3 of the Dowry Prohibition Act (DPA). Section 3 DPA is a non-bailable, non compoundable (cannot be withdrawn), cognisable offence for giving, taking or abetting giving or taking of dowry. It carries a minimum punishment of five years in prison. On the other hand, Section 498A (cruelty for dowry), which Dargan had filed against Saini, has a penalty of three years in prison.

Based on Saini’s complaint the judge, who was convinced that the wife was involved in the dowry offense, ordered officer Sinha to find out whether the money was willingly given by the woman’s family or under pressure from the groom’s side. However, Sinha, who had earlier opposed Saini’s bail, failed to submit a report and told the court that no case could be registered against the bride or her parents.

“Instead of conducting the investigation, the police were trying to save the accused, forcing us to move a contempt of court application against Sinha,” Saini’s lawyer Pradip Nawani said. The judge directed Sinha’s senior officers to take action against her for contempt of court.

Conceding that many women were misusing dowry laws to settle scores with their husbands, the Delhi high court laid down guidelines for the Delhi Police to be followed during investigations in dowry related complaints and IPC-498A. It said in case an educated woman gets married to a person despite a dowry demand, she and her family become accomplices under section 3 of DPA.

> www.pgportal. select Government of your respective state.
> After raising note the complaint no. Incase you don't hear from them. Use RTI to CPIO Ministry of Grievance
> Format is:
> Dear Sir/Madam,
> I xyz s/o Shri ABC r/o __________
have been falsely implicated by my wife Ms. XXX in coalition with S.H.O of P.S. XXXX.
> SHO on false complaint of my have has registered the FIR No.____ dated ______ at P.S.________ _ and booked me and my family members u/s 498A and 3/4 of DP Act.
> In FIR No. ______ dated _____ at P.S my wife Ms._______, my Father in Law Shri._______ ___, my mother in law Smt. ________, Brother in Law Shri ________, Sister in Law Ms.________ claims to have given huge dowry in the marriage worth Rs. _______ which is prohibited under Section 3 of Dowry Prohibition Act.
> My wife Ms._______, my Father in Law Shri._______ ___, my mother in law Smt. ________, Brother in Law Shri ________, Sister in Law Ms.________ belongs to respectable family and are highly educated people.
> And they are very much aware of the fact that if taking dowry is crime and giving dowry is too. By giving huge sum of alleged dowry of Rs._______ they have knowingly committed the crime.
> Giving or taking dowry is an cognizable offence and punishable up to 5 Year.
> I have lodge the complaint against My wife Ms._______, my Father in Law Shri._______ ___, my mother in law Smt. ________, Brother in Law Shri ________, Sister in Law Ms.________ 
> with P.S. ___________ which is diarized vide complaint no. ____________ _ dated ____________ ___ for giving huge dowry beyond their capacity as alleged in FIR No.____ dated ______ at P.S.________ _.
> Giving dowry under Sec 3 of DP Act is cognizable offence and it is mandatory for SHO P.S.________ _ to take cognizance of such crime which happened in his juridiction.
> Along with the complaint I have submitted him the rulings from Hon'ble Supreme Court and High Court of India which make him mandatory to book My wife Ms._______, my Father in Law Shri._______ ___, my mother in law Smt. ________, Brother in Law Shri ________, Sister in Law Ms.________ under section 3 of DP Act, it being cognizable offence.
> Further Learned SHO of PS ______ have gone through these rulings and understand them very well, in spite this he is reluctant to take any action against my wife and in-laws due to the reason best know to him.
> The judgments and rulings provided to SHO of P.S.________ __ are as under, which make him mandatory to register FIR for cognizable offence like "Giving Dowry" under Section 3 of DP Act.
> 1. Circular No 35 of 2007 From Commissioner of Police Delhi which instructs police to immediately register FIR for cognizable offence.
> 2. Hon'ble High Court of Delhi in W.P.Crl.No. 1266 of 2007 dated 10Oct2007- stating disipilinary action against Police officials for refusal of FIR where cognizable offence is reported.
> 3.. Hob'ble Supreme Court of India in Criminal Appeal No. 1229 of 2002 states that First Information Report - Registration of complaint disclosing cognizable offence - Mandatory 
> 4. Hob'ble Supreme Court of India in Writ Petitioner (CRL.) No. 68 of 2008 states that First Information Report - Registration of complaint disclosing cognizable offence - Mandatory 
> 5. Hon'ble High Court of Delhi via CRL.M.C 7262-2006 23.02.2007 which talks about registering the FIR against educated people who gave the dowry, in spite knowing the fact that giving dowry is crime and Learned SHO of PS ______ should not entertain any complaint, if the Rule 2 of the Dowry Prohibition( Maintenance of List of Presents to the Bride and Bridegroom) Rules, 1985 is not complied with.
> 6. Hon'ble Supreme Court for Enforcement and Implementation of Dowry Prohibition Act vide Writ Petitioner (Civil) 499 of 2007 which mandates the bridge to maintain list of article presented at the time of marriage. 
> Despite providing all the ruling and judgments Learned SHO of PS______ in coalition with my Wife and in-laws registered false FIR against me and my parents without investigating and demanding the required prove of source of income and mandatory Maintenance List (stridhan List).
> I would request you to kindly look into my grievance and direct SHO of PS_____ to register the FIR against __________ for giving the dowry u/s 3 of DP Act and no abiding to Rule 2 of DP Rule, 1985.
> Thanking you,
> .

Monday, 20 April 2009

Doctor arrested for `molesting' 14yr old girl in Bandra, Mumbai, India

It is a 'deja vu' situation to a very common molestation by doctors. There are many doctors who examine more than what is needed under the pretext of conducting a complete examination
Read my earlier posting involving a similar situation for a 70 year-old doctor in UK.

Doctor arrested for `molesting' 14yr old girl
20 Apr 2009
MUMBAI: The Bandra police on Sunday arrested Dr T N Shetty for allegedly molesting a 14-year-old girl who had paid him a visit at his clinic in Pali Naka with a complaint of sore throat. The girl accused the doctor of groping her. 

In a police statement, the girl said that when she objected to the doctor's behaviour, he started to apologise. No other patient or assistant was present at the time of the incident. 

The doctor allegedly offered to give her a pair of contact lens and cash. He also asked her not to tell her mother about the incident. 

An officer from the Bandra police said the girl called her mother from a shop outside the clinic. People from the area gathered thrashed the doctor after they found out about the incident. Senior inspector Prakash George said, "We have booked the doctor under Section 354 of the IPC.''

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Tenant who lived in Josef Fritzl incest house for 12 years heard knocking from sex dungeon 'but did nothing'

It is not only the perpetrators, but the so-called "SILENT ACCOMPLICES AND INSTIGATORS" of Abuse, domestic violence and deprivation of the human rights, child rights and legal rights of children under oppression, battering, discrimination and disadvantaged.

Any ideas, accomplices, silent spectators and instigators of ABUSE and VIOLENCE?? Any comments Shakuni Mama, Duryodhana, Bhanu and Gandhari??

"IT'S NOT MY PROBLEM" attitude which is aggravating abuse and violence in homes and families.

Tenant who lived in incest house for 12 years heard knocking from sex dungeon 'but did nothing'
01st May 2008

A tenant who lived above the cellar where Elisabeth Fritzl was imprisoned by her father for 24 years described today how he heard strange noises in the night - and saw Josef Fritzl ferrying wheelbarrows of food under cover of darkness.

Alfred Dubanovsky, 42, who lived in the building in the Austrian town of Amstetten for 12 years, said Josef Fritzl spent his days in the cellar but banned anyone from going near it. 

But it never occurred to him anything was unusual about his landlord's behaviour.

The petrol station attendant said: "I wish to God that I could turn back the clock. The signs were all there but it was impossible for me to recognise them. Who would ever believe something so terrible was going on right under my feet?

"It is a regret I will have to live with for the rest of my life."

His revelations came as 200 residents held a rainy candle-lit vigil in support of the family in the town square. "The outside world seems to think Amstetten is a terrible town and that people in the community do not care for one another. We want to show this is not true," said organiser Elisabeth Anderson.

Mr Dubanovsky, who moved out a year ago and still works at a filling station near the house, told The Sun: "Herr Fritzl banned any of the tenants of the eight flats from going anywhere near the cellar or back yard.

"He told us the cellar was protected with a sophisticated electronic alarm, and whoever went there would have their contract cancelled without notice.

"He used to take food and shopping down there in a wheelbarrow - always at night. At other times I remember I could sometimes hear a knocking from the cellar that I couldn't explain.

"I never in my wildest dreams thought he was behind anything like this. He spent every day in his cellar but I thought his behaviour was pretty normal."

He added: "He would fly into a panic at the merest mention of the police or the law. When I moved out there was a dispute over who should pay for repairs to a door. I threatened to sue. He went pale and caved in immediately."

It also emerged today that Fritzl, 73, first applied for planning permission for a cellar in 1978, saying it was to protect his family in case of nuclear attack. Elisabeth would have been 12 at the time - making it about a year after she says her father started abusing her.

In 1983 he was allowed to extend it to proper living quarters with rooms and running water. It was a year later that Elisabeth - now 42 - says her father lured her into the cellar, drugged and handcuffed her before imprisoning her.

An investigator told The Sun: "Not only did Fritzl build a torture den to rape and assault his daughter - he went through official channels to do it.

"What kind of man follows council building laws to the letter only then to commit such a horrific crime? It shows how methodical and detached he is. 

"The picture we are getting is that Fritzl planned his entrapment for years, maybe as soon as he started raping his daughter.

"We understand that Elisabeth was his favourite child because she was so pretty. He didn't want to lose her when she turned 18 so he spent six years building the dungeon to keep her for himself forever.

"It wasn't just a sudden idea to throw his daughter in the cellar - it was plotted for years."

Details also emerged about the condition of the three children held in the cellar with their mother. Berthold Kepplinger, head of the clinic where they are being treated, said they could read and write, although not very well.

Lindolfo Thibes, formerly of Los Angeles, gets 109 years to life for physically and sexually abusing his daughter for two decades

There are millions of sick Josef Fritzls out there, being father/grandfather of their own children, and instigating abuse and domestic violence in other families as well.

The laws in India needs to focus on Child Abuse laws in entirety, which includes prevention and protection of all their rights including inheritance.
We hope that Ms. Thibes recovers from her torture and suffering.

Lindolfo Thibes, formerly of Los Angeles, gets 109 years to life for physically and sexually abusing his daughter for two decades. The case came to light when he stabbed her in Las Vegas.
April 18, 2009
The emergency call came in as a domestic violence assault: A man had stabbed his girlfriend in the parking lot of a Las Vegas hospital.

But as detectives began to investigate, they unearthed a dark family secret. The suspect was not the victim's boyfriend but her father, who had been sexually assaulting her for nearly two decades and had fathered her three children.

The assaults, the victim told authorities, started when she was 6 years old and living in Los Angeles. She said her father, a martial arts instructor, threatened to kill her if she told anyone and kept her a prisoner at home, monitoring her movements using surveillance cameras and delivering fierce beatings during paranoid rages.

On Friday, the daughter, now 29, sat silently in a downtown Los Angeles courtroom as a judge sentenced Lindolfo Thibes to prison for 109 years to life in what police describe as the most heinous case of child abuse they had encountered.

As her father was led away in handcuffs, the woman wept quietly and embraced her younger brother, who she said was also a victim of beatings by their father.

"I hope he suffers," said the woman, whom The Times is not identifying because she is a sexual abuse victim. "I want him to die in there in jail because that's what he did to me. He confined me."

Thibes said nothing about his guilt or innocence at Friday's hearing but offered a litany of rambling complaints to the judge, all the while referring to himself in the third person.

Acting as his own attorney, Thibes, 48, said his case should have been dismissed long ago on procedural grounds. He said he has been hallucinating and "believes that shadows are out to get him." He called his trial a "kangaroo court" and said his conviction was the result of fraudulent evidence and perjured testimony.

But a prosecutor said DNA tests confirmed the daughter's account, proving that Thibes was both the father and grandfather of her three children. All girls, they are 4, 7 and 11.

Jurors were told about the genetic evidence and listened to harrowing testimony during four days of trial earlier this year. It took them about three hours to convict Thibes of multiple counts of rape and other sexual assaults committed over a decade.

"He's probably the sickest suspect I ever had," said Torrance Police Det. Rick Carr, a 28-year veteran who was the lead investigator on the case. "This poor woman endured just some unbelievable torture and horrendous acts."

Born in Brazil, Thibes came to the United States illegally in 1982, according to a probation report. His daughter, younger son and common-law wife soon followed, and the family settled in Los Angeles.

The victim told investigators that the abuse began in the mid-1980s when she and her father were alone in the house. Her mother worked nights and eventually moved out of the home to be a home healthcare provider. (The mother could not be reached for comment.)

Her father, the woman told authorities, plied her with alcohol and marijuana from the age of 8. She said she was pulled out of school in sixth grade and estimated that she was sexually assaulted about 10 times a week, according to law enforcement records.

In an interview with The Times, the woman said her father rigged the family's West Adams home with surveillance cameras inside and out. Under her bed, she said, were motion detectors that set off an alarm when she got up.

As a teenager, she was forbidden to leave the house alone. Her father often grew paranoid and accused her of trying to escape or of secretly meeting boys. Enraged, he would beat her and her brother on their feet with a baseball bat, she said.

She feared deportation if she reported the abuse, she said, but was also terrified of the consequences if authorities did not believe her. 

He said he "would kill me if he ever got his hands on me if I ever told," she said. "He used to tell me he was going to cut my head off."

At 17, she gave birth to her first child. For years, she said, her oldest daughter was her only friend. The moments they shared playing with the girl's toys or watching television offered small but important comforts during her life with her father. There were also times, she said, when she and her father played video games or watched movies together.

"I would use little happy thoughts to keep me going," she said.

Her father, she said, grew fearful that her brother had told police about abuse at the home and fled to Las Vegas in 2003, taking her and her children. They lived in a motel, where, she said, Thibes told others that she was his girlfriend.

In April 2005, he stabbed her twice in the chest with a 10-inch kitchen knife, police records show. In interviews with police, he described her at various times as his wife, girlfriend or daughter.

The woman said she told hospital workers about the abuse once her father had been arrested and she knew her children were safe in custody.

"I thought, 'I'm not going back to Dad,' " she said. She moved to Torrance, where police began investigating the case after learning what she had told Las Vegas authorities.

Thibes, who pleaded guilty to the stabbing, told a probation officer this week that he did not know how his daughter could "make such accusations after the good upbringing he provided her," according to the officer's report. Thibes also blamed his conviction on mental illness, saying he had been diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic.

But on Friday, Superior Court Judge Dennis J. Landin rejected Thibes' claim of mental illness, saying he believed it was a fabrication designed to delay sentencing.

Deputy Dist. Atty. Rouman Ebrahim reminded the judge of the woman's testimony during the trial, saying Thibes had been charged with only a fraction of the assaults she recounted and deserved the maximum sentence. "The conduct in this case is so shockingly heinous," Ebrahim said. "It was done by someone that society expects to be a protector, not a predator."

The woman lives in the Antelope Valley with her girls and said she is allowed to remain in the U.S. thanks to a special visa for crime victims who cooperate with law enforcement.

She said she dreams of writing a book or perhaps becoming a therapist to help similar victims. She is struggling to find a job but said she is determined to provide for her children. "I want them to be loved," she said. "I'm living the childhood I didn't have through them. . . . I want to make sure they go to proms and have all the stuff I didn't have."

Man jailed for sexually abusing daughter
Apr 18 2009
A 48-year-old US man who sexually assaulted his daughter for nearly two decades and fathered her three children was sentenced to 109 years to life in prison.

"I hope he suffers," his 29-year-old daughter told the Los Angeles Times after Friday's sentencing in California's largest city. "I want him to die in there in jail because that's what he did to me. He confined me."

She told authorities that her father began sexually assaulting her at the age of 6, beat her and kept her a prisoner in their home. He installed security cameras to monitor her and told her he would kill her if she tried to escape, she said.

The defendant, who represented himself at the trial, made charges of falsified evidence and perjured testimony, but DNA tests proved he was the father and grandfather of the victim's daughters, ages 4, 7 and 11.