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Tuesday, 26 May 2009

International Child Kidnap case by Disturbed parent: SC raps state police in Bangalore for lapses

International Child Kidnap case by Disturbed parent: SC raps state police in Bangalore for lapses

The Supreme Court has given Karnataka police three months to trace Aditya, the kidnapped child of an NRI scientist. Bangalore police let the child and his ‘kidnapper’ mother slip away in February
May 27, 2009
The Supreme Court has rapped Karnataka police for letting the kidnapped child of an NRI scientist slip away in Feb and has given it three months time to trace the child.

Aditya, the son of an NRI scientist Dr Ravi Chandran, has been kidnapped by his mother Vijayasree Voora. Ravi Chandran has been searching for his son from two years. The SC order states: “As a last chance, the State of Karnataka, particularly the Director General of Police, Karnataka, is directed to take appropriate steps to trace the child. A copy of this order be sent to the Chief Secretary, State of Karnataka.”

Vijayasree Voora was found in a lodge in Rajajinagar on Feb 17 with Aditya. Though Bangalore cops found the mother and child at the lodge, for some reason they did not take them into custody. Chandran requested the cops to keep the duo with them till he arrived in Bangalore from Hyderabad with all legal documents. Before he landed in Bangalore, the cops allowed Vijayasree to escape. An angry Chandran then knocked on the Supreme Court’s doors.

Ravi Chandran is a pharmaceutical scientist based in the USA for the past 30 years. He met Vijayasree, an IT professional and a green card holder, in 2000 at a function in Indiana. They fell in love and married in Tirupati. But their marriage turned sour after Aditya’s birth in 2002. They divorced in 2005. As per a US court’s directions Chandran paid Vijayasree Rs 1 crore as a one-time settlement and agreed to pay Rs 1 lakh per month as child support. The court allowed Aditya to stay 20 days with his mother and the remaining 10 days with Chandran.

However, Chandran says Vijayasree developed psychological problems and was not able to take care of Aditya. In August 2006, Chandran sought the court for Aditya’s complete custody. In June 2007 a US court granted his request. But Vijayasree requested the court permission to take Aditya for a month to India. The court granted her plea and directed her to return Aditya on August 3, 2007. That was the last Chandran saw Aditya. The family court in New York and the Chennai High Court have issued arrest warrants against Vijayasree. The FBI has issued a look-out notice for her. Chandran believes Vijayasree is hiding in India.

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