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Thursday, 14 May 2009

Parent and Pimp 8: Man gets life for raping daughter in New Delhi

Josef Fritzls are getting exposed by the minute. And, they are being punished for abusing a position of trust and authority.

Who will teach 'educated army officers and lawyers' about the laws of gender equality, about Child abuse (versus discipline), about not being participants of instigation or accomplices of Domestic Violence against girl-children and orphans?

CHILD ABUSE (Physical or sexual in nature) is also 'an abuse of position of power and authority'!
And, especially when the cuts and bruises have been witnessed by an entire generation of mute and brute inhuman spectators in the family.

Any comments, Shakuni mamas and Shamaila Begums?

Man gets life for raping daughter in New Delhi
14 May 2009
NEW DELHI: Upholding a trial court order, the Delhi HC on Wednesday convicted a man of raping his 10-year-old daughter and sentenced him to a life term. According to the prosecution, the accused had repeatedly raped his daughter when his wife was away for a week. 

A division bench of HC refused to show any leniency to Gurudev, who was earlier held guilty by a trial court for raping a minor and sentenced to life behind bars. The bench was particularly horrified that he had committed this crime with his daughter and added, "Gurudev is a drunkard. What rationality can one find in his action?....He has abused a position of trust. Being a father he obviously had trust and confidence. Sanctity of a social institution like family has been violated by him.'' 

According to the prosecution, Gurudev had raped his daughter in August 2001, when her mother, a housemaid, was away for a week. On her mother's return, the victim confided to her that she had been raped after which her mother lodged an FIR against her husband. 

After medical reports confirmed sexual assault, the prosecution tabled other evidences like the victim's statement, resulting in Gurudev's conviction for the crime.

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