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Thursday, 14 May 2009

Raunchy Sex slur: FIR against senior army officer in Ranchi

There is a lot going on in the army about 'stealing the affections' of a wife of a fellow brother army officer and more abuse of horny men with 'ants in pants'.

Raunchy Sex slur: FIR against senior army officer in Ranchi
13 May 2009
RANCHI: A case of attempted murder and sexual exploitation was lodged against a senior army officer posted at Namkum Cantonment by another armyman's wife at the local police station on Wednesday. 

In her complaint, Archana Mishra said Namkum Cantonment commanding officer Sharad Rastogi has been making sexual advances towards her for the last couple of months. Her husband, who is also in the army, is currently posted in Rajasthan. 

"Rastogi made several attempts to physically exploit me during the last two months in the absence of my husband D K Mishra, who is posted at Rajasthan in the 89 Armored Regiment and there is no one to protect me from the officer," said Archana while coming out of the Namkum police station after lodging the FIR. 

"When I left my house this morning I was hit from behind by a motorcycle with a defense registration number. I am sure that this was also done by Rastogi," said Archana. She has sustained face injuries and blood was oozing out of her nose. She also had a broken tooth. After lodging the FIR, she went to the local hospital for treatment. 

She also alleged that some aids of Rastogi posted at Rajasthan were pressurizing her husband. "They are trying to convince him to persuade me not to lodge the FIR as it would send a wrong message to the society. But I have decided not to keep quiet," she added. 

Namkum police station officer in charge Venkatesh confirmed that an FIR has been lodged against Rastogi. "I will take action only after investigation," said Venkatesh. Despite repeated attempts, Rastogi could not be contacted.

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