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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe 'are not biological parents of any of his children'

Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe 'are not biological parents of any of his children'
01st July 2009
The mystery surrounding Michael Jackson's children took a further twist yesterday, with reports that Debbie Rowe is not the natural mother of the oldest two.

It has long been claimed that Jackson was not the biological father of Prince Michael, now 12, and Paris, 11.

But the U.S. media yesterday suggested that Miss Rowe, 49, was also merely a surrogate.
Sources close to Jackson alleged that all three of his children were conceived outside the womb by in-vitro fertilisation.

They claimed that neither Jackson's sperm nor Miss Rowe's eggs were used.
The revelation may, in part, explain Miss Rowe's ambivalent attitude towards claiming custody of the children in the aftermath of their father's death last Thursday.
Her lawyer, Eric George, said yesterday that she would decide within the next few days whether or not she would challenge their grandmother Katherine Jackson for the right to care for them.

The latest news leaves the older children's parentage as clouded as that of their younger brother, seven-year-old Prince Michael II, better known as Blanket.

And it could mean that the children's real parents will never be known. Many IVF clinics in the U.S.

offer the option of implanting embryos formed from the egg and the sperm of anonymous donors and the identities of the biological parents remain a secret even to the couple who take the baby home.

To add to the confusion, the U.S. magazine Us Weekly is also claiming that Arnold Klein, Jackson's Los Angeles-based dermatologist and Miss Rowe's former boss, is the real father of the older children.
Klein refused to comment, but the magazine quotes a family insider as saying: 'He is the dad. He and Debbie signed an agreement saying they would never reveal the truth.' In the case of Jackson's younger son, the surrogate mother chosen to give birth to him wasn't even told that Michael Jackson was the 'receiving parent', it was claimed yesterday. According to

the website TMZ, which broke the story of the singer's death, Jackson's lawyer went to the Grossmont Hospital in San Diego three days after the baby was born and picked him up. The custody situation may be confused even further by claims that Jackson never officially adopted his three children, even though he is not their natural father.

The star never filed legal papers formalising his role as the children's guardian, apparently believing there was no third party who would try and contest him for custody.

Legal experts claim the courts would probably still consider Jackson the children's father and that Miss Rowe, who was married to the star at the time of the births, would be considered the mother unless evidence was presented to the contrary-If Debbie Rowe does challenge-the Jackson family for custody-of the two older children, then you can expect all this to come out. It could get very messy indeed.

'That may be one reason why Debbie is biding her time. She wouldn't want the children to be dragged through an ugly court battle,' said one leading Los Angeles custody lawyer.
In court papers filed on Monday, Katherine Jackson said the children 'have no relationship with their biological mother'.

In past interviews, Miss Rowe has changed her version of what occurred, saying sometimes that Jackson was the biological father of Prince Michael and Paris, and at other times that he was not.

In documents filed in a California court for a custody hearing in 2005, Miss Rowe claimed she was artificially inseminated by an anonymous sperm donor before giving birth to both children.

The documents revealed she entered into a surrogacy agreement in January 1996 for which she received £6million, a £1.6million home in Beverly Hills, plus a car, clothes and jewellery.

Jackson married Miss Rowe in November 1996, three months before Prince Michael was born. They split up soon after the birth of Paris.

She has since had scant dealings with either child and is not believed to have seen them since Jackson's death.

Monday, 29 June 2009

Surrogacy and Surrogate Mother

Read my earlier blog-posting on Fatherless Children

Surrogacy is a method of reproduction whereby a woman agrees to become pregnant and deliver a child for a contracted party. She may be the child's genetic mother (the more traditional form of surrogacy), or she may, as a gestational carrier, carry the pregnancy to delivery after having been implanted with an embryo, in some jurisdictions an illegal medical procedure.

A surrogate mother is the woman who is pregnant with the child and intends to relinquish it after birth.

The word surrogate, from Latin subrŏgare (to substitute), means appointed to act in the place of. The intended parent(s) is the individual or couple who intends to rear the child after its birth.

In traditional surrogacy (also known as the Straight method) the surrogate is pregnant with her own biological child, but this child was conceived with the intention of relinquishing the child to be raised by others such as the biological father and possibly his spouse or partner, either male or female. The child may be conceived via home artificial insemination using fresh or frozen sperm or impregnated via IUI (intrauterine insemination), or ICI (intracervical insemination) which is performed at a fertility clinic. Sperm from the male partner of the 'commissioning couple' may be used, or alternatively, sperm from a sperm donor can be used. Donor sperm will, for example, be used if the 'commissioning couple' are both female or where the child is commissioned by a single woman.

In gestational surrogacy (aka the Host method) the surrogate becomes pregnant via embryo transfer with a child of which she is not the biological mother. She may have made an arrangement to relinquish it to the biological mother or father to raise, or to a parent who is unrelated to the child (e. g. because the child was conceived using egg donation, sperm donation or is the result of a donated embryo). The surrogate mother may be called the gestational carrier.

Altruistic surrogacy is a situation where the surrogate receives no financial reward for her pregnancy or the relinquishment of the child (although usually all expenses related to the pregnancy and birth are paid by the intended parents such as medical expenses, maternity clothing, and other related expenses).

Commercial surrogacy is a form of surrogacy in which a gestational carrier is paid to carry a child to maturity in her womb and is usually resorted to by higher income infertile couples who can afford the cost involved or people who save and borrow in order to complete their dream of being parents. This procedure is legal in several countries including in India where due to high international demand and ready availability of poor surrogates it is reaching industry proportions. Commercial surrogacy is sometimes referred to by the emotionally charged and potentially offensive terms "wombs for rent", "outsourced pregnancies" or "baby farms".


Intended parents may arrange a surrogate pregnancy because of female infertility, or other medical issues which may make the pregnancy or the delivery risky. A female intending parent may also be fertile and healthy, but unwilling to undergo pregnancy.

Alternatively, the intended parent may be a single male or a single woman who is unable to bring a pregnancy to full term.


MJ's Fatherless Children and Billie Jean. Debbie Rowe: The late Michael Jackson's not the biological father of HIS children

In a shocking revelation which is a take-off on 2 Michael Jackson songs 'Billie Jean' and 'Black or White', his ex-wife Debbie Rowe has told that she was a 'SURROGATE MOTHER' to an anonymous sperm donor to hand over 'EUGENIC babies' to Michael Jackson.
Did Michael Jackson tell his story in the song 'Billie Jean'?

Billie Jean is not my lover
She's just a girl who claims that I am the one
But the kid is not my son

How will the children understand their plight as 'NOBODY'S CHILDREN'?

Who will do DNA testing to prove the biological relationship with Michael Jackson?

How do governments allow this 'Rent-a-womb', 'hire-a-sperm' quick-fix solutions to Wackos?
Read my earlier blog-posting on 'Fatherless Children'

MJ's Fatherless Children. Debbie Rowe: The late Michael Jackson's not the biological father of HIS children
June 30, 2009
JACKSON'S ex-wife Debbie Rowe claimed he was NOT the father of their two children after they split up.
During a bitter custody fight Debbie alleged in court papers that Prince Michael Jnr and Paris had a sperm donor dad.

Debbie - wed to Jackson from 1996 to 1999 - insisted she was artificially inseminated and that neither of them knew who the biological father was.

The children's paternity has often been questioned as both are light-skinned, fair-haired and have blue eyes.

But under Californian law, even if they were not biologically Jacko's he was still legally their father.

Jackson family lawyer Brian Oxman said: "They were married at the time and that means Michael is their father. No one can remove that."

The Sun revealed Debbie's allegations in 2004 after seeing court papers. She claimed she had undergone fertility treatment at a clinic in Beverly Hills, adding: "Michael knows the truth."

However in 2006, after she reached a custody agreement with Jackson, she changed her mind and claimed they were conceived naturally.

Debbie, now 50 and living on an isolated ranch in California, is said to be planning a new bid for custody of Prince, 12, and Paris, 11.

She first signed away her parental rights in 2001 when she was given £1.2million, a house in Beverly Hills and a car.

But after Jackson's arrest in 2003 she launched a battle for "temporary exclusive custody", in the course of which she made her artificial insemination claims.

Jackson's third child Prince Michael II, who is known as Blanket, was born to a surrogate mother. She has never been named.

------------Billie Jean lyrics----------
She was more like a beauty queen from a movie scene
I said don't mind, but what do you mean I am the one
Who will dance on the floor in the round
She said I am the one, who will dance on the floor in the round

She told me her name was Billie Jean, as she caused a scene
Then every head turned with eyes that dreamed of being the one
Who will dance on the floor in the round

People always told me be careful of what you do
And don't go around breaking young girls' hearts
And mother always told me be careful of who you love
And be careful of what you do 'cause the lie becomes the truth

Billie Jean is not my lover
She's just a girl who claims that I am the one
But the kid is not my son
She says I am the one, but the kid is not my son

For forty days and for forty nights
The law was on her side
But who can stand when she's in demand
Her schemes and plans
'Cause we danced on the floor in the round
So take my strong advice, just remember to always think twice
(Do think twice)

She told my baby we'd danced till three, then she looked at me
Then showed a photo my baby cried his eyes were like mine (oh, no!)
'Cause we danced on the floor in the round, baby

People always told me be careful of what you do
And don't go around breaking young girls' hearts
She came and stood right by me
Then the smell of sweet perfume
This happened much too soon
She called me to her room

Billie Jean is not my lover
She's just a girl who claims that I am the one
But the kid is not my son

Billie Jean is not my lover
She's just a girl who claims that I am the one
But the kid is not my son
She says I am the one, but the kid is not my son

She says I am the one, but the kid is not my son
Billie Jean is not my lover
She's just a girl who claims that I am the one
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Billie Jean is not my lover
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Billie Jean is
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Billie Jean is not my lover
Billie Jean is not my lover

Billie Jean is
Billie Jean is

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Woman throws 9 year old fatherless maid (Child labourer) out of house in Delhi

Action can be taken against Women who throw out fatherless Child labourers.
Who will protect Legitimate Fatherless Children from the viles of their own abusive mothers?

Read my blog-posting about a 9 year old Legitimate Fatherless Child being thrown out of her own house by her own abusive mother, from the derivatives of her late father's estate:
Any comments from legitimate guardians of Morality and Justice?

Woman throws 9 year old fatherless maid (Child labourer) out of house in Delhi
29 Jun 2009
LUCKNOW: Insensitive behaviour of a woman left a 9-year-old girl wandering alone on the roads of the state capital here on Sunday. An innocent looking Pooja had been working as maid in a house in sector 18 of Indiranagar for the past few months. The house belongs to one Ajay Srivastava. On Sunday, Ajay's wife Beena pushed the girl out of the house after latter girl cried for her mother who lives in Gonda.

What was even more inhuman was that Beena, according to Pooja, made her write a statement on paper that they would not be responsible if anything happens to Pooja after being taken out of the house.

"I don't have father. My mother who came to meet me from Gonda left yesterday. I wanted to go back with her and started crying for my mother. This was not liked by Beena and after taking a written statement from me, she pushed me out of the house," Pooja said.

Since Pooja is not familiar with the city she wandered alone on the roads and had it not not been for a passerby the girl would not have reached the Childline.

"I had no idea where to go. All I knew was that I wanted to meet my mother in Gonda and was walking alone when a man in Alambagh met me and after asking my problem took me to the Alambagh police station," added a sad Pooja.

Alambagh police later informed the people in Chilren's line who have now contacted the girl's family in Gonda and would be sending her to them. When asked if a complaint in the case would be lodged against Srivastavas, police said that only if someone lodges a complaint that the girl had been employed as a child labour, which is not permissible under law, then action could be initiated against Beena Srivastava.

Widow woman stabbed 15 times by brother in Rajkot for eloping with new husband

Widow woman stabbed 15 times by brother in Rajkot for eloping with new husband
28 Jun 2009
RAJKOT: A woman was mercilessly stabbed to death by her brother in Bhistivad slums of the city on Saturday morning. The reason was that she eloped and married a man who belonged to another religion.

According to officials of Pradyuman Nagar police station, Nazira Kaida, 34, was stabbed 15 times in the stomach and chest by Nasir Menu, her brother. Nazira died before the ambulance was called in by the neighbours, who were alerted by her cries.

Incidentally, Menu had been released from jail just a month ago for beating to death Ashok Solanki, the man his sister had eloped with. Menu served time with his three brothers, who too had been involved in beating Solanki.

According to officials, Nazira a widow with a son had come to live with her mother, Hajra Menu a few years ago. She fell in love with Ashok Solanki, a tenant living in the neighbourhood and eloped with him. Nazira's brothers hunted them down and beat Solanki in confinement. The four brothers were caught and convicted. However, when Nasir returned home and found Nazira living with them, he tried to kill her. After an attempt to burn her to death 12 days ago, he succeeded on Saturday morning.

15-yr-old raped by father, mother files complaint in Ahmedabad, India

15-yr-old raped by father, mother files complaint in Ahmedabad, India
28 Jun 2009
AHMEDABAD : A 15-year-old girl was raped by her father in Daskroi, according to a complaint lodged by her mother on Saturday. The accused was nabbed on Saturday from his house and sent for a medical examination.

According to police, the father was allegedly drunk and alone in the house with his daughter when he raped her at 10 am on Thursday. The girl's mother, who works as a housemaid was out on work.

Officials of Sarkhej police station said, the victim belongs to a labourer family, which migrated from Amrawati in Maharashtra to Daskroi. They have been living at Gota Housing scheme since last three years.

"When her mother returned, the girl complained to her. Enraged, the woman attacked her husband. When she started fighting, he fled from the scene. The woman then lodged a complaint, following which the accused was nabbed from near Gota on Saturday," said a Sarkhej police station official.

Both the girl and the accused underwent medical examination on Saturday, results of which will be used as corroborative evidence in the case, the official added. The couple, married for 24 years, has five childrenfour boys and one girl.

Friday, 26 June 2009

Motherless (and now Fatherless):What now for the three Motherless children Michael Jackson leaves behind?

It is a wierd family situation which the late Michael Jackson brought up 3 MOTHERLESS children in the world.
Is the Father a person or just a tissue (sperm)?
Is the Mother a person or just a tissue (Ovum hosted by a womb)?
Serious Ethical issues have to be considered in Single parent families.

Motherless (and now Fatherless):What now for the three Motherless children Michael Jackson leaves behind?
26th June 2009
The death of Michael Jackson is likely to spark a massive legal battle over how much of his fortune - what is left of it - goes to his three children.

The singer was pronounced dead aged 50 at a hospital in Los Angeles last night. He was taken there in a coma following his collapse at home.

Jackson is survived by Prince Michael, 12, Paris, 11, and seven-year-old Prince Michael II, known as Blanket.
It is not yet known who will take care of them, but a source close to his family said his ex-wife Debbie Rowe is expected to receive initial custody while long-term arrangements are sorted out.

Nor is it clear what their financial situation will be. Although Jackson ranked alongside the Beatles and Elvis Presley in terms of his earnings, in recent years he had amassed huge debts of an estimated $60million (£36million).

He had planned a series of comeback concerts at London's O2 Arena, which would have cleared his debts.

Prince Michael and Paris were the product of Jackson's second marriage to Rowe, a nurse, in 1996.

After the couple divorced in 1999, Jackson took on sole responsibility for their children's upbringing.
There was some controversy surrounding the move and questions were asked as to whether Rowe would receive access rights.

Jackson took an unusual approach to protecting them from the media glare by covering their faces.

His third child, Prince Michael II, was born to a mystery surrogate mother he never even met.
In 2002, Jackson caused a public outcry by dangling the baby - referred to as 'Blanket' - out of a third-floor hotel balcony in front of the world's press. He later said he regretted the incident.

Earlier this month, Jackson was photographed with his two older children in Los Angeles.
The public were given a rare glimpse of their unmasked faces as they walked across a recording studio.

Later, when they realised there was an audience, they donned feathered pink and green masks.

Despite accusations that the fair-skinned boy and girl were not his biological children, the singer always insisted they were biologically his.

During his infamous 2003 interview with Martin Bashir, Jackson said: 'I used a surrogate mother (for Blanket) and my own sperm cells. I had my own sperm cells in my other two children. They are all my children.'

Jackson died after collapsing at his home. He stopped breathing and suffered a massive cardiac arrest, although the exact circumstances of his death are unknown.

Paramedics failed to revive the 50 year-old and he was taken to hospital in a coma where he was pronounced dead, according to medical sources in the city and family friends.
He had reportedly been very frail in recent weeks as he struggled to prepare for 50 concerts in London, which were due to start on July 13.

Jackson was seen being taken into an ambulance by Los Angeles Fire Department paramedics and moved to the UCLA Medical Centre, according to celebrity website TMZ.

The Los Angeles Times reported that the star was not breathing when paramedics arrived at his home.

When emergency staff arrived, they were forced to begin resuscitation procedures immediately.

Ten bodyguards followed the ambulance to hospital where the star was rushed into the emergency room on a stretcher.

Doctors again tried to revive him, but attempts failed.

Jackson, who had not performed since the 1990s, saw his career and popularity plummet after a child abuse scandal four years ago.

Despite being cleared by a California court over allegations he had abused young boys on sleep-overs at his home, he never recovered from the negative press attention.

He left the Neverland Ranch and after stays in Bahrain and Europe returned to the US where he faced near bankruptcy.

Jackson was described as a 'millionaire who spends like a billionaire'.

The cash-strapped star was also reduced to selling treasures from his Neverland ranch.

Thursday, 25 June 2009

22-yr-old alleges gangrape by relatives in New Delhi

Relatives and Predators is a deadly combination. It's getting boring to see people like Fritzl all the time.
22-yr-old alleges gangrape by relatives in New Delhi
25 Jun 2009
NEW DELHI: A 22-year-old married woman mother of two has alleged that she was gangraped by her three distant relatives at her east Delhi residence on Tuesday evening. The shocking incident, reported from Bholanath Nagar area near Farsh Bazar, comes to light a day after a mob went on the rampage damaging a police station following allegation of gangrape against policemen.

An case under section IPC 376 (rape) and 506 (criminal intimidation) has been lodged at the Farsh Bazar police station. "We have constituted four teams to nab the accused. The victims' medical report has confirmed rape,'' said Anand Mohan, DCP, east district.

According to the police, the accused Mukesh, a distant nephew of the victim, and Subhas and Rakesh, her distant brother-in-laws are in their early twenties and were close friends of the victim's husband from his native village in Bulandshar district of UP.

DCP Mohan said the accused went to the victim's residence around 7pm on the pretext of meeting her husband. "In her complaint, she has claimed that she allowed them in because the accused said that they had come to return Rs 600 they had taken from her husband. As they were frequent visitors to her place, the victim did not object and even invited them for a cup of tea. But they raped her one by one for over one hour,'' said a senior police officer.

Her husband, who is employed with an export company in Patparjang Industrial area, had gone to Muradnagar for some work on Tuesday morning and it seems that the accused knew about this, the officer added.

Once her husband returned home around 11pm, she narrated the incident to him. Her husband claimed that his wife was crying. "She told me about the incident. I immediately informed the police,'' he said.

"They raped me and threatened me of dire consequences if I made noise. They even threatened to murder my husband if I revealed the incident to him,'' the victim alleged in her statement.

"The woman informed us that accused Rakesh even stayed along with her family a couple of years before he quit the same firm in which the victim's husband is presently employed,'' said an officer.

Martyr's wife loses Rs 11 Lakh as bank sends kin her ATM card in Katihar

It is shocking when a Widow (and orphans) gets cheated of BLOOD MONEY of the untimely death of her husband, and that too by Blood (or Bloody) relatives.
Instead of empathy, there are vultures from both in-laws and relatives who are eyeing the Personal assets of departed husbands.

Martyr's wife loses Rs 11 Lakh as bank sends kin her ATM card in Katihar
25 Jun 2009
KATIHAR: The widow of martyred cop Jitendra Mandal, who was killed in a Maoist operation at Kauakaul village in Nawada district in February this year, learned it the hard way.

Ranjana Devi got a cheque for Rs 11,63,572 from the government after her husband was felled in the Naxal attack. She deposited the same in the Mirchaibari branch of State Bank of India in Bihar's Katihar district town on March 15 this year.

On Tuesday, she turned up at the bank for withdrawing money but, to her horror, found that a sum of over Rs 11 lakh had been withdrawn through ATM over the months. This despite the fact that she neither ever applied for an ATM card nor has got one.

SBI’s Mirchaibari branch manager S I Hussaini said on Wednesday the widow’s ‘bhaisur’ (elder brother of husband) has been identified as the main suspect.

The ATM card, issued in the name of Ranjana, was delivered at her in-laws’ place though she had by then shifted to her parents’ home. Police have already arrested the martyred cop’s two brothers.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Predatory Serial Bigamist fools 5 'husbands' in UK while in existing marriages

Ashley Baker is only too familiar with the old saying about marrying in haste, for he was certainly repenting at leisure within hours of tying the knot with his not-so-blushing bride, Emily Horne.
Serial Bigamist fools 5 'husbands' in UK while in exiting marriages
24th June 2009
Indeed, no sooner had they boarded their honeymoon train to Scotland following their register office wedding and celebratory Chinese buffet lunch than his post-nuptial glow had dimmed to a ghostly pallor. And for very good reason.

Snuggled up in their seats, 30-year-old Emily, in a rather poorly timed and belated display of honesty, confessed to Ashley that their marriage was a sham. Then - just in case he didn’t believe her - she whipped out a sheaf of newspaper cuttings to prove it.
As he flicked through the cuttings - chief among them being the disgruntled outpourings of her previous, duped ‘husbands’ - Emily told Ashley that their marriage was, in fact, illegal. She even revealed she’d been jailed for six months for bigamy in 2004.

Ashley, to his horror, realised that far from being her one and only, he was in fact ‘husband’ number five - and she hadn’t divorced any of the other four. All this Emily had neglected to tell him as they raced to Chadderton Town Hall in their jeans and T-shirts in a great haste to get married.
‘I was in love with the girl, but she played me for a fool,’ said salesman Ashley, 25, who met Horne in Rochdale in May 2007, and who now lives with his parents near Oldham.

She told me she had womb cancer and that she was really ill. I believed her - and we decided to get married.

‘It was after the ceremony that she told me she’d been to prison and took out the newspaper cuttings. She said the marriage was real in her heart - and that was all that mattered.’

Which was just as well, because only Emily’s first marriage was legal. She’d never bothered with the troublesome matter of divorce as she embarked on her subsequent wedding spree with a string of unsuspecting suitors.

This week, however, it all came back to haunt the former Leeds University student turned glamour model and Xrated movie actress, who now faces a second spell in jail after pleading guilty to bigamy at Manchester Crown Court this week.
The daughter of a retired Army major - or so she claimed on one of her marriage certificates - Horne is clearly a troubled young woman. She gave up her physics and electronics degree to work first as a barmaid and chef, then as a glamour model and escort.

She was variously known to her ‘husbands’, boyfriends and colleagues as Emily Horne (her real name), Emily Lecount and Amileannya Carmichael.

Before Monday’s hearing, Horne, of Kingswinford in the West Midlands, said that she was receiving treatment for bipolar disorder, adding: ‘I had a bit of a wild youth and I did some glamour modelling to help pay my way as a student - I won’t be the first person to have done that.

‘I genuinely regret causing any hurt to the men I married, but I am trying to put it all behind me now.’

Try telling that to Ashley Baker, who would like to put it behind him, too. That, however, is not so easy, considering he still has the tattoo bearing his beloved’s name which was inked on his neck as testament to their love.

‘I’m going to have to get that covered up,’ he says, not without understatement - and rather swiftly, one would imagine, considering he has a new girlfriend.

Horne's latest bigamous marriage, in 2007, became apparent to the authorities after she made a false allegation of assault to police against hubby number five, who, bizarrely, stuck with his ‘wife’ for ten volatile months - despite her honeymoon revelation - because he wanted to believe the marriage was indeed real ‘in her heart’.

‘I was shocked when she told me our marriage was illegal, but I went along with it because I loved her and I thought she had cancer,’ said Mr Baker. ‘I agreed to go along with the charade.’

Of the assault allegation, he adds: ‘It was nonsense. She then told the police about her bigamy because she knew I would. I’m just relieved now it’s all over. I’m moving on with my life and have a new girlfriend.’

At least Ashley Baker can comfort himself with the thought that he wasn’t the only man Horne - who, in the judgment of a former friend, just ‘likes wedding cake and dresses’ - has conned.

Indeed, the judge at her 2004 trial at Ipswich Crown Court branded her ‘a very predatory female’.

Deep insecurity

Even her first legal husband, former soldier Paul Rigby, now 30, whom she married the day after her 18th birthday in December 1996 at York Register Office, had reason to be aggrieved.

They first met when they were both pupils at Millthorpe High School in York, where she was remembered as a ‘bright and breezy good-looker with nice big sparkly eyes and a happy, smiley face’.

Outward appearances, it would seem, betrayed a deep insecurity: she would later tell lovers that her parents’ ‘acrimonious’ break-up when she was young, followed by her father’s remarriage, had left her deeply unhappy and craving security.

Paul Rigby appeared to offer just that. The pair started a whirlwind romance while Paul, a soldier in the Royal Irish Regiment, was on leave from the Army, and they married just weeks later.

‘I was quite smitten,’ he recalls. ‘She manipulated me. She did all the running. We were both standing there looking out the window at her place and she said: “Let’s get married”. I said: “Why not?” ’

But ‘Let’s get married is a phrase Horne has rather overused since then, to an array of love-struck men intoxicated by her mix of intelligence and - as several have attested - brazen, uninhibited sexuality.
‘She looked the bees knees on her wedding day,’ Mr Rigby continues. ‘She wore a black dress with flowers, and a lacy thing over her head. Now I think it’s a pity it didn’t go round her neck.’

When Paul Rigby was posted abroad, he wrote regularly to his sexy young bride - who was apparently rather adventurous both in the bedroom and out of it. But when he returned five months later, it was to find she’d left him and disappeared.

Mr Rigby would have loved to divorce Horne, especially when he moved to Northern Ireland five years ago and started a new relationship, but could not find his wife to serve the papers on her.

In Horne’s mind, apparently, Paul Rigby was history and she never even mentioned his existence to husband number two, bank worker Sean Cunningham, whom she met in 1998 when she worked behind the bar at a bowling alley.
She suggested getting married within two weeks of moving in with him, and they tied the knot at Leeds Register Office in February 1999 after she issued him with an ultimatum and then presented him with a ring box in front of friends and work colleagues.

Mr Cunningham, now 43, recalls: ‘When I opened it, there was an engagement ring inside and next to it a note saying: “You know what to do with it.” To say I was shocked is an understatement. We’d only known each other two minutes. I did think it was moving a bit too fast, but I was in love with her.’

Within weeks of their marriage, however, Horne had accepted a job offer to work as a chef in Norway and left their terrace house in Leeds. When she returned six weeks later, the sparkle had already gone out of the relationship and Mr Cunningham suspected she’d met someone else.

Enter Norwegian electrician Leif-Arne Dalsplass, now aged 45, who narrowly escaped becoming another of her victims when he was dumped after - sensibly in the circumstances - he refused to marry quite as quickly as Horne wanted.

Mr Dalsplass, divorced with two children, had a five-month affair with Horne, unaware she was ‘married’ to Sean Cunningham, whom she would regularly flit back to the UK to see.

‘She suggested marriage and kept saying it would give her security,’ he says. ‘But I wasn’t really ready for a new marriage so soon, which is something she really didn’t like. Almost immediately, she just began fading away.

‘She said nothing, but went home for Christmas and just stopped calling me. I tried to reach her, but I realised after a couple of months that she was never coming back.’

With her foreign affair over, Horne returned to Sean and declared undying love. Within weeks, however, she told him she was leaving him for his friend Simon Thorpe - the man who’d given Horne away at their wedding.

Web of lies

Clearly lining him up to be hubby number three, she had secured a proposal within four months. But Simon was in no mood to rush down the aisle, already suspicious aboutsome of the tales Horne liked to spin.

For not only did she falsely tell him that her sister had died from a drugs overdose (he later found out she was at university), she also claimed to have given birth as a teenager to a baby who was then adopted.

She also told the other men in her life a whole series of whoppers. According to husband number one, she claimed that after leaving him she’d given birth to his daughter, who died from meningitis aged seven months.

Leif-Arne Dalsplass, meanwhile, recalls being told by Horne that she’d given birth to his child, too.

On marriage certificates, she has variously described her father as a retired Army major, a postman and a computer programmer.

Her elastic relationship with the truth also embraced matters of her health, falsely claiming to two ex-lovers that she had HIV and to another that she had cancer.

Simon Thorpe, now aged 39, a retail credit officer at a High Street bank, says: ‘When I met her, she was so lively and pretty. We clicked immediately. As a history graduate, I was thrilled that she was such an intellectual.

‘She had an intoxicating mix of intellect and sexiness that was quite unique. I refused her demands for a rushed marriage. I wanted a long courtship and a stable relationship before we had our wedding.’
In fact, Simon was engaged to Horne for two years, during which time - unknown to him - she secretly married two further men.

‘Now, I’m just grateful I didn’t become husband number three,’ he says. ‘I’ve seen how traumatised and humiliated the other men have been by her.’

Then, in October 2000 - while still wearing Simon’s emerald engagement ring - Horne met hubby number three, website designer Chris Barrett, now aged 30, from Rotherham, South Yorkshire, on a bus.

‘When we met, she was wearing a rather expensive engagement ring and claimed to have a fiancè,’ he recalls.

‘We started a relationship and she told me she had ended the engagement. We moved into a flat in Leeds and she suggested we get married.’

They married in December 2000, less than three months after meeting.

Two husbands in one house

Newly married, Horne could hardly take Chris back to live with her and fiancè Simon, so she suggested they move in with husband number two, Sean Cunningham, whom she described to Chris Barrett as a ‘friend’ who was struggling emotionally.

A bizarre set-up to say the least. Chris says: ‘Looking back, I should have realised something was not quite right, but I was infatuated. She was manipulative - but I was besotted.’

When a letter arrived at the house addressed to Mrs E Cunningham, Mr Barrett confronted Horne, who confessed she was still ‘married’ to Sean Cunningham, whom she’d sworn to secrecy about their marriage.

‘She was so manipulative that she convinced both myself and Sean that everything was fine,’ says Mr Barrett. ‘She played mind games, but it was becoming plain the marriage was a sham, even though I loved her.’

In fact, not only was Horne - according to Chris Barrett - sleeping with both him and Sean Cunningham, she also flirted outrageously with his friends and started working as a £200-a-night strippagram, although he started to fear her job involved more than just taking her clothes off when BMWs and other ‘posh cars’ started dropping her home.

Three months after their wedding, in February 2001, Horne abruptly moved out, leaving heartbroken husbands two and three to console each other.

Mr Barrett went to West Yorkshire police, but Horne escaped with a caution for two offences of bigamy. Not that she let this put her off marrying husband number four, 34-year-old train guard James Matthews, in March 2002, having also dumped her unsuspecting fiancè Simon Thorpe.

He’d bought wholesale her claims that when she wasn’t with him, she was working away or staying with friends - when, in reality, she was living with husbands two and three.

Not that any of them mattered any more once she had set eyes on James Matthews. She had met him on a train just one month before their wedding and moved into his Victorian terrace home in Ipswich.

She proposed by text message, but within a week of their wedding she confessed that she was still married to her third ‘husband’.

Horne then left him heartbroken after just four months when she moved in with one of his friends. It was reported this week that when Horne refused Mr Matthews’s pleas to return to him, he tipped off the police.

Appearing at Ipswich Crown Court in January 2004 under the name Amileannya Carmichael, she pleaded guilty to bigamy and was jailed for six months. A psychiatric report at the time claimed Horne suffered from a personality disorder which made her alternate between ‘periods of excitement and depression’.

The report said her parents divorced when she was a child and suggested she was seeking to ‘compensate for the failings of her unloving parents by seeking love and security in marriage’.

Released from jail in 2004, you might have thought Horne had learned her lesson - or at least have secured a divorce from her first husband to enable her to marry again legally. Or perhaps she prefers marriage of the illegal variety, so she can simply walk away once the excitement has gone.

Whatever the truth, Ashley Baker was the unfortunate chap to fall under Emily Horne’s spell to become husband number five. Once Emily Horne is sentenced on July 27, the question surely must be: will her punishment be enough to prevent her taking hubby number six before very much longer?

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Elisabeth Fritzl stops psychiatric therapy,because her love affair with bodyguard is best therapy

Love can change many things, and especially UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

Elisabeth Fritzl stops psychiatric therapy,because her love affair with bodyguard is best therapy
23 June 2009
Austrian incest victim Elisabeth Fritzl has stopped her psychiatric therapy – with the approval of her doctors – because her love affair with her bodyguard has proved to be the best medicine of all.
Elisabeth, 43, fell for Thomas W., 14 years her junior, when he was assigned to guard her and the six children she bore by her rapist father shortly after she was freed from a secret dungeon where she was imprisoned for 24 years.
Now her doctors say their relationship has worked miracles on her shattered psyche. She has given up long sessions on the couch, aimed at neutralising the painful memories of the 3,000 rapes she endured during her incarceration.
Elisabeth was diagnosed with chronic post traumatic stress disorder following her release from the dungeon her 74-year-old father Josef carved out beneath the family home.
She bore seven children alone in the darkness, and watched one of them die because her gaoler would not get medical help for him. She suffered beatings, sexual perversions, plagues of rats, long periods without power, biting cold, stifling heat, near starvation and the constant fear that she and her secret family would die alone in their dungeon.
The PTSD she suffered would result in blackouts, nightmares during daylight hours, terrible flashbacks to the cellar and all its horrors.
But now her love affair – Thomas has moved into the house she shares with her six children in a small Austrian village – has brought about the kind of miracle cure usually only seen in Hollywood movies.
One of her psychiatric carers said: “This is vivid proof of the power of love being the strongest force in the world. With the approval of her doctors she has ceased psychiatric therapies while she gets on with her life – learning to drive, helping her children with their homework, making friends with people in her locality.
“She lost the best years of her life in that cellar; she is determined that every day remaining to her will be filled with activity.”
Thomas is the only consenting relationship Elisabeth has had with a man since her kidnap in 1984. Elisabeth was just 18 when she was drugged with ether by her convicted-rapist father and imprisoned in the clandestine warren he constructed beneath the family home in Amstetten, two hours from Vienna.
Freed by her father in April last year after her 19-year-old daughter Kerstin fell gravely ill in the cellar, her children are said to have “bonded well” with Thomas. Kerstin and her brother Stefan were two of the three cellar children who spent their entire lives underground. Three other children were taken out of the dungeon and raised by Fritzl and his wife Rosemarie.
Both Kerstin, 20, and Stefan, 19, still undergo many hours of therapy each week. They sleep in rooms where doors are permanently open and are encouraged by their carers to slowly and carefully talk about their experiences in the hope that by mentally revisiting the cellar they can slowly eliminate the traumas they suffered there.
Fritzl, sentenced to life imprisonment for his crimes in March this year, has tried to contact his wife and the six children he fathered with her, but they have refused to take his calls.
He still harbours a dream of writing a book about his perverted love for Elisabeth, the proceeds of which he says he will donate to her and his incest children.

Charges filed in Mira Road incest in Mumbai

The shocking story of Incest, Tantric (or pseudo-Tantric) practices and leading children in the path of immorality is gripping.
Oppression, Suppression, Bondage starts with the Prelude "A Hug and a Kiss". Or is it straight away Raw rape?

Charges filed in Mira Road incest in Mumbai
23 Jun 2009
MIRA ROAD: The 100-plus-page chargesheet filed by the police in the Mira Road incest case has accused the victim's father, Kishore Chauhan, and family astrologer Hasmukh Rathod of rape. The girl's mother, Anjana, has been charged with abetment.

The case came to light earlier this year after the older of the two Mira Road sisters charged her own father and the family astrologer with raping her for over nine years. Her younger sister had also been raped by Rathod once at his Andheri residence last year, the elder sister said, prompting her to complain to her maternal uncle.

The bail application of the accused will be heard on June 29.

The sisters lodged a complaint with the Mira Road police on March 18. They are now residing with their uncle.

Rathod had advised Kishore to have sexual relations with his elder daughter in order to prosper in life, it had been alleged. Rathod himself also sexually abused the girl over the years.

Centre may examine Shiney Ahuja case for labour law violation

The services provided by the maidservant (under duress) did not match the 'Job Description' of the domestic chores.
Such acts should come under Workplace harassment and Sexual harassment laws. Why don't the regulatory bodies act immediately on notice of such cases, instead of waiting for paper-work and FORWARDED THROUGH THE PROPER CHANNEL.

Centre may examine Shiney Ahuja case for labour law violation
22 Jun 2009
NEW DELHI: Labour minister Mallikarjun Kharge on Monday said his department could examine actor Shiney Ahuja's alleged rape of his maid for violation of labour laws if a complaint was sent to it.

Speaking after inaugurating the South Asia sub-regional liaison office of the International Social Security Association (ISSA), the minister said, "We will examine the case if a complaint is sent to us."

Asked if he saw any labour law violation in the case, he said, "If the case is sent to the labour department, we will examine whether it violated labour laws."

Asked what steps the ministry was taking to revitalize the employment sector, Kharge said the government was executing skill development programmes to improve efficiency of the workforce and was also setting up new ITIs to promote employment.

Kharge said ISSA would increase cooperation among South Asian countries and help in solving common problems. According to ISSA secretary general Hans Horst Konkolewskey, the association has active members in 144 countries and runs nearly 344 social security schemes.

Monday, 22 June 2009

Child falls to death after mom dangles him from roof in Kolkata

Child falls to death after mom dangles him from roof in Kolkata
23 Jun 2009
KOLKATA: An eight-year-old boy died after he slipped from the hands of his mother from the roof of a three-storey building in Ultadanga on Monday morning. Sankar Jana's mother Panchi was trying to punish her son for disobeying her when she lost the grip and the child fell to his death.

Sankar, who stayed in a nearby slum, was playing with his friends at the rooftop of railway quarters in Dakhindari in Ultadanga on Monday morning. An hour later, Panchi came to the roof and asked Sankar to stop playing. Sankar is said to have refused to listen to her.

"Our interrogation revealed that when the boy refused, Panchi allegedly took him to a corner of the roof and hung him from the rooftop. However, Sankar accidentally slipped from her hands and fell on the ground below," said an officer from Ultadanga police station.

A severely injured Sankar was rushed to RG Kar Medical College and Hospital, where he was declared brought dead. "He died of profuse bleeding and acute injury in brain" said a doctor from the hospital.

Officers from the police station later reached Sankar's house to probe the case. Though they detained Panchi for questioning, she was in a state of shock and could not give her statement. "We were compelled to release her as she was traumatized due to the death of her son. She fainted while giving her statement," the officer added.

11-yr-old raped by father in Mumbai

It is shocking when abusers and accomplices try to BLAME the victim of abuse, by claiming that they are mentally deranged.
It is an unfortunate that Abusers (of all types-physical, sexual, neglect, deprivation) are themselves deranged, and in need of urgent help.

11-yr-old raped by father in Mumbai
23 Jun 2009
MUMBAI: While the Shiney Ahuja case made headlines within hours of the incident, an 11-year-old girl's complaint that her father had been raping her for the last three years went unreported.

The girl was taken to Sion hospital on Friday by her aunt in whom she had confided after being raped violently by her father earlier in the day. A medical examination of the girl, who complained of pain and burning sensation in her private parts, showed that she had been sexually assaulted.

"The initial gynaecological examinations leaned towards a fresh sexual assault,'' said a source. "The girl's history was taken by the psychiatry registrar in the presence of the paediatric registrar,'' the source added.

However, the aunt, who was accompanied by the mother of the victim, got cold feet when the chief medical officer (CMO) on duty told her that admitting the girl would amount to a police complaint. In fact, the CMO told them to go away.

However, when the shift changed, the next CMO tried to persuade them to give a statement to the police. The victim's mother was against it and instead started saying that the girl was mentally ill and was not raped at all.

"The mother of the victim alleged that the girl had been mentally ill ever since she got a head injury in an accident three years ago,'' the source said. Eventually, the mother and aunt took the girl away.

Dean of Sion Hospital Sandhya Kamat confirmed the incident but said, "We cannot give any details of the case as it will be a breach of medical ethics.'' She refused to say whether the hospital had filed a police case, citing the same reason.

Doctors say it is binding on any hospital to report such cases to the police. "In any such case, the doctor is either supposed to phone the police or send them a note,'' said Dr Lalit Kapoor who heads the medico-legal cell of the Association of Medical Consultants.

5 arrested for luring bachelors into false marriages in Rajkot

Luring, honey traps and fraudsters is an old game.

5 arrested for luring bachelors into false marriages in Rajkot
22 Jun 2009
RAJKOT: Five fraudsters, including a woman posing as a bride, were arrested from a marriage venue at Kothariya on Sunday. This gang, hailing from Vapi taluka of Valsad district, duped several prospective grooms into false marriages. The arrests were made after a tip-off of one such duped groom. 

According to Rajkot (taluka) police, the gang took money to arrange the alliance right up to the ceremony. The bride then lived with the husband for a few months before flee taking away with ornaments and cash. Police have booked these five under IPC 420, 406 and 114 and will present them in the court for remand on Sunday evening. 

Officials of taluka police who went to Kothariya said, they were intimated of the marriage by Manish Dobariaya of Rajaram society on Sant Kabir road. Manish married Bhoomika alias Vijata Khandare a year ago. For this marriage, he was approached by Chaya Patel of Vapi, to whom he paid Rs 40,000. Dobariaya got married and Bhoomika lived with him for six months, before disappearing one night. 

According to Dobariaya, she went and got married to a youth from Kutch some months ago and fled from there as well. From both houses, she stole ornaments and cash. 

"Manish got information that the same woman was to get married to Mukesh Patel of Kothariya and alerted police. We reached the venue and caught her red-handed," said Narmada Savaniya, police sub-inspector of taluka police. Police found that the gang had charged Rs 1 lakh from Patel for this marriage. 

"Police also Bhoomika's accomplices, Ramesh Dhakal, Juvli Mangal, Parul Babu and Parul's husband Pravin, all hailing from Vapi, who were also attending the marriage," said Savaniya. Chaya Patel, the woman who arranged Dobariaya's marriage is also in custody of Gandhigram police. Gandhigram police took custody of her from Surat police, who had caught her some time ago on a similar offence. 

"This gang has been systematically operating and taking advantage of people who want to get married. We are looking for couple of members of this gang, who have cheated people like this in the past," said Savaniya.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Husband and Pimp: Guard in USA Secret Nuclear labs pimped wife on Craigslist:Police say husband encouraged acts to "pay bills"

Picture: "Miss Red" Elizabeth McCannon and Husband/Pimp Richard McCannon

Husbands and Pimps ---2 Stories
It starts out with " A Hug and a kiss" for strangers and acquaintances. Then it moves to Paedophilia, and selling own wife, daughter and finally to entities!

Story 1--------------------Husband and Pimp 1-------
Guard in USA Secret Nuclear labs pimped wife on Craigslist:Police say husband encouraged acts to "pay bills"
Tuesday, 16 Jun 2009
ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) - A man given the responsibility of protecting one of America's top nuclear labs is accused of prostituting his wife through Craigslist.

Some of the country's most guarded secrets sit behind the walls at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

One of the men asked to guard them, Christopher Anaya, is accused of taking part in a sleazy operation involving his own wife—Edonila Anaya.

In July 2008, Albuquerque Police Department vice detectives spotted a posting on Craigslist titled "Lustful Latina." The posting had a picture of Edonila showing her breasts.

Officers set up a sting operation at the Grand Albuquerque Hotel near Yale and arranged a meeting with Edonila.

Police said she was arrested after she showed up and agreed to perform sex acts with the undercover officer.

They also said she quickly implicated her husband.

"During the course of the arrest, she offered that he was an officer and they followed up and learned that Christopher Anaya apparently had produced the ad online on Craigslist and the grand jury alleges that he delivered her and solicited patrons for her," Spokesperson for the District Attorney Pat Davis said.

The grand jury handed down a two count indictment against Christopher Anaya Monday morning. He faces one count of promoting prostitution and of one count of conspiracy.

The District Attorney's Office said it has already pursued charges of prostitution against Edonila, but they said the investigation showed her husband was really the mastermind behind the prostitution plot.

"In this case, APD alleges in the investigation that he asked her and encouraged her to do this to pay bills," Davis said.

Media went to the Anaya's home Monday to seek comment, but no one answered the door.

Media also contacted LANL about the status of Christopher Anaya's employment. The private company that runs the guard unit confirmed that he was no longer employed, but would not say if he quit or was fired.

Story 2--------------Husband and Pimp 2---------
13 April 2009
According to Winder police, several anonymous tips lead them to a Craigslist ad the couple had allegedly posted offering erotic-related services. Investigators contacted Elizabeth, who was listed in the ad as Miss Red, and scheduled an appointment to meet her.

The undercover officer met Elizabeth at her home on Cedar Grove Trail at about 7:00 p.m. that evening while Winder Police and the Barrow County Sheriff’s Office stood ready to assist.

After the officer and the suspect agreed to a sex deal, authorities entered the home and took Elizabeth and her husband Richard into custody.

Elizabeth McCannon was charged with prostitution and keeping a place of prostitution. Richard McCannon was charged with pimping, party to a crime of prostitution and keeping a place of prostitution.

Now, single men hire wombs in Gujarat to become fathers!

It is shocking how Surrogacy in booming in Gujarat with no check mechanisms, ethical guidelines, ethics committee approval, and regulatory approval.
The purpose of Families as we know it now, is being defeated (with a balanced role by mother and father united by a covenant of marriage).
Now, single men hire wombs in Gujarat to become fathers!
21 Jun 2009
AHMEDABAD: Motherhood makes a woman complete. Now, single men too are staking claim to complete manhood by becoming a parent! 
Surrogate capital Anand, where infertility specialist Dr Naina Patel has helped hundreds of childless couples from all over the world, is also seeing single men queuing up to father a child with the help of donated eggs and a surrogate mother. 

Rafa, a 38-year old Spanish teacher, recently celebrated the birth of his twin boys whom he fathered through artificial reproduction and a surrogate mother. The woman delivered Rafa's twins in Anand. Of course, Rafa, as a prospective single father, had to furnish details about the sound health of his finances as well as support from his mother and other family members who will help him bring up the children. 

But the single father, who did not want to get into a marriage to have kids, could not be happier. “I wanted to experience fatherhood and I am so glad to be seen as a parent today. The feeling cannot be told in words,” said Rafa. There are more such cases, even among Indians. 

A 28-year old expat Gujarati, who stays in the US, met with a serious accident and was hospitalized for two years battling paraplegia. Left with a certain disability, the young man expressed his feeling that he did not want to marry as he was too conscious of his handicap but would love to become a father. “His parents approached us and using his sperms a surrogate just delivered a boy. Fatherhood has given the young man a new purpose in life,” said Dr Patel. Infertility specialist Dr Falguni Bavishi of Ahmedabad has also been approached by a single man from Canada to help him become a father. He had got his sperms frozen and will get a baby with the help of a surrogate.

Maid to order in India: Domestic Violence against Domestic Helpers

Maid to order in India: Domestic Violence against Domestic Helpers
21 Jun 2009
Every day more than 90 million domestic workers oil the wheels of contemporary India. They clean, fetch, tend, serve and make it possible for many upwardly mobile women to pursue their careers without worrying about domestic chores. Yet this work is referred to as the 'informal sector' as if it were scarcely work at all. 

Maids are excluded from labour laws. The exclusion is just a short distance to abuse: long hours, bad pay, inhuman treatment, physical and sexual harassment. The case of actor Shiney Ahuja, who was arrested for allegedly raping his domestic help, made headlines because of his celebrity status. But in most cases, what happens in the neighbour's house often stays there. 

"From not getting paid to being kept hungry for two days for breaking a cup, the abuse of maids can take many forms," says Jeanne Devos, the Belgian nun who formed the National Domestic Workers Movement (NDWM) 25 years ago. It gets three to four such cases a week from across India. But apart from organizing demonstrations outside employers' homes or on the streets, there is little the NDWM can do. "They are not even recognized as workers, so there is no legal protection for them under labour laws. They can only go to a criminal court," says Devos. 

The NDWM has been battling to change that status for years and has managed a few significant victories. Seven states - the four southern ones and Rajasthan, Bihar and Maharashtra - have passed legislation to protect domestic workers. But "it hasn't been implemented as yet. That'll take time," says Devos. 

She can take comfort from news that the National Commission for Women (NCW) is working on a draft law to provide social security to domestic workers with the employer making a monetary contribution over and above the salary. "The draft is in the final stages and will be sent to the labour ministry in two months," says an NCW official. 

But will legislation help Indians see their maids as deserving of respect and basic rights? For that, attitudes must change, says filmmaker Nishtha Jain, whose documentary Lakshmi and Me examines the problems faced by domestic workers. "They are working class women, but their work gets no respect," says Jain. The terminology used to describe them - naukrani, servant, maid - is telling. But the low wages shock Jain the most. "In most posh colonies of Mumbai, the rate is Rs 300 per chore. Is that fair for a mountain of clothes or dishes?" she asks. 

Of course, there is the minority who treat their domestics well, but that's mostly because they don't want to be left to clean up after themselves. Activists say the priority must be to crack down on employment agencies that are trafficking minor girls into metros for domestic work. "The child labour law provides for punishment but enforcement is lax," says Rishikant, who works with anti-trafficking NGO Shaktivahini. Last year, it rescued three girls who were confined to a Faridabad house for two years and beaten. 

They say a society is measured by how it treats its most vulnerable. If so, there are plenty of domestic workers to confirm that India's record is shameful. They won't, though: they are too scared of losing their jobs.

Convert to Islam, bypass bigamy laws?: Sham conversions and Sham second marriages

Convert to Islam, bypass bigamy laws?: Sham conversions and Sham second marriages
21 Jun 2009
Most people famously proclaim that love is their religion, but there are some who use religion for love. Perhaps one such is Haryana's former deputy chief minister Chander Mohan, who became Chand Mohammed to marry his new love Anuradha Bali. 

Mohan was with Seema Bishnoi, his wife of 13 years, when he met and fell in love with Bali. The Hindu Marriage Act 1955 does not allow a man to take a second wife so Mohan converted to Islam. So did Bali. Both dropped their Hindu names and assumed Muslim ones. 

She became Fiza Parveen. And thus began a salacious soap opera played out before the media - Mohan abandons Fiza, who attempts suicide. She accuses him of playing with her sentiments and using religion to make a mockery of her love. He returns to Bishnoi, then dramatically goes back to Fiza. Was religion used and abused to commit adultery? 

It is not the first time a high-profile Hindu couple has converted to Islam to 'marry' even though the first wife is alive. More than two decades ago, film stars Dharmendra and Hema Malini married secretly. Women activists protested against the "illegal" marriage. Dharmendra, they pointed out, was already married and had teenaged children. But in order to give legitimacy to his union with Hema Malini, the couple had converted to Islam. 

Advocate and activist Neelofar Akhtar says that such conversions and marriages are made worse because they both are a "sham". She points out that "there are no strict laws to register a conversion (so) people are misusing the religion to have more than one wife. In all Muslim countries, there are very stringent rules if a man wants to take a second wife". But in India "it is done this easily. There is need for a regulatory body to monitor such misuse." 

Akhtar makes a good point. In 1995, the Supreme Court ruled in the Sarla Mudgal case that under the Hindu Marriage Act 1955, a Hindu husband cannot marry a second time simply by embracing Islam without lawfully dissolving the first marriage. He would be guilty of bigamy, the Court ruled. 

V Mohini Giri, chairperson of the social service organization Guild of Service and former head of the National Commission for Women, says, "Dharmendra's wife Prakash Kaur could have fought her case in court. But, like most Indian women who have been conditioned to ultimately accept their husbands' mistakes, she didn't complain and the controversy died down". Giri has been trying to close a loophole that allows a Hindu man to have more than one wife by simply converting. 

"There is a law now that all marriages should be registered, regardless of religion. However, that is not being properly implemented. While we know of only high-profile cases like that of a married Raj Babbar tying the knot with Smita Patil, there are scores of ordinary women who have been abandoned by their husbands who have misused Islam," she says. 

Akhtar says the only change is that "women are becoming more financially independent and aware of their rights". 

She says forgotten first wives now "gather the courage to divorce their husbands or at least ask for maintenance if they remarry". 

Change of a sort then. But not enough. 

Types of Fatherless Children and Types of Fathers

On Father's day (June 21, 2009), We had reason to celebrate as we joined CRISP & SIFF in their rally on Father's day.

We were amazed that there is no classification of 'Fatherless Child' available so far. Hence, we approached our medical expert Dr. Savio Pereira to write an excerpt.

The umbrella definition of 'Fatherless Children' has to be examined under a variety of situations.

A father is defined as a male parent of an offspring.

Types of Fatherless Children based on Legitimacy of Marriage, legal status and Biological nature of Conception (Dr Savio Pereira classification of Fatherless Children)
1. Born in a Legal Marriage, and conceived by natural conception
a. Fatherless by Death (Accidental or due to disease)
b. Fatherless by Separation/Divorce leading to Custody by mother

a. Born in a Cuckolded marriage relationship (Married, but Child born out of illicit affair)

2. Conceived in a Pre-marital act of Sexual union (Illegitimate birth) between unmarried individuals
a. Father refuses to accept fatherhood (Abandonment)
b. Father accepts fatherhood, but refuses to get married.
c. Father gets married after the act of conception
d. Father gets married after the birth of the child

3. Conceived in an Extra-marital act of sexual union between individuals, of which at least one is in an existing Legal Marriage
a. Father refuses to accept fatherhood
b. Father accepts fatherhood, but refuses to get married

4. Conceived in a Sham Second Marriage (Flouting Bigamy Laws)

5. Conceived by artificial Conception techniques which uses Sperm/Ovum of other individuals

Natural/Biological father - the most common category: child product of man and woman
Birth father - the biological father of a child who, due to adoption or parental separation, does not raise the child or cannot take care of one.
Surprise father - where the men did not know that there was a child until possibly years afterwards
Posthumous father - father died before children were born (or even conceived in the case of artificial insemination)
Teenage father/youthful father - associated with teenage sexual intercourse
Non-parental father - unmarried father whose name does not appear on child's birth certificate: does not have legal responsibility but continues to have financial responsibility
Sperm donor father - a genetic connection but man does not have legal or financial responsibility if conducted through licensed clinics

Non-biological (social / legal relationship between father and child)
Stepfather - wife has child from previous relationship
Father-in-law - the father of one's spouse
Adoptive father - a father who has adopted a child
Foster father - child is raised by a man who is not the biological or adoptive father usually as part of a couple.
Cuckolded father - where child is the product of the mother's adulterous relationship
Social father - where man takes de facto responsibility for a child (in such a situation the child is known as a "child of the family" in English law)
Mother's partner - assumption that current partner fills father role
Mother's husband - under some jurisdictions (e.g. in Quebec civil law), if the mother is married to another man, the latter will be defined as the father
DI Dad - social / legal father of children produced via Donor Insemination where a donor's sperm were used to impregnate the DI Dad's spouse.

Fatherhood defined by contact level with child
Weekend/holiday father - where child(ren) only stay(s) with father at weekends, holidays, etc.
Absent father - father who cannot or will not spend time with his child(ren)
Second father - a non-parent whose contact and support is robust enough that near parental bond occurs (often used for older male siblings who significantly aid in raising a child).
Stay at home dad - the male equivalent of a housewife with child

Where man in couple originally seeking IVF treatment withdraws consent before fertilisation

Where the apparently male partner in an IVF arrangement turns out to be legally a female (evidenced by birth certificate) at the time of the treatment

A biological child of a man who, for the special reason above, is not their legal father, has no automatic right to financial support or inheritance. Legal fatherlessness refers to a legal status and not to the issue of whether the father is now dead or alive.

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Press Release for Father's Day Rally by CRISP in Bangalore on June 20th

Picture: CRISP Convenor Kumar Jahgirdar with VOW Blogger Roshni Mathan (holding up picture of her Father the late Dr J A Mathan) on Father's day

Press Release for Father's Day Rally by CRISP in Bangalore on June 20th
CRISP is an NGO formed on 24th May 2008, by people who recognize the serious effects of Parental Alienation of children due to single parent families on account of divorce or separation. CRISP is also focusing on furthering the rights of children to remain connected with both parents. Our aims and objectives are based on research findings. We are a group of people from all walks of life, like software engineers, doctors, teachers, businessmen, social workers, etc. which includes women and senior citizens to address this burning issue of our present day society and its realities.

CRISP has organized National Father's Day Rally on Saturday, the 20th June,2009 between 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM at Mahatma Gandhi Statue, M.G. Road, Bangalore, to demand FAMILY LAW REFORMS and to highlight the grievances of Fathers deprived of children's access due to biased laws and failure of our system on all fronts.

Father's Day is a day honoring fathers, celebrated worldwide. In India also the Father's day is being celebrated since many years as an expression of love and tribute to the Fathers. The present day fathers participate equally in parenting of their children, in all spheres of their development, physically, mentally and emotionally due to the changing scenario of our family system, especially in cities and their role is paramount.

Unfortunately, however, the divorce rates are also going up substantially. There are more than 13,000 cases in the Family Courts of Bangalore alone, pending disposal and lakhs of cases in the country. CRISP is concerned with the growing custody battles between the parents and the ill effects on the children due to their parents' separation. We at CRISP, which includes fathers, mothers and grandparents have charted a Pro-Family agenda and are actively working against and exposing Anti-Family organisations and systems. We speak for the rights of the innocent impacted Children who are deprived of the love and affection of both their natural parents and shared parenting is the only alternative arrangement to spend quality time with both the parents.
The traditional Indian Value system has undergone a sea change from the olden days where the mother was the nurturer and fathers the provider to the child. Now the present day father is equally competent in taking care of the needs of the child and in taking on the responsibilities of child upbringing and in no way inferior to the mother and this mindset against fathers is not valid. Serious disorders like Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS),which is the worst form of child abuse wherein one parent out of revenge against the other parent deprives the child of the love and affection and care of the other parent and Reactive Associative Disorders, warp a child's development. Studies have shown that there is a tendency for such children to become criminals in their later years, for which the society and our system are directly responsible. For details please see CRISP website

Child Rights Initiative for Shared Parenting (CRISP), demands the following:

• Grant equal access to the separated parents who are keen to take care of their children as a practice and make this law mandatory.

• Educate the parents on shared parenting and benefits for the welfare of the child through compulsory counseling before the decree of divorce is granted.

• Punish persons who misuse 498A (Dowry Act) and Domestic Violence Act as a tool to deprive the father from child access.

• Set up special courts to deal with child custody cases and address the problems faced by the parents who have been deprived of the any visitation/joint custody.

• All custody/ visitation cases should be disposed off as a TOP PRIORITY, within 3 months of application.
• Ban child interviews when the children are of tender age, who have not had adequate access with the non-custodial parent.

• Parents who don't follow court orders pertaining to children should be punished and also declared unfit to be a guardian for the child.

• CRISP urges a separate Ministry for Children and to delink the same from the present Women and Child Development ministry, since the objectives are different.

• Evening courts should be set up so that litigants need not have to apply for leave.

• Mediators should be trained by child psychologists to keep children's interest in mind and encourage shared parenting and what is in the best interests of the child.

• Create a Family Court and make available all the information on this (emulate the High Court example)

• India should accede to United Nation's Convention of International Parental Child Abduction.

About CRISP and its Achievements 

Educated the system about the concept of SHARED PARENTING and its advantages.
About 1000 members across India and abroad and growing.
Weekly meetings, successfully launched various centres in the country to give mutual support in counseling and legal awareness.
National Commission for Protection Child Rights (NCPCR) a Government of India undertaking has appreciated CRISP for educating the society and legal fraternity on the significance of Shared Parenting
Launched website: where 1000s of victims have made use of the knowledge and information posted on the web-site and is the first its kind in the country pertaining to child custody matters.
Even mothers who have been deprived of child custody are members of CRISP and working for its goals.
We are engaging with leading medical professionals to prevent suicides of deprived fathers like SYED MAKHDOOM who unfortunately committed suicide recently.
CRISP has made a representation to Chief Justice of India, WCD Ministry and law commission signed by over 500 people requesting shared parenting among others and awaiting suitable action from the concerned authorities and also to adhere to UN's Child's Rights Convention.
CRISP has made several press meets on general and specific cases pertaining to children issues and sensitized the society.
Research has also proved that fatherless children are prone to suffer from suicidal tendencies, running away from the house, drop out from school, abuse drugs, end up in prison, teenage pregnancies, and end up as anti-social elements. We don't want our children who are the assets of our nation to be exposed to such an atmosphere. India is known for our Family Value System and we need to preserve our heritage and greatness.

Father's guidance on monitoring cannot be substituted by anybody in this world. After all "One Father is better than hundred teachers!" Joint custody is the BEST SOLUTION in the modern society since the divorce rates are as high as 40% of marriages especially in educated cosmopolitan people.

Under these circumstances, we humbly request out media friends to bring it to the notice of all our citizens and help us to take up this cause for a better tomorrow fro our children and highlight these issues so that the society is sensitized of the matter.