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Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Appa's slap proves fatal for 3-year old girl (who called her Father 'Anna or Elder brother' and neighbour 'Father or Appa'

Abnormal Role play, and parents being called (or not called) Father or Mother---is a major issue. There are issues like in Fritzl's family, where Rosemarie Fritzl wanted the daughter's children to call her mother. And, there are many generations of families, who are allowing a single individual to be called 'Appa or Father'.

Dharwad: 09 June 2009, Times of India Print edition
A three-year old girl died after she became the target of her father's anger who hit her so hard causing head injury. And the reason she paid with her life was that she wouldn't address him as 'father'.
The incident occurred at a farm house on Mandihal village, about 10 km from Dharwad, on Monday. 
Sanika, daughter of Raju and Netra Hajeri, fell unconscious on being hit and was shifted to the district civil hospital where she was declared dead.
What provoked Raju's ire was that the tiny tot would address him as 'Anna (elder brother)' and her father's friend, who is also the neighbour as 'Appa (father)'.
Police said a quarrel between the couple over some trivial issues had enraged Raju and Sanika became the target of Raju's anger. Netra Hajeri has lodged a complaint with Dharwad Rural police accusing her husband as responsible for Sanika's death.

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