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Sunday, 21 June 2009

Husband and Pimp: Guard in USA Secret Nuclear labs pimped wife on Craigslist:Police say husband encouraged acts to "pay bills"

Picture: "Miss Red" Elizabeth McCannon and Husband/Pimp Richard McCannon

Husbands and Pimps ---2 Stories
It starts out with " A Hug and a kiss" for strangers and acquaintances. Then it moves to Paedophilia, and selling own wife, daughter and finally to entities!

Story 1--------------------Husband and Pimp 1-------
Guard in USA Secret Nuclear labs pimped wife on Craigslist:Police say husband encouraged acts to "pay bills"
Tuesday, 16 Jun 2009
ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) - A man given the responsibility of protecting one of America's top nuclear labs is accused of prostituting his wife through Craigslist.

Some of the country's most guarded secrets sit behind the walls at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

One of the men asked to guard them, Christopher Anaya, is accused of taking part in a sleazy operation involving his own wife—Edonila Anaya.

In July 2008, Albuquerque Police Department vice detectives spotted a posting on Craigslist titled "Lustful Latina." The posting had a picture of Edonila showing her breasts.

Officers set up a sting operation at the Grand Albuquerque Hotel near Yale and arranged a meeting with Edonila.

Police said she was arrested after she showed up and agreed to perform sex acts with the undercover officer.

They also said she quickly implicated her husband.

"During the course of the arrest, she offered that he was an officer and they followed up and learned that Christopher Anaya apparently had produced the ad online on Craigslist and the grand jury alleges that he delivered her and solicited patrons for her," Spokesperson for the District Attorney Pat Davis said.

The grand jury handed down a two count indictment against Christopher Anaya Monday morning. He faces one count of promoting prostitution and of one count of conspiracy.

The District Attorney's Office said it has already pursued charges of prostitution against Edonila, but they said the investigation showed her husband was really the mastermind behind the prostitution plot.

"In this case, APD alleges in the investigation that he asked her and encouraged her to do this to pay bills," Davis said.

Media went to the Anaya's home Monday to seek comment, but no one answered the door.

Media also contacted LANL about the status of Christopher Anaya's employment. The private company that runs the guard unit confirmed that he was no longer employed, but would not say if he quit or was fired.

Story 2--------------Husband and Pimp 2---------
13 April 2009
According to Winder police, several anonymous tips lead them to a Craigslist ad the couple had allegedly posted offering erotic-related services. Investigators contacted Elizabeth, who was listed in the ad as Miss Red, and scheduled an appointment to meet her.

The undercover officer met Elizabeth at her home on Cedar Grove Trail at about 7:00 p.m. that evening while Winder Police and the Barrow County Sheriff’s Office stood ready to assist.

After the officer and the suspect agreed to a sex deal, authorities entered the home and took Elizabeth and her husband Richard into custody.

Elizabeth McCannon was charged with prostitution and keeping a place of prostitution. Richard McCannon was charged with pimping, party to a crime of prostitution and keeping a place of prostitution.

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