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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Jurisdiction of a Family Court to sort out Family disputes (Resources for Child Courts in India)

    §  13.  a.  The  family  court  of  the  state  of  --- is hereby established. It shall consist of at  least  one  judge  in  each  county outside  the  city  of --- and such number of additional judges for such counties as may be provided by law. Within the city of --  it shall  consist  of  such number of judges as may be provided by law. The judges of the family  court  within  the  city  of ---  shall  be residents  of  such city and shall be appointed by the mayor of the city of ----for terms of ten years.  The  judges  of  the  family court outside  the  city  of  -----, shall be chosen by the electors of the counties wherein they reside for terms of ten years.
    b. The family court shall have jurisdiction over the following classes of actions and proceedings which shall  be  originated  in  such  family court  in  the  manner  provided  by law: 
(1) the protection, treatment, correction and commitment of  those  minors  who  are  in  need  of  the exercise  of  the  authority  of  the  court because of circumstances of neglect, delinquency or dependency, as the  legislature  may  determine;   
(2)  the  custody of minors except for custody incidental to actions and proceedings for marital separation, divorce, annulment of  marriage  and dissolution of marriage; 
(3) the adoption of persons
(4) the support of dependents  except  for support incidental to actions and proceedings in this state for marital separation, divorce,  annulment  of  marriage  or  dissolution  of  marriage;  
(5) the  establishment  of  paternity;  
(6) proceedings for conciliation of spouses; and 
(7) as may be  provided  by law:  the  guardianship  of the person of minors and, in conformity with the provisions of section seven of this article, crimes and offenses  by or  against  minors  or  between  spouses or between parent and child or between members of the same family or household. Nothing in this section shall be construed to abridge the authority or jurisdiction of courts to appoint guardians in cases originating in those courts.

c. The family court shall also have jurisdiction  to  determine,  with the  same  powers  possessed by the supreme court, the following matters when referred to the family court from the supreme court: habeas  corpus proceedings  for  the  determination  of  the  custody of minors; and in actions and proceedings for marital separation,  divorce,  annulment  of marriage  and  dissolution of marriage, applications to fix temporary or permanent support and custody, or applications to enforce judgments  and orders  of  support  and of custody, or applications to modify judgments and orders of support and of custody which may be granted only upon  the
showing  to  the family court that there has been a subsequent change of circumstances and that modification is required.
    d. The provisions of this section shall in no way limit or impair  the jurisdiction  of the supreme court as set forth in section seven of this article.

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