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Sunday, 30 August 2009

Widow charges in-laws with cheating of HUSBAND's PERSONAL PROPERTY/ASSETS

Widows and the lineal descendants have to face injustice in terms of Inheritance of the Personal assets of a HUSBAND/FATHER, especially if the personal assets/property is registered under the 'Proxy' name of parents/siblings.

Widow charges in-laws with cheating of HUSBAND's PERSONAL PROPERTY/ASSETS in Jamnagar
29 August 2009
JAMNAGAR: A city businessman's widow has filed a court complaint, accusing her in-laws of siphoning off her husband's property through forged documents which she was conned into signing. Taking serious view of the charges, the court has ordered city police to launch investigation into the complaint.

In her complaint filed in a court here, Jagruti Joshi alleged that her father-in-law Gajanand, brother-in-law Ashok and Ashok's wife Gita forged documents, adding a clause of partnership in her late husband's firm 'Well Decor" in KP Shah House.

Jagruti stated that after her husband Vinod's death on April 16, her in-laws fabricated partnership documents and took possession of the firm's goods with the intention of selling them off. The accused had not registered the documents with the government nor had they applied in Jamnagar Municipal Corporation for the change in clause.

The accused opened a new account after closing Vinod's cash credit account. They allegedly siphoned off funds from a life insurance policy of Vinod as well by making Jagruti into signing the cheques. Joshi suspected foul play when her in-laws approached for her signature a transfer document, via which the entire business would be owned by Gita.

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