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Saturday, 26 September 2009

Animal sacrificed banned on Sunday for Ayudha Puja

Scapegoats and Blood sacrifices are meant to appease Higher Authorities in the Heavens (or elsewhere), to take attention away from one's own blood.

Black magic and Superstitious practices affect animal lives besides the hallowed banana trees.

Human sacrifice is still worse and is know as 'Balijan' (Scapegoat) in Orissa.

Animal sacrificed banned on Sunday for Ayudha Puja
26 September 2009
BANGALORE: Animal sacrifice has been banned during Ayudha Puja on Sunday. The DG&IGP and the commissioner of the department of Hindu

relegious institutions and religious endowments has instructed deputy commissioners and superintendents of police to take measures to prevent animal sacrifice on that day.

Any person slaughtering animals in the name of religion, deity, festival, house-warming, vehicle sanctification and so on, will be punished under the Karnataka Animal Sacrifice Prohibition Act 1959.

The Akhila Karnataka Prani Daya Sangha had written to the religious endowments department to check on mass animal slaughter. In the letter, Dayananda Swamiji of the sangha had made special reference to thousands of animals being sacrificed in rural parts of the state on Ayudha Puja.

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