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Monday, 28 September 2009

Biography of a Wife harassed by the "Other Woman":Chapter 7. Parents leading their Daughter and 'The Other Woman in my life" in the Path of Immorality

Biography of a Wife harassed by the "Other Woman": Chapter 7. Parents leading their Daughter and 'The Other Woman" affecting my life in the Path of Immorality
Main Characters:
1. Pranati Devi -The Legally Wedded Wife or Narrator
2. Gayatri Devi alias Mata Hari - The OTHER WOMAN luring the Husband in an existing marriage
3. Aditya Kumar-The Husband
Parents leading their Daughter and 'The Other Woman" affecting my life, in the Path of Immorality
Gayatri Devi’s parents belong to lower middle class. Having first worked in Army and then in HAL, Mr. V R and Selvi got a taste of good life. To them their daughter was a golden goose who would guarantee them a good life even after retirement. To achieve this they started grooming her right from the beginning.

When Gayatri Devi as a child and threw tantrums to go to school, her father V R bribed her by getting his officers' driver to drop her to school in a car. When she cried for toys and dresses that V R could ill afford, V R would somehow manage to buy them for her. This made Gayatri Devi believe that she could get whatever she wanted in life all she needs to do is play on people's emotions. As she started growing older, this belief was strengthen by various incidents.

The incident that triggered Gaytri Devi’s firm belief in “you can emotionally exploit others to get anything you want” took place when Gayatri Devi was in 3rd standard. Gayatri was very friendly with the senior officer’s daughter Piyali. Piyali was a nice soft-spoken, shy girl who usually got bullied by other kids. Gayatri Devi had befriended her as Piyali lived in a specious bungalow and had a lot of toys to play. Gayatri Devi usually went to Piyali’s house and played after school, as she not only got to play with Piyali’s toys, but also got to eat good delicious food cooked by Piyali’s mother.
Piyali’s father gifted her with a Barbie doll on her birthday, which Gayatri Devi liked immensely and longed for the doll. Now she went to Piyali’s house everyday and played with Barbie. However, she was not satisfied with her limited access to Barbie and wanted to take the doll home. When Piyali refused, Gayatri Devi stopped talking to her and got the other children to do the same. She also started bullying Piyali which led to the emotional and shy Piyali’s mental breakdown for which she had to be given medical treatment.

Gayatri Devi’s parents instead of reprimanding their daughter for bullying her friend, proudly told one and all how their little angel had taught a lesson to the proud owner of Barbie.

As Gayatri Devi grew older, this got a different angle, now she started flirting and using her body to attract attention of young guys with rich parents. Aditya during their NIIT days was one of the victims of Gayatri Devi’s Flirting and cleavage display. All this happened with support of her parents. Mr. V R and Selvi encouraged her in her immoral acts as this was the easiest way for them to get all the expensive things that their daughter desired, as gifts from the various rich young men that Gayatri Devi dated.

Even Gayati Devi’s marriage was a part of a big game plan. Gayati Devi wanted to marry Nadakumar, a nice innocent middle class engineering student, however her parents convinced her to marry a rich NRI Rajamani, much older that her saying she can get a huge alimony and divorce him in a year’s time. She could then comeback and marry the guy she was going around at that time, Nandakumar, only they did not include Nanadkumar in the plan and he vanished from the scene.

As planned, Gayatri Devi returned from US, within a year loaded with money and started hunting for a hot young guy, and contacted all those guys that she had flirted with or had an affair. Mr V R and Selvi’s house now became a minibrothel where all young men with money had an easy access to Gayatri Devi’s bedroom without any constraints.

Aditya was on the list of most favored and lucrative target. Gayatri Devi, being well ware of his liking for her targeted his emotions, telling him all the horrid stories about her ex-husband and how poor she put up with all torture etc. She also made Aditya believe that she was hard-pressed for money and desperately need a job. Slowly but steadily, she was able to capture Adity’s attention and also made him believe that she was madly in love with him and wanted to marry him.

Gayatri Devi’s parents were a party to this, encouraging their daughter’s immoral act all along.
When Pranati, Aditya’s legally wedded wife requested Mr. V R to stop his daughter from indulging in an extra-marital affair with a married man, Mr. V R threatened Pranati with her and her son Ramesh’s life.

With Parents like V R and Selvi who deliberately encourage their children to be immoral; it is not surprising that women like Gayatri Devi, don’t think twice before breaking homes for their gain.

Even Gayatri Devi’s relationship with her current beau is based on lies and deceit. Gayatri Devi has successfully convinced Mithun that she is innocent and that it was Aditya who was after her. She was only seeking his support as a friend and Aditya has misunderstood it. Mithun should know better than believe her, as if she was only being friend with Aditya, what about all those romantic SMSes send to Aditya.

Also, Gayatri Devi has told Mithun that Pranati has tricked Aditya into marrying her by hiding her first marriage and child.

There no limit as to how low, women like Gayatri Devi, can fall to achieve their ends and prove others wrong and to what extent guys like Aditya and Mithun get fooled.

With Parents like Mr V R and Selvi, who don’t think twice before initiating and then encouraging their children to be immoral, we will have to prepare ourselves to live in an unethical, immoral valueless society.

I earnestly request to all the readers to join me in giving an ethical and moral, value-based society as a legacy for future generations, by making women like Gayatri Devi powerless and unsuccessful in her foul intentions.

Inspired by the success of the 'Chronicles of a Battered Abused Discriminated and Disadvantaged Fatherless Girl-child'----another woman has come forward with her "Testimony of a wife in an existing marriage", who is being harassed by a Young Unattached Woman who is wooing for the attention of her HUSBAND and luring him.

This TESTIMONY brings to LIGHT the Strenuous circumstances of LEGALLY WEDDED OLDER WOMEN, who are facing competition from 'Sexually empowered young women'. These 'OTHER WOMEN' are younger, divorced or free, and compete to STEAL HUSBANDS FROM EXISTING MARRIAGES, by hook or by crook (and other carnal means----by Lure, beauty and looks!). And, then proceed to Sham conversions to Islam, Sham marriages, adultery, and other Social crimes ---if unchecked.

The core issue of the Biography is to look for Solutions for "The Other Women" in our Homes, Community, Society and the Corporate World. The solutions include Counseling, Healing, Family Forums and other Alternative Counseling Forums.
Disclaimer: The Story is told in the first person narrative by the " Legally Wedded Wife".

For reasons of confidentiality, please don't assume the identity of the 'narrator'. The entire story has been placed in custody of certain well-wishers. Names and identities of characters have been masked and changed to protect their identities. Let us call the name of the WIFE as 'Pranati Devi'.

Images used are only representative of the story.

Strong Legal action will be taken in Bangalore jurisdiction, against all those who claim to resemble or know the identity of any characters mentioned in this Biography.

Events are true and character sketches are disguised to protect their identities.

Copyright © 2009 Roshni Pereira and "Pranati Devi, The Legally Wedded Wife"


Anonymous said...

Dear pranati, Please dont forgive ur husband. if he gave in to some women he is at fault too. why then forgive him and not the 'other women'. if u can forgive both and make ur life worthwhile or throw them both out of your life and make yourself a new life. dont keep cribbing for attention with your stupid slimy details.

Pranati Devi said...

Hi, Anonymous,

I care for and love Aditya, hence it is natural and easy for me to forgive him. Gayatri cannot be forgiven as I had personally requested her to stay away from Aditya on many occaisions.

The logic is simple, if the fruit of temptation is removed then there is no temptation. Gayatri is the fruit I need to remove her.

I have thrown them out of my life long time back, but if they are let scot-free, then they will feel encouraged to repeat the act with other Pranatis.

So far I have still not started my action plan against Gayatri, will do it at the right time. I have been patiently waiting, giving them both enough time to come to their senses, repent and apologise for making a mockery of 'trust' and the 'institution of marriage'.

Thank you for being concerned about my life, it has always been worthwhile and meaningful.

Cribbing for attention, you got me wrong, dear, I am cribbing to be inconspicuous as I have always been rich 'n famous and now I want be just plain ordinary......

Keep reading the updates and you will know what I mean....

Pranati Devi

Pranati Devi, the legally wedded wife said...

Previous comment

Pranati Devi, The Legally wedded wife said...

To err is human, I have forgiven my husband long time back. However, he is still reeling under the shock of being ditched (by a conwoman) and is not able to differentiate between the good and the bad.

I pray to God that may he realise that women like Gayatri are not worth breaking your homes for. Please join me in my prayers.


Pranati Devi

1 October 2009 09:23