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Friday, 11 September 2009

Govt (of India)'s advice for Parents: Save 'Insurance' premium to girl-children rather than dowry

[My Personal Letter to The PM/President and Other Members of Parliament]

Dear President, Prime Minister, Women's Rights members,

We are seeing the Injustice done by sections of Society by abuse of Dowry Laws/Domestic Violence laws in India. This affects women also (Mother-in-laws and Daughters, specifically). The perpetrators of such acts may be women. We need the law to be GENDER-NEUTRAL.
We need IMPLEMENTATION of existing Laws to Protect the Best Interests of the DAUGHTERS, and PROTECTION of CHILD ABUSE and DOMESTIC Violence against Daughters in their own NATAL HOMES. And the INSTIGATORS and ACCOMPLICES of such acts, and who are benefiting in the LATE FATHER'S ESTATES of LEGITIMATE DAUGHTERS!

Use of words like 'I've Married you Off' and 'Girls are Burdens' is a heavy Burden for Daughters, while their Brothers are pampered/treated like Husbands on pedestals; and Daughters are treated like slaves.

Daughters are abused by their MOTHERS in 13.7 % of cases, compared to 1.7 % (Govt of India Statistics)? Who needs more attention? Obviously, Daughters in their own natal homes. This was mentioned by me in the recent Television interview in News 9 Bangalore on September 8, 2009 about 'The Big Question' and the launch of 'All India Mother in Laws Protection Forum'.

Read on and Create legislations favouring Daughters in their NATAL HOMES.

Roshni Pereira

Convenor, 'All India Daughters Protection Forum'
The Women and Child Development minister has brought up the issue of the Rights of Daughters to a certain level.
But, she has missed the most important principles:
1. 'Best interest of the Child' principle.
2. Equal Rights: Implementation of Property inheritance of Daughters in their own Natal homes.
There are DAUGHTERS in India, who are deprived of their LEGAL RIGHTS to inherit the PROPERTY of their LATE FATHERS (or Mothers) who have died INTESTATE.
The Surviving Parents (usually Mothers) deprive their own daughters of their Property Rights (to be handed over at the age of 18 years), and sell the property to CONCEAL the Original Sale Deed and papers-----the Current property becomes a Derivative of the Original Property.

There is an unholy lot of RELATIVES who want to perpetrate the INJUSTICE, because they themselves want to DEPRIVE their own sisters from their ancestral Property Rights.

What is the Government of India going to do about safeguarding the RIGHTS of DAUGHTERS in their own NATAL HOMES?

Any questions & answers, Mr PM, Mrs President?
Govt (of India)'s advice for Parents: Save 'Insurance' premium to girl-children rather than dowry
12 September 2009
NEW DELHI: Women and child development (WCD) minister Krishna Tirath has a word of advice for parents of unmarried girls: save up for an insurance premium rather than dowry. The minister has envisaged an insurance scheme by which newly married girls will be able to access funds in case of a crisis.

Tirath said, “Parents should pay for the insurance premium instead of dowry.” The scheme, she added, was still in the preliminary stages of discussion and she was expecting to meet legal experts and insurance companies later this month.

The minister, in her enthusiasm to announce the initiatives taken by her department in the last 100 days, may have jumped the gun. On being questioned further, Tirath was unclear on who would be insured or how much parents or government may have to contribute to the scheme.

Listing achievements of her department in the first 100 days, Tirath elaborated on the National Mission for Empowerment of Women which is touted to be a single window clearance point for all schemes related to development of women. She also said the amount in the Rashtriya Mahila Kosh had been enhanced from Rs 100 crore to Rs 500 crore, more than 25,000 new Anganwadi centres had been sanctioned and Rs 1,820 crore released for supplementary nutrition.

The government is also working on a mechanism for effective monitoring of Anganwadis for desired improvement in delivery of services. Tirath said the ministry was also working on setting up a fund to assist children affected by disasters like tsunami or terror attacks. “We are also working to bring out a behavioural change in men through teachings at the Anganwadi centres and primary schools,” she said.

The ministry has evolved a new scheme ‘Sabla’ for adolescent girls in the age group of 11-18 years to improve their health status and empower them. The Planning Commission has earmarked Rs 4,500 crore for this. A scheme for conditional maternity benefit, aiming to provide cash transfer to pregnant and lactating mothers to promote their nutritional and health status, is also being formulated, Tirath said.

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