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Friday, 18 September 2009

Husband and 'Second illicit wife' commit suicide in Bangalore

Two's company, Three's a Crowd!

Husband and 'Second illicit wife' commit suicide in Bangalore
19 September 2009
BANGALORE: Unable to balance his life between two wives, a sweeper in an IT company committed suicide on Thursday afternoon in Hebbugodi, along with the second wife. The deceased are Paramashiva, 29, and Sapna, 24, both from Tirupathur, Tamil Nadu.

Paramashiva was married to Jayanti, also of Tirupathur, and the couple had two children. Three years ago, he 'married' Sapna before coming to Bangalore to look for a job. The couple raised one of the children from the first marriage and lived in Shikaripalya.

A fortnight ago, Jayanthi came to Bangalore and started living with the couple. She joined as a helper in a school. The three used to have frequent quarrels. Sapna was pregnant.

On Thursday, Jayanthi came back from the school around 5 pm and found the house locked. She waited outside till 7 pm and then peeped in, only to find the two had hanged themselves. She informed her relatives in Tirupathur and also the police.

Tricksters take away woman's chain

They came in guise the of taking blessings from married women to start a jewellery shop, but decamped with a gold chain weighing 100 gm. The incident took place on Thursday in Pillanna Garden, R T Nagar, when Kokila was alone at home.

Two youths aged 25-28 years came to the house saying they were opening a jewellery shop. They told Kokila that an astrologer had advised them to take the blessings of married women. They placed some currency notes on a plate, which had fruits and coconut, and asked Kokila to bless it by putting her mangalasutra there.

They gave the plate to her, thanked her for the blessing and left. Only after they left did Kokila realize that the chain was missing from the plate.

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