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Thursday, 17 September 2009

'Kidnapper' dad arrested in Mumbai after escape to Nepal

Shared Parenting by biological parents (who are not abusive to their children) is the solution for the Kidnapping parent.

'Kidnapper' dad arrested in Mumbai after escape to Nepal
17 September 2009
MUMBAI: The Ulhasnagar Crime Branch on Wednesday arrested Bunty Chugh (27) for kidnapping and fleeing with his five-year-old son to Nepal last year following a court order granting custody of their child to his wife Priti. The cops picked Chugh up from outside the Bombay high court where he had come to attend a hearing. Earlier in the day, the HC issued a contempt notice against Bunty for violating the court's orders repeatedly. "There is no reason for disobeying the court,'' observed a division bench of Justice Bilal Nazki and Justice A R Joshi. "(Chugh) defied the system, he defied the court. For over nine months the whole of Maharashtra Police was trying to find him and the child,'' the judges added. The court which was initially planning to send him to judicial custody then released him subject to him producing sureties and a personal bond to the tune of Rs 3 lakh.

Despite the pleas of Bunty's lawyers that the Ulhasnagar police might arrest him, the court declined to interfere. "Let the law take its course,'' said the judges.

Priti approached the HC after her husband absconded with their son, Sujal, on November 14, 2008, following a family court order awarding her custody of the child. Bunty continued to evade the police and fled to Nepal with Sujal. Last month, the HC turned on the heat further asking director-general of police to find the child.

With pressure building up, Bunty came back to India earlier this month and handed over the child to Priti at Churchgate railway station. During the court hearing, Bunty apologised to the court and said that he was "forced to take the step for the well-being of his child''.

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