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Wednesday, 23 September 2009

MMS: Sex, lies and Videotape 3 in Madiwala, Bangalore

MMS: Sex, lies and Videotape 3 in Madiwala, Bangalore

Rape on record:This young lady was not just raped by two men. The heinous act was captured on video over mobile phones by a man who has been arrested. But the rapists are absconding along with the footage
September 24, 2009
Call it the heights of sadism. An act of rape has actually been made into a video in a bid to make some fast bucks!

A 26-year-old maid servant who stays in Bandepalya in Bommanahalli who works as a domestic maid at a nearby apartment complex, was allegedly raped by two men, Shiva and Sangrama in the early hours of Monday. While she was being raped, another man, Joker Manja, who allegedly engineered the crime, captured the entire incident on video through the mobile phones of Shiva and Sangrama. He threatened the woman that he would make the footage public if the matter reached the police.

The distraught woman approached Madivala police with the help of a women’s organisation. Police managed to arrest Joker Manja, but the duo are absconding and the victim fears the footage will be made public by them.

“We have also recovered a mobile phone from Joker Manja which belonged to the victim. But there were no video clippings or photos in the mobile phone. The rape scene footage has obviously been captured on the mobile phones of Shiva and Sangrama. While the victim was being raped by the duo, Joker Manja recorded the entire act. When he was arrested, the mobile phones with the footage were not found on his person. The scenes can be deleted only after arresting the duo. In case the scenes are made public, the punishment implications for the duo will be far more severe and they can be booked under various IT Acts,” said a police officer investigating the case.

That is cold comfort for the victim, who is desperate that the culprits are arrested before the videos become public. Such videos are usually posted on the internet or shipped abroad by porn dealers in the form of DVDs.

Police say this is the first time they have come across such a case in the city.

The victim, a native of Tumkur and a mother of a 10-year-old girl, was deserted by her husband two years ago.In order to make a living and get her daughter educated, she came to the city one year ago and was working as a maid. She was staying with her relative Shekhar. On Sunday night, at around 10 pm, two men who were unknown to them came to their house and asked to be shown the residence of one Sarojamma, who happened to be staying in the same locality.

Presuming that the duo might be relatives of Sarojamma, the woman showed them the house and returned home. After two hours, at around 12 am, the same men came again to the victim’s residence and knocked on the door. When the door was opened, the duo barged in, threatened Shekhar at knife point, pulled the victim outside and quickly locked Shekhar inside the house.

The duo forcibly took the woman to Sarojamma’s house and raped her in the presence of Joker Manja, whom the victim knew and who apparently planned the whole affair. Joker Manja threatened Sarojamma at knife point when she tried to raise an alarm. The victim who was also screaming for help was raped at knife point, and the whole thing recorded on the mobile phones. The rapists later escaped with the victim’s cash, gold ornaments and her mobile phone at around 2.30 am. She learnt that their names were Shiva and Sangrama. She was also told that the video footage and photographs would be made public if she reported the matter to the police.

The victim who later returned home narrated the traumatic incident to Shekhar and approached the police with the help of a women’s organisation.

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