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Saturday, 19 September 2009

Non-Hindus to get full adoption rights by law in India

It is shocking at the battery of Discriminatory laws in India, which are getting a re-look. It is shocking at the list of second-rate citizens in the country, proscribed by law. The laws were framed with the pre-conceived notion that minorities were the Enemy within.

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Non-Hindus to get full adoption rights by law in India
17 November 2007
NEW DELHI: In a significant move to enhance the legal rights of both adopted children and the couples who give them a home, the Centre has changed the law to allow non-Hindu parents to claim full parenthood instead of just "guardian" status that they were allowed till now.

The changes in law also seek to encourage adoption by simplifying procedures.

Under the law so far, only Hindu couples who adopted children could claim to be "parents". Non-Hindus were just guardians to their adopted children. This led to the children being denied rights to inherited property besides creating procedural hassles for parents at the time of school admissions etc.

Some clarifications may still be needed on whether the changes would apply to Muslims as the community has its personal laws. These will be cleared in the guidelines to be framed by Central Adoption Research Agency. The new law also makes adoption by inter-faith couples easier.

Under the new guidelines issued by the women and child development ministry under the Juvenile Justice Act 2000, amended last year and notified on October 26, the new rules will also cut red-tapism in adoption procedures while increasing the number of recognised adoption agencies.

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