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Friday, 25 September 2009

Wacko Jacko Michael Jackson: Adolf Hitler was 'misunderstood genius'

Michael Jackson: Adolf Hitler was 'misunderstood genius'
25th September 2009
Michael Jackson described Adolf Hitler as a 'genius' and said that he wanted to hug Jamie Bulger's killers in a series of bizarre interviews, it emerged today.

The King of Pop made the bombshell revelations in recorded conversations with a Rabbi in which he praised the Fuhrer's showmanship.
He also told close friend Rabbi Shmuley Boteach that he believed he could have got rid of the Nazi leader's evil.

The singer, who died of heart failure in June, told the rabbi: 'Hitler was a genius orator. To make that many people turn and change and hate, he had to be a showman and he was.'
Asked if he had the ability to make Hitler change, Jackson replied: 'Absolutely. You have to help them, give them therapy, teach them that somewhere, something in their life went wrong.'
He also told the rabbi he wanted to date Princess Diana and thought Madonna was in love with him but was jealous of his success.

He also said he would have liked to have dated Princess Diana, pictured with here here in 1988, describing her as 'very special - very feminine and classy'
The revelations have come to light in more than 30 hours of interviews the late singer recorded with the rabbi.
Jackson, who died in June aged 50 from a drug-related heart attack, was taped talking to Rabbi Shmuley Boteach eight years ago for interviews he allegedly knew would be published.
In another conversation he revealed how his first wife Lisa Marie Presley called him an 'idiot' for wanting to visit Robert Thompson and Jon Venables in jail after they murdered two-year-old James Bulger in 1993.

He said he told her: 'How dare you say that? I bet if you trace their life you can find they didn't have parents around, didn't have any love, nobody there to hold them, look in their eyes and say I love you.
'They deserve that, even though they're going to get life. I want to say I love you and hold them.'
Thompson and Venables, who battered James to death before leaving his body on a railway line, were sent to a young offenders' institution indefinitely.
But after a series of controversies over how long they should serve they were freed in 2001 and given new identities.

The interviews with Jacko are in a new book, The Michael Jackson Tapes, which goes on sale in America and online today.
Rabbi Boteach, 42, who was based at Oxford University, made the recordings at the singer's Neverland ranch.
Jackson said he wanted to date Princess Diana, but was too shy to ask her. He said: 'I thought she was very special - very feminine and classy.
'She was my type for sure and I don't like most girls. it takes a very special mould to make me happy and she was one of them.'

The singer also claimed supermodel Cindy Crawford flirted with him and he considered dating his friend Elizabeth Taylor, but feared they would be labelled The odd Couple.
He was convinced Madonna was in love with him, but thought she was jealous of his success, saying of the Material Girl singer: 'I think she was in love with me and I was not in love with her.'
But he added: 'We had nothing in common. She is not sexy at all.'
Rabbi Boteach said of Jacko: 'He yearned so deeply to do good with his life but was ultimately consumed by indescribable loneliness and pain.'

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