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Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Woman abandons Negligent Husband to take care of ailing Daughter in Chandigarh

Woman abandons Negligent Husband to take care of ailing Daughter in Chandigarh
16 September 2009, 03:22am IST
CHANDIGARH: Seven-month-old Mansi is no ordinary child. Suffering from ventricular septal defect, a heart disease wherein the circulation of blood is not regular and can be fatal unless treated, she has been surviving on the strength of her mother, Sushma.

Sushma, a resident of Jammu, left her husband and his family after he refused to take care of the girl child. Defying the customary tradition of obeying her husband Sanjeev Kumar, a contractor, Sushma has now been fighting a lonely battle to let her only child get treated.

Accompanied by her father, Harbans Lal, who is in his late 80s, Sushma has suddenly discovered her hidden strength. ‘When Mansi was born, she missed the fatherly hug and pampering as she is a girl. After sometime when she was diagnosed with a heart problem, I was ordered to let her die,’ Sushma narrates.

Sushma had been a feeble and obedient wife, but the senseless attitude of her husband towards the child enabled her to stand up and resist. As she noted, ‘It was a tough decision to counter my in-laws. I was asked not to spend money on the girl child, but I decided to take the bold step.’

While the government has put a number of checks and balances to ensure that the girl child is not subjected to discrimination, the grim reality is that the evil does not loosen its vice-like grip in even hospitals.

As a resident doctor in PGI says, ‘There have been instances when the family of the girl patient asked us to stop treatment. They do not want to spend on her treatment. In case of boys, most of them are even ready to take loans.’

Though Sushma’s determination has brought Mansi so far from a Jammu village, the road to recovery for the little girl still would remain an uphill task. ‘There is a requirement of Rs 75,000 for the surgery and I even do not have any assets that I could sell to raise the amount,’ she laments.

Those interested in helping Mansi can contact officials at PGI’s Poor Patient Cell on 0172 2756006, 9914208556

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