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Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Autobiography of a Dowry Law (IPC 498a) Victim: Chapter 1. Who am I?

Autobiography of a Dowry Law (IPC 498a) Victim: Chapter 1. Who am I?


November 7th, 2007 by 498A_Crusader

Who am i…?

I asked myself….

First of all, I'm an Indian citizen;

A man;

This much is enough to be a Victim of Dowry Law (IPC 498A)!

There's No need to be Indian citizen. You can be anyone, who marry Modern Indian Women,

You can be a Victim;

You Can be Jailed for No reason;

Without Bail; and this Complaint is Non-Compoundable.

There's No need to be married to a Indian girl;

Even If you are a Brother;

A Friend;

Even a Neighbour;

This law will arrest you and dump you behind bars.

Picture: Cartoon explaining the viewpoint of 498a Victims Falsely accused

Anyway, My name is Rudolph and I'm from India.

Disclaimer: This is an autobiography of a Victim. Names of other individuals connected with the story have been changed or not mentioned.

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Savio said...

Hi, R.....,

Nice article!
False allegations of Dowry harassment and Domestic Violence are shocking 'Legal Terrorism' in India.
It is nice to see your Autobiography of the First Victim of 498a laws, who has since come back firing with all guns booming.
Cheers! Savio

Anonymous said...

who will know it better than the people behind this glorius site.

Roshni Mathan Pereira said...

Hi, Anonymous.

Little busy today.

Congratulations to your Shotgun Wedding!