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Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Autobiography of a Dowry Law (IPC 498a) Victim: Chapter 2. About me.

Autobiography of a Dowry Law (IPC 498a) Victim: Chapter 2. About me.
Courtesy: 498A_Crusader
November 7th, 2007
by 498A_Crusader

I was born in Bombay (Mumbai), but raised in Karkala which is a small town, 50 KM away from Mangalore, and passed College Degree from Mangalore University.

Picture: Karkala

I am the middle one of 3 Children; we do not have sisters,and Raised by God-fearing Family. Since the Beginning, we used to help our mother in her household tasks. So we have mastered all household activities. And we used to do our own cleaning/washing/laundry tasks.

Even today I can challenge any women in cooking or any household things.

In college also, I was not Famous, nor notorious, just an ordinary kid, mostly involved in Sports and NCC.

I have seen many boys who had girl-friends and had sex, but no girl would dare to link my name with her name. Many called me Gandhi, but that did not change my attitude. Picture: Mumbai

After college, I went to Bombay, my birth-place and joined the Prestigious Company TELCO.
I always kept a distance from Alcohol and smoke.

I never had any such friends, nor we did not get any money to spend on those bad habits.
Disclaimer: This is an autobiography of a Victim. Names of other individuals connected with the story have been changed or not mentioned.

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Savio said...

Hi, R.d....,
The story and pattern of abuse is predictable.
It is shocking how life unwinds, and innocents become 'COLLATERAL VICTIMS' to strange families.