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Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Autobiography of a Dowry Law (IPC 498a) Victim: Chapter 3. About Her.

Autobiography of a Dowry Law (IPC 498a) Victim: Chapter 3. About Her.

Courtesy: 498A_Crusader
November 7th, 2007
by 498A_Crusader

About her.

My Missing Rib!

Ours was an Arranged marriage. My Mother's sister told us that she knew the girl's family very well. So, we did not check anything further about her. No verification and background check!

Here are bits of Details about her.

She was born in Udipi, but Raised in Bombay at her Uncle's home, along with a brood of 5 Cousin-sisters. They Dominated her whole life so far, and she will do exactly as they say. That's how she stabbed me in my back.

She spent her childhood in Bombay. When still a child, her parents abandoned both her and her Brother. Till the age of 13 years, she was at her uncle's place. So, she never learnt any domestic chores. Even at the time of our Engagement, her Mother Proudly said, my Monica doesn't know any household chores, but she has got a good CATCH in a husband who knows everything including cooking.
She was raised in an alcoholic Family; her uncle started the day religiously with Alcohol. They do not celebrate any Function without paying homage to the "DIVINE BOTTLE". So, she had a mindset that 'Drinking was equivalent to Prestige' and showed a man's capacity.
Picture: Prestige and Alcohol

She completed her degree from her native place in Udipi, after her parents took her back from Uncle's house. After graduating from college, one of her Friends SHETTIAR, arranged some Accounting job in Bombay.
That accounts for this story, so far!

Disclaimer: This is an autobiography of a Victim. Names of other individuals connected with the story have been changed or not mentioned.

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