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Friday, 9 October 2009

Autobiography of a Dowry Law (IPC 498a) Victim: Chapter 7. How it Started

Autobiography of a Dowry Law (IPC 498a) Victim: Chapter 7. How it Started

Courtesy: 98A_Crusader

November 7th, 2007 by 498A_Crusader

After the Marriage ceremony, we have our custom to invite newly-wed couples for lunch or dinner.

So After our wedding, we were invited by many in my native place (Mangalore) when we were there for one week.

I hardly go to other people's houses to eat. So I didn't go to most, other than my Sister-in-law's (Brother's wife) home and her uncle's house. As all my neighbours also invited us, I refused the invitation amicably. Ditto with her neighbours, who invited us likewise. We were at my native place for only one week after marriage. She was VERY ANGRY that I did not make it to her neighbour's invitation.

After we came to Bombay, her cousin-sisters and other relatives invited us and we went. But at the get-together, when I took Cold Drinks only (as I do not drink beer and/or alcohol), they started to tease me its child's drink. Still I swallowed the jokes, and was there in every party her side hosted.

My Relatives from Bombay also invited us, but she was not ready to come. Other than relatives, my Godfather invited but she bluntly refused to come with me. And I went alone, just because I did not go for her neighbors invitation (that was her grouse)!

My godfather, asked me why she didn't come,

I told him, she is not feeling too well.

I lied to cover up for her, hiding the BARE truth.

This was the Starting point, and thereafter started showing up differences between us.

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