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Sunday, 4 October 2009

Beauty, Lure and Looks: What is the secret (RAAZ) behind REKHA's age-defying looks? WICCA or Witchcraft? Yes, says Ipsita Roy Chakraverty (WICCAN)

What is the secret behind the 'Eternal', age-defying (ageless) looks of REKHA? What is the secret behind the Beauty, Looks & Lure?

Is it 'Raaz' or Secret Witchcraft?

Is Rekha an alluring witch involved in Beauty, Lure & Looks?

A person by the name of Ipsita Roy Chakraverty, who was Re’s guru in witchcraft says that Rekha practices witchcraft to stay and look young.

Rekha herself maintains that lots of fluid, yoga and two hours of meditation everyday keeps her fit and young, Ipsita’s version is more convincing.
Rekha has undergone Cosmetic Surgery (Changed the shape of her NOSE, and done the plump job).

Wicca, a form of witchcraft is associated with beauty, grace and youth. Wicca was known and practiced in Egypt, England, and even the Vedas make a mention of it. According to Ipsita, Rekha has been practicing wicca for the last thirteen years.

A person who practices wicca is arrogant, is a therapist, a healer, a counselor and an avenger too. All these attributes are associated with Rekha. Ipsita says that Wicca helps in the development of a super breed of people, especially women.


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