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Sunday, 4 October 2009

Biography of a Wife harassed by the "Other Woman": Chapter 10. The Other woman: Not only a husband snatcher but a father snatcher too!!!

Biography of a Wife harassed by the "Other Woman": Chapter 10. The Other woman: Not only a husband snatcher but a father snatcher too!!!

Main Characters:
1. Pranati Devi -The Legally Wedded Wife or Narrator
2. Gayatri Devi alias Mata Hari - The OTHER WOMAN luring the Husband in an existing marriage
3. Aditya Kumar-The Husband
Date of writing: 27 September 2009
Date of Editing: 28 September 2009

The Other woman: Not only a husband snatcher but a father snatcher too!!!

Aditya and Ramesh have shared a great relashionship and rapport with each other. Aditya was a hero to Ramesh. Ramesh always felt that Dadda are fun to be with. Ramesh is mighty proud of his father more so because his Dadda is tech savvy.
Aditya used to get Ramesh books bound every year so they remain in good condition all through the year.
When I moved to Mumbai in Jan 2007, Aditya had an option of moving back to his parent’s house, but he preferred to stay back with Ramesh and take care of him. Aditya always took Ramesh to National Market to buy him CDs. Even the selection of our apartment was done by Aditya nad Ramesh together. Later when I returned from Mumbai and we moved to our new apartment, Aditya and Ramesh together set up the entire house, shopped together for the household things.
I work six days a weeks, so Saturdays turned out to be the father and son bonding day, when the father son duo cooked, cleaned the house, shopped, saw movies and usually had a good time together.

The most fun times were when we went to trips which we did almost once in 4 -6 months. Aditya and Ramesh would have a field day pulling my leg or making fun of me for one or the other thing especially food as I am vegetarian and both of them gorge on non-veg food.

Aditya who was such a loving and caring Father started finding fault with every thing that Ramesh did, so much so that the child preferred sleeping early before Aditya got back from work. As days passed by and Gayatri Devi’s power (with the help of Voodoo) over Aditya increased the relationship between Adiyta nad Ramesh deteriorated further, so much so that there was no communication between them.

The status now is that Aditya has not spoken to Ramesh in the last 18 months (the last we went out together was for Aditya birthday that was celebrated a week late on 30th may 2008).

Ramesh is now in 10th and is looking forward to his farewell part in school when he wants Aditya to be present. Will aditya come to please the little child and not break his hear again? Will Gayatri Devi’s Voodoo spell wear off by then?

Ramesh misses his Dadda and all the fun times, being a sensitive child who is studying in a school that offers open and alternative learning, Ramesh is mature beyond his age and has learn to manage is emotions well. Even though Ramesh is aware of all that is happening in his parent’s life, his respect and love for his Dadda is unaffected. If at all anything, it has increased.

Women like Gayatri Devi not only create havoc in a marriage but also steal the father and father’s rightful love and affection from the innocent children. This not only robs the kids of their father’s love and guidance but also their innocence as these tough times make them grow up father to stand by their mother and support her. These husband snatcher are the worst kind of criminals as they break families, steal fathers and rob the innocence of the small kids.

Recently we have seen the case of Prabhu Deva and Actress Nayantara. Prabhu Deva is the father of three lovely boys and is being lured away by a younger woman, even when his elder son was dying of cancer. What would Ramlatha, Prabhu Deva’s wife would have had to endure?

The makers of law seem to be oblivious of these perpetuators of crime. Can we all unite in stopping the Husband snatchers from breaking our homes and creating a safe and moral society?

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Inspired by the success of the 'Chronicles of a Battered Abused Discriminated and Disadvantaged Fatherless Girl-child'----another woman has come forward with her "Testimony of a wife in an existing marriage", who is being harassed by a Young Unattached Woman who is wooing for the attention of her HUSBAND and luring him.

This TESTIMONY brings to LIGHT the Strenuous circumstances of LEGALLY WEDDED OLDER WOMEN, who are facing competition from 'Sexually empowered young women'. These 'OTHER WOMEN' are younger, divorced or free, and compete to STEAL HUSBANDS FROM EXISTING MARRIAGES, by hook or by crook (and other carnal means----by Lure, beauty and looks!). And, then proceed to Sham conversions to Islam, Sham marriages, adultery, and other Social crimes ---if unchecked.

The core issue of the Biography is to look for Solutions for "The Other Women" in our Homes, Community, Society and the Corporate World. The solutions include Counseling, Healing, Family Forums and other Alternative Counseling Forums.
Disclaimer: The Story is told in the first person narrative by the " Legally Wedded Wife".

For reasons of confidentiality, please don't assume the identity of the 'narrator'. The entire story has been placed in custody of certain well-wishers. Names and identities of characters have been masked and changed to protect their identities. Let us call the name of the WIFE as 'Pranati Devi'.

Images used are only representative of the story.

Strong Legal action will be taken in Bangalore jurisdiction, against all those who claim to resemble or know the identity of any characters mentioned in this Biography.

Events are true and character sketches are disguised to protect their identities.

Copyright © 2009 Roshni Pereira and "Pranati Devi, The Legally Wedded Wife"


XXX YYY (A wife under threat) said...

I came across your forum.. I am a victim of a husband snatcher. We
were having a beautiful relation for XXX years, and have a wonderful
XXXX (child). Now some one has come into his life, and his thoughts are
totally blocked!! He is not able to point out a fault in me, just
wants to end our relation on the grounds that there is no love left!!

Can you understand this situation, and offer any advice that could
help me get him back?

Thanks and Regards,

Roshni Mathan Pereira said...

Thanks for the e-mail (will be kept confidential).

You can get in touch with me on e-mail and Phone.Roshni Mathan Pereira 0091-9164603034


1. You need to Speak up about it to your family and your husband's family. Accepting the truth and talking will change the ground reality.

2. Create Witnesses when you speak about this issue.

3. Target the other woman and engage her and rebuke her. CONFRONT the OTHER WOMAN continuously with witnesses.

4. Be positive, assertive and Firm about being a Pro-Family woman.

5. Keep the communication going with your Husband, and allow the Positive relationship to continue with your child.

(P.S. All identities of victims will be kept CONFIDENTIAL)