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Monday, 19 October 2009

Biography of a Wife harassed by the "Other Woman": Chapter 11. Modus Operandi

Biography of a Wife harassed by the "Other Woman": Chapter 11. Modus Operandi

Main Characters:
1. Pranati Devi -The Legally Wedded Wife or Narrator
2. Gayatri Devi alias Mata Hari - The OTHER WOMAN luring the Husband in an existing marriage
3. Aditya Kumar-The Husband
Date of writing: 19 October 2009
Date of Editing: 19 October 2009

Modus Operandi

Gayatri Devi is an extremely intelligent and strategic woman. Over the years she had developed a strong tried and tested, foolproof Modus Operandi to capture her prey.
The first step is to identify an idiot (oops!! a prey). The eligibility criteria for a guy to qualify as a prey are:

1. The guy needs to be moderately good looking (Gayatri Devi would not like to be caught dead with a bad looking guy)
2. The guy needs to be fairly loaded with moolah (of course youngsters with filthy rich dads are cool, even high ranking officials’ sons!!!)
3. The guy needs to have weakness for women (read sex) and above all,
4. The guy needs to be an emotional fool ( who will melt easily with sweet nothing and false praise)
There are many that fit the bills. Niranjan, Nandakumar, Vikrant, Chitan, Rajamani, Nitin, Aditya and now Mithun, all these guys fall in this category, albeit some of them are married to some else and some she married.

The second step is to serenade the prey. This was done in a systematic way first with coy glances, then verbal flirting. Gayatri Devi mesmerized the pay with her sweet talk and the prey felt as though he was the last guy on the earth. Those were non cell phone days; hence the lovey dovey letters, messages, and cards were exchanged. During all this time Gayatri Devi made sure that she did not allow the prey anywhere near her and projected a “holier than thou” image. By now the prey was paralyzed by her charm and became a victim of her voodoo spell. In later days i.e. by the time she was back from US, the cell phones came very handy and the SMS did the work of letters, love notes and cards, of course not to forget the email and the social networking sites.

During the courtship days of stage two if Gayatri Devi found that the prey did not really fulfill all her qualifying criteria, she dropped the prey like a hot potato. Some prey’s dropped at this stage were Niranjan, Nandakumar and in recent times Nitin and the beauty of it is the prey did not even realize that he was dropped.

Step three is to ensure complete surrender of the prey to Gayatri Devi charms both sexual as well as verbal. By the time the relationship moved to step three the prey is completely besotted by Gayatri Devi charm and is willing to bend backwards to please her. This is when Gayatri Devi is sure that the guy would not “kiss and tell” and hence allowed the first kiss, first hug and then all the way. Gayatri Devi is a nymphomaniac and all her relationships that have crossed the stage three have been very hot and steamy. This is the stage when Gayatri Devi starts her exploitation game. It starts with sexual exploitation which the prey usually does not mind as he too is enjoying the game. Next is the material exploitation. This is the stage when she can get whatever she wants from her prey and she has a complete control over the situation. If the prey refuses to give her anything that she wants then she denies sexual favor to the prey, does not even let the prey near her.

The guys that made to stage three were Vikrant, Chintan and Aditya.

Once Gayatri Devi had gets what she wants at stage three she moves on to stage four. Let’s see what some of her achievements in stage 3 were.

Vikrant was so besotted by her that he convinced his parent and proposed to her. When his proposal was met with rejection the poor fellow went into depression and his parent really had a very hard time to help him get back to normal. Today by the grace of God he is happily married and well settled. However the interesting point to be noted is that he refuses to talk about her, either good or bad. He has cut her off completely, which in itself is a proof of the intense pain she caused him.

Adiya re-entered her life when she was at the lowest point in her self esteem. Once a woman is divorced, what most bothers her is the “Loss of Admiration”. The very nature of divorce makes a woman like Gayatri Devi, who considers herself as an epitome of sexuality, feel insufficient and question her own sexuality. This happens because a woman like Z thinks that she can get any man she sets her eyes on, through sex. This is also a result of lack moral fibre and robust value system. Now with a tag of divorcee and the rejection from Rajamani Gayatri Devi had to restore her self esteem and gain admiration. Aditya was a good target to do that as now he was married and the way to test if you are still sexually appealing to a man is to snatch him from his wife. Gayatri Devi was able to do this not only that, in the bargain she had made Aditya into this hateful monster, who has resorted to violence and blatantly hurting the feelings of the very people who love him the most.

Next is Mithun’s turn. Mithun is from a traditional family; marrying outside community is a big no no and that too a divorcee - not heard in their family. Even with all this he has been able to convince his parents about Gayatri Devi and got their approval for marriage. Then she made him gift her a Ford Ikon for engagement. She has also convince him of her innocence and made him threaten Aditya.

The last step in the cycle is dropping the prey. This is not necessarily the last stage. It can happen after any stage depending on the suitability and use of the prey. This is done when she finds an appropriate prey to focus on who will then be taken through the entire cycle. The dropping happens suddenly without warning. The prey does not even get to know about this and keeps pursuing / wooing her.

All the preys go through this stage. Niranjan, Nandakumar and Nitin got dropped after stage two. Vikrant, Chintan and Aditya got dropped at stage three. The worst effected were Vikran and Aditya. Both of them did not even realize that they were dropped and dreamt of marrying and leading a happy life with her…… the “lived happily ever after” kinds…

Vikrant got a jolt when his parents approached Gayatri Devi’s parents and the proposal was rejected, he never ever got any indication or a slightest clue about Gayatri Devi having dropped him and moved on to Rajamani.

Aditya too was in the same boat, at least Vikrant was not married. Aditya was married and on Gayatri Devi instigation went ahead and applied for divorce and that too on Ramesh (Pranati’s Son’s Birthday as that is what Gayatri Devi wanted) and then kept harassing Pranati for divorce. In the meantime even before Aditya had applied for divorce, Gayatri Devi had latched on to Mithun. In fact Aditya got to know that he had been dropped only after he came across this blog and Mithun called and threatened him. This is height of being sadistic and insecure. What did Gayatri Devi get by breaking up Aditya’s home? Just satisfying her ego? Or restoring her self esteem? There are may better ways of doing this than playing with peoples lives.
Only Rajamani seems to be a lucky guy, who did not get dropped but, he himself dropped Mata Hari. Well done!!!!!!

And now Mithun. God has ways of making people realize their mistake. Mithun’s uncle passing away just before Mithun and Gayatri Devi’s marriage is blessing in disguise, as their marriage has to be kept on hold for a year. This is a golden opportunity for Mithun to get to know more about Gayatri Devi.
I know that Mithun is reading this blog. If Mithun needs help in knowing his future wife better to enable a happy married life, he can get in touch with me. He knows how to do that.

Inspired by the success of the 'Chronicles of a Battered Abused Discriminated and Disadvantaged Fatherless Girl-child'----another woman has come forward with her "Testimony of a wife in an existing marriage", who is being harassed by a Young Unattached Woman who is wooing for the attention of her HUSBAND and luring him.

This TESTIMONY brings to LIGHT the Strenuous circumstances of LEGALLY WEDDED OLDER WOMEN, who are facing competition from 'Sexually empowered young women'. These 'OTHER WOMEN' are younger, divorced or free, and compete to STEAL HUSBANDS FROM EXISTING MARRIAGES, by hook or by crook (and other carnal means----by Lure, beauty and looks!). And, then proceed to Sham conversions to Islam, Sham marriages, adultery, and other Social crimes ---if unchecked.

The core issue of the Biography is to look for Solutions for "The Other Women" in our Homes, Community, Society and the Corporate World. The solutions include Counseling, Healing, Family Forums and other Alternative Counseling Forums.
Disclaimer: The Story is told in the first person narrative by the " Legally Wedded Wife".

For reasons of confidentiality, please don't assume the identity of the 'narrator'. The entire story has been placed in custody of certain well-wishers. Names and identities of characters have been masked and changed to protect their identities. Let us call the name of the WIFE as 'Pranati Devi'.

Images used are only representative of the story.

Strong Legal action will be taken in Bangalore jurisdiction, against all those who claim to resemble or know the identity of any characters mentioned in this Biography.

Events are true and character sketches are disguised to protect their identities.

Copyright © 2010 Roshni Pereira and "Pranati Devi, The Legally Wedded Wife"

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