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Sunday, 4 October 2009

Keep dad in jail, he needs help: Says Genevieve Gomes (one of the captive daughters)

Keep dad in jail, he needs help: Says Genevieve Gomes (one of the captive daughters)

Rescued daughter pleads with court to deny her father bail, but instead provide him with psychiatric treatment like her mother and sisters

October 04, 2009
Genevieve Gomes, the second daughter of Francis Gomes, wrote a letter to a judicial magistrate on Saturday, pleading psychiatric help for her father Francis Gomes.

In her application to S Chikane, Judicial Magistrate, Vasai, the 22-year-old requested that her father – who has been accused of ill-treating his wife and three daughters for five years – be examined by a government-appointed psychiatrist.
Genevieve also requested that her father be denied bail although he has “not done any crime (sic)”, as she feared that he could do more damage to himself and society if he was out of judicial custody.

“I say that whatever mental torture and agony we (alluding to her mother and siblings) were facing, the society should not face,” she wrote.

My father needs medical attention, just like my mother and two other sisters, she stated.

She also wrote that her father would never voluntarily seek psychiatric help if he was let off, and that “would be a crime on our part”. Confirming the submission of the letter, Assistant Public Prosecutor S Deshmukh said, “Genevieve’s application has been received by the court, and will be treated as a separate case.”

“The court will examine Gomes’s mental condition and status as per Section 328 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC) and also as per the Medical Health Act, 1987,” he added.

Speaking briefly outside the court, Genevieve stressed that her father’s mental illness was “self explanatory” and apparent from the way he treated his family.

She was then quickly whisked away by R Gopalakrishnan, the president of Anand Rehabilitation Centre, the NGO that rescued Gomes’s wife, Theresa, and daughters, Elizabeth and Barbara, on Tuesday, September 29.

Sources disclosed that the court will decide on Genevieve’s letter on Monday.


The non-arrival of surety on Saturday in the Vasai Sessions Court delayed Gomes’s release although the bail order of Rs 15,000 had been issued by the court on Thursday.

Gomes is currently lodged at the Thane Central Jail, defence counsel Bhushan Gujar informed.

“Earlier on Saturday morning, one Raut, a resident of Naigaon, called me and was ready to stand as surety, but due to insufficient and incomplete documents, I turned him away and told him to get a new surety, or complete the documentation as per court procedures,” Gujar said.

Till the court’s closing hours, no fresh surety arrived. Gomes will therefore have to wait till Monday or later for his release, as he has been remanded in judicial custody till October 15.

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