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Thursday, 1 October 2009

'My wife & kids are unstable': says 'Monster dad' Francis Gomes

How does a Man run his family if there are so many mentally unsound individuals?

The question is 'Was his family unsound' or did he make them unsound?

Why was professional mental/psychological help taken to take care of the wife and children?

The plight of 'Mentally challenged women' is shocking and they are vulnerable to the viles of Strangers.

'My wife & kids are unstable': says 'Monster dad' Francis Gomes
2 October 2009
VASAI: "My wife and daughters are mentally unstable. I was taking care of them. I want them back,'' said Francis Gomes (60) before being produced before the Vasai sessions court on Thursday. Gomes claimed that he was being falsely implicated. "I have filed a case in this court against an NGO for kidnapping my daughter Geneviev. Now, here I am for another family issue,'' said Gomes.

A graduate from the St Xavier's College, Dhobi Talao, Gomes spoke about how he had suffered all these years while taking care of his unsound wife and daughters. "My wife did not know how to cook. I used to do all the cooking and household work,'' said Gomes.

After retiring from Morarji Mills where he worked as a supervisor, Gomes said he starting teaching at computer institutes in Vikhroli and Goregaon. "After we sold our Four Bungalows flat, we shifted to Naigaon as it was a quiet locality,'' said Gomes. The flat, he said, was sold for Rs 7 lakh and that money was used to run the house. "I would take computer classes even at my Naigaon flat. My wife and daughters would be in the bedroom.'' Gomes insisted that he would lock the house as he feared his wife would not be able to take care of the children. "My daughters were getting affected by my wife's condition.''

"In 2004, my eldest daughter Elizabeth went to Juhu beach for a stroll. There, she was kept in captivity by a man for about 20 days. She managed to escape and returned home. She has been quiet since then,'' said Gomes, who had filed a case against the man in the Vasai court. "Elizabeth never has a bath for days,'' said Gomes. Elizabeth was a student of Bhavan's College, Andheri. "If I had confined them, how did Elizabeth attend college?'' he asked. Gomes said people were jealous of him because he had three daughters. "One Florence D'Mello was responsible for taking away my second daughter. She has ruined my family,'' said Gomes. "I have also taken loans of around Rs 75,000 from my family members,'' he said.

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