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Thursday, 3 December 2009

Army likely to take action against doctor who deceived Afghan woman

Army likely to take action against doctor who deceived Afghan woman
27 November 2009
NEW DELHI: After civilian courts, it's now the Army's turn to turn the heat on Major Chandrasekhar Pant, the doctor who allegedly married a young Afghan woman in Kabul and then dumped her three years ago.

The Lucknow-based Central Army Command (CAC) has reportedly recommended `disciplinary action' against Major Pant, posted at the Army Hospital in Pithoragarh in Uttarakhand, after a court of inquiry there found him prima facie guilty in the case. "The file, with recommendations of the CAC, is now being sent to the defence ministry for approval,'' said a source.

This comes after a lower court in New Delhi directed Major Pant to pay Rs 8,000 to the Afghan woman, 21-year-old Sabra, as interim maintenance in September. The order was upheld by a sessions court earlier this month.

Sabra, a translator, has alleged that Major Pant married her in November 2006 when he was posted at the Indira Gandhi Hospital in Kabul, which is run by the Indian mission there, without disclosing that he was already married.

A fortnight or so after the marriage, Major Pant returned to India alone, never to return again. Sabra, in turn, arrived in India in November 2008 to trace Major Pant. The Army doctor, however, has denied the allegations of bigamy and claimed Sabra was falsely trying to implicate him in the case.

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