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Sunday, 6 December 2009

Corporal Punishment in Bangalore, India: Three Class 1 kids punished brutally

Corporal Punishment in Bangalore, India: Three Class 1 kids punished brutally
6 December 2009
BANGALORE: Corporal punishment raised its ugly head once again in Bangalore on Friday. Three 6-year-old girls in Class 1 of a school on Kanakapura Road were made to run 10 times around the school playground (which measures around 60 m x 60 m) and do 50 sit-ups — all because they forgot to pin their identity cards to their uniform.

What’s worse, it was the school principal and vice-principal who supervized the punishment that morning.

As it happens, one girl had her ID card in her bag. Her repeated pleas not to be punished fell on deaf ears. When she returned home in the afternoon, she complained of ear pain. Her mother said the girl had complained of breathlessness after finishing 10 rounds. “In spite of that, she was not given water. Though she refused to run, the principal insisted. We took her to a doctor who confirmed that the pain in the external ear was due to holding it during the sit-ups. She is now complaining of body pain.’’

The mother added: “I hate punishment. I don’t punish my daughter at home. She is soft-spoken and not known to misbehave. I feel children should not be punished at all.”

The parent of another punished girl said her child had a viral fever last week and been advised complete rest. “I did ten rounds and 50 sit-ups which was too much,’’ the girl told STOI. Two weeks ago, another Class 1 student had forgotten her ID card and was given the same punishment. This, despite her carrying an injury sustained earlier which had resulted in five stitches to the head.

On Saturday, the principal addressed about 50 parents who demanded an explanation on the school’s methods of disciplining children. The principal acknowledged that the girls had been punished but it was done to discipline the children. Parents argued it was wrong for a school head to make such statements. The principal finally assured them that such incidents would not happen again.

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