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Sunday, 20 December 2009

Defies Supreme Court - Fugitive NRI mom Vijayasree Voora,abducted son Aditya vanish once again

Defies Supreme Court - Fugitive NRI mom Vijayasree Voora,abducted son Aditya vanish once again
The runaway mom has done the vanishing act once again. Ordered by the Supreme Court on November 17 to return to the US and resolve her dispute with husband for the custody of her seven-year-old son Aditya in the New York court, Vijayashree Voora disappeared from the CBI scanner on Friday.
She has taken her son and not even her father in Chennai knows where she is, says the dejected husband Dr Ravi Chandran, who has been battling her for 30 months for their boy's custody.

"The CBI should have kept track of her movements but they failed. She disappeared on December 18 and now I have come to Chennai looking for her. I am worried for my son's safety," Dr Ravi Chandran told this newspaper.

"I am a Ph.D with several degrees and my wife too is highly educated but see the tragedy of my son, who's been out of school for 30 months that she has been running around as a fugitive from law," he said, adding that he would not return to the US, where he is working, without his son.

Following a court directive, the CBI tracked down Vijayashree to a Chennai hotel just when she was vacating the place to take refuge elsewhere, with the kid.

Please call 97016 40009 if you know their whereabouts.


Anonymous said...

Did any one at least women in India think with favour of vijayasree voora?why she is running away with her son?I remember reading news in news paper Aditya said in front of judge that his mother loves him and treating him with immense care.How can a mother treat her kid with abuse?Mother's love is always greater than a father.If she has the history of extra marital affair,did any one think of the reason behind that.Searching for partnership is no way concern of loving her own child.Off late We all need to understand a mother's heart.I feel so sorry about one mother,a helpless woman who has been constantly running to live along with her child.A man, how educated he is,cannot bare an intelligent woman,could not resist from his zealous.If a woman shower her love more than one person,we treat that as a big sin.I pray vijaya sree should develop her will power and give-up her child.Because that son also a male who will grow up and never love and respect her back, no matter how hard she will let him grow.

Dr. V. Ravi Chandran said...

Vijayasree Voora is a convicted International child kidnapper which is a felony offense in the USA, and convicted child molester. Two supreme courts in two different jurisdictions (India and USA) has found her criminally insane, and her child was taken away from her by the Supreme court of India and handed over to his beloved father.

Vijayasree also make false accusations of abuse by father in 2006, which was investigated by the Child Protective Services in NY and in March 2007 the NY CPS declared all her allegations were baseless and closed the case. Because of false child abuse allegations, Judge Maney of NY Albany family court give primary custody of Aditya to his father in June 18, 2007. When the criminal Vijayasree absconded with Aditya in August 2007, which is a felony offense in USA, Judge Maney ordered sole legal and physical custody of Aditya to his father in Sept 2007.

In a recent almost identical case in NY, for making false child abuse allegations to NY CPS, Nassau County Judge had ordered jail term for the mother who alienated her children from the estranged father. Please refer to the link:

In India the atrocities committed by Vijayasree against Aditya continued unabated. She moved his from place to place, admitted him in no less than 30 different schools, dragged him in the filthy streets like a rabid dog, and prevented from any contact with his father, family members, and was forced to lead a fugitive life.

Realizing how criminally insane and disrespectful of law, SC judges ordered that Aditya be directly to his father. No mother in India had gone extreme lengths of alienate her son from father.

SC of India judges realized that all along Vijayasree had been coaching Aditya and alienating him from his father. So when Aditya proclaimed in front of the SC judges, that "My father is a bad man", judges not only ignored his statement, but also scolded mother for raising a child in such despicable manner.

Now this should be a lesson for all those parents trying to alienate their children from ex-spouses. Justice has prevailed in aditya's case in two supreme courts of two different countries.

God Bless Aditya.