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Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Gerry Adams' brother Liam hands himself in to police over daughter's sexual abuse allegations

Gerry Adams' brother Liam hands himself in to police over daughter's sexual abuse allegations
23rd December 2009
Gerry Adams' brother has handed himself in to police after going on the run over allegations that he sexually abused his daughter.
Liam Adams, who is in his 50s, walked into a Garda station in Co.Sligo last night and offered himself up for questioning over the alleged abuse.
It is understood detectives there could not detain him because they did not have the necessary European arrest warrant.

Mr Adams left the station after giving police his name and address and saying that he was willing to be questioned.
The news of his whereabouts comes a Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams made numerous public calls for him to hand himself over to authoritiesfter.
Liam Adams' daughter, Áine Tyrell, has waived her right to anonymity to allege that he sexually abused her from the age of four.

Last night the Police Service of Northern Ireland confirmed that it has issued a warrant for his arrest but it only covers Northern Ireland.
It is understood officers are working to prepare the necessary European arrest warrant but that it may take some time.
In November of last year, 30 years after some of the alleged abuses and following a PSNI investigation, Liam Adams was to face 23 charges - but he went missing.
Earlier this week, Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams appealed to his brother to come forward after his niece appeared on television to expose her father as a sexual abuser.
In a shocking interview Áine revealed that she had confided in her uncle Gerry about the abuse in 1987.
Instead of contacting his sworn enemy the RUC, he brought Áine, then aged 14, to confront her father.
Gerry, who was also interviewed for the documentary, admitted he had known about Áine's claims for more than 20 years and believed her from the outset.
'I believed Áine from the very first time she spoke to me and I have had no reason to change my mind on that issue,' said the West Belfast MP.
However, he has come under pressure after it emerged that he first knew about the allegation against his brother in the late 1980s.
Since then, Liam Adams has worked with young people in a number of different capacities.
Gerry Adams has said that he intervened to tell a youth group in west Belfast that his brother should not be working there.
However, the Clonard Youth Project has denied that it knew at any point about the allegation against Liam Adams.
During the interview in which Gerry Adams appealed for his brother to hand himself in, he also revealed that his father, a veteran republican, had been responsible for acts of physical and sexual abuse against his own children.

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