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Thursday, 31 December 2009

Vijayasree Voora has gone missing again with abducted son Aditya, says ex-husband Dr Ravichandran

Vijayasree Voora has gone missing again with abducted son Aditya, says ex-husband Dr Ravichandran
22 December 2009
CHENNAI: The custody battle over an NRI child took a new turn on Monday with Dr V Ravichandran, the former husband of Vijayasree Voora, lodging a complaint at the Pondy Bazaar police station saying that she was missing along with their son.

In his complaint, Ravichandran said that the Supreme Court had ordered Voora to take their son Aditya to be produced before the New York family court within a fortnight of November 17, 2009, failing which, the court would restore the child's custody to him. He said: "Vijayasree Voora has willfully and knowingly flouted the order of the Supreme Court and has absconded from the arms of law. I apprehend a threat to the life of my minor son Aditya. She has always disrespected the court.''

Vijayasree, on the other hand, told TOI that she was very much in New Delhi. "I have informed the CBI and the courts of this," she said. She claimed her husband was trying to take the child away to the US. She said her visa formalities were not complete and that she was in the process of making an affidavit to the Supreme Court seeking time to leave for the US.

Dr Ravichandran, in his complaint, said there was no trace of Aditya or Vijayasree at the addresses given by the latter to the CBI. All registered documents sent to the two addresses in Chennai had been returned, he claimed.

Ravichandran, who was present at the Pondy Bazaar police station with his mother and volunteers of the Save Indian Family Foundation, said Vijayasree had flouted the Supreme Court order asking her to to return to the US and resolve her dispute with him for the custody of their son Aditya.

"The CBI should have kept track of her movements but failed. She disappeared on December 18 and now I have come to Chennai looking for her. I am worried for my son's safety," Ravichandran said.

Later, Vijayashree's father Sriman Narayana Voora told TOI that his daughter had spoken to the T Nagar assistant commissioner of police and informed him of her whereabouts and that she was in the process of completing her visa formalities.


Anonymous said...

whoever has posted this should know that January 25, 2010 the Honorable Supreme Court of India rubbished Mr. V. Ravi Chandran's claim that the mother was missing with the child. An order was passed by the Honorable Supreme Court of India quashing Mr. V. ravi Chandran's FIR at the pondy bazaar police station, on jan 25, 2010. Unfortunately, Voora had not been able to get the US visa and she was very kindly advised by the Esteemed U.S. Embassy at Chennai that many legal issues and other problems should be sorted out in USA and she has to do the needful immediately in order to pursue her
appeal for justice for the child and herself in USA. As the mother had been abused along with the child by Mr. V. ravi Chandran for years, who has earlier claimed, according to chandran's psychiatrist, that a) Ravi Chandran's father had mental issues and killed himself b)his first wife, by name, Judith Reichenthal, am American Jew, through whom he got his green card, also was crazy, and now c) his second wife, Voora, is having mental issues and d) his son, is an idiot and a retard.

In USA, Mr. V. Ravi Chandran had a)stopped the child from receiving asthma medication, b)therapy advised by the U.S government and school psycholgist of the county, c) stopped the child from a prestigious private school called Susan Odell School, in Troy, New York, for an entire academic year 2006-2007, d) denied permission for the child's pediatricians to treat him at the same time, and since, the child did not get any relief despite the mother running from pillar to post, and as the Honorable Judge presiding over the case at albany court, NY refused to admit mothers' papers seeking relief for the child, the mother to save her child had taken the court's permission to visit India with her son that was granted.
As she was threatened by the multimillionaire Chandran that she will be put into treatment as he was paying according to him "all of them" and as there were non-bailable arrest warrants issued against her for not returning on time to the USA, she fled out of fright.

Anonymous said...

the Image supplied here with the child and ravi chandran is a fake one as the child was not looking that old in 2007 when he left USA. The child was photographed by many journalists in 2009 when he was found and one of those pictures has been pasted on to ravi chandran's photograph

Roshni Mathan Pereira said...

Hi, Anonymous,

You look late. The abducted child is in the USA now.

Anonymous said...

Yes DEAR ROSHNI, I don't blame u, u have been reading only one side of the story, if you don't check your facts it will look fake. It is now you have to be very afraid for Aditya/Arya because he is with 55 year old man, who had already called 3 people crazy. Do you know that the Child Protective Services in Albany did not even think that there is a case of any abuse by the mother of the child to even bother about the allegations father was making!! Please call Susan Odonnell school, u can google it on the web and ask who removed the child from school, call the pediatric doctors who were taking care of Aditya in New York, and ask them who took the child out of treatment and if you want to know the facts you can do such things. If you still choose to just report what is being reported without the facts being checked, too sad, u may be just helping in the destruction of the child. The child told the media that he wanted to be with his mom many times for people who really cared to listen. If u really care about the kid and want to know the facts let me know. You may end up actually doing many children a favor along with their helpless Indian mothers in America.

Dr V Ravichandran (father of Aditya) said...

Vijayasree Voora is a convicted International child kidnapper which is a felony offense in the USA, and convicted child molester. Two supreme courts in two different jurisdictions (India and USA) has found her criminally insane, and her child was taken away from her by the Supreme court of India and handed over to his beloved father.

Vijayasree also make false accusations of abuse by father in 2006, which was investigated by the Child Protective Services in NY and in March 2007 the NY CPS declared all her allegations were baseless and closed the case. Because of false child abuse allegations, Judge Maney of NY Albany family court give primary custody of Aditya to his father in June 18, 2007. When the criminal Vijayasree absconded with Aditya in August 2007, which is a felony offense in USA, Judge Maney ordered sole legal and physical custody of Aditya to his father in Sept 2007.

In a recent almost identical case in NY, for making false child abuse allegations to NY CPS, Nassau County Judge had ordered jail term for the mother who alienated her children from the estranged father. Please refer to the link:

In India the atrocities committed by Vijayasree against Aditya continued unabated. She moved his from place to place, admitted him in no less than 30 different schools, dragged him in the filthy streets like a rabid dog, and prevented from any contact with his father, family members, and was forced to lead a fugitive life.

Realizing how criminally insane and disrespectful of law, SC judges ordered that Aditya be directly to his father. No mother in India had gone extreme lengths of alienate her son from father.

SC of India judges realized that all along Vijayasree had been coaching Aditya and alienating him from his father. So when Aditya proclaimed in front of the SC judges, that "My father is a bad man", judges not only ignored his statement, but also scolded mother for raising a child in such despicable manner.

Now this should be a lesson for all those parents trying to alienate their children from ex-spouses. Justice has prevailed in aditya's case in two supreme courts of two different countries.

God Bless Aditya.

See the same comment posted in another blog-post Vijaysree Voora

Dr. V. Ravi Chandran said...

Please refer to the anonymous' declaration that the photo of me (Dr. V. Ravi Chandran) with Aditya, taken in 2007 is a fake. According to anonymous, Aditya was not looking that much older in 2007 when he left USA. Further Anonymous asserts that after Aditya was found in October 2009, Journalists took pictures of him, and somehow, I, father of Aditya, took one of these "post October 2009 picture" of Aditya and superimposed it on myself.

I would like to inform anonymous that this picture was actually taken in 2007, and the exact same picture was published in the front page of Bangalore Mirror on March 24, 2009, much before Aditya was found by CBI on October 2009. The front page news was titled, "Aditya, can you hear me son?"

Please refer to Bangalore Mirror website,

I also have a original copy of the newspaper.

Anonymous is suffering from delusions, and this person must be a fake herself. It is clear anonymous is Vijsyasree, and her paranoidal delusions are apparent.

Anonymous said...

the king of Delusions is mr. ravi chandran himself. for three full years he kept claiming that the child would be destroyed, dead etc. could he list the 30 schools the child went to here...? i think on his website he said the child has not gone to any school! his imagination runs wild. the child was healthy, normal, active, friendly and there are more than four institutions including two schools to attest to it. of course, the question is under the contolling and abusive mr.ravi chandran, will the child be able to remain the same or better? if he is such a good father, let's watch and see how the child is some time later under his care. is ravi a bag of empty words, or actually he can care for someone other than himself and make them grow!!! BTW, if he is spreading rumours about the Honorable supreme court judgements someone needs to check the judgement out before they publish his comment maybe.

theone said...

poor kid.
mom wanted to keep the kid to herself and hence took him to India, never to return.
Obviously rich father spared no means and spent a good amount from his vast wealth to find the kid.
In all possibilities he bribed, police to do searches, politicians AND got an injunction from the supreme court. THE supreme court. phew. wonder how he did that in such a short time, when i think of the sheer number of cases that are pending in the supreme court, cases outdating prehistoric times.
Police find the kid and return him to the father.

moral of the story - MONEY is above all. you can do ANYTHING physically possible if you have money.

Too bad for the kid. eventually hes gonna read about himself and his batsh!t crazy parents.

I wonder how he'll turn out.

Roshni Mathan Pereira said...

Hi, Anonymous (dated 27/10/2011). Thanks for the comments.