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Saturday, 30 January 2010

'My father's relationship with me ultimately destroyed him': Writer Leslie Kenton reveals the secret incest she endured

'My father's relationship with me ultimately destroyed him': Writer Leslie Kenton reveals the secret incest she endured
31st January 2010
In her new memoir, beauty guru Leslie Kenton reveals for the first time that she was raped aged 11 by her own father, and describes the secret incest that lasted until she was 13. Now, more than three decades after his death, she tells Louette Harding why she remembers him with sadness - and love

Leslie today. Despite her traumatic childhood, she says: 'I ended up with so much beauty and so much life'
It was June, four years ago, when Leslie Kenton first contemplated writing about her childhood. ‘My friend Gail Rebuck – who was my first editor and is now the chairman of Random House – she told me, “You need to write a memoir.” I said, “Gail, I can’t. No one would believe it, and the tabloids would go wild.” And Gail said, “Who cares? This book will be the bridge between what you have done before and the work you will do afterwards.”’
For decades, there have been hints that the woman known as the high priestess of the real beauty movement – she advocated high-raw, high-vegetable diets and detoxifying way back in the 70s, created the Origins range and imported the skincare tablet Imedeen to Britain – had built her luminous present from a murkier past.
‘I was not enamoured of the world I grew up in,’ she told an interviewer in 1993 when asked about her father, the American jazz band leader Stan Kenton, and her mother Violet. ‘I felt alienated.’ Two years later, she revealed a childhood suicide attempt. Now we learn in Love Affair the full extent of the horrors and the secret incest at its heart.
This dignified book took her years to write. ‘It ripped me to shreds,’ she says. While working on it, she retreated to her rambling house perched atop an extinct volcano on New Zealand’s South Island. Sipping tea in her library, she presents a picture of calm, her two cats leaping balletically from the shelves behind her. She also maintains a flat in Primrose Hill, London, which she bought after she left America in the 60s and materialised among us like a honey-hazed vision.

Balancing her job as health and beauty editor of Harpers & Queen with three – later four – children, her rangy beauty was the best advertisement for her own lifestyle. Today, at 68, her energy is undimmed. ‘I get up in the morning and my first thought is, “It’s a new day! What am I going to do?”’
Love Affair is dedicated to her father – ‘For Stanley, with all my love’ – a tribute as startling as it is sincere. For her first three years, Leslie hardly knew her parents. They farmed her out to her maternal grandmother who raised her with slap-happy discipline while Stanley toured with his dance band across America. After her parents reclaimed her, she joined them on the road, shuttling from the back seat of their Buick into smoky dance halls, only intermittently attending school.
In the end, the beautiful Violet tired of this circus and exchanged her dark, charismatic husband for a stolid mark two, taking her daughter to live in suburban California. Leslie was furious. ‘Stanley and I would get excited about the same things,’ she says of their passion for jazz and Stravinsky. They shared a playful sense of humour. ‘He was very childlike, and that was the best part of my father. It created a deep bond. I think I was the only person on earth he felt he could be himself with. He would ring me in the middle of the night in a state and I would do everything I could to try to reassure him.’
‘I think I was the only person he felt he could be himself with’
During the summer of 1952, she met him on tour, sharing his hotel room, sleeping back to back. He was drinking heavily while she, though aged only ten, was trying to police him, this six-foot four-inch man. He was, in many ways, treating her as a substitute for Violet. One night the final boundary was crossed and he raped his daughter. It was the beginning of an incestuous relationship that lasted until she was 13.
During visits, the days were as sunny as ever. They shared a unique exhilaration when together. Some nights he left her alone. ‘I believe he tried his best to resist touching me. Then, drowning in a sea of alcohol, he would come to my bed, only to deny the next morning that he’d been there.’ This was not cynical. Stanley had become so skilled in keeping secrets he could hide his guiltiest one even from himself. ‘He was born into guilt. As a child he was taught by his mother, “There’s something wrong with you, Stanley.”’ From talking to relatives, Leslie has learnt of a highly dysfunctional family with a history of manipulation, neglect and bizarre cult-like rituals.
‘I do not know how to express the damage that a family like this does. This is a disease that’s passed on. Some people survive it and others are deeply damaged.’ Leslie thinks Stanley experienced a condition known as dissociative identity disorder, involving selective amnesia, which she also developed as she blocked out the incest.
Her body, though, provided mute testimony. She suffered intense fevers and pains. ‘I believe my body was processing a lot of trauma and getting it out. I had the same recurring dream where I was being chased across rooftops and I was terrified, and I looked behind only to see myself come up over the side of the building.’ She ripped the flesh from the soles of her feet, tore at one of her nails. ‘There was no way
I could stop doing that.’

Band members, she has since learnt, thought the father-daughter relationship unnatural. ‘My mother definitely did not want to notice because she only wanted to see what she considered beautiful. She loved Stanley all her life. She married the wrong man [second time around] and felt trapped.’
Years later, though, when an adult Leslie told Violet what had happened, ‘she was horrified but not surprised. The moment
I told her, everything came together for her. She remembered him ringing to tell her I’d become a pathological liar.’ Leslie was – and remains today – truthful to the point of bluntness. Stanley’s accusation pointed to his desperation.
‘Despite the disassociation, he was [unconsciously] terrified of someone finding out,’ Leslie reasons. He raged and screamed at his daughter. ‘One night he shook me to the point where it didn’t matter to me if he killed me. Something broke in me and my relationship with him broke. Basically, I said, deep inside, “I don’t belong to you any more. Never again, will I let you in in that way.” It was a turning point in my life.’
Although the incest ended, Leslie was traumatised. She took an overdose of Stanley’s uppers and downers and ended up in hospital, having her stomach pumped.
Aged 17, when she enrolled at Stanford University, she remained suicidal. ‘I was in survival [mode] – terrible anxiety, terrible – and fear. And the fear was like – of what?’ She remembered nothing. ‘I had my first child when I was 18 and that saved my life.’
Her four children – Branton, 50, an entrepreneur; Susannah, 46, an actress and writer; Jesse, 44, a plastic surgeon; and Aaron, 28, a filmmaker – are from four different relationships. This once seemed the badge of a free spirit, a woman thumbing her nose at convention. ‘It was hard – you raise four kids on your own and earn all the money to support them – and yet it grounded me.’
Today, she harbours regrets about marrying twice (she did not love either husband, at least not in any wifely sense) but says of ex-lovers and male friends, ‘I’ve been very fortunate because the men in my life have been really valuable to me.’ Of one typical relationship, she explains, ‘I could ring him in the middle of the night and say, “I’m in trouble. I don’t know what it is.” He would listen and I would find my way out of chaos. But that [need to talk] hasn’t happened recently.’
London psychiatrist Joyce Martin, at the time one of a handful of doctors licensed to
use small doses of LSD to rediscover repressed memories, played a crucial role. During the course of treatment in 1967, Leslie experienced searing pain. Two sessions later, she recalled the first rape. It would be years before all the memories gradually resurfaced, including the weird role of Stella, Stanley’s mother, in two shady drugged rituals. Leslie also recalled Stella incarcerating her, aged 13, in a sanatorium for brutal ECT treatment to further ‘fry’ her memories. She has been able to verify some details by speaking to others, including the family friends who cared for her in her fragile state afterwards. Leslie confronted Stanley in 1972 when he visited London to record a show for the BBC.
‘I was a little scared of him. But do you know what? He knew! He knew something was
going to happen. I said, “I’ve discovered what happened between us,” and he went as white as a sheet. He was a big man and he physically crumpled.’ The next day, he told her, ‘All I can say is that I’m so sorry. At that part of my life,
I didn’t know what was going on.’
‘And that,’ comments his daughter, with wry humour rather than bitterness, ‘was a little inaccurate. For a lot of his life he didn’t know what was going on.’
Drinking and smoking heavily, suffering from chronic ill health, Stanley died in 1979. He had married twice more, to a woman much younger than himself whom he physically abused, and finally to an old friend. Leslie saw him two weeks before his death. ‘He’d been drinking cheap wine and was in his boxer shorts and looked
like a bum.’ She told him she loved him more than anyone in the world. ‘I needed him to realise that I loved him no matter what he did. And I do love him, very much. That doesn’t mean in any way that I would like to go back and repeat what happened.
‘There’s no question in my mind that what ultimately destroyed my father was his relationship with me. He was horrified by what he had done, yet he could never really face it. He was always so insecure and deeply unhappy that he never composed the music he wanted to create. I don’t think I can take any credit for being benevolent. I’ve been through periods when I’ve hated him and there were periods when he hated me. When I was seeing Dr Martin I would drive back home after a session and I would be fearful that my father was in the back seat of the car: “Oh my God! He’s there!” I was programmed that if I told anyone I would self-destruct.’ How does she think of him today? ‘With sadness… He was so tortured and it was not necessary because my life was good.’
Unpredictable, occasionally infuriating, endlessly curious, Leslie is now working on a book about creativity, which prompts her to explain her views on the unconscious before veering off on to the subject of shamanism, in which she once trained. But there’s a singleness of purpose to these apparently esoteric interests and, indeed, to her life’s work.
‘We all carry a lot of false beliefs about ourselves. You don’t have to be raped and have your brain fried to have traumas. If you dare to bring light into your darkness, your own unconsciousness, those things lift off, in the same way that if the body is toxic physically and you do a cleansing diet, the stuff just lifts off. My father never had that opportunity. If you can only look at the baggage you carry and not identify with it, recognise that the essence of who you are is far deeper and richer!’ A lot of her shamanic practice seems to be aimed at bringing self-acceptance to her father, mother and other relatives beyond the grave.
I mention to Leslie that at no point in the book does she use the word ‘abuse’, which is the accepted terminology for what happened, electing instead to use ‘incest’. She is surprised. ‘I had no idea. It was certainly not a conscious decision. My sense is, the way people are trapped by their family, their upbringing, their genetic inheritance…honest to God, the suffering I saw in my family, in Stanley, in Stella who lived in such darkness, it’s hardly appropriate to call me abused. I ended up with so much beauty and so much life.’

Is the choice of words to prevent victimhood? ‘I think I’ve experienced myself as a victim at times. I think we all do. I hate it when I feel like that. It’s like a child that feels sorry for itself.’
She is often dubbed ‘new age’, but bats that one back vehemently. ‘There are a lot of people who want to become “spiritual”, which I have a little bit of – but I hate new-agey stuff. They want everything to be beautiful. Well, I’m sorry, life feeds on life and there’s a horror involved in that, and to not pay attention to that is just to be naive.’
Then she adds (probably relishing the paradox), ‘It is my sense very strongly that
each one of us chooses the life we come into. I definitely chose my parents, and I would not change that for the world. Both of them were such unique, interesting creatures and it was bloody, and also exciting. This is going to sound even weirder: I’m fortunate to have had the experience I had with my father. Do you know the children’s book called Ferdinand The Bull? All he did was sit in the field and smell the flowers. I’ve often thought that had I not had heavy challenges, I would be Ferdinand. All of life’s experience defines us. It gives us what our real values are.’

It was Violet who eventually gave me the news of their break-up. It was early morning. Stanley had gone to a rehearsal. She and I were alone. I remember everything about that morning: the smell of her perfume (it was called Tabu), the way the sun pours through the french doors of the dining room… I’m piling a mountain of white sugar on half a grapefruit. Sugar crystals stick to the silver spoon. They tickle my tongue as I lick them off – something I am normally forbidden to do. I find it strange that my mother doesn’t tell me off for doing this.
‘I have something to tell you, Leslie.’
I hardly hear her.
‘Leslie, we’re leaving Hollyridge [their home in Hollywood]. We are going to live with Uncle Jimmy.’
‘No! What about Stanley?’ I ask.
‘We’re not going to live with him any more.’
My own tears flood my face, my neck, my blouse… I throw my spoon on the table. ‘I’m not going. I’m not, I’m not!’
From that day on, I often looked upon Violet as though she were some kind of monster. It had to be her fault. To my young mind, she had treated Stanley horribly. It was obvious how much he needed her. In spite of his bravado and his big feet, anyone could see he was not as much like Superman as he pretended to be.
Thus did my father become the ‘innocent’ one – the ‘wounded’ one – the victim of a callous woman who had torn us asunder. The morning Violet and I climbed into her car to leave, I made a dangerous vow: ‘Stanley, somehow, somewhere, some way,
I’ll do my best to make it up to you.’

Friday, 29 January 2010

Biography of a Wife deceived by a 'Husband' into a Bigamous marriage(s): Chapter 3. Denial of Indian Holiday Marriage by Deceiver & Bigamous Krishna

Biography of a Wife deceived by a 'Husband' into a Bigamous marriage(s): Chapter 3. Denial of Indian Holiday Marriage by Deceiver & Bigamous Krishna

Main Characters:

1. Meera -The Legally Wedded Wife or Narrator in USA (Married by Civil Registered Marriage)

2. Veena - Yet another wife in India (Married by Hindu Religious rites)

3. Krishna-The Bigamous Husband in USA (The Charming Con-Artist)
Date of writing: 29 January 2010

Date of Editing: 29 January 2010
Criminals plot their acts methodically and well in advance.

On Jan 13, 2010 the notorious Bigamous Krishna denied that he ever married or knew the existence of Veena. The Con artist proved one more time that he was a Satanic deceiver.

His nature of lying constantly is known to his friends and family. This time he deceived a Public office which is in US court.

On Jan 13, 2010, Krishna told US court that he never married Veena in India. This marriage never existed. That means he is telling US court that he was free to marry anyone as he doesn't recognize Veena as his wife.

Poor Veena is still dreaming to come to US as his wife and unable to understand he is a con artist. Instead of coming forward and filing a police case or divorce she preferred to hide in a hole. She doesn't want to respond the laws of India and US court.

The News was telecasted on Indian TV channels in January 2010. People responded very well and were anxious to punish those who were involved or supported bigamy.

Meera has filed a police complaint in Indian soil as well. The US court is investigating this matter further.

More later!................

Inspired by the success of the 'Chronicles of a Battered Abused Discriminated and Disadvantaged Fatherless Girl-child'----A WIFE has come forward with her "Testimony of a Legally wedded wife to a man who has concealed an existing marriage".

This TESTIMONY brings to LIGHT the Strenuous circumstances of LEGALLY WEDDED OLDER WOMEN, who are facing deception from 'CHARMING MEN'.

The core issue of the Biography is to look for Solutions for "Deception and Concealment of existing marriages by MEN & WOMEN" in our Homes, Community, Society and the Corporate World. The solutions include Counseling, Healing, Family Forums and other Alternative Counseling Forums.
Disclaimer: The Story is told in the first person narrative by the "Legally Wedded Wife".
For reasons of confidentiality, please don't assume the identity of the 'other characters in the story- namely the Bigamous husband'. The entire story has been placed in custody of certain well-wishers. Names and identities of characters have been masked and changed to protect their identities. Let us call the name of the LEGALLY WEDDED WIFE as 'Meera'.

Images used are only representative of the story.

Strong Legal action will be taken in Bangalore jurisdiction, against all those who claim to resemble or know the identity of any characters mentioned in this Biography.
Events are true and character sketches are disguised to protect their identities.
Copyright © 2009 Roshni Pereira and "Meera, A Legally Wedded Wife, deceived into a Marriage by a Con-artist in a previously existing Marriage"

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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

The world's SECOND pregnant man is 'blissfully happy' as he prepares to give birth to baby boy next month

The world's SECOND pregnant man is 'blissfully happy' as he prepares to give birth to baby boy next month
27th January 2010
A transgender couple have revealed they are expecting their first baby in a month’s time.
Scott Moore - thought to be only the second ‘pregnant man’ to go public - is due to give birth to a boy in February, with husband Thomas by his side.
The couple were both born girls and have undergone surgery to transform their sex.

Scott, 30, who is legally married to Thomas because he still has a female birth certificate, says he is eagerly looking forward to giving birth.
They have decided to call the child ‘Miles’.
‘We know some people will criticise us but we are blissfully happy and not ashamed,’ Scott said.
The couple, from California, already have two children - Gregg, 12, and Logan, 10 - who Thomas had with a previous female partner.
The case is similar to that of Thomas Beatie, from Oregon, who made headlines around the world in 2008 when he gave birth to a girl.

Scott, who started out in life as a girl named Jessica, first realised he wanted to be a man when he hit puberty aged 11.
‘When I told my family they thought I was crazy but they gradually realised I was serious and allowed me to start taking male hormones when I was 16 years old,’ he said.
His parents paid £4,600 for Scott to have his 36DDD chest removed. However, he could not afford the gender surgery, so still has female organs.
Thomas, who used to be called Laura, had a hysterectomy and gender reassignment surgery last year.

They met in 2005 at a support group meeting for transgender men but lost touch – but saw each other again in 2007.
‘We knew we had to be together,’ Scott said. ‘Two months later I gave up my job to live with Thomas and the boys.
‘Now they call me “dad two”.’The couple, who live in a four-bedroom house, decided in December 2008 to try for a baby.
Scott was inseminated with the sperm of a male friend and fell pregnant in June 2009.
‘We were so happy we did what all gay men do when they get excited - we went shopping,’ Thomas said.

The couple have dismissed concerns that Miles might be teased at school, saying they are confident they can deal with it.
‘We've been through it already,’ Thomas said.
‘My son Logan was bullied but now he just says to teasers: “You may have a problem with my two dads but I don't so you're not hurting me”.’
Scott plans to have a natural birth at their local hospital. Their doctor and obstetrician have told the medics at the local hospital.
‘We didn't want everyone to be shocked when a man turns up to give birth,’ Scott said.‘We found it very difficult to get a doctor and midwife at first. It was hard when people didn't want to treat me.
‘No pregnant person should be denied healthcare just because they are a man.’
But he added: ‘I'm looking forward to giving birth now. With Thomas at my side everything will be just fine.’
Thomas said: ‘We want to show the world that trans-families can be healthy, loving and nurturing.’

Monday, 25 January 2010

Tiger Woods' 19th mistress pretended she was having golf lessons from 'Jose' to keep their 18-month fling secret

Tiger Woods' British mistress pretended she was having golf lessons from 'Jose' to keep their 18-month fling secret

25th January 2010
The British mother-of-two named as Tiger Woods' latest mistress concocted a story that she was having golf lessons to maintain their affair.
Emma Rotherham, a 42-year-old living near the shamed World No.1 golfer in Isleworth, Florida, invented the story to tell friends and family.
She claimed to be receiving tuition from an instructor called Jose, whereas she was in fact racing to Woods' office in Windermere for sex sessions.

It emerged yesterday that Miss Rotherham was paid more than $500,000 (£300,000) in hush money to keep quiet about their affair.
She is said to have gone 'absolutely ballistic' after details of the 18-month fling emerged at the weekend.
She had signed a confidentiality agreement after a member of the golfer's security team handed her a sports bag stuffed with half-a-million dollars in $100 bills
Now she fears she will be liable for tax in the U.S. over the alleged pay-off.
Miss Rotherham is understood to have visited Woods once a week. She believed at the time that she was his only mistress, although it now appears she was just one of a dirty dozen.
A source told The Sun: 'She'd tell family and friends she was going for golf lessons with Jose and his named was saved on her phone under that name.'
But she is said to have refused to hand over her mobile phone containing incriminating evidence.
A source told the News of the World: 'Emma was his most recent mistress. They had a very, very passionate relationship and she has dozens of text messages and emails from him.
'Some were even sent while Tiger was trying to patch things up with his wife. If those came out, they'd bury him.'

Miss Rotherham, whose family live in Brighton, yesterday refused to answer her phone or the door of her home in Celebration, Florid, after news of the affair broke.
Friends said the blonde never made any secret of her affair with Woods, 34, and it caused the break-up of a year-long relationship with her boyfriend.
A friend said: 'He knew she was seeing Tiger and did not approve. He asked Emma to stop seeing him, but she refused so they split up.
'Emma never tried to hide that she was Tiger's mistress and almost wore it as a badge of honour.
'All of her friends knew that she was seeing him, but agreed not to say anything as everyone looked up to Tiger.'
When other women - including nightclub promoter Rachel Uchitel and porn star Holly Sampson - emerged with their own tawdry claims, Miss Rotherham sent the golfer a text but he is said to have told her not to contact him as his 30-year-old Swedish wife, Elin Nordegren, was 'going through everything'.

Miss Rotherham is said to have met him in Orlando's Blue Martini nightclub in May 2008. A source told the News of the World: 'Tiger couldn't keep his eyes of her. You could see he was making a play for her.
'Emma speaks very well with a posh English accent and Tiger loved it. He thought she sounded classy and sexy.'
Woods was so smitten he became jealous of other men chatting her up - even suggesting she wear a wedding ring to put them off.
Miss Rotherham has two daughters aged 16 and 25 and moved to the U.S. four years ago after her youngest child finished primary school in London. She is a regular on the Florida singles scene.
One ex-boyfriend said: 'Emma is up for a good time. She is very flirtatious and knows how to enjoy herself. 'At a bar Emma, would hardly ever have to buy a drink as there would always be some guy willing to foot the bill for her Martinis. She knows how to get what she wants.'
Meanwhile, it was reported that Woods has been losing around £62,000 a day in commercial deals since the scandal broke in November.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Biography of a Wife deceived by a 'Husband' into a Bigamous marriage(s): Chapter 2. Holiday Bride: The Indian Wife No.1

Biography of a Wife deceived by a 'Husband' into a Bigamous marriage(s): Chapter 2. Holiday Bride: The Indian Wife No.1

Main Characters:

1. Meera -The Legally Wedded Wife or Narrator in USA (Married by Civil Registered Marriage)

2. Veena - Yet another wife in India (Married by Hindu Religious rites)

3. Krishna-The Bigamous Husband in USA (The Charming Con-Artist)
Date of writing: 24 January 2010

Date of Editing: 24 December 2010
Veena is a school teacher who is Currently unemployed.

She was a Widow having a 17 yr old son, having lost her husband to 'Brain haemorrhage' in the late 1990s. Veena had previously lived in the US for some period. She is Currently, living in Valasaravakkam, Porur, Chennai, India with her brother Ravi Kumar and son.

She Married Krishna on Oct 19, 2004 in Aaditya Hotel, Chennai in a lavish ceremony. She is Still waiting for his return to take her to the US as promised. Her marriage was consummated, and she spent entirely for the marriage expenses. Krishna had a romp for 40 days and 40 nights.

After the romp, Krishna gave No financial support to maintain her life and educate her son.

Veena was frustrated and she told us her whole story. She told us how Krishna ruined the lives of her and her son. As per Veena, she lost her all her life savings (around Rs. 6-8 Lacks) to arrange the wedding in India with her money and she was manipulated into using her lifetime savings for the luxurious wedding at the Aaditya Hotel in Chennai.

This extravagant wedding took place at a three-star hotel, with invitation cards, for the traditional Hindu marriage including the cost of a priest, relatives and friends. Veenastarted living with Krishna in Hyderabad with Krishna’s family in Krishna’s parents’ house. Krishna was a very smooth and sweet talker to her. Krishna talked about dreams of married life with her in the US. She had blindly started to trust him. She mentioned how Krishna used to talk to her son couple of hours every day and promised to send him money for his education. Krishna, a con artist, never registered the marriage in India. He flew off to the US after a month and asked Veena to stay with her parents in Chennai till he returned to take her to the US. Krishna never returned to India.

He never communicated with Veena since then. Her son clearly mentioned, “I was 13 years old when this all happened to my mother and us. I am grown up now and can't digest this. Can you please send me money/ticket so that I can come to the USA and settle this issue with Krishna." Her son does not have money and cannot afford his tuition. He gets notices from his school each semester that the school will throw him out from the school if he doesn’t pay. He feels that not only are his college dreams shattered, but getting through high school has become a burden on his mother. Veena states that because she spent all her life savings on her marriage with Krishna, and their other expenses during Krishna’s stay in India, she does not have any money to pay for her son's high school education or even renew her passport. They kept calling Krishna many times. Krishna never responded. Krishna never called them back.

Veena and I exchanged phone numbers and e-mails addresses. I told Veena that Krishna had married me in the US on March 31, 2007. Veena and Ramakrishan asked me to share our marriage evidence with them because they were in shock and didn’t believe me first. It was difficult for them to comprehend that Krishna would do such a thing. Veena promised me to send her wedding evidence like invitation card, photos, video etc. We kept in touch by e-mail since then.

I also found that Krishna contacted me first on when he was living with Veena in Hyderabad. It is incomprehensible that the man I married is a professional con artist and is ruining not only my life, but Veena’s too.

Inspired by the success of the 'Chronicles of a Battered Abused Discriminated and Disadvantaged Fatherless Girl-child'----A WIFE has come forward with her "Testimony of a Legally wedded wife to a man who has concealed an existing marriage".

This TESTIMONY brings to LIGHT the Strenuous circumstances of LEGALLY WEDDED OLDER WOMEN, who are facing deception from 'CHARMING MEN'.

The core issue of the Biography is to look for Solutions for "Deception and Concealment of existing marriages by MEN & WOMEN" in our Homes, Community, Society and the Corporate World. The solutions include Counseling, Healing, Family Forums and other Alternative Counseling Forums.
Disclaimer: The Story is told in the first person narrative by the "Legally Wedded Wife".
For reasons of confidentiality, please don't assume the identity of the 'other characters in the story- namely the Bigamous husband'. The entire story has been placed in custody of certain well-wishers. Names and identities of characters have been masked and changed to protect their identities. Let us call the name of the LEGALLY WEDDED WIFE as 'Meera'.

Images used are only representative of the story.

Strong Legal action will be taken in Bangalore jurisdiction, against all those who claim to resemble or know the identity of any characters mentioned in this Biography.
Events are true and character sketches are disguised to protect their identities.
Copyright © 2009 Roshni Pereira and "Meera, A Legally Wedded Wife, deceived into a Marriage by a Con-artist in a previously existing Marriage"

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21 stone woman kills father of her children after sitting on him during a row

21 stone woman kills father of her children after sitting on him during a row
23rd January 2010
An obese mother killed her much smaller boyfriend after she sat on him during an argument.

Mia Landingham, who weighs more than 21 stone, squashed Mikal Middlestone-Bey to death after they had a fight last August.

During her trial, Landingham apologised for killing eight-stone Mikal - the father of her three children.

Her attorney said there was a long history of domestic abuse in the relationship and asked the judge for leniency.

She was sentenced to three years probation and 100 hours community service after pleading guilty to involuntary manslaughter.

Landingham was immediately released from jail on Wednesday after the trial in Cleveland, Ohio.

Landingham told the court: ‘I just want to say that I am sincerely sorry about this situation. I wish I could take it back.’

Mikal's family were outraged by the result. One of his sisters said: ‘So basically you can say that I can go sit on somebody and get probation?

‘I feel there wasn't no justice.’

Landingham had faced a maximum sentence of five years behind bars.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

NCW calls for law to protect NRI brides: Holiday husband syndrome

NCW calls for law to protect NRI brides: Holiday husband syndrome
22 January 2010
NEW DELHI: Pressing for a separate legislation on marital issues involving non-resident Indians, the National Commission for Women (NCW) on Thursday said that the phenomena of `holiday husbands' - NRI grooms who marry in India for dowry and desert their wives - was on a steady rise. NCW chairperson Girija Vyas said the commission's NRI cell, which was set up six months back, had received as many as 177 complaints relating to marital discord. About 331 such complaints have been received by the ministry of overseas Indian affairs in the past one year.

``A maximum of 130 complaints were received from the US followed by Britain (44) and Canada (37). Among the states, maximum of 87 complaints were received from victims originating from Punjab, followed by Delhi (59) and Haryana (21),'' Vyas added.

The commission has recommended a separate legislation that will address issues including matrimonial discord, maintenance of spouses and children, child custody, settlement of matrimonial property amongst others. ``This can serve as a comprehensive ready reference for foreign courts deciding litigation between NRI and Indian citizens,'' Vyas said. This is also likely to address concerns raised by the Law Commission on the absence of rules of private international law.

The NCW has also recommended compulsory registration of NRI marriages and has appealed to the Centre to effectively represent to governments of all foreign countries, particularly those with a large NRI presence, to give effect to international law like provisions in the Hague Convention which deal with issues of overseas marriages.

The commission said the ministry of external affairs through its embassies abroad should sensitize the home departments of foreign countries about issues regarding dowry demands and other problems faced by women.

Vyas also suggesting an amendment in the Hindu Marriage Act to ensure protection of the rights of victims of failed marriages. She said there was scope for making changes in the process for issuing passports as well.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Sexual abuse survivors wait 5yrs before disclosing trauma

Sexual abuse survivors wait 5yrs before disclosing trauma
20 January 2010

A study has revealed that half of the survivors of sexual abuse wait up to five years before disclosing they were victimized, and end up suffering more because of it.

The collaborative study from the Université de Montréal, the Université du Québec à Montréal and the Université de Sherbrooke, explored the consequences of not reporting abuse. "The number of victims who never reveal their secret or who wait many years to do so is very high," co-author Mireille Cyr, a psychology professor of the Université de Montréal, said. "This is regrettable because the longer they wait to reveal the abuse, the harder and more enduring the consequences will be," Cyr stated.

The research team surveyed 800 Quebec men and women and found 25 percent of respondents never divulged being sexually abused as children. The scientists also found a sharp contrast between genders, 16 percent of women remain quiet about abuse, while 34 percent of men never share their secret.The investigation found that 22 percent of women and 10 percent of men reported beings survivors of abuse, which ranged from molestation to rape, which is comparable to the findings of previous studies on the topic.

The psychological distress of victims includes anxiety, depression, troubles concentrating and irritability. While certain victims suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, some relive the abuse psychologically while others have dulled emotions or become hyper-vigilant. The data suggests that victims are more likely to denounce their abuser when he or she is a stranger.

Unfortunately, in most cases, friends or family members commit serious abuse such as rape. This is true in 85 percent of cases for female victims and 89 percent for male victims. Professor Isabelle Daigneault, of the Université de Montréal Department of Psychology, conducted a separate study correlating the likelihood of young victims to become adult victims of sexual or physical abuse. Her sample examined 9,170 women and 7,823 men throughout Canada.

Her conclusions are startling, female survivors of childhood sexual abuse are three to four times likely to be victims of physical or sexual abuse as adults. "It's the first time that we combine data on sexual abuse during childhood and eventual relationship problems," Daigneault said. Male survivors of childhood sexual abuse are three times more likely to be victims of physical abuse as men. However, too few men reported sexual abuse as adults to establish a statistically significant correlation.

NRI couple's teacher moves SC, questions repatriation of Vijayasree Voora & son Aditya to US

NRI couple's teacher moves SC, questions repatriation of Vijayasree Voora & son Aditya to US
20 January 2010
NEW DELHI: The story of seven-year-old Aditya, already witness to a cross-country flight resulting from estrangement of his parents and subsequent direction by the Supreme Court for his and his mother's repatriation to US for further proceedings over the battle for his custody, is in for a new twist.

His teacher in a Bangalore school has moved the Supreme Court seeking reconsideration of the repatriation order on the ground that the child had never been heard prior to passing of the order asking the mother to produce him before a US family court.

The teacher's counsel Lily Thomas mentioned the application before Justice R M Lodha, who was part of a constitution Bench, and the court agreed to list her petition seeking review of the November 17 order for hearing on January 25.

"I am told that the child tells his mother that they should build a trench under the house and hide there and is losing sleep fearing loss of his mother," Thomas said alleging that the child's father Ravi Chandran was not entitled to remove him from the care and custody of the apex court.

The SC had directed the NRI mother, Vijayshree Voora, to comply with its direction to return to US with her son Aditya to fight out the custody battle with her husband in the Texas courts.

The father, V Ravi Chandran, had accused her of kidnapping the boy to India to subvert a US court verdict granting joint custody of the child to the parents.

The court had asked the father to bear the travel expenses of the mother and the child to US and also their stay there till further orders of the family court there. It had warned that if the mother failed to take the child on her own to US, the custody of the child would be restored to the father along with the minor's passport to be taken to US, where the local courts would initiate further proceedings.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Govt of India contemplating dual passports for girls married to NRIs

Govt contemplating dual passports for girls married to NRIs
18 January 2010
NEW DELHI: In a bid to help women stuck in abusive NRI marriages, the government is contemplating a dual passport system for girls who get married to Non-Resident Indians and migrate abroad with their husbands.

The proposal for the dual passport system has been sent to the external affairs ministry, women and child development minister Krishna Tirath said adding the National Commission for Women has also been asked to prepare a detailed report on such marriages and how to address the issue of abused women in such relationships.

While one of the passports would remain with the parents of the girl, the other one will be the general document to be used for travelling.

"The process would begin with the compulsory registration of NRI marriages. As soon as the marriage is registered, the authorities will issue two passports for the girl," Tirath said at the social editor's conference here.

Apart from this, the government would also ask its missions abroad to monitor any such marriages in their country at least for the first three years.

The NCW has received over 1,000 complaints from women against NRIs with regard to marriage-related violence and other offences.

There was also a spurt in the number of "marriage frauds" where women were the victims.

The minister said that the government was also looking at formulating a special law against witch hunting.

"At present, the laws for murder are used to deal with such cases. But we need a special law to deal with such cases, specially in tribal societies," she said.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

'Israeli Fritzl' with harem of up to 30 wives and 60 children arrested on suspicion of incest and sexual abuse

'Israeli Fritzl' with harem of up to 30 wives and 60 children arrested on suspicion of incest and sexual abuse
15th January 2010

Israeli police have arrested a 60-year-old self-styled Jewish sage with a reported harem of up to 30 wives and 60 children on suspicion of incest and sexual abuse.
Goel Ratzon, who has been dubbed by the local media as ‘Israel’s Josef Fritzl’ is alleged to have kept the women and children as ‘slaves’ in squalid apartments around Tel Aviv.
Ratzon was remanded in custody on Tuesday, a police spokesman said after a gagging order was lifted on Thursday.
An undercover investigation was started in June last year after one woman came forward to complain of abuse.
'The evidence shows the suspect controlled his women with a firm hand, including their possessions and their money,' said a police statement, which added that Ratzon had written a 'rule book' for women he kept in 'conditions of slavery'.
'He would dictate what they could and could not do, limit their movements and impose sanctions and various punishments, including the use of violence if they refused to obey.'
Among the more serious allegations, police said Ratzon was suspected of fathering children with some of his own daughters. Police said 17 women and about 40 children were involved.
Several women who identified themselves as Ratzon's wives appeared in an Israeli television documentary aired last year. They were filmed feeding him and combing his hair.
'He is the messiah everyone is talking about,' one said. 'He is already here and he hasn't been revealed yet. The day he decides to reveal himself, the land will shake.'
The women wore the heavy dress of Orthodox Jews and bore tattoos of the bearded, bespectacled Ratzon's face.
He was also interviewed, introducing several of his children, all of whom had names with variations on Goel - Hebrew for 'redeemer'.
'I'm perfect,' Ratzon said in the documentary. 'I have all the qualities a woman wants.'
Ratzon's lawyer, Shlomtzion Gabai, said about 30 women and 60 children were linked to her client: 'As far as he is concerned, no sexual crimes have been committed,' she told Israel Radio. 'The women consented willingly to relations.'
The children have been taken into care and some of the women have been let free.
Ratzon is on remand in a Tel Aviv jail, awaiting a court appearance.

Ratzon's rule book

1 No women shall marry nor shall any woman attack another, either verbally or physically.
Fine: 2,000 shekels (£330) into the family kitty

2 No woman shall question another about her whereabouts.
Fine: 100 shekels

3 No conversation is permitted in rooms other than the living room. It is forbidden to talk nonsense.
Fine: 200 shekels

4 No woman shall sit idle when there are dishes to be washed, cleaning to be done, children to look after etc.
Fine: 2,000 shekels

5 Any two women caught fighting will be punished equally.
Fine: 2,000 shekels

6 It is absolutely forbidden to question Ratzon on his whereabouts or intention.
Fine: 400 shekels

7 It is permissible to ask to accompany him; but refusal is to be accepted without appeal.
Fine: 300 shekels

8 No woman shall interrupt Ratzon or intervene in matters not concerning her.
Fine: 500 shekels

9 All orders are to be obeyed immediately.
Fine: 300 shekels

10 No woman shall work while a man of over 12 years of age is in the house.
Fine 3,000 shekels

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Haiti: Rape, murder and voodoo on the Island of the Damned

Haiti: Rape, murder and voodoo on the Island of the Damned
14th January 2010
For tourists on cruise ships plying the Caribbean, Haiti appears a beguiling, mysterious place.
The first independent black state, set up 200 years ago after a rebellion by African slaves against colonial France, the mountainous island is home to exotic birds and animals and mist-shrouded tropical forests.

But it is no paradise for the country's nine million people. Indeed, the devastating earthquake now bringing death and heartbreak is the latest in a long line of tragedies to befall a place dubbed the Island of the Damned.
Picture: A houngan, or voodoo priest, lights a pipe in his temple in Haiti

Those with the misfortune to be born in Haiti - part of the island of Hispaniola, shared with the Dominican Republic - have long endured a living hell.
With one in ten under-40s infected with HIV, and millions living in squalor and destitution, thousands try to flee each year to the U.S. by hanging on to anything that will float.
While hurricanes, floods and earthquakes have all devastated the landscape over the years, the biggest threat has come from humans.
Successive dictators have raped, murdered and even reputedly eaten their enemies.
Described by one commentator as an 'international crime scene' rather than a country, Haiti became infamous around the world during the reign of Francois 'Papa Doc' Duvalier, a former doctor who murdered 100,000 people and formed a private band of killers called the Tonton Macoutes.

Wearing their trademark mirrored sunglasses and designer T-shirts, these murderers and cannibals were named after a terrifying bogeyman from Haitian mythology, who carried off naughty children into slavery.

The Tonton Macoutes cut out the hearts, eyes and lungs of opponents with machetes, while Papa Doc, who stole almost a billion pounds in foreign aid, insisted that every television and radio programme had to be entirely in praise of his rule.

In power from 1957, Papa Doc made voodoo the country's official religion and claimed to be Baron Samedi, the religion's spirit of death.

He often wore a top hat and tails while demanding the skulls of his dead victims were brought to his palace in Port-au-Prince.

He collected blood from prisoners who had been tortured and killed and sold it for $22 a pint to U.S. health groups.

He once ordered the death of all black dogs in the country after a political enemy was rumoured to have transformed into one.
Bloody: Haitian women participate in a voodoo ritual which includes animal sacrifice

Even after Papa Doc died in 1971 there was no respite for Haiti. Baby Doc, his deranged son, took over and continued the terror.
His wife spent £10,000 a month on flowers and always wore expensive furs indoors - with officials facing death if they forgot to turn on the air-conditioning.
After 15 more years of bloodshed and oppression, the people finally rose up in 1986 and Baby Doc was forced to flee into exile in France.

But the torment did not end with the Duvaliers. After the country's first free elections in 1991, the new president, Jean Bertrand Aristide, was forced to flee after a coup by corrupt military figures keen to control lucrative cocaine smuggling routes.
Sinister: A skull and crucifix used during a voodoo service in Haiti in the 1970s

In 1993, I watched as the might of the U.S. military was repelled by mobs armed with stones and clubs when American troops arrived to restore order.

Papa and Baby Doc were long gone, but gangs of Tonton Macoutes roamed the streets in pick-up trucks, randomly shooting anyone they passed.

Aristide returned to power in 1994 with a bigger U.S. force - only to flee again after threats that he would be hacked to death and eaten.

Since then, despite the presence of an ineffective UN peacekeeping force, gangs have continued to wreak havoc and murder throughout a country where new graves are guarded to prevent bodies being stolen for voodoo rituals.

The most infamous of these killers is the Cannibal Gang, a group of sadists once led by a former prisoner with political aspirations, who was himself shot in the eyes and had his heart cut out in 2004.

His gang lives on, murdering innocent people and allegedly eating their organs.
As the world reacted with pledges of help for the latest traumatised victims of the Island of the Damned, rescuers continued their desperate search for bodies and relatives waited for news.
For the people of Haiti, though, hope has always been a rare commodity.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Child Labour and the Naked Truth: 14-year-old maid not allowed to wear clothes at home

It is shocking how Perverted abusers treat Orphans and make them dressed up as widows! Absolutely shocking.

14-year-old maid not allowed to wear clothes at home
Software engineer Pallabh Chakraborthy, who works in Infosys, and his wife Sinchita made their maid work in their house without clothes

January 04, 2010
The 14-year-old maid rescued last week from her employers, who allegedly used to torture her, has told police that she was made to work in the house without clothes.

Software engineer Pallabh Chakraborthy, who works in Infosys, and his wife Sinchita were arrested following a joint raid on their flat by members of Association for Promoting Social Action (APSA), who were tipped off about the torture, and the police on Dec 29.

The maid The condition of the girl, who is from West Bengal, was so bad that she had to be immediately admitted to the ICU of Indira Gandhi Institute of Child Health (IGICH). Among other things, the couple had allegedly poured boiling oil on her back.
But, what left the police and the child rights activists shell-shocked was the girl's claim that the couple forced her to walk around the house without clothes.

The girl, who barely manages to speak, told doctors and investigators: “I was not given any clothes by the couple. They used to molest me. They wanted me to stay without clothes. He (Pallabh) used to ask me to remove the clothes and Sinchita madam also didn’t say anything about it. She told me to listen to her husband. I used to wear just a panty all day. Only if somebody came home did the couple give me a long top. Initially, when I refused to remove my clothes, they used to hit me. Sometimes, I have covered myself with a bathing towel. I used to get up at 4.30 am and work till midnight. They used to give me one meal every day. I used to sleep without clothes, on a carpet. They didn’t give me a bedspread or a sheet to cover myself.”

Police plan to add Section 354 (outraging the modesty of women) of the IPC to the charges against the couple.

Investigations revealed that Sinchita had poured hot oil on the maid on Christmas after she was pinned to the ground by her husband. The couple later took the girl to a hospital, but reportedly told the doctor that it was an accident.

Sinchita HSR Layout Sub-inspector Mirza Ali, who is investigating the case, said, “The girl told us that the couple did not allow her to wear clothes and how she was tortured. We will be adding all the relevant sections of the law in the chargesheet.”

Her claims have been communicated to the Karnataka State Commission for Child Protection (KSCCP).

Commission member Mamatha M R said, “The girl told doctors in Indira Gandhi hospital that she was not provided clothes and was expected to move around without clothes in the house.”

Commission chairperson Neena Naik said, “We are awaiting the medical report before preparing our case against the couple.”

Meanwhile, child rights activists are upset that the couple, who have been booked for wrongful confinement, threatening and child harassment, have obtained bail. They plan to stage a protest on Monday.

According to the police, the couple moved to Bangalore a few years ago. They brought the girl, who used to live with her grandmother in West Bengal, 15 months ago. As the girl wanted to study, the couple brought her to Bangalore by promising to send her to school and look after her like their own child.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Is Natascha Kampusch (ex-Child abductee) missing the monster who kept her prisoner in his cellar for 8 years?

Is Natascha Kampusch missing the monster who kept her prisoner in his cellar?
06th January 2010
When you hear the latest chapter in her tortuous story, it is difficult not to see Natascha Kampusch, wraith-like and alone, sitting in the dungeon where she was held captive for
eight-and-a-half years, asking herself question after question. Natascha, combative and friendless.
Natascha, who has bought the house in which she was held prisoner. Natascha, media enigma -
'sometimes a princess, sometimes a witch', she says. And you wonder how it will all end.
Since the day in August 2006 when Natascha fled from captivity in Strasshof an der Nordbahn,
just outside Vienna, the web of intrigue around her has grown ever more dense.
She was just ten when she was abducted by 36-year-old Wolfgang Priklopil and, at first, her escape was a source of national rejoicing for Austrians.
She was an intelligent and pretty 18-year-old whose dreadful story had had a happy ending of
She had grown up in an underground cell, relying on her abductor for food, light - even air - and had emerged remarkably intact, articulate and more than willing to tell her tale in newspapers, magazines and on television.

But then doubts crept in. For Austrians, who tend to be instinctively private, there was a little too much of Natascha in the media, of Natascha pontificating about Austria, of Natascha's ordeal and people's reaction to it. And in 2008, of Natascha with her own TV chat show (which was a flop).
There was her seemingly cruel rejection of the father who had never given up looking for her.
There was the empathy she seemed to radiate for the man who abducted her and who threw himself in front of a train after her escape. And, perhaps darkest of all, there were rumours that other men had been involved whom she refused to name.
So it was with a mixture of excitement and trepidation that Austrians learned that the media- savvy Natascha had agreed to let a television film crew into her life once more - but this time to take them into the house of horror that she has bought for a reported £250,000 and, ominously, into the dungeon where she was held captive.

The result, Natascha Kampusch: 3,096 Days Imprisonment, to be screened later this month, paints a disturbing picture of a lonely and sad young woman trying desperately to find her place in the world.
It reveals how she is spending more and more time on her own in the house that was her prison and, while her relationship with her own family seems to deteriorate, Natasha confides that she is planning to hold a meeting with Priklopil's mother - and that she has even bought his car.

So, what is going on? Are we witnessing a brave young woman confronting her demons? Or a tragic victim retreating deeper and deeper into a dangerous obsession?
Natascha is now 21 and protected by a manager and teams of social workers and lawyers.

Whether or not they are doing a good job is a moot point; she seems constantly haunted by her ordeal, even though on the outside she is eerily cool and confident.
Describing the awfulness of her kidnapping, Natascha tells the TV documentary: 'When he grabbed me, I wanted to scream, but my voice would not come - my vocal cords had just stopped working.
'He bundled me into his white van wrapped in a blue blanket. That journey took about an
hour, and when we arrived I saw where he was taking me - and that it took him all his strength to push aside the door to the cellar.
'He tore the shoes from my feet and burned them. "You won't be needing those now," he said.

'Then he put me inside. The cellar was cold, damp, disgusting. I was preserved alive like an Egyptian pharaoh. I would lie awake at night wondering what would happen to me if he were to die or be unable to come back for me. Would I die and nobody would ever know?'
During the years that followed, Priklopil slowly allowed Natascha out of her cell and into the house upstairs. But only to work as a virtual slave.
'He integrated me increasingly into his household, but I was always sent back into the cellar when anyone came,' she says. 'And then when they had gone he would tell me all the details of what they had done together. But I could never meet them.
'He was a finicky person who wiped down every surface after I touched it - not just to hide any traces of me, but because he was obsessional about tidiness.
He made me bind my hair with clips and wear a plastic shower cap to catch any hair that might fall out when I was upstairs. Later, he made me shave myself bald, saying it was for hygiene reasons.
'He forbade me to cry because he didn't want salt traces anywhere. When I did cry, because I could not help it, he choked me. And he pushed my head under a basin of water if I left so much as a fingerprint on a glass surface or a door handle.

'When I had the chance to escape, I took it - I ran as fast as I could, as fast as my legs could take me.'
Natascha was soon to find out that escaping was not the same as being free. Quickly, as it emerged that she had been out shopping and even on a skiing vacation with Priklopil, people began to ask why she hadn't escaped sooner.
Austrian journalists wanted to know whether she had been sexually assaulted or, as some claimed, used by a paedophile pornography ring.
Her reticence to answer questions fully was seen by some as deliberate obstruction of the police investigation into her abduction. But she had clearly drawn a line and was determined not to cross it.
'When I was free, I remember the first indication of the interest in my case,' she recalls.

'I can remember the flashes from the photographers that were standing outside the police station.
'Since then I have seen a lot of headlines about myself, but what can I say? Sometimes I'm a
princess, sometimes I am a witch. Now I am an outlaw for life. It is like I have a stamp on my forehead that says: "I am a victim of violence."
'I live in an almost completely withdrawn way in Vienna and almost never go out in public. I have no idea what to do in my life. I feel like a plant which gets swamped somewhere and

strikes roots for a short while - only to get swamped further.'
She says she tries to keep herself busy, but even her pastimes are solitary and rather sad.
'At the moment, I have my favourite activity which is reading. And I love to breed cacti,'

she says. 'I have even managed to reproduce them. I am also studying, and practising with my computer, and taking photographs.
'I prefer to photograph inside. Glasses on a table, a few leaves from the Ficus benjamina over there (pointing), the way the light falls in a room, just details. And I paint - oils, acrylics - and I draw. But, yes, I am lonely.'
Some see an oddity, others a symmetry in the fact that Natascha spends so much time in the house where she was held captive.

Asked what her plans were for it and why she was often cleaning, tidying and staying there, she says prosaically: 'You might just as well ask why someone goes to the hairdressers. It's practical to clean. For good or bad, this was my home.
'One thing I will say, if I choose to sell it, I will make certain that the cellar is filled in.'
And why buy Priklopil's BMW? 'I don't have a driving licence,' she says evasively. 'But the car is driven regularly just so that it doesn't get rusty.'
One of her aides says buying the car is simply a way of preventing another crackpot from getting hold of it, yet Natascha seems to demonstrate an attachment for all things Priklopil - she even carries his picture with her.
'I forgave him everything, otherwise I would have been filled with too much hate and negative feelings-that would have left me psychologically and physically at square one,' she says.
'I think he suffered deep wounds as a child that retarded his conscience. It awoke in me a kind of sympathy, compassion.'
All of which might explain her desire to meet Priklopil's mother, 67-year-old Waltraud Priklopil. 'I do feel the time is right to meet Mrs Priklopil,' says Natascha. 'Within the next two months we have arranged to make contact.'
But it does not explain the rejection of her father, Ludwig Koch: 'I haven't been in touch since he let me know via the media that I neglected him on Father's Day. I have not understood my father for a long time. He is kind of strange.'
Rumours persist that Priklopil did not act alone. Immediately after her abduction, he is supposed to have used his mobile phone, telling Natascha: 'The others aren't coming.'
If there were others, is it possible she developed an attachment to them, too, and is covering for them?
She says, cryptically: 'I could, of course, say how it really was, but I don't have to. I don't have to justify myself about things that are said speculatively about me and that are nothing to do with the facts.
'As far as I'm concerned, I never saw anyone else and I don't know any other accomplice.'
Conspiracy theorists in Austria claim that if there were accomplices, then Natascha's life is in danger. Rational psychologists, however, see things differently, arguing that the biggest threat to her comes from within.
Dr James Thompson, a clinical psychologist at University College London and an expert in posttraumatic stress in kidnap victims, believes that Natascha is at a pivotal moment in her recovery.
'I think in some senses she is trying to build a dungeon for herself to protect her from the outside world,' he says.
'When Terry Waite was released from captivity in Beirut, he had a tiny, windowless room at Kings College that he used to retreat to and colleagues would joke that he was putting himself back in his cell. In a way, they were right.'
But is spending so much time in the house where she was held prisoner healthy?
'It depends,' continues Dr Thompson. 'At the right time, I often take patients to the scene of an incident that might have disturbed them, just to reassure them that the incident is in the past and can no longer hurt them. If this is what Natascha is doing, then it could be beneficial.
'However, a part of the healing process is to put the thing behind you and move on. It is crucial to see what she does next. If she keeps the house and stays in it without moving on, then I'm afraid that wouldn't be a good sign.'
Dr Thompson says that, so far, Natascha's apparently odd behaviour shouldn't cause alarm and that she could still have a relatively normal and happy future.
Dr James McCracken, Director of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the University of California, Los Angeles, is not so upbeat.
'It is difficult to comprehend the horror of kidnapping, sexual and physical abuse, deprivation and isolation that someone like Natascha experienced,' he says.
'It is equally impossible to appreciate what re-entry into the world years later - but emotionally still as a child - must be like.
'In general, signs of healthy adjustment would include putting the traumatic experience further and further out of daily life. What little I know about Natascha Kampusch today makes me very worried about the prospects for a happy future.'

Doc, 2 others (including Black magician) held for rape of MPhil student consulting Black magician about strained Marriage Bhopal Memorial Hospital

Doctor , 2 others (including Black magician) held for rape of MPhil student consulting Black magician regarding strained Marriage in Bhopal Memorial Hospital
6 January 2010
BHOPAL: An MPhil student of Barkatullah University has alleged that she was forcibly confined to a doctor's chamber and gang-raped for over 24 hours by three persons, including a doctor of Bhopal Memorial Hospital and Research Centre — the super-speciality hospital for gas victims.

Late on Monday night, police arrested Raghuraj Pandey and two others — Anand Mishra, a former employee of Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, and her acquaintance, Pradeep More.

Police said the student had left hostel on Sunday to meet a black magician. She met Pradeep, who took her to BMHRC to meet Pandey. They were joined by Anand Mishra, a black magician, who tricked the girl to drink liquor laced with drugs.

Centre moves to strip Rathore & KPS Gill of police medal for 'Moral turpitude'

Centre moves to strip Rathore & KPS Gill of police medal for 'Moral turpitude'
5 January 2010
NEW DELHI: As the Centre moved to strip former Haryana DGP S P S Rathore of his police medal, there was a strong risk of much decorated supercop K P S Gill, credited with retreiving Punjab from a Pakistan-backed insurgency, becoming a collateral victim of the larger policy to withdraw awards of convicted cops.

While recommending to President Pratibha Patil the withdrawal of police medal given to the disgraced Rathore -- convicted for molesting teenager Ruchika Girhotra -- the home ministry announced that police officers convicted for "moral turpitude" or bringing "disrepute or disrespect" to the service would be stripped of their police awards.

The moral turpitude grounds would bring Gill in the ambit. Gill was convicted for pinching the bottom of senior IAS officer Rupan Deol Bajaj in 1998 but got away by paying a fine. The former Punjab DGP, who was also admired for his fight against Assam militants, has a Padma Shri too. It is not clear whether the application would cover this civilian award also. Another IPS officer R K Sharma -- convicted in the Shivani Bhatnagar murder case -- could now lose his medal as well.

Absconding IPS officer of Rajasthan cadre Madhukar Tandon, allegedly involved in a rape case, may also eventually come up for review.

"The Central Police Awards Committee (CPAC) has taken two primary decisions. The committee recommended to the President for the withdrawal of police medal given to Rathore," said Union home secretary G K Pillai.

Referring to other cases without identifying officers, home secretary G K Pillai said, "The CPAC has also taken a generic decision to authorise the ministry of home affairs to recommend the withdrawal of police medal to all persons who are convicted for moral turpitude and any act that brings disrespect to police forces. Any officer dismissed from service for an act that brought disrepute to the police will also lose honours."

Though the home secretary did not dwell on specific cases, an official said, "List of other two category of officers -- those who brought "disrepute" to their services by any means and those like Tandon who have been on the run avoiding the due process of law -- will also be sent to the President in due course."
He said, "While the home secretary will be empowered to make a recommendation to the President in the case of convicted police officers, other cases (like that of Tandon) will first be brought before the CPAC."

Gill was first convicted by the Chandigarh chief judicial magistrate in August 1996. He was sentenced to three months imprisonment. The district and sessions court in January 1998 upheld the conviction but changed the sentence to three years of probation. The Punjab and Haryana High Court too upheld the sentence but reduced the probation to one year. Supreme Court too later upheld his conviction.

The then Rajasthan DIG Tandon had allegedly raped a tribal woman at his Noida residence in January, 1997. He has, however, been absconding since then. He was suspended in 2002.

The CPAC, which met on Monday to take decisions over the issue of Rathore's medal, also gave final touches to the list of police medal awardees -- from state police and central paramilitary forces -- who will be honoured on the occasion of Republic Day.

Hours before the meeting of the award committee, Haryana chief minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda recommended withdrawal of the police medal of Rathore. In a letter to Union home minister P Chidambaram, Hooda said Rathore has brought "disrepute and bad name" to the state and the police force.
The letter also mentioned "moral turpitude" on the part of Rathore in the case.

Reacting over the decision, Ruchika's friend Aradhana Prakash Gupta, who along with her parents had fought to get her justice, said: "It is an appreciable step taken by the central government and it will mark the beginning of reform mechanism in the country".

Aradhana's father Anand Prakash and her mother Madhu Prakash said that the decision would send a message loud and clear that guilty would not go scot free.

Monday, 4 January 2010

Fake Cuckolded Marriage: Married Woman in illicit relationship kidnaps baby to aid her second sham marriage in Bangalore after claiming to be Pregnant

Married Woman in illicit relationship kidnaps baby to aid her second sham marriage in Bangalore after claiming to be Pregnant
4 January 2010
BANGALORE: All is fair in love and war, goes the adage. Gouramma, a 28-year-old married woman in another relationship, lived up to it literally: she kidnapped a 11-month-old boy to win back her lover.

The drama unfolded like this: Nandini Layout police received a complaint on December 28 from Narayanappa, a grocery shop owner and resident of Shankarapuram, that his 11-month-old son Kiran was missing and Gouramma, a family friend who had come to their house a day ago, couldn’t be traced.

Narayanappa earlier was a neighbour of Gouramma in Yeshwantpur. On December 27, his family invited her to their home. Gouramma and the boy went missing the next afternoon. Gouramma was married to Narayana Reddy, a coconut vendor in Bellandur, and the couple had a 11-year-old boy who was staying with his grandparents in Yeshwantpur.

During investigation, it came to light that all was not well between Gouramma and her husband and the couple stayed separately often. She had an affair with Shivamani, a law student from Tamil Nadu, who was studying in a Bangalore college for the last two-and-a-half years.

According to DCP North

H S Revanna, Gouramma had even gone to his hometown, Ambattur in Chennai, to meet his parents one-and-a-half years ago. She told them that she was pregnant and wanted to get married to Shivamani. Gouramma avoided meeting Shivamani for the last year but continued to insist she was pregnant. Shivamani had gone back to his hometown by then.

On December 28, after taking 11-month-old Kiran with her, she went to Ambattur to meet Shivamani’s parents, claiming it was his child and demanded that he marry her. The family, after much coaxing, fixed their marriage date for January 5.

Meanwhile, Nandini Layout police who had tracked her, went to Ambattur and arrested her and rescued Kiran. A kidnap case has been registered against Gouramma.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Man clubs wife, brother to death suspecting illicit affair in Hyderabad

Man clubs wife, brother to death suspecting illicit affair in Hyderabad
3 January 2010
HYDERABAD: A man clubbed to death his wife and brother for their alleged affair at Pochammabasthi of Indiranagar on Friday night.

According to Banjara Hills police inspector Md Iqbal Siddiqui, R Sambaiah, who is a vegetable vendor, attacked his 28-year-old wife R Padmaja and his brother R Kumaraswamy, 25, with a pestle and hammer and killed them on Friday night.

“Sambaiah migrated from Warangal 11 years ago and is residing at Pochammabasthi along with his wife and two children. His bachelor brother R Kumaraswamy, who used to work with a catering firm, started staying along with his brother’s family,” police said.
Kumaraswamy and Padmaja alleged developed an illicit affair, the inspector said.

On Friday night, Kumaraswamy returned home and asked Padmaja to prepare food. Accordingly, she prepared food and served him. Later, Kumaraswamy did not sleep and began sending SMSes and ring tones to Sambaiah’s mobile phone. Sambaiah, who was watching the happenings asked Kumaraswamy, to stop it. However, Kumaraswamy did not listen and continued his SMS spree, he said.

Sambaiah had observed that his brother was moving closely with his wife and warned the two to change their behaviour, but they did not mend their ways, the inspector said.

Irked with their attitude, he hit his wife and brother with a pestle on their heads. Later, he hit them with a hammer. Both died on the spot.

A case was registered against him under section 302 (Murder) of the IPC. However, Sambaiah went absconding, he added.

Suicide threats amount to cruelty, can be a divorce ground: High Court of Mumbai

Suicide threats amount to cruelty, can be a divorce ground: High Court of Mumbai
2 January 2010
MUMBAI: Repeated attempts to commit suicide as well the threats to commit suicide could amount to "cruelty", and it can very well be a ground for seeking divorce, the Bombay High Court has held.

The family court in Pune granted divorce to Varsha and Prakash (both names changed) on the application made by Prakash in 2002, against which Varsha had filed appeal.

Both had been living separately for the last seventeen years.

Prakash's application for divorce was on the ground that his wife was temperamental, she frequently fought with him, and threatened to commit suicide.

In her statement before the family court, Varsha admitted that she had, in fact, attempted suicide twice. Once she tried to jump from a bridge, on another occasion she tried to drink an insecticide, but was saved both the times.

High Court held that family court was right in granting divorce to Prakash, "because the behaviour of the appellant in persistently threatening and attempting suicide would constitute mental cruelty in law".

Friday, 1 January 2010

Couple who divorced after 20 years remarry just six weeks later in UK

Couple who divorced after 20 years remarry just six weeks later
01st January 2010
When the final papers came through ending their marriage, Lee and Jan Jones both felt they needed a shoulder to cry on. So they turned to the people they knew best - each other.
Within hours of arranging to meet and discuss the divorce, they decided it had been a terrible mistake.
And on Christmas Eve, six weeks after the decree absolute, the couple remarried with their ten children acting as bridesmaids and page boys.

'We are together for ever now,' said 44-year-old Mrs Jones at the family home in Southend-on-Sea. 'We have put the past behind us and are looking forward to the future. We are in it for good.'
Her 41-year-old husband added: 'It's the best decision we ever made.'
The couple were first married in July 1990 at the United Reform Church in Southend. 'It was a traditional church wedding with all our friends and family,' said Mrs Jones.
She already had a son, James, now 23, from a previous marriage, and the couple had their first child together, Lee, in January 1991.
After that came Paul, 17, Stephen, 13, Hannah, nine, Amy, seven, Ella, five, Emily, three, George, two and Callum, one.

But the marriage came under pressure and the couple separated in January 2009.
Mr Jones said: 'We had money problems, me working, Jan doing all the work at home, and relying on friends to take the children to school. We tried to make it work but we couldn't. We thought we would get divorced and see what happened. I moved out and got a room.'

Mr Jones, a civil engineer who lost his job with Thames Water in June, added: 'I'm used to the children and Jan being around me. Being on my own was like something missing out of my life.
'We were texting each other and ringing and I was coming round all the time. It was the worst time of my life.'
The couple pressed ahead with the divorce but it was only when the decree absolute came through on November 10 that the reality of what they were doing hit them both.
Mrs Jones said: 'I opened up the letter and thought, "This is a bit final". I texted Lee and said, "Have you got it?" He replied, "Yes, how do you feel?" and we both admitted we were gutted.
'We got together later that day, both clutching our set of papers, and we started saying, "Are we making a mistake?"
'We were sitting at the kitchen table together and I said, "But I still love you" and he said, "I still love you - why are we doing it?" We decided to give it another go.'
Mr Jones added: 'We thought it would be romantic to get married on Christmas Eve but never thought we would be able to.
'I rang Southend Register Office and they said they had an opening at 11am that day and we decided to go for it.'
The bride picked up her strapless pink wedding dress and butterscotch-coloured attendants' gowns from a local shop and the ceremony was held in front of 25 guests - including their children.
The couple's son, Lee, 18, said the younger children had missed their father and the older ones had done their best to support their parents during the split.
'I am really pleased they are back together. I was shocked when they split up in the first place - and when they got back together because they hadn't been apart that long.
'It was really nice to be able to go to their wedding this time around.'

Cuckolded Husband Millionaire broker in UK wins £125,000-a-year maintenance appeal after private detective proves ex-wife was pregnant by another man

Cuckolded Husband Millionaire broker in UK wins £125,000-a-year maintenance appeal after private detective proves ex-wife was pregnant by another man
31st December 2009

A broker in UK who hired a private detective to prove his ex-wife was living with another man yesterday won his legal battle against paying her £125,000 a year in maintenance.
Richard Grey, 36, had been ordered by a High Court judge to provide for his ex-wife Lara until she remarried – even though she admitted she was pregnant with her lover's child during the divorce proceedings.

Mr Grey was also ordered to give her a £615,000 house and a lump sum of £454,158 as part of the settlement.

But the Court of Appeal yesterday branded the ruling 'erroneous' and ordered the judge to reassess payments to take into account the cash Mrs Grey's new lover could provide.

During divorce proceedings Mrs Grey admitted she was 17 weeks pregnant by Liam Thompson, a programme director for a group of radio stations. She has since had the baby.

The couple had moved out of the marital home but Mrs Grey denied she was living with Mr Thompson, saying he was 'not even a boyfriend'.

Mr Grey, who is worth more than £4million, hired a private detective to watch her new home.
His father John, who lives nearby, also collected evidence about her relationship.

Mr Grey's lawyers told the Appeal Court it was 'repugnant' that he should have to pay £120,000 a year to a household which included both Mr Thompson and his child by Mrs Grey.
Under UK law maintenance is usually paid until the party receiving the payments remarries. But it can be stopped or dramatically reduced if they set up home with a new lover.

Mr Grey and his 35-year-old ex-wife, who have an eight-year-old daughter, met in Dublin and moved to London in their 20s when he secured a well-paid broking job.

After the marriage broke down in 2005 they both moved out of their home in St John's Wood, north-west London.

Mr Grey, who earns £750,000a year with broker ICAP, stayed in London while his wife moved to an affluent suburb of Dublin, a few doors away from her former in-laws.
In a High Court hearing, Mr Justice Singer refused to cut Mr Grey's maintenance bill, although he accepted that his ex-wife had been 'in a relationship' with another man.
He said there was 'no cut-and-dried test' for cohabiting and Mrs Grey was entitled to maintenance in full until she remarried.
But Lord Justice Thorpe, sitting with Lords Justices Wall and Patten, ruled yesterday that the judge had should have 'attached significant weight to the new relationship and investigated its financial consequences fully'.