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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

NRI couple's teacher moves SC, questions repatriation of Vijayasree Voora & son Aditya to US

NRI couple's teacher moves SC, questions repatriation of Vijayasree Voora & son Aditya to US
20 January 2010
NEW DELHI: The story of seven-year-old Aditya, already witness to a cross-country flight resulting from estrangement of his parents and subsequent direction by the Supreme Court for his and his mother's repatriation to US for further proceedings over the battle for his custody, is in for a new twist.

His teacher in a Bangalore school has moved the Supreme Court seeking reconsideration of the repatriation order on the ground that the child had never been heard prior to passing of the order asking the mother to produce him before a US family court.

The teacher's counsel Lily Thomas mentioned the application before Justice R M Lodha, who was part of a constitution Bench, and the court agreed to list her petition seeking review of the November 17 order for hearing on January 25.

"I am told that the child tells his mother that they should build a trench under the house and hide there and is losing sleep fearing loss of his mother," Thomas said alleging that the child's father Ravi Chandran was not entitled to remove him from the care and custody of the apex court.

The SC had directed the NRI mother, Vijayshree Voora, to comply with its direction to return to US with her son Aditya to fight out the custody battle with her husband in the Texas courts.

The father, V Ravi Chandran, had accused her of kidnapping the boy to India to subvert a US court verdict granting joint custody of the child to the parents.

The court had asked the father to bear the travel expenses of the mother and the child to US and also their stay there till further orders of the family court there. It had warned that if the mother failed to take the child on her own to US, the custody of the child would be restored to the father along with the minor's passport to be taken to US, where the local courts would initiate further proceedings.


Dr. V. Ravi Chandran said...

I, Dr. V. Ravi Chandran, father of Aditya Chandran, am pleased to inform all concerned here in this blog, that Aditya, my beloved son was rescued finally from the Internationally violent Child Kidnapper, convicted (US) child abuser, court certified criminally insane mother Vijayasree Voora on May 1st 2010 by the India's premiere investigative agency, Central Bureau of Investigations from a 3rd class seedy motel in Chennai.
Aditya was immediately handed over to me, Father, on the same day by the CBI. I then quickly transported Aditya out of the filthy streets of India to which he was accustomed to back to USA on May 6th 2010. This is to prevent re-kidnapping and severe abuse of Aditya by Vijayasree and her parents and family members of Vijayasree. Very long 1020 days of incredible suffering for Aditya is now over. He will never have to return to seedy motels, abusive mother and wretched streets of India.
Aditya was very happy and pleased to join his loving family back in his native country, USA, and also started attending school in May 10, 2010.
I thank Supreme Court of India, CBI and CRISP for rendering justice to Aditya finally. God bless Aditya.
Dr. V. Ravi Chandran, Father of Aditya.

US India Child Protection and Prevention of Kidnapping said...

A new twist to protect the rights of NRI fathers (and mothers) is the use of US State Department directive to black list all those individuals who aid and abet international child kidnapping cases.
In the case of Aditya Chandran, not only his mother, but his grand parents, all family members from his mother's side is black listed by the US Embassy so that none of them can get any visa to USA. Also, prominent directors and owners of hospitals and schools such as Apollo Hospitals, Delhi Public School officials will also be black listed by the US Embassy for helping international child kidnappers like Vijayasree Voora and they will not be allowed to enter USA.
All NRI fathers (and mothers) are urged to note down all those helping their spouses to keep their children illegally in India to make a list of such individuals and hand them over to US Embassy. Then site the US State Department directive that requires that all those who aid and abet such international kidnapping cases are deemed co conspirators and prevent them entering USA or applying for VISA to be denied for their lifetime.
Also, please contact your local police station and file for complaint that the child and the mother are overstaying their VISA.
We are confident these measures will help prevent future international kidnapping of children to India.