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Sunday, 28 February 2010

British Ambassador in Kuwait brought home after Embassy worker gets pregnant... risking 100 lashes

British Ambassador in Kuwait brought home after Embassy worker gets pregnant... risking 100 lashes
28th February 2010
Britain's Ambassador to Kuwait has left his post following claims that he had an affair with a married Embassy worker who is now pregnant.
Michael Aron has moved back to Britain to take up a job in Whitehall – just over a year after starting the important role in the Middle East.
His return came after rumours of an affair with brunette Victoria Cumming, who is 15 years his junior, began circulating among the wealthy ex-pat community.
Miss Cumming, 35, worked at the British Embassy in Kuwait City and is married to Kuwait-based bank executive David Fisk.
She has now left their luxury apartment and returned to Britain. Friends say she plans to remain here until the baby is born.
Mr Aron, 50, has been married to Dr Rachel Aron, 48 – the British Ambassador to Belgium – for 23 years and the couple have four children, aged 23, 20, 15 and 13. They are now understood to have separated.
The Mail on Sunday yesterday put detailed questions to the Foreign Office regarding the alleged affair. But a spokesman would only say: ‘We don’t comment on the personal lives of individual employees or internal personnel issues.’
Under Kuwait’s strict Sharia Law, married couples who commit adultery can face a punishment of 100 lashes or three years in prison. Foreign nationals face the same penalty and are usually deported.
According to the Embassy’s website, each of Mr Aron’s predecessors remained in their post for at least three years. However, his tenure lasted just over 12 months.
Mr Aron, who is now deputy director of Middle East Affairs at the Foreign Office, with a brief including security issues, diplomatic relations and conflict in the region, was contacted by this newspaper regarding the allegations.

He said: ‘What do you want me to say?’ before putting down the phone. Miss Cumming is said to have been upset since returning to the UK and was described as ‘tearful’.
It is not known whether the pair have been in contact since leaving Kuwait.
Miss Cumming’s husband of nine years, David Fisk, who works for Gulf Bank as a communications executive, has remained at their apartment in the upmarket Sha’ab district of Kuwait, popular with diplomats and oil executives.
Yesterday he was on holiday in nearby Oman – 3,700 miles from Britain. Asked about his wife’s alleged affair and the pregnancy claims, he said: ‘OK. Right, and what do you expect from me?’ adding: ‘I don’t think there’s anything more to discuss really.’
When we asked the concierge at the seaview block about Miss Cumming, he said immediately: ‘Oh yes, I know her, she is the very pregnant English lady. She has returned to the UK, but her husband is still living here.’
Miss Cumming was a member of the British Ladies Society in Kuwait, of which Mr Aron was a Patron.
The society features on the Embassy’s website and its functions include a range of black-tie balls, held on traditional British anniversaries such as Burns Supper Night, a Poppy Ball on Remembrance Day and a St David’s Day ball.
The new patron of the society is Maria Pilar Fernandez Baker, the wife of Mr Aron’s replacement, Frank Baker.
One source close to Miss Cumming claimed she openly boasted that she was expecting the British Ambassador’s child. She said: ‘Vicki told us all that the baby was Michael’s and made no secret of it. We were all surprised because she is a married woman living with her husband.
‘Under Sharia law, she could face imprisonment if it was proved that the baby was not her husband’s, but she didn’t seem to care who knew.
‘The next we knew Michael announced he was leaving just before Christmas, even though he’d been in the post barely a year. He said he was being promoted and returning to London to take up a new posting.
‘I was puzzled because he told me that his wife Rachel, who visited last summer with their two youngest children, would be coming to join him in Kuwait when her posting came to an end this year.’
Mrs Aron, who has been ambassador to Belgium for the past two years and joined the Foreign Office in 1984 as a desk officer in Cyprus, said: ‘So how do you think that is helpful to me?’
Asked to comment further, she laughed and said: ‘It’s a joke. Thank you. Goodbye.’
Mr Aron and his wife, who met while working for the Foreign Office, own a £650,000 white wood-panelled detached property in Otford, near Sevenoaks, Kent, which is currently being rented out.
One of the tenants at the property said: ‘My wife heard from the letting agent that the Arons were selling because they had separated and we are due to move out in May.’

Woman sues former live-in partner for domestic violence in Mumbai, India

It is shocking how the 'Domestic Violence' Law is being misused by individuals not in 'Committed relationships like marriage.

Registration of 'Civil partners' in Committed relationships other than marriage needs to be encouraged.

'Intimate Partner' Violence Bill should be introduced to included sexual partners, irrespective of gender.

Woman sues former live-in partner for domestic violence in Mumbai, India
Feb 28, 2010

MUMBAI: A 55-year-old resident of Sion has moved Bhoiwada magistrate's court seeking help under the Domestic Violence Act (DVA) against her former live-in partner — a 36-year-old Andheri resident. Legal experts say that while wives and female relatives have earlier resorted to the special law enacted five years ago, this case may prove the real test of the Act to protect women from domestic violence. The DVA accords the same level of protection to a woman who is married and a woman who is in a live-in relationship. Kathy D'Souza is a retired employee of multinational company, while Jitish Nair (36) works as sales manager with a cargo company. According to D'Souza their "live-in relationship of over five years" came to an end when Nair returned from a holiday in Kerala with his newlywed bride. Nair has, however, flatly denied any relationship with D'Souza, saying she is "old enough to be his mother". "That was the last straw," advocate Madhuri Sharma, Kathy's lawyer said. "He pursued her, used and abused her and took advantage of her financially."

Kathy said that Nair had caused her "irreparable damage, loss of reputation, breach of faith and has even misappropriated her valuables and mortgaged her ornaments". She has claimed Rs 5 lakh as compensation from him for causing her "mental torture and emotional distress". Kathy has further urged the court to direct Nair to pay Rs 15,000 to her as monthly maintenance. The petition also sought an order restraining Nair from coming to her house or contacting her.

(Names of the couple have been changed)

Saturday, 20 February 2010

'We deserved our punishment': What three Muslim Malaysian women said after being caned for having sex outside marriage

'We deserved our punishment': What three Muslim Malaysian women said after being caned for having sex outside marriage
20th February 2010
Three Muslim women who were the first in Malaysia to be caned for having sex outside marraige this morning claimed the punishment was an opportunity for them to repent.
Prison authorities caned the women last week after an Islamic Shariah court issued the penalty.

The caning has outraged rights groups and revived speculation that conservative Islamists, who advocate harsh punishment, are gaining influence in the country.
The three women, aged 17-25, said they turned themselves in after feeling guilty for sleeping with their boyfriends before marriage and getting pregnant.

The 17-year-old told reporters that she surrendered to Islamic authorities after her prematurely born child died.
She is now serving a six-month prison sentence.
'I know I have sinned, and I have to be punished. Strangely however, I felt that the caning was not a form of punishment but was an opportunity for me to repent and return to the right path,' she said.
She has already married her boyfriend, who has also been caned and jailed over the offence.
The other women, who have one young child each, are planning to marry their partners after they are released.
The men were also caned for having sex.
One woman, aged 25, said she was scared before the caning but knew she deserved the punishment.
All three women called on others not to make the same mistake and abstain from sex before marriage.

A Prison Department official confirmed the women's comments, made at a news conference at the women's prison outside Kuala Lumpur to local, government-linked media under the watch of authorities.
He said they were reluctant to speak to other media.
It could not be confirmed whether they were speaking voluntarily.
A request with the department for interviews is pending.
Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin defended the caning this morning, saying it was 'far lighter' than what some people might imagine.
'The punishment is legitimate and in accordance with the law,' Muhyiddin said.
Human rights groups have slammed the caning, saying it is a cruel and degrading punishment and discriminates against Muslim women because Malaysian civil law - which applies to non-Muslims - bans the caning of women.
The women, who were fully clothed and sitting on a stool, received between four and six strokes with a thin rattan stick on the back, lasting a few minutes.
Another woman, Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno, is still waiting to be caned for drinking beer in public.
Her case received international attention last year when she became the first woman slated to receive a caning penalty.
But the punishment was deferred indefinitely amid a public outcry.
Caning of men for such offenses as rape, drug smuggling and staying illegally in the country is common.
It is administered with a thick rattan stick on bare buttocks, causing severe pain and leaving scars.
Malaysia has a two-tier justice system.
Shariah courts deal with personal matters for Muslims, who account for about two-thirds of the country's 28 million people, while non-Muslims - many of whom are ethnic Chinese and Indians - go to civil courts.

Fraternal polyandry:Woman locked in shed for 15 years by Husband

Fraternal polyandry:Woman locked in shed for 15 years by Husband
Feb 20, 2010
TUMKUR: Ammajamma, 45, spent 15 years in a cattle shed, where she was incarcerated by her husband, Honnappa, in Honenahalli village of Tumkur district. On Friday, locals tipped off the police about the woman's plight. She was rescued and handed over to the women and child welfare department.

It was a strange twist to Ammajamma's happy married life — everything was going well, but the couple did not have children. After seven years, Honnappa began to get restless and angry.

One day, he locked his wife in a cattle shed. So began Ammajamma's tale of woe and neglect. Honnappa gave her one meal a day. She was not allowed outside even for ablution. The shed has no light.

Honnappa told The Times of India that his wife suffered from a mental disorder for the past 16-17 years. But villagers tell a different story. Ravi said Honnappa had an illegitimate relationship with his brother's wife. Ammajamma had opposed this relationship, and the couple had quarrelled over it many times. She is not mentally disturbed.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

PRESS RELEASE: Announcing filing of cases for giving dowry, on wives and in-laws, by husbands.

PRESS RELEASE: Announcing filing of cases for giving dowry, on wives and in-laws, by husbands.
This press release is being issued by Shri Mithun Kumar, Shri. Tarun Kumar Dass and Shri Arun Dash for announcing a new social trend they have started. For the first time in the state of Odisha, cases of “Dowry Giving” have been filed by husbands against their wives and in-laws. We are sincerely thankful to our advocate Mr. Siddhartha Kumar Das, for extending all the legal help and making a choice to stand by us in the hour of crisis.

Brief Background of each case:

Mithun Kumar: Married to Sasmita Das from Jatni, Khurda Road as an inter-caste arranged marriage registered under the Special Marriage Act on 17th Feb 2007, in Bhubaneswar. Husband and Wife lived together for around 6 months along with Mithun’s parents in Bangalore. But soon after the marriage, Sasmita started to force Mithun, the only son of his parents, to separate from them, and leave them on their own. But as the old and ailing parents are completely dependent on him, he denied separating from them. Seeing that her tricks of taking control were not working Sasmita left her husband’s house and came back to her father’s house in August’07 and then filed a false case at Mahila Police Station, Bhubaneswar u/s 498a IPC and 4 of DP Act in Oct’07, for which the Mahila Police arrested Mithun and his parents from Bangalore in Nov’07. Due to the ongoing Advocates Strike in Bhubaneswar at that time, he and his parents had to face a very tough and traumatising time to secure a Bail from the Honb’le SDJM Court, Bhubaneswar.
The fact that he and his parents were falsely implicated and were being persecuted despite being innocent, notwithstanding, he started to increase his knowledge of the related laws and legal Acts. Therein, he came to know that as per Section 3 Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961, Dowry Giving is as much a criminal offence as Dowry Taking. Thus he has filed the case before the Honb’le SDJM, Bhubaneswar on 16th December 2009.
Tarun Kumar Dass: He was married to Kabita Mohapatra as per Hindu Rituals on 18-01-2000, in Berhampur. After marriage Tarun found that his wife never menstruated since adolescence. On Medical examination after a few years, it was revealed that Kabita was born without ovaries. On confronting about this, Tarun was shocked to learn that her parents were aware of this fact very well and concealed it to get her married to an unsuspecting Tarun. After this confrontation, she left her in laws residence to stay with her father after picking up quarrel with her husband and in laws. She also stole valuables, foreign currency and important documents from her in-laws house. When Tarun filed a case of a divorce on the above grounds of cheating and harassment, Kabita retaliated with a false dowry case against Tarun and his entire family on 04-09-2008, for which the Mahila police arrested and illegally detained Tarun and his old ailing mother in the police station whole day and night before forwarding them to the Honb’le SDJM Court with a frivolous memo. The court in turn sent them to jail for 14 days without verifying any facts. After getting Bail from the fast-track Court, Tarun also gained knowledge about the laws that made him suffer like this without any fault of him or his family. In this course, he learnt the fact that giving dowry is as much a crime as per the DP Act, as asking or taking. Thus he has filed the case before the Honb’le SDJM, Bhubaneswar on 26th December 2009.
Arun Dash: His was also an arranged marriage with Monalisa Mishra as per Hindu rites and customs which took place on 30-Nov-2007. After a few days of their marriage, as the husband and wife were living together in Mumbai, Monalisa started insisting that Arun should leave his job and both of them should come and live with her parents in Bhubaneswar, cutting relations with all his family members including his parents. As he resisted from becoming a “Ghar Jamai” at her parents’ house, she started threatening to file false atrocity case. As Arun did not heed to her unjustified and arrogant demands, she left him and started living alone in Kolkata. She then filed a false case u/s 498a and other sections of IPC against Arun and his family at the Mahila Police Station, Bhubaneswar in July’09. When Arun and his aged parents came to know about the registration of false FIR, they went into a shock. Arun filed for an anticipatory bail petition in the Orissa HC. By the time it got disposed off, he had incurred heavy loans to pay off the legal expenses, and was in hiding, lest the police would arrest him irrespective of the fact that he has committed no crimes whatsoever. After more than seven months of physical, financial and social ordeals and severe mental agony he finally surrendered before the Honb’le SDJM, Bhubaneswar recently and was enlarged on bail by the Honb’le Sessions Court, Khurda at Bhubaneswar on the same day. Having undergone all this trauma and stress, Arun too started reading about the laws that he got falsely implicated in, and got to know of the provision of section 3 of the DP Act, wherein Giving Dowry is a punishable offence. Thus he has filed the case before the Honb’le SDJM, Bhubaneswar on 28th December 2009.
Legal Aspects:

The cases that we have filed focus on the “Confessional Admissions” of our wives in the complaints lodged against us under section 498A of the India Penal Code. All the complaints invariably mention that our respective wives and their parents have given dowry to us. From basic common sense it is evident that for any entity to be taken by someone, it has to be given by someone, i.e. “Giving” precedes “Taking”. In the event that both “Dowry Giving” and “Dowry Taking” are equal crimes as per law, the police should have first initiated action against our wives and in-laws for their confession of the crime.

Our wives and in-laws have walked into the police stations carrying their confessions of “Dowry Giving” in form of complaints of dowry harassment against us and our parents. And the police, instead of taking cognizance of their admission of a crime and apprehending them, arrested us and our old parents on uninvestigated allegations fuelled by stereotypic assumptions.

We were forced to undergo torture and harassment at the hands of the police and our old, sick and dependent parents were traumatized whereas the real criminals were allowed to misuse the available legal provisions and unleash “Legal Terrorism” on us. The Honorable Supreme Court, in its landmark judgment of Sushil Kumar Sharma vs. The Union of India has termed the misuse of Section 498A as “Legal Terrorism” and the police by admitting false cases under section 498A of the IPC against us has allowed “Legal Terrorism” to be unleashed on us.

Even the Honorable High Court of Delhi, in its landmark judgment of Neera Singh vs. NCT of Delhi has opined that cases of dowry giving should be initiated against “Dowry Givers”. Nowadays a lot of frivolous and exaggerated claims of dowry being given are made by girls and their parents and these complaints form the basis of false dowry cases against innocent men and their families. In order to check the growing and ongoing misuse of dowry laws it is imperative that suitable legal action be initiated against those people who admit to giving dowry or make false/exaggerated claims of dowry being given by them.

Taking note of the above observations and the fact that the current law also provides for suitable legal action to be taken against dowry givers, we have initiated these complaints along with legal assistance from our counsel Mr. Siddhartha Das. We first approached the police, however, the police did not co-operate with us at all. Rather they put a lot of difficulties in our path by rejecting our complaints and by not replying to applications filed under the Right to Information Act, 2005 for seeking information related to our cases.

The apathy and lackadaisical attitude of the police led us to knock the doors of courts. The Honorable judge, after hearing our arguments, legal standing and the facts of the case, took cognizance of the matter and ordered the police to investigate and submit the report.

However, the Mahila Police, instead of following the court order, rejected back the applications citing “No Jurisdiction”. The question we are asking the civil society by way of this press release is, “Is the Mahila Police above the law and order?” “Is the Mahila Police above the courts to overrule cognizance taken by the courts?”

Social Aspects:

Misuse of dowry laws and false cases of dowry harassment against innocent husbands by greedy wives and in-laws is no longer an exception. It is a well admitted fact that the dowry laws are being rampantly misused. Even the Honorable President of India, Her Excellency, Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil has admitted that Section 498A is being rampantly misused. The Honorable Chief Justice of India Shri K. G. Balakrishnan has said, “Section 498A is the most abused law of India”.

More often than not, it is found that Section 498A is used as a convenient tool to extort money from husbands by implicating them in false cases of dowry harassment with exaggerated amounts being claimed as dowry given. And this trend has caught up with the country because the people who misuse the provisions are neither punished for the lies they speak nor for the fact that they are admitting that they have given dowry.

At the same time, the rampant misuse of Section 498A is not only ruining the social fabric, it is also contributing largely to,

the crumbling of the institution of marriage,
skyrocketing suicides of men,
increased elder abuse
to name a few. Realizing our social responsibility, we have committed ourselves to take a stand against this rampant injustice going on against men in particular and families in general. We have filed these complaints not only to teach our wives (who have rampantly misused the available protection) a lesson but also to set a precedent so that more and more men who are silently suffering and tolerating the inhuman injustice can gather strength to come out and stand for themselves and their rights.

We are issuing this press release to create awareness about this growing trend. We request our media friends to help us spreading the message so that the suffered lot can benefit from the same.

Thanks and Regards

Mithun Kumar (09880763790)

Tarun Ku. Dass (09853216066)

Arun Dash (09820625497)

Monday, 8 February 2010

When women become 'witches': Witchcraft Prevention Act

Withcraft is a reality. There are many clairvoyants, fakirs and other f***ers practicing witchcraft.
Does society catch the real witches? How do they know who's the real McCoy?

When women become 'witches'
7 February 2010
RANCHI: On January 2, 2010, three masked men barged into Pinki’s home in Tapodana village, Ranchi district and killed her parents on the charges of practicing witchcraft. Pinki, 14, and her younger brother are now in hiding because she too has been named as a dayan or witch.

Sushila Devi, 45, tries to hide the injury on her head with her sari pallu as she describes how she and four other village women, mostly widows, were beaten, paraded naked and forced to eat excreta in Patharghatia village in Deoghar district, Jharkhand on October 17, 2009.

They were accused of being dayans. “There were at least 10,000 villagers watching when these women were beaten up. Word had spread that the dayans would be dancing,” says Deepak Kumar Deo, legal trainer with an NGO, Rural Litigation and Entitlement Kendra (RLEK) in Ranchi.

Pinky and Sushila are lucky to be alive because scores of women are killed on charges of witchcraft in states like Assam, Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal annually. Between 2001 and 2008, 452 women were killed in Jharkhand, according to a report by an NGO, Association for Social and Human Activities. Jharkhand’s economic backwardness and a low literacy rate of 53.6% (38.9% among women) make for a fertile environment that breeds superstition, illiteracy and violence against women. Even the death of an animal becomes a trigger for condemning some poor woman as a dayan. Often, it’s an excuse to grab property or settle scores with someone.

Although Jharkhand has a witchcraft prevention Act — under which the maximum punishment is a one-year imprisonment, its implementation is still awaited. RLEK chairman Avdhash Kaushal says, “Lack of access to justice is the main problem. But there are many other barriers too, such as of distance, of attitude towards rural people.”

Keeping that in mind, RLEK organized a legal literacy programme in a village near Ranchi last month, during which hundreds of women were able to voice their grievances to Supreme Court and High Court judges, state bureaucrats, and officials of the National Legal Services Authority (Nalsa). Reacting to Pinky’s and Sushila’s cases, HC Justice M Y Eqbal said while witch-hunting should invoke stricter penalties, it is more important to spread awareness.

But economic insecurity is also a tough enemy. Many women at the village meet complained about not receiving their widow pensions and not getting work under NREGA. Those who do get work said they are paid less than men. Despite their trauma, Safina Bibi, Sagrina Bibi, Gulinoor Bibi and Majidan Bibi — the other four women who were assaulted along with Sushila Devi – are more concerned about getting a “lal card” or the ration card.

However, there’s now a glimmer of hope, with Union woman and child development minister Krishna Tirath saying recently that there would soon be a law against witch-hunting. But would that ensure justice for the likes of Pinki and Sushila? That, unfortunately, still seems a long way off.

Friday, 5 February 2010

Jailed for life: The 'kind neighbour' who raped and murdered a 10-year-old girl and her mother

Jailed for life: The 'kind neighbour' who raped and murdered a 10-year-old girl and her mother
05th February 2010
Double killer: Ex-soldier Thomas Smith already had a conviction for molesting a young girl when he befriended Holly Fallon, 10, and her mother Diane

A convicted sex offender tortured and murdered a mother and her 10-year-old daughter whom he had befriended in the guise of a kind neighbour.

Former soldier Thomas Smith, 26, brutally raped terrified school girl Holly Fallon before strangling her and her mother Diane, 43, with a computer games console cable using a technique he perfected in the army.

Both had been subjected to extreme violence and 'sadistic torture' as well as sexually assaulted, a court heard.

Smith hid Holly's body under stones in a river and dumped her mother's body in undergrowth four miles from her home in Cronberry, Ayrshire.
The victims had no idea of Smith's criminal background. A 'platonic friendship' had developed between them and they had gone to his flat after he invited them to play on his new pool table.
Shortly before she was attacked Holly wrote her final entry in her beloved diary.
She wrote: 'Dear diary, I am in Tom's house. My mum and he are playing snooker. I want to play and I hope I can. Love you, bye.'
Smith was jailed for a minimum of 32 years at the High Court in Glasgow after admitting raping and murdering Holly and murdering her mother.
Judge Lord Turnbull told him: 'Even in these courts where we here see the worst of humanity, your conduct stands out as exceptional.
'You have set a benchmark for atrocity below which it is difficult to imagine anyone sinking.'
Lord Turnbull said it was up to the parole board to decide if Smith is ever released from prison.
The court heard Smith had lied to police about what happened and has never revealed what he did to his defenceless victims.
Smith was on the sex offenders' register after indecently assaulting another 10-year-old girl in Teesside.
He was jailed for six months for this offence in 2006 and moved back to his home town in Scotland after his release.

'Sadistic torture': Holly Fallon, 10, and her mother Diane, were murdered by Smith

Although he was complying with the terms of the register and known to Strathclyde Police, his neighbours were unaware of the threat he posed to little Holly, who was described as a 'popular and intelligent child.'
On 28 March last year the mother and daughter took part in a community fun day. That evening Diane, a mother-of-four, exchanged texts with her neighbour and arranged to play pool on his table.
Jobless Smith, a former private in the Royal Logistics Corps, was celebrating his birthday that day.
Only Smith knows what caused him to brutally attack them that night.
The judge told him:'Their family and friends are left with the dread that Holly may have been kept alive and abused for some time after her mother died. What you did to each of your victims was sadistic torture.'
A massive police hunt was launched after a friend reported them missing.
On 8 April Smith confessed to his father that he had 'accidentally' killed the pair, claiming Diane had attacked him with a knife. Mr Smith senior went to police and the victims hidden bodies were found.
Holly's semi-naked remains were found underwater and covered with dozens of rocks.
She had her new pyjama bottoms - given to her as a present on the day she died - tied around her right ankle and her face was covered with a jacket.
Holly had head injuries and significant internal injuries from the sex attack. Smith's DNA was found on her body.
Diane's hands had been tied behind her back with a computer cable. She had a fractured skull and pelvis and three broken ribs as well as fractures to bones in her throat. She also had injuries to her private parts.
Derek Ogg, QC, prosecuting, said: 'The accused's only recorded attempts to describe these events contain demonstrable lies, not least his denial of any sexual contact in the murder of Holly.'
He added that if Smith had not confessed to the double killing it was not certain the bodies would have been recovered.

Hitler's 'Viagra' jabs: Sickly Führer hoped quack doctor's concoction would pep up evenings with Eva Braun

Hitler's 'Viagra' jabs: Sickly Führer hoped quack doctor's concoction would pep up evenings with Eva Braun
05th February 2010
Adolf Hitler took a primitive form of Viagra for his encounters with Eva Braun, claim the authors of a book about the dictator's fragile health.
The testosterone extract was one of 82 different medications that Hitler used during the course of his 12-year reign.
The Führer was so sickly and so fearful about his health that at one stage he was taking 28 assorted drugs and remedies each day.
Potions: Hitler with Eva Braun. A new book claims the Führer took a testosterone extract for encounters with his lover

The authors of Was Hitler Ill? have looked at long-neglected medical archives and formerly classified military documents to try to answer the question of whether Hitler's poor health was in some way responsible for his monstrous actions.
They have also tried to assess whether his personal doctor Theodor Morrell was trying to slowly kill him.
One of their major sources are the papers of Dr Morrell, whom Hitler came to rely upon with increasing desperation, even though he was regarded as a quack by many of the Nazi elite and used unconventional and holistic treatments.
His records show that he began giving Hitler testosterone injections and a cocktail made from the semen and prostate glands of young bulls in 1944.
The Nazi leader, then 55, believed this would give him the necessary energy for his encounters with Miss Braun, 32.
'Reich syringe master': Dr Theodor Morrell

The concoction was one of many injections he was given because he had a fear of pills.
Other findings show that he had a disproportionate fear of cancer, suffered high blood pressure, cramps, headaches and had polyps removed from his vocal chords several times - perhaps the result of too much shouting at his generals.
Historian Henrik Eberle and Hans-Joachim Neumann, a professor emeritus of medicine at Berlin's Charité University Hospital, say their research also showed Hitler suffered terribly from wind and took 'massive' amounts of anti-flatulence drugs which contained small amounts of the nerve agent strychnine, an ingredient of rat poison.
But the authors do not believe Dr Morrell was a poisoner. They analysed the composition of the anti-wind drug and ruled out the possibility of the 'Reich syringe master' trying to kill Hitler.
Dr Morrell was given this mocking name by Hermann Goering, the Luftwaffe chief who was for a long time Hitler's likely successor.
Perhaps understandably, Dr Morrell agreed to every treatment the Fuhrer demanded. He gave Hitler small doses of Pervitin, a form ofspeed.
He gave him glucose, intravenous injections of methamphetamine, barbiturates and opiates.
The academics believe their research has debunked several myths. They found no evidence to support the popular British wartime song that theFührer had only one testicle, or a lesser-known fable that his penis was deformed after he was bitten by a goat as a youth.
The authors conclude that Hitler, in the end, was suffering from Parkinson's disease but add: 'At no time did Hitler suffer from pathological delusions. He was always aware of his actions. He was fully responsible.'
The authors also found no evidence that Hitler had syphillis, which he railed against for 14 pages in his autobiography Mein Kampf as being a 'Jewish disease'.
He had eczema and suffered from insomnia. The failed 1944 bomb plot left him with perforated eardrums.
His flatulence was the source of much mirth among the high-born Prussian generals who often doused their handkerchiefs in cologne and held them to their noses during conferences in cramped bunkers.
Hitler shot himself and Evan Braun took cyanide in April 1945 in his bunker beneath Berlin only a day after they married.

Daughter welcomes jail for Polish Fritzl

Daughter welcomes jail for Polish Fritzl

A Polish Elisabeth Fritzl who was imprisoned for six years and repeatedly raped by her father who made her pregnant twice in 2005 and 2007 has spoken of her ordeal after her father was jailed for 10 years.

Krzysztof Bartoszuk, 47, pleaded not guilty to the charges of rape, sexual acts with a minor and abuse. He claimed that his daughter had been a willing sexual partner.
The legal case at a Bialystok court started in March last year and the news of the sentence was welcomed by victim Alicja Bartoszuk, now aged 22, who suffered repeated rapes, beatings and imprisonment until she found the courage to escape after reading about the ordeal of fellow incest victim Elisabeth Fritzl. Josef Fritzl had imprisoned and raped her for 24 years, making her pregnant seven times - once with twins.

She took the abuse to protect her family - her mother from beatings and her five year old brother from even darker threats,

She told the court how her father took her virginity as a 14-year-old schoolgirl and how she bore two children by the monster who dubbed her "my little prostitute,"

She said: "I was 14 when daddy first raped me. He told me that if I said a word to anyone, he would beat me, my mother and my little brother."

"One evening he came to my room. He told mummy that he wanted to listen to some music with me. He shut the door behind him and he stood over me.

"I will never forget his sneering smile. I was suddenly scared and he ordered me to get undressed.
"I kind of smiled stupidly, not really believing what was happening. I hoped it was a joke, a really stupid joke.

"But he grabbed me and threw me onto the sofa bed. He squeezed my neck so tightly that I couldn't breathe. With his other hand he tore off my knickers and then he raped me.

"It hurt so much. Blood was pouring out. It seemed like the nightmare lasted for ever. He was disgusting. I was disgusted with myself. But when he'd finished, he said that if I ever told anyone he would hurt me even more," she added.

Polish police arrested Alicja's car mechanic father in 2008 after she finally found the courage to report him .

When she first turned to her mother Teressa for help at the family home in the tiny rural community of Pasikurowice,, south west Poland, her enraged father crushed any hope of rescue.

"I told mummy. She was furious with my father. But he beat her. Mummy said she would divorce him and she promised me that me and her and my brother would run away from him as far as we could. That I would be safe.

"But it was all just words. My father quickly terrified her into submission. He punched and kicked all thought of divorce out of her head.

"From then on, he felt he didn't need to hide anything and would come to my room two or three times a week."

"I tried to escape from home, but he always found me. When he saw that he couldn't keep me in, he took the door handle off the door.

"He imprisoned me in my room like a slave. For a few days he didn't even give me any food. Mummy felt sorry for me but she couldn't do anything. My father was stronger, physically and emotionally. He had absolute power over us," remembered Alicja.

Mum Teressa, 43, said: "I am so sorry that I was not able to protect my daughter. I noticed - even before the first rape - how he would touch her where you shouldn't.

"But he always said, 'I have a right to her,' as if she was a thing, an object for him.," said Teressa.

"I remember very clearly the night when it began,. After work, my husband washed himself and said he deserved a bit of relaxation and that he was going to listen to some music with Alicja. He disappeared for two hours.

"When she told me what had happened, my husband said he would kill us if we told anyone about it. He called my daughter his little prostitute. My heart was breaking with pain and helplessness.

"But where could we go? My parents are dead, I'm an only child. We didn't know anyone," she added.

Alicja's first baby by her father arrived in 2005. The second came two years later. He refused to allow an abortion in case it drew attention to is vile secret.

"A few weeks after he first raped me, I got pregnant. He didn't even care. That's the way it works, he said. He carried on beating and raping me.I was terrified.

"I had mixed feelings about that baby. My father and mother decided that I must give birth. There was no question of an abortion," explained Alicja.

"When the labour pains began, my father took me to hospital but he was with me every second. There was no moment when I could have told someone whose the baby was.

"And straight after the birth, he forced me to leave the baby in the hospital.

"As soon as we got back home, it began all over again. My father came to my room several times a week. It was like a bad dream.

"He kept telling me I was a prostitute and that was why I deserved what he was doing to me. And that was how I felt," she added.

She even tried to escape her agony with suicide.

"Once I took some tablets, I wanted to poison myself. I took a whole handful, but unfortunately it wasn't enough. They managed to save me," she explained.

The following year the family moved back to where her father grew near a tint rural community called Grodzisk in north east Poland

"We moved into a dilapidated wooden house and we avoided contact with the locals. I felt too ashamed, to meet anyone and my mother and brother were too afraid of my father.

"We lived off state social benefits, at 60 zloty (about 15 pounds) a month," said Alicja.

Just a few months later - in January 2007 - she gave birth to another boy fathered by her dad, Again she was forced to hand him over for adoption.

"I've often thought about whether I would ever want to find my children or not. I decided that I don't want to. They are not my children," Alicja said., "They're his."

But it was love that finally gave Alicja the courage to confront the dad who had turned her into his personal sex slave.

By last Summer her father thought she was so cowed, so brutalised that she would never try to escape and he sometimes allowed her to leave the family home without him.

"I met a man and I thought he would help me end this hell. When my father found out I was meeting with someone he was furious and bundled me off to Belgium.

"He raped me, hit me and starved me. He said I had to earn my food. After a few days I managed to make contact with Poles living in Belgium and they helped me escape.

"I went back to my boyfriend and we had a barbecue with my mum to celebrate," recalled Alicja.

But her evil father hadn't given up yet.

"That night my dad came. He broke in with an axe and my boyfriend was so scared he didn't even squeak and he never contacted me again.

"There were two men with my dad. And his brother was waiting in a car in the woods. They took me to my grandmother's house and shut me up there.

"I thought they were going to kill me," cried Alicja.

She escaped again and fled to her mother who insisted they must go to the police.

"After six years something inside me snapped. I went with my mum to the police station here we made statements for several hours.

"When my father found out, he tired to escape abroad. I was afraid that the police wouldn't find him, that there would still be no end to this hell

"But they got him.," said Alicja. "When I saw them taking him a way in handcuffs, it was such a relief. I hope I never see him again."

"Whenever I tried to run away he would find me and say: I'm on top," recalled Alicja,

"Now I'm on top. Let him rot in jail."

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Sixth-form Female student 'murdered boyfriend with steak knife' after night out celebrating A-level success in UK

Sixth-form Female student 'murdered boyfriend with steak knife' after night out celebrating A-level success
03rd February 2010

A sixth form student stabbed her boyfriend to death after going on a drinking spree to celebrate her A-level results, a court heard yesterday.
Katherine McGrath, 19, allegedly plunged a steak knife into Alyn Thomas's chest after a drunken row on the night of her exam results.
The court heard Katherine and Alyn, 22, downed Malibu, cider, lager and whiskey in a day-long drinking session
McGrath told police she grabbed the knife from the kitchen drawer to 'scare him off' when the pair argued at her large luxury home.
The court heard the teenagers fell out after a woman colleague of supermarket worker Alyn offered to buy him another drink during the night out.

Cardiff Crown Court heard she stabbed Alyn at her £400,000 detached house while her parents were out.
Prosecutor Roger Thomas QC said: 'The wound penetrated Alyn Thomas's heart and he died shortly afterwards.
'There was no justification or excuse for Katherine McGrath taking hold of what was in effect a weapon - the steak knife - and using it to cause his death.'
The court heard McGrath was 'distressed and emotional' during a 999 call in which she admitted stabbing her boyfriend.
McGrath claimed she acted in self-defence after her boyfriend attacked her and bit her thumb.
The court heard she told the emergency operator: 'I did it in self-defence. He's my boyfriend and he came and attacked me and I didn't know what to do.'
McGrath was arrested and taken to a police station where she was told Alyn had died.
The jury heard a woman work colleague had earlier bought Alyn drinks - and McGrath claimed he shouted her name during their row.
She told officers: 'My boyfriend pushed me to the floor twice. He's got two convictions for assault.
'He started biting me and I didn't know what to do. I just wanted him to get away from me. I love him.'
The jury was told Alyn and McGrath went to Brynteg Comprehensive School in Bridgend, South Wales, on the morning of August 20 last year to collect her A-level results.
McGrath was due to go on to university but had failed to achieve the necessary grades.

The pair spent much of the day drinking before Alyn went to work at a Tesco supermarket in the nearby town of Maesteg.
They met up again later and together drank Malibu, cider, lager and whiskey before meeting friends at bars in Bridgend town centre.
Mr Thomas said: 'They were in one pub where Alyn met Tesco colleague Carys Stanton who had accidentally bumped Alyn's car previously.
'She was embarrassed even though Alyn Thomas laughed it off and made very little of the incident.
'She apologised for bumping his car and offered to buy Alyn some drinks.
'Katherine McGrath will later refer to this and will describe how it was the start of the incident.
'McGrath claimed that when Alyn attacked her he was aggressive and angry - shouting the name Carys.'
Jurors were told that a taxi driver who drove McGrath and Alyn to her home in Brackla, Bridgend, thought they were 'in good spirits and were a lively couple'.
But McGrath told police that once inside the house Alyn's behaviour changed.
She claimed he pushed her around the living room before she took the steak knife from a kitchen door to 'scare him away'.
The court heard McGrath and Alyn Thomas were together just three months before the night she stabbed him.
McGrath's best friend Claudia Ferri, 19, said: 'They got on really well. They were the other half of each other.'
Former classmate Claudia said McGrath was looking forward to starting a university course in Bristol.
Claudia described her friend as 'very studious and a hard worker' who was 'very popular and got on well with everyone'.
The court heard that after being arrested, McGrath was seen banging her head against a wall.
She told police: 'I want to kill myself.' But the prosecution claimed she was 'devious' and changed her story to detectives during interviews.
Prosecutor Roger Thomas said there was 'nothing by the way of violent threats or words' from Alyn to McGrath.
He added that McGrath was upset by her 'boyfriend's having spent time with, spoken to and accepted a drink from Carys'.
The court heard Alyn feared McGrath had cheated on him and was worried about her staying faithful during a long distance relationship.
John Charles Rees QC, defending, said: 'He was concerned about her going away to university. He didn't trust her. He was very fond of her.
'He was concerned she would go off to university and have a relationship with somebody else.'
McGrath's parents, Martin and Carla McGrath and 20 friends and family are supporting her from the court's public gallery.
The teenager, of Bridgend, South Wales, denies murder.
The trial continues.

U.S. girl, 12, locked in a wardrobe for a year by her parents (including Biological Mother)

U.S. girl, 12, locked in a wardrobe for a year by her parents
03rd February 2010
A couple have been arrested for keeping their 12-year-old daughter locked in a wardrobe for over a year.

Alfredo Ines and his wife Leticia only allowed the girl out to attend school.
The young victim was not allowed to use the family bathroom and was given a bucket to keep in the cupboard.
Each morning she was forced to empty and clean out the bucket before being allowed to go to school.

On her return Mr Ines, 43, and his 40-year-old wife locked her away in the cramped space at their home in West Brownsville, Texas.

Police said the girl, who has not been named, had to do her homework by light that seeped under the locked door.

The girl's brothers aged 11, 15 and 17 were aware of the mistreatment but said they were too afraid to report it to authorities.

Her abuse only came to light when one of the boys reported it to school officials.

When investigators arrived at the home, they found the girl so malnourished she looked like an eight-year-old.

Investigator’s photographs show how she slept on fleece quilts on the cement floor.

By the blankets, there were pictures of the Virgin of Guadalupe, a notebook and the white bucket.

A few sundresses still hang on a rack in the small room.

Children’s scribbles and a few little stars, bright blue and lime green, appear to have been drawn across the walls in magic markers, sporadic flares of color on grimy ivory.

But inside, investigators said the place was usually dark.
Her parents told police they were forced to keep her locked up to stop her taking food from the fridge.

'Everyone in the house knew what was going on, but you have children, who based on fear, hold this secret,' said Sgt Jimmy Manrrique, spokesman for the Brownsville Police Department.

The Ines have been charged with unlawful restraint and child abuse and held in Brownsville County jail.

The girl has been placed in foster care while her brothers are being looked after by family members.

Alfredo is only the biological father of the youngest son, investigators said.

Police have yet to discover why the girl was singled out for abuse.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Biography of a Wife deceived by a 'Husband' into a Bigamous marriage(s): Chapter 4. Why me? The financial reasons

Biography of a Wife deceived by a 'Husband' into a Bigamous marriage(s): Chapter 4. Why me? The financial reasons

Main Characters:

1. Meera -The Legally Wedded Wife or Narrator in USA (Married by Civil Registered Marriage)

2. Veena - Yet another wife in India (Married by Hindu Religious rites)

3. Krishna-The Bigamous Husband in USA (The Charming Con-Artist)
Date of writing: 2 February 2010

Date of Editing: 2 February 2010
Krishna added my name as joint matter on two things only where he can get financial benefits.

# House on joint name so financing is done jointly. I am equally responsible for the mortgage(loan) of the house.

# If loan payment doesn't happen in timely manner, credit history gets spoiled and it becomes difficult to get any financial matter resolved in US, simple thing like opening bank account needs good credit history.

# He added my name on bank joint account where we decided to put our marital income together. Ideally both will put income honestly and will share expenses honestly as that was marital joint account. We have prenuptial agreement done which protects our premarital assets. Dishonesty is a problem here. Krishna was the first to discontinue his direct payment from the employer. Actual salary was a secret to me. His credit card bills never shared despite of many requests. So his all expenses were secrete to me. Despite of above average income, joint account was going -ve. At one point I decided to stop payment in joint account till he share and clean up past expenses.

#He never put my name where I can get benefits, e.g. medical insurance, retirement funds, 401K (sort of retirement) where normally spouse is beneficiary.

# I pay my life, medical, vehicle insurance and all expenses encountered by me and my kids. He never supported wife or any one of us. I take care of my living expenses, including cloths, food, car, kids, medical, education, travel and all.

# Bottom line, wherever liability exists, my name has been added to share financial burden.

# Climax is he is mentioning in court case that he has gains from premarital while debt is from marital. In this downturn economy, most of us are seeing poor portfolio that went down (except Krishna). Marital income is increasingly added monthly and seeing debt makes no sense to me. It's clear that he has invested marital income and claiming that as premarital gains.

# Never brought any X-mas, birth day gift or even $1 thing for me/wife. Court case is filed to pay debt which he created by his secret expenses.

Inspired by the success of the 'Chronicles of a Battered Abused Discriminated and Disadvantaged Fatherless Girl-child'----A WIFE has come forward with her "Testimony of a Legally wedded wife to a man who has concealed an existing marriage".

This TESTIMONY brings to LIGHT the Strenuous circumstances of LEGALLY WEDDED OLDER WOMEN, who are facing deception from 'CHARMING MEN'.

The core issue of the Biography is to look for Solutions for "Deception and Concealment of existing marriages by MEN" in our Homes, Community, Society and the Corporate World. The solutions include Counseling, Healing, Family Forums and other Alternative Counseling Forums.
Disclaimer: The Story is told in the first person narrative by the "Legally Wedded Wife".
For reasons of confidentiality, please don't assume the identity of the 'other characters in the story- namely the Bigamous husband'. The entire story has been placed in custody of certain well-wishers. Names and identities of characters have been masked and changed to protect their identities. Let us call the name of the LEGALLY WEDDED WIFE as 'Meera'.

Images used are only representative of the story.

Strong Legal action will be taken in Bangalore jurisdiction, against all those who claim to resemble or know the identity of any characters mentioned in this Biography.
Events are true and character sketches are disguised to protect their identities.
Copyright © 2009 Roshni Pereira and "Meera, A Legally Wedded Wife, deceived into a Marriage by a Con-artist in a previously existing Marriage".