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Sunday, 21 March 2010

The complete story of Josef Fritzl: I lusted after my mother

Fritzl: I lusted after my mother
09 May 2008
AN Austrian judge has ruled that cellar beast Josef Fritzl should remain in custody.
Court spokesman Franz Cutka says the decision extends Josef Fritzl's pretrial detention by a month.

The ruling was made during a routine, closed-door session required under Austrian law and will be re-evaluated in June.

The 73-year-old has been detained since April 26 for locking up his daughter Elisabeth for 24 years and fathering seven children with her.

Cops say he has confessed.

Yesterday it was revealed the incest monster wanted to have sex with his own mother.

Fritzl made a sickening confession to his lawyer as he tried to explain away his appalling crimes against his children.

He admitted the “strong woman” was a key influence in shaping his twisted psyche – as was growing up in Nazi Austria during World War II.

Adolf Hitler had been given a rapturous welcome in Fritzl’s home town of Amstetten when he visited in 1938, around the time of the cellar fiend’s third birthday.

Fascists ... women in Fritzl's home town salute Nazis in 1938
Fritzl – who grew up to dominate two families, both above and below ground – said he took his belief in “strict discipline” and “the need to be controlled” from Hitler’s evil regime.

Rapist Fritzl, said by his neighbours to have been a brutal tyrant at home, said: “I always put a lot of value on good behaviour and respect.

“The reason for this is that I belong to an old school of thinking that just does not exist today.

“I grew up in the Nazi times and that meant the need to be controlled and the respect of authority. I suppose I took on some of these old values. It was all subconscious, of course.”

Speaking quietly and pausing frequently to choose his words carefully, Fritzl claimed rejection by father Franz and a troubled childhood had helped turn him into one of the world’s most infamous criminals.

He told how as a youngster he developed a fixation on his mother Rosa because she was “the best woman in the world” – and said he had to fight his urge to have a sexual relationship with her.

‘I was strong, I kept desires under control’

Fritzl said: “I come from a small family and grew up in a tiny flat.

“My father was somebody who was a waster, he never took responsibility and was just a loser who always cheated on my mother.

“When I was four she quite rightly threw him out the house. After that my mother and I had no contact with this man, he did not interest us. Suddenly there were only us two.

“My mother was a strong woman, she taught me discipline and control and the values of hard work.
Hitler ... in Amstetten, 1938

“She sent me to a good school so I could learn a good trade and she worked really hard, and took a very difficult job to keep our heads above water.”

Describing his relationship with his mum, Fritzl added: “When I say she was hard on me, she was only as hard as was necessary.

“She was the best woman in the world. I suppose you could describe me as her man, sort of. She was the boss at home and I was the only man in the house.

“It’s complete rubbish to say my mother sexually abused me. My mother was respectable, extremely respectable. I loved her across all boundaries. I was completely and totally in awe of her. That did not mean there was anything else between us, though. There never was and there never would have been.”

Asked by lawyer Rudolf Mayer if he had ever fantasised about a relationship with his mum, he paused before answering: “Yes, probably.

“But I was a very strong man, probably as strong as my mother, and as a result I was capable to keep my desires under control.

“I became older and I managed to meet other women. I had affairs with a few girls and then a short while later I met Rosemarie.”

Calculating Fritzl chose the timid local girl to be his wife because she appeared to be the “perfect” mother for the large family he wanted.

Asked if Rosemarie had anything in common with his own mum, Fritzl snapped: “Absolutely nothing.

Discipline ... Fritzl as a youth
“She had nothing in common with my mother – perhaps a few similarities if I really think about it.

“Rosemarie was also a wonderful woman, is a wonderful woman. She is just a lot more shy and weaker than my mother. I chose her because I had a strong desire then to have lots of children. I wanted children that did not grow up like me as single children, I wanted children that always had someone else at their side to play with and to support.

“The dream of a big family was with me from when I was very small. And Rosemarie seemed the perfect mother to realise that dream. This is not a good reason to marry, but it is also true to say that I loved her and I still love her.” Even Fritzl struggled when asked to explain why he betrayed his wife and four children by climbing into a flat and raping a young nurse in 1967.

He admitted: “I do not know what drove me to do that. It’s really true I do not know why I did it. I always wanted to be a good husband and a good father.”

Fritzl spent 18 months in jail for the attack, but loyal Rosemarie took him back and they had three more children.

Fritzl made his shocking confession in the hope that detailed analysis of his behaviour would soften outrage at his actions.

But, asked how he would describe himself, Fritzl said: “On the face of it, probably as a monster.”

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