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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Housewife held hostage by godman in Lucknow

Housewife held hostage by godman
Mar 17, 2010

LUCKNOW: Heightened superstition coupled with blind faith in self-proclaimed godmen saw a middle-aged housewife being held hostage for three days, pinned to a charpoi, gagged and her throat and wrists slit, before she was stubbed with lit candles and beaten with a stick, simultaneously. The victim, somehow managed to escape on the pretext of going to the bathroom.
Writhing in pain, the victim approached the Lucknow police on Tuesday seeking action against the godmen and his associates who recommended treatment to get rid of evil spirits.

Talking to the media, the victim identified herself as Nisaa Bano, widow of late Qurban Ali of Akbar Nagar under Mahanagar police station circle. “I was not keeping well since my husband’s death and regular visits to the local doctor were also not yielding results when a distant relative of my sister-in-law Ferozan asked us to meet a Maulvi duo Mubeen and Anees from Mehmoodabad in Sitapur. The two were supposedly learned people and vested with powers to help people rid of evil spirits,” said Nisaa Bano.

Moaning in pain every time she moved her head or hands which led to the pulling of the skin around the slit injuries on her neck and wrists, Nisaa said she met the duo at Ferozan’s house in Laxmanpuri of Lucknow on March 10 last. The moment they arrived on the scene, they announced that they could feel the presence of an evil spirit somewhere near them and eventually pointed out towards Nisaa, saying: “They are in you”. This was enough to impress Nisaa and convince her that the duo could help her out of her ailments.

Shortly thereafter, the treatment started on the first floor room of the house where the Maulvis asked her to lie on a charpoi with her eyes closed. “Moments later when I opened my eyes, I found myself pinned to the charpoi with my limbs tightly tied to it. Every time I cried for help, the duo would try to silence her saying that it was not Nisaa but the evil spirit in her that was trying to mislead everyone. The next moment I was gagged,” Nisaa said, as she broke down inconsolably.

Next, as Nisaa puts it, all that she remembered was her neck and wrists being slit with a sharp knife, she being brutally caned with a thick wooden log and her entire body being stubbed with lighted candles as she slipped in and out of her senses. Soon she even lost track of time. Once, when she woke up to find the two Maulvis also taking a nap, she begged their associates to free her as she wanted to go to the bathroom.

“Untied, though I could barely talk because of the pain and trauma, still I gathered all my energy and dashed out of the room yelling for help. They apparently panicked and before they could gather themselves, I ran out of the house into the crowd that has gathered on hearing my cries,” Nisaa said. Later she discovered that she had been confined to the room for two days.

For the next two days, a frightened Nisaa took refuge at the house of a relative, too scared to even go out for treatment of her wounds. Finally, she did visit a private nursing home on March 13. Though Nisaa claimed that she was feeling better, the slit injuries on her neck, blue marks caused by assault with a stick and burn wounds left behind by lighted candles did stand a mute testimony to the nightmare filled with trauma, extreme pain and agony that she lived through for over 50 hours.

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