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Thursday, 25 March 2010

Indian scriptures bar pre-marital sex: former Chief Justice

Indian scriptures bar pre-marital sex: former Chief Justice
Mar 25, 2010
BANGALORE: Former Chief Justice of Punjab and Haryana High Court and BJP MP Rama Jois has said that Indian scriptures bar premarital sex and Indian society still consider pre-marital sexual relationship not good.

Jois, also a former Governor, in a statement said "the oral observations made by one of the judges of the three-judge bench of the Supreme Court in the context of male and female having sexual intercourse prior to marraige and question posed by the learned judge Who says it is bad? has given rise to counter question: who says it is good".

Quoting from scriptures, he said one of the nine directives of dharma prescribed by Mahabharata was "Prajanseveshu dareshu" one should procure children only under wedlock which by necessary implication bars pre-marital sexual activity between man and woman, he said.

"The object and purpose of marriage as declared by the Dharmasastras was not merely to satisfy the mutual carnal desire of man and a woman, though it did constitute the basis of the desire for marriage", he said.

Jois also refers to various Indian scriptures that upholds fidelity between spouses, mutual trust and discourages the `discarding attitude' of a spouse to pursue other gains.

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