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Monday, 31 May 2010

Biography of a Wife harassed by the "Other Woman": Chapter 16. Great Expectations

Biography of a Wife harassed by the "Other Woman": Chapter 16. Great Expectations

Main Characters:
1. Pranati Devi -The Legally Wedded Wife or Narrator
2. Gayatri Devi alias Mata Hari - The OTHER WOMAN luring the Husband in an existing marriage
3. Aditya Kumar-The Husband
Date of writing: 31/05/2010
Date of Editing: 01/06/2010

Great Expectations
Even after all this, I am not interested in harming either Aditya or his parents. I am not so sure about Gayatri Devi, though with time I might just let her be provided she does not cross my path ever again and stays out of my vicinity.
Every relationship has some good and some bad moments. I and Ramesh shared some great moment with Adity and we are grateful to Aditya for the same. Ramesh still loves and cares for Aditya, though he does not miss him any more. Time heals all.

Though Aditya has chated me and in later period harassed and threatened me, I can still look back at all the good things we shared and smile. I had also promised Aditya’s mother that come what may I would never involve her and Aditya’s father in my battle for justice and so far I have kept my word.
Am I a very good person? Yes. Magnanimous? May be not.

What has hurt me in the whole episode is the way Aditya and Gayatri Devi handled the entire issue with no trace of sensitivity on part of either of them. All Aditya had to do was to tell me the truth and he would have got what he wanted. I kept telling him not to end the relationship on a bitter note. I would still want to be able to shake hands and make a small talk if at all I run into Aditya in future.

Aditya has other thoughts, prodded and encouraged by insecure Gayatri Devi, who feared that Aditya after knowing her well, might regret being with her and return to me, wanted Aditya to make a clean break and not even talk to Ramesh.
End result? Two years down the line, status quo remains. I am still Aditya’s legally wedded wife.
I have been explicit with my expectations to Aditya. All I wanted was a little time and of course the truth. I don’t know why Aditya did not understand this. May be fear of having wronged me?

What did I want from Aditya and why?

1. Both I and Ramesh needed time to accept the fact that Aditya would like to move on

2. Ramesh being sensitive child, I was worried may withdraw into a shell

3. I was afraid of loneliness
Aditya left on 19th May 2008, I last met him on 25th July, 2009, when I stayed at his place.

This was when I was going through a very confusing phase and a lot of my friends suggested that I do Landmark Forum, which I did in Feb, 2009. Slowly but surely all the doubts in my mind cleared. I had my priorities right. I realized that for the next few months my focus had to be completely on Ramesh and his studies.
This was the time I came across Biblio-therapy and I decided to start writing this blog and started digging information on Aditya and Gayatri Devi, and their past. I was shocked when I realized that Aditya and Gaytri Devi had played such a dirty game with me, I decided that come what may, I would expose these cads, even if I have to stoop to their level, however, without compromising on my values. That is when I also decided that I will never go back to Aditya nor would I let him be unless he admitted the truth.
Even God helps good people. That’s why I got to know Aditya’s true colors and was able to get a lot of information on Gayatri Devi to post them on this blog. I hope Aditya realizes that he cannot get away with cheating a person.

Today I am independent, strong and free to do anything I please. I have overcome my fear of loneliness and Ramesh has grown up to be very independent child who no more needs a father figure in his life. I am not interested in a burden called Aditya. But I have to fight for the truth and justice and I shall. After all I have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

I hope at-least now Aditya realizes his folly and takes the corrective step. He turned 34 last Monday and this is the time he needs to forget the long winding legal battles and settle for peaceful life.

As for me, I am now clear of my goals and confident that I can achieve them. People like Aditya and Gayatri Devi have to be made to realize that others are human beings and have feelings and you cannot trample them.

Inspired by the success of the 'Chronicles of a Battered Abused Discriminated and Disadvantaged Fatherless Girl-child'----another woman has come forward with her "Testimony of a wife in an existing marriage", who is being harassed by a Young Unattached Woman who is wooing for the attention of her HUSBAND and luring him.

This TESTIMONY brings to LIGHT the Strenuous circumstances of LEGALLY WEDDED OLDER WOMEN, who are facing competition from 'Sexually empowered young women'. These 'OTHER WOMEN' are younger, divorced or free, and compete to STEAL HUSBANDS FROM EXISTING MARRIAGES, by hook or by crook (and other carnal means----by Lure, beauty and looks!). And, then proceed to Sham conversions to Islam, Sham marriages, adultery, and other Social crimes ---if unchecked.

The core issue of the Biography is to look for Solutions for "The Other Women" in our Homes, Community, Society and the Corporate World. The solutions include Counseling, Healing, Family Forums and other Alternative Counseling Forums.
Disclaimer: The Story is told in the first person narrative by the " Legally Wedded Wife".

For reasons of confidentiality, please don't assume the identity of the 'narrator'. The entire story has been placed in custody of certain well-wishers. Names and identities of characters have been masked and changed to protect their identities. Let us call the name of the WIFE as 'Pranati Devi'.

Images used are only representative of the story.

Strong Legal action will be taken in Bangalore jurisdiction, against all those who claim to resemble or know the identity of any characters mentioned in this Biography.

Events are true and character sketches are disguised to protect their identities.

Copyright © 2010 Roshni Pereira and "Pranati Devi, The Legally Wedded Wife"

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