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Monday, 2 August 2010

Bangalore: Paramour’s Lust ‘Compels’ Wife to Mastermind Husband’s Murder

It is shocking how 'Khap Panchayats' for Injustice are plotted by scoundrels. The plots are unravelled by the Call registers on Mobile phones of Instigators and Accomplices of crimes.

"Khap Panchayats" of the Unrighteous is done in public events like parties, where they blindly try to instigate family members against VULNERABLES (like Fatherless Children who are their cousins and nieces, and innocent Husbands). But, unfortunately, such people forget that they have created multiple witnesses who become aware of their motives. And, the motives are Criminal (Criminal misappropriation of property of the dead, Defamation of the dead, Disinheriting Fatherless Girl-Children, etc).

Murder for gain is common. It is only when scoundrels get involved in instigating Violence against Innocents.

Why do Instigators and Accomplices get involved in Instigating Events in other families?

Justice is always done, sooner or later.

Bangalore: Paramour’s Lust ‘Compels’ Wife to Mastermind Husband’s Murder
April 14, 2009

Bangalore: Paramour’s Lust ‘Compels’ Wife to Mastermind Husband’s Murder

Bangalore, Apr 14: The decision to marry according to his parents wishes cost him his life. The wife his parents had chosen carefully to "look after him" proved fatal, as she had already started hatching a plan to cheat him.
The incident unfolded soon after the gruesome murder of 26-year-old Umesh Krishnan, a native of Erode in Tamil Nadu, who was employed in Infosys BPO.

Umesh wanted to settle completely before getting into wedlock and had even discussed this with his parents. But his parents convinced him that they have decided to arrange his marriage with their family friend’s daughter.
Krishnan married a few months back and moved to new house at Banaswadi few days back.

According to Honey Mary, Umesh Krishnan’s wife, four men barged into the house in the wee hours of March 2, gagged the couple with cello tapes and looted the valuables.

Umesh Krishnan

Initially Banasawadi police suspected that it could be one of those murders for gain and Umesh died due to suffocation, as his nose and mouth was plastered with cello tape.
Clue from Mobile:
As a regular procedure, police kept a close watch on Honey Mary based on her different versions and suspicious behavior.
Upon checking her mobile call details, the police stumbled upon vital information and managed to crack the case.
Raging Love:
While pursuing B Ed course at Tirunalveli in 2006, Honey Mary fell in love with a mechanical engineer, who later went to Surat after fetching a job.
In 2008, Umesh Krishnan’s parents after consulting Honey Mary's parents fixed the marriage. When Honey Mary’s paramour (name withheld for investigation purpose) came to know about it, he attempted to commit suicide. Honey Mary who called him at the hospital assured him that she would continue the relationship and asked him to work out a plan to get rid of this problem.
Hatching a Plan:
The engineer shared his agony with his colleague Bipin Kumar Singh from Jharkhand, who is also a doctor by profession. Bipin assured to help the engineer and with the help of his journalist friend and two others came to Bangalore.
They called up Honey Mary introducing themselves as friends of her paramour and managed to locate the house address. Honey Mary and the four discussed the plan to eliminate Umesh Krishnan.
As per the plan, Bipin Kumar Singh along with his journalist friend from Bihar and two others came to the house in the middle of the night. Honey Mary as per the plan opened the main door and allowed then in. The four pounced on Umesh Krishnan who was fast asleep and plastered his mouth and nose with several rounds of cello tape.
They confirmed Umesh's death and later tied the hands and legs of Honey Mary and removed her valuables to make it look like murder for gain.
Soon after they left, Honey Mary managed to crawl to the neighbour’s house and started banging her head on their door.
After the conspiracy was exposed, Honey Mary confessed that she was planning to go abroad with hes paramour and settle there to spend rest of her life.
The police have arrested Bipin Kumar Singh and Honey Mary based on the mobile conversation and have recovered the gold valuables.
The police are on the look out for Honey Mary's paramour, journalist and two others who are absconding.
The Trap:
Banasawadi police soon after verifying Honey Mary’s call details confirmed that she is the prime accused and kept a team of police to shadow her.

A team of police were deputed to shadow her who even followed her to Erode, when she went to attend the last rites of Umesh Krishnan. According to the police, Honey Mary used all her acting skills to mislead the family but the police who smelt a rat managed to catch her soon after the ceremony.
A detailed questioning by the police after presenting a list of calls to her paramour and friends before and after the crime, proved decisive as she finally buckled down.

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