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Monday, 23 August 2010

The Curse of the Mangalik Dosha: Mrs Banana Tree

The Curse of the Mangalik Dosha: Mrs Banana Tree
Bollywood beauty and former Miss World, Aishwarya Rai, was rumoured to have married not one but two trees (and one deity) before her real marriage to Abhishek Bachchan.

Apparently, her astrological charts indicate she has seva dosha or manglik dosh (i.e. the planet Mars or mangla and the planet Saturn are in the seventh house). People born under such stars are believed to be prone to multiple marriages or the marriage may end in divorce or the spouse’s death.

“To counter the astrological effects, these women are usually made to marry a banana tree. In some cases, the bride is even made to spend the night under the tree!’ reveals Subramanian.

These brides or grooms, he says, must then chop the tree down in one go using a machete or sharp knife. For that purpose, women usually choose a small banana tree so they would have the strength to slice it in two.

He explains, “The tree is cut to get rid of the negative aura. If the first marriage is doomed, then that aspect is eliminated and the next marriage should work. However, children below 12 or very old people are not allowed to watch this process in case the negativity is transferred to them.”

Saras (not her real name) was made to marry a banana tree when she was 19. She remembers the elders instructing her to tie the thali (chain) around the tree in the presence of a priest.

“I remember having many proposals but nothing resulting in marriage. There was a time I was even engaged but the groom’s parents decided to break off the engagement for no reason. It was then that my parents followed the astrologer’s recommendation,” the 69-year-old grandmother points out.

A few months later, another proposal came and within three months, she was married, much to her parents’ delight. Now widowed, she says her marriage was a happy one, with its fair share of ups and down. Saras has been blessed with four children and nine grandchildren and yes, every family member has his or her own astrological chart.

There’s also the case of a 33-year-old man from Tamil Nadu, India, who married a dog in 2007 in the hope that the nuptials would lift a curse which has hung over him for 15 years since he stoned a couple of mutts to death.

P. Selvakumar, 33, claimed he had suffered paralysis and hearing loss since the incident. It’s not known if he’s become able-bodied now or if the dog, Selvi, lives with him.

Subramaniam cautions that in some cases, individuals may follow all the suggestions and yet, nothing works.

“That’s karma. These measures act as a guide and there’s only so much we can help with. After that, it’s your fate.’’ he concludes.


Sunil said...

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True indeed.

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