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Monday, 2 August 2010

Don’t you worry darling, the tides will turn soon! Sashi Tharoor and the god of Dread

Don’t you worry darling, the tides will turn soon! Sashi Tharoor and God of Dread

Tharoor and Sunanda Pushkar braved media to pray for a bit of luck at a Shani temple

It started off as a hush-hush trip, but soon turned into just the kind of media circus former Minister of State, External Affairs, Shashi Tharoor has found himself in so often in the recent past.

Making one of their first public appearances together since the IPL controversy, Tharoor and his friend Sunanda Pushkar visited the Shani temple at the Shani Shignapur village in Maharashtra at 5.40 pm on Sunday. Dressed in the ritualistic unstitched saffron silk robes, the Minister of Parliament performed a 20-minute ritual at the temple to ward off the negative influences of Saturn.
This ritual is usually performed by those who are going through a bad patch in their career or relationship. However, judging by the body language, Tharoor may have prayed for a bit of luck in the former category rather than the latter.
Sunanada meanwhile sat by him demurely, draped in white. Both of them were sporting identical good luck charms on their wrists.

After the ritual, Tharoor and Sunanda stepped out together, with the former cheerfully waving out to the media contingent gathered outside and drove away without speaking to anyone.

Reports say Tharoor will wed Sunanda on September 3, at an undisclosed location. Tharoor recently completed 500 days of tweeting and 100 days since he resigned from the post of Minister of State in MEA.

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