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Saturday, 7 August 2010

Elizabeth Fritzl: The Daughter Oppressed by Father Josef Fritzl

Which evil person can voice an opinion against Elizabeth Fritzl? (via the Illegitimate "Khap Panchayat", Illegitimate "Kangaroo courts") that a person like Elizabeth Fritzl who has been oppressed by her own parent (Josef Fritzl) is at fault for not considering her Father as a God-figure, and that the fault is hers?

And, after showing evidence of a prior murder of his own baby -Son/Grandson (by acts of commission and omission)?

Can any of her cousins and relatives pass a Judgement for not loving her father as a Father now?
Who can pass such a judgement? Who will be the person to lift a finger against a victim, by glorifying a Perpetrator with tools of DENIAL and Instigation of Violence and abuse?

Only a sick person with vested interests (Fritzl-type of characters)!

Even in this age, we have Neo-Nazis who DENY that the HOLOCAUST did not happen, and that Millions of people were gassed to death in the Concentration camps.

Elizabeth Fritzl is a beacon for all victims of abuse and Violence in their own families.

Can anyone stand up and tell that Elizabeth should consider her father (and father of her 8 children) to be equated as God? That would be terrible.

Who will stand up for Parents, like Josef Fritzl? Who will conduct Kangaroo courts of injustice against victims like Elizabeth?

Enclosed are the latest photographs of Elizabeth Fritzl (woman with blonde hair)



Duryodhana said...

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XXX XXXX XXXX XXXX. *** $$$ @#**.

there is no greater God than ones' own mother!


APG said...

It IS both very RACIST AND also
very ANTI-SEMITIC of you to ever
label monstrous, abusive parentse
(ex. Joseph Fritzl) with this term
you are using of "ghetto parent".

1) During the Holocaust Hitler had
forced many Jewish families to live
and raise their kids in 'ghettos'
2) In the western world, many
families-of-color are forced
into living and rearing their
kids in geographical 'ghettos'

In BOTH cases -- many, if not
most, of these parents are
people who are doing the
very best that they can
-- and for you to be so
very ignorant and arrogant
as to ASSume that -- just
because these parents live
in impoverished areas that
contain a small number of
bad people (who the Law
will not reign in) ---
this makes them into 'bad'
parents shows that YOU are a
'terrible' person indeed ...
and are also inviting divine
punishment into your life
which could result in YOU
being the one in a 'ghetto'.

You need to retract your vile
racist and anti-semitic words
and thoughts and learn to not
falsely label entire groups
based merely on their having
committed the "crime" of
being too poor to re-locate.

Roshni Mathan Pereira said...

Thanks for the comments. Will re-edit the article.

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