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Sunday, 15 August 2010

Hang spouse murdered Sathish Kumar and his parents, says Priyanka’s brother Praful Agarwal

Hang Sathish Kumar and his parents, says Priyanka’s brother Praful Agarwal
Praful Agarwal says it was a cold-blooded murder that was planned 3 months back
August 16, 2010
Priyanka Gupta’s family wants murder accused Sathish Kumar Gupta and his parents to be sent to the gallows.

Priyanka and Sathish with her parents

 “Only then will my sister’s soul rest in peace,” businessman Praful Agarwal told Bangalore Mirror on Sunday.

Speaking from Lucknow, Praful said that on the morning of Priyanka’s murder, they had received a call from Bangalore at 7.45 am. It was her father-in-law who called up to say that Priyanka was serious and her husband unconscious.

“We are shocked. On the day of the murder, Sathish was crying like a kid and created a scene while lighting her pyre. We believed he was innocent but when the police unmasked him, we felt like killing him. We will not spare him,” Praful added.

He called Sathish’s father a notorious character. “He forcibly tried to remove jewellery from my sister’s body. What sort of a human being is he? It is time he introspects and confesses to the police,” Praful said.
Happy for a while

Looking back on his only sister’s marriage, Praful said it had been arranged by a mutual friend called Mamata Jindal. “We had brought Priyanka up with a lot of love and affection. When we got her married to Sathish three years ago, we gave Rs 5 lakh cash as dowry and 150 grams of gold jewellery. We came down to Bangalore and spent around Rs 15 lakh on her marriage.”

It was a happy marriage to begin with, but then began the typical saas-bahu kahani. “Her mother-in-law began to find fault with everything my sister did. She even criticised her for silly reasons like not making proper rotis. My sister tolerated all this thinking it would end soon but it never did. And Sathish would never support her when they scolded her.”

Turning point
There was some relief for Priyanka when she managed to convince Sathish to move out of his parents’ house in January 2010. Her in-laws were not too happy, but everything changed when Priyanka went to Kerala with her mother.

“My sister developed arthritis and my mother, Kanchan Agarwal, went to Bangalore in May to help her. My mother took her to Kerala for ayurvedic treatment for one-and-a-half months. This long absence seems to have changed the game,” says Praful.

On her return from Kerala, Priyanka got a royal welcome from her in-laws. “It was surprising but we were happy, thinking good times had begun for Priyanka. Sathish also visited Kerala twice and showered her with love and affection, and gave her generous gifts regularly. Even a day before her death, she was quite happy. She called me on Monday and complained that I had stopped speaking to her. She told me that she was quite happy now.”

A devious plan, on hindsight
On hindsight, however, the reformed behaviour seem to tell a more devious tale, says Praful. “Their royal treatment makes it clear that they had planned to get rid of her. They treated her well so that we wouldn’t complain against them. “This clearly indicates that Sathish and his parents are part of the pre-planned, cold-blooded crime and deserve a death sentence.”

There are other reasons why Praful thinks the murder was premeditated. “Three days before her murder, Sathish, who never called my parents, phoned them and asked them to convince Priyanka to accept a car from him as a gift. He told my parents that he had kept Rs 1.5 lakh cash at home to buy the car but Priyanka was refusing.”

It’s only later that Praful realised the significance of that call. “He later told the police that the same amount had been missing. He was trying to create a fabricated witness for himself and his family.”

Infosys to decide on Monday
According to sources, Infosys will take a call on HR manager Sathish Kumar Gupta’s case on Monday. In all likelihood, his services will be terminated since the company stands for high values in corporate life.

The Infosys management refused to comment on the case before his arrest saying they did not want to pre-judge the case. The situation has changed after Sathish’s arrest. Some action will be taken on Monday, a highly placed Infosys official said.

Cops look at motive
“We are now trying to find out why he committed such a heinous crime and if he was alone in planning and executing it. If we find his parents were involved, we will arrest them too,” a senior police officer said.

‘God will bail us out’
Sathish’s father, Anand Kumar Gupta, a businessman in Bangalore, still believes in his son’s innocence. When media contacted him, he said, “I am at a pooja worshipping Lord Shiva. I will react to all these charges after two days. I believe my son and I are innocent. Criminal ideas are not in our genes. We are living here for the last 40 years without a single bad remark against us. Only time will answer all the charges against us. We have left everything to God and are busy worshipping him. He will bail us out.” He then went on to add, “If at all my son has committed any mistake, the court will punish him.”

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