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Monday, 16 August 2010

Impotent and Infertile ‘Sathish Kumar insists he can father children, but...’

Impotent and Infertile ‘Sathish Kumar insists he can father children, but...’
Priyanka’s family alleges he never showed medical report of sperm count, while in-laws taunted wife

August 17, 2010

While questioning Infosys’s HR manager Sathish Gupta to establish the motive for allegedly murdering wife Priyanka, police are believed to have learnt that she was taunted by her in-laws for the couple not having children despite being married for over three years.

Speaking to media from Lucknow, Priyanka’s mother Kanchan confirmed that it was an issue. “Sathish’s parents, Meera and Anand Kumar Gupta, tortured my daughter for three years. They always suspected her ability to conceive and constantly taunted her. Sathish too joined them at times, asking what he would do with the wealth he is earning if they do not have children. My daughter tolerated this nonsense for long before asking Sathish to check his sperm count. In May this year, Sathish told us that the result is normal, but never showed us the report. We don’t even know if he did undergo a test,” she alleged.

Sathish is believed to have told the police that he assumed Priyanka was unfit to conceive as she had an arthritis problem.

Kanchan alleged, “Sathish’s mother is the main culprit. He was under her control. She never let the couple get close to each other. She is the source of their marital discord. We will not let her get away with this. She should be booked for murder.”

Priyanka’s brother Praful said, “They (Sathish’s parents) are trying to hush up her death. A common friend, Mamta Jindal, who arranged the marriage of Sathish with Priyanka, called us on Monday morning requesting us not to speak anything bad about Sathish or his parents either to the media or the police. But, we will not back out from our resolve to ensure justice for Priyanka. When we visited Bangalore after her death, they tried to hush up the murder by giving us the impression that my sister had been killed by a gang of robbers. We believed them and gave a good report about them to the magistrate during the inquest of my sister’s body. Now that the police have unmasked them, we will not keep quiet. We will lodge a complaint against them in Bangalore soon.”

Sathish tries to end life

Sathish Kumar Gupta, the husband of Priyanka Gupta, tried to end his life by slashing his wrists with a nail on the wall, in the Hulimavu police station, on Monday night. The police, who found him profusely bleeding, shited him to a nearby hospital.  He is said to be out of danger and was again shifted back to the police station.

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