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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Indian Woman gives birth on an airplane and throws the baby down the toilet

Indian Woman gives birth on an airplane and flushes the baby down the toilet
New Delhi - A 22-year-old single Indian woman (Indian Medical student) was arrested after allegedly giving birth and abandoning her baby in an airplane toilet, news reports said Thursday.

The crew of the Turkmenistan Airlines plane found the baby boy in the toilet during a routine check after landing in Amritsar in northern India, the news agency reported.

They alerted airport authorities who found and arrested Amandeep Kaur Mann, a medical student returning from Turkmenistan.

'While on the flight, Mann was very disturbed, and she was rushing to the toilet very frequently,' a police official was quoted as saying in the report. 'Some co-passengers and the aircraft staff also inquired about her health.'

The police said Mann at first refused to admit that the child was hers but later confessed. Both Mann and the baby were moved to a hospital near the airport.

The mother was doing well, but the child was in critical condition, medical superintendent was quoted as saying by the news agency.

The doctor said the infant's head was stuck in the toilet, which was taken to hospital along with the baby where it was freed by a team of surgeons.

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Deena said...

It is shocking that a mother can leave her new born child like that...Whereas there are thousands of women who deliver their babies in such unhygienic conditions that they struggle hard to make sure that theri baby survives. Is it not up to us to make sure that this does not happen…
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