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Sunday, 1 August 2010

Police Commissioner Shankar Bidari: Don't Murder your spouses, Divorce your spouse (in case of illicit affairs)

Police Commissioner Shankar Bidari: Don't MURDER your spouse, Divorce.

For many couples, it’s till ‘murder do us apart’
August 2nd, 2010
Aug. 1: On July 23, Kalasipalya police arrested 33-year-old Suguna for allegedly plotting and killing her husband with the help of her paramour. On July 27, the Mandya rural police arrested the wife of Satish, a revenue inspector from Bengaluru, for getting him killed by her paramour. Satish was strangled to death at his house in Vijayanagar on July 25.
The two incidents, which occurred in a span of a few weeks, indicate a growing intolerance among couples who no longer want to be together. Statistics reveal that several people who are unhappy with their marriage are increasingly turning to violence, and sometimes plotting to eliminate their partner.
City police commissioner Shankar M. Bidari’s advice to the couples is to just end unhappy marriages rather than complicating matters for themselves and the society. “If the couple is unhappy they can seek a divorce. Murder is not a solution. This will only take them to jail,” Mr Bidari said.
According to B.N.S. Reddy, DCP (South East), psychological imbalances often trigger such killings. Mr Reddy says most of the arrested women got their husbands murdered out of fear. “These women have less exposure to law and the love for their paramours make them take the illegal route,” he said.
Reacting on the issue, a senior police officer said, “Whatever be the nature of an affair, no one has the right to kill. The law has a solution for every issue and couples must go for a legal solution.”

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